Best Xbox 360 Games in 2020

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Xbox 360 Review:

At first, I was really hesitant about this game. Tons of comparisons between this and Mario Kart 7 were flying all over the place at the time. Regardless, the game is well made enough that a casual gamer can find a good time with this. Honestly, I prefer this over MK7, but really only if I do not have to control a the boat mode of the vehicles. Controlling your vehicle on water can be incredibly difficult because if you turn too sharply, you'll lose most of your momentum and ram into the wall.

I also experienced delayed actions countless times while playing. An example of this is I move the right thumbstick twice to have my character perform two tricks just after making a jump when on screen, the character doesn't respond until just before they hit the water again, and performing three flips when I had only wanted to do two. The physics in this game are better than the first, but they can still screw with your race and cost you a victory.

While I can appreciate wanting to increase replay value, certain challenges in World Tour simply do not belong. I don't normally swear more than once or twice in a sentence when agitated, but so many of these challenges had me throwing my controller over my shoulder and spouting so much profanity. Fortunately, no children were present at the time. Whoever thought traffic attack was a good idea needs to be flogged. Nuff said.

Sumo said the game would be more balanced, but I kind of disagree there. All the other characters go all star left and right while you're lucky to go all star yourself even once. Sure, going all star while in third place won me a few races, but I still feel that characters in 6th place should be getting it instead of someone in second.

As a whole, it's not a bad game. When it's fun, it's a blast. When it's difficult, it can be infuriating. Give it a shot and see what you think. At least the Sonic cast isn't plagued with 4kids anymore and their voice clips actually fit now.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - Xbox 360 Review:

Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing is a Kart Racer that can stand its ground next to Mario Kart, Crash Nitro Kart, and other kart racers. It's a solid, fun, and frantic game that you'd want to take weeks off to play if you're a fan of racing.

Normally this is where I discuss the story, but no, there is none, so onto the gameplay. As stated, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is a kart racer that puts players into the shoes of Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Amy Rose, and other sega favorites as they race against the others to win the gold cup, using a variety of weapons and items to get an edge. With tight, simple controls, anyone can jump into the fun. Each car plays differently. Some cars are wicked fast but don't handle well on rough terrain, while others can fly over said rough terrain smoothly, but aren't that fast. Play as every racer to see which one suits you best. Speaking of, you have no shortage of characters to race as, but depending on which version you pick up, you may get more or less. The Wii version features your Mii as an extra racer, the Xbox 360 version has your Xbox Live avatar and Banjo Kazooie as playable characters, along with some DLC for two extra racers and an extra track. The PS3 version may have the DLC but that's it. My vote goes to the Xbox 360 port as the definitive version, so dust off your old 360 and get into the fun.

There are about twenty tracks, spanning several sega games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, House of the Dead, Super Monkey Ball, Samba De Amigo, and more. Most of the racers and tracks are locked when you start the game, though. So how do you unlock them? With Sega Miles. These are the game's currency, and you win them by playing. Playing well will net you a lot, and playing poorly will net you just a few. You can grind for them to unlock everything, and you probably should if the default racers aren't your best ones.

There's also plenty of weapons to use on the track, just like in Mario Kart. Boxing gloves, rockets, stars that flip your world upside down (literally) and more. And if you're really getting dominated, you may get lucky and the the All Star. Every character has an all star, and if used properly, it can mean the difference between first and last place. Try not to waste these, and if used correctly, you can destroy the competition and win the gold cup. The same can happen to you however, and it can be frustrating when on the last lap the AI pulls some cheap shots and you fall from first to last. This has happened, and while it's rare (at least on the easy mode) it can happen and it'll frustrate you when it does. On top of that, not all of the tracks are simple and straight forward. Some have hairpin turns, cliffs to fall off of, and other traps to confound you. I have had more than one instance where I was owning the race, only to make a small mistake, not being able to correct in time, and had to watch in dismay as I went from first to dead last. Even worse, a lot of this was on the final lap.

Also, the game has a drift mechanic and you'll want to get good at it. You'll soon discover just how many races are won by who the better drifter is. And the longer you drift, the bigger boost you get, you can charge up to three levels, and this can make or break your shot at first place. With practice you'll learn when best to drift, and be able to steer around obstacles without ever getting hit. However, drifting in the wrong spot can cause you to veer off the edge. Ask me how I found that out. But this is a crucial skill to master, so practice up or it's the sliver cup for you.

If you are having trouble with a track, you can purchase it with your sega miles and practice in the time trial. In this mode, you are not limited by a set number of laps like in Mario Kart, you can run the track as many times as you please, and you are given a generous time limit, so you really have to try to run out of time. There are also ghosts to race, staff ghosts and ghosts of other players on the leader boards, where you can try to beat them. Totally optional of course, but you cannot turn them off, at least I haven't found a way. And yes, you get Sega Miles here too, just not as many.

The game even has a mission mode, where you are given an objective and the better you do, the higher your rank. Higher ranks give more sega miles and also unlock more events, so practice up because some of these are just tricky as heck. You can also gather your friends and play together. I myself have not tested this mode, so I cannot speak for its quality as a multiplayer game, but I am sure with the right friends it can be a heck of a time.

However, there are a few snags in the works. For one thing, this game was not able to escape the wrath of glitches. For example, in one track, I don't remember which, I was driving quickly, owning the race. The track curved up into a ramp, and instead of going up it, I clipped through it and died, having to reset and setting me back. Though I've only seen it once, I could imagine it destroying your chances of winning first if it happens at a bad time. And there are times when the AI just does not want to be your friend. You can go from peacefully driving to being bombarded by attack after attack at the drop of a hat, and fall back a fair bit in the process.

The presentation is awesome too. The graphics are crisp and clean, bright and colorful in some tracks, while the tracks from the grittier games are darker and more dismal. You can buy music and pick a different song for certain tracks. The vehicles are all distinct enough that you can tell who's is who's without having to see the driver. The voice acting is spot on, and there is an announcer for the racing modes. He does have some funny lines, but he does repeat himself a lot, and you can turn him off if you get tired of him.

Overall, Sonic and Sega-All Stars Racing is one heck of a good time. I'm not even a huge racing fan, but this game keeps me coming back for more. Tight controls, fun and frantic racing, a multitude of modes, and multiplayer to boot, this is the game for you if you're hurting for a new Kart Racer. But with the lack of Content in the PS3 version, I'd say steer clear of it unless it's the only option you have. The Xbox 360 version is the winner in my book, but you'll be the winner if you pick this bad boy up. And it did well enough to get a sequel, but that's for another day.

Lego: Marvel Super Heroes, XBOX 360 Review:

A very good lego game, the world is massive and my 5 year old loves it.
If your new to Lego games may I suggest starting at Batman Lego the first game and then by newer.
The newer games have better gameplay but the puzzles in the old games are better.

Update 7-20-2014
Must get kids games:

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Xbox 360 (3-6 year old, 2 player, easy and fun)
Toy Story 3 The Video Game - Playstation 3 (3-9 year old+, 2 player, FPS for kids)
Rio - Xbox 360 (3-9 year old+, 4 player, 30+ Party games for kids)
Lego Batman (3-7 year old+, 2 player, puzzler, 3rd person shooter)
Disney Universe - Xbox 360 (4-10 year olds, 4 player, fast action w/mini games, pure arcade play)
Rayman Origins - Xbox 360 (4-9 year old, 4 player, arcade side scroll er)
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - Xbox 360 (4-9 year old+, 2 player, huge world, action-adventure, younger kids need older player)
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Xbox 360 (4-12 year olds, 2 player, nice variety of puzzle-gameplay, younger kids need older player)
LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars - Xbox 360 (5-9 year old+, 2 player, RTS game for kids)
Lego: Marvel Super Heroes (5-14 year olds, 2 player, younger players need to play with older player to navigate world, gameplay fan-tastic, low puzzles)
LEGO Lord of the Rings - Xbox 360 (6-14 year olds, 2 player, my son at 5 struggles but can play with heavy guidance from me, fun game, dad approved, low puzzles)
Minecraft - Xbox 360 (6-17 year olds, 2 player (can be large multiplayer) creative gameplay)
Rest of Lego games are all worth playing, if it wasn't for lego games XBOX would be a vast wasteland for kids under age 8. :)

Minecraft (Xbox 360) Review:

Lord do my kids Love this game!!! So much so it drives me crazy.. lol!!! I have 6 kids in all ages 5 to 11 and they all love it and play it a few times a day. We have had it for about 3months now and the fun is still there.

Xbox Live Gold: 12 Month Membership [Digital Code] Review:

First off I don't like Microsoft or any game service having my credit card info!

1) After having to deal with the aftermath of someone breaking into my account and racking up $200+ in charges to my card on file.
2) Microsoft automatically re-subscribing if your card is on file (which could be bad if you are low on money when your subscription expires).

I found it a huge pain dealing with Microsoft when someone makes unauthorized purchases using your card on file. I had to get my bank involved to get my money back since Microsoft would barely do anything to resolve the issue.

So I really like that Amazon has this service available. I get an instant code for a Live subscription seconds after checkout, and piece of mind knowing Microsoft doesn't have any of my card info. Trust me, don't keep your card on file on your Xbox. It's safer and saves you headache in the long run.

Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360 Review:

Yeah, it's that good. Yeah, it's more than addictive, and after you finish the game you have online mode - or you don't have to wait. They are still working on technical issues on that with people hacking and cheating, but as I saw one reviewer comment "When it is working right, there is no experience quite like GTA V Online". The game is primarily good for the voice actors and the excellent script writing. Song choices are not as good or as inspired as in last games. Other than 2 Waylon Jennings songs, a Phil Collins oldie, a Robyn song, and the FlyLo channel, there is not a lot of good music, but the game music is the best of the series for ambient background. So very vulgar and profane, where to start? You need to be exposed to this if you have kids, because they are - you need to know what they are into so you can explain and demystify it. I let my kids play, but I monitor usage and allow no unsupervised first walk-through's - however bad it is we hear it together, so I can comment, or sometimes just turn one off and say - OK, we don't have to listen to that. Rockstar has made it deliberately provocative so that parents have NO excuse for letting their kids play this game - there is no way you could not know. We are trying not to get burned out and play too much, and focus on the teamwork and family togetherness of multiplayer and the characters themselves. There are plenty of boring, dull repetitive things, but you don't have to do them. Also lots of trolls, killers, hackers, and cheaters - but there are ways to avoid them, and report them, and I have confidence that Rockstar will clean it up, and that this will be an ongoing process. We are in uncharted territory for a game like this - technically, creatively - you name it - but it's an experience you should not deprive yourself of if you have ever played a video game and/or want or claim to know what's in popular culture - you'll be left out if you are not in on this. We are very glad we jumped in; it's immersive, so get your scuba gear on!

Batman: Arkham Origins - Xbox 360 Review:

this review is based off of only a few hrs of gameplay.

i will just give a brief breakdown review and will not go into much detail to avoid any spoilers for those who may have not played the game yet.

Gameplay: 10/10
this game plays just like the first 2 that came out (Asylum and City). the controls are the same, which i do believe makes it easier to just pick up and play.

graphics: 10/10
For a 360 game, I am blown away by the detail put into Gotham. It is a huge world to explore, and if you played Arkham City, you will notice some familiar locations. The snow that is falling looks great too, which as small as it may seem, adds to the beauty of the game!
One issue i did notice, is at times the frame rate seems a bit off and makes it feel laggy. This seems to only happen when flying.

Story: 10/10
i won't go too into detail here to avoid giving things away, but this game lives up to the Arkham name with a great story! there is a ton to do! after playing for about 2 hours, i still feel as though i barely completed 8% of what i can.

Characters: (mainly batman)
Again i won't go too into detail, but the way that the characters are portrayed is great! I will use batman as the example. This game is set before the events of Arkham city and asylum. It is the earlier years of Batman's existence, and his attitude shows it. that is all i will say, but i like it!

overall: 10/10

This is a fantastic game!!! i am very pleased with how it turned out. I strongly recommend to any batman fans! especially for the price!

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - Xbox 360 Review:

Outside of the fundamental approach to the casual 3D fighting style of Mortal Kombat there were several unique qualities added into the mix that brought some sparkle to the platform. One such mark of interest was the fact that you can ram opponents through obstacles and battle mash your buttons in a struggle to reduce or reverse damages. The game definitely has its moments where the intelligence of the game developers surfaces and it isn't too shabby.

Essentially, I am a fan of Batman, Mortal Kombat (primarily the character Scorpion), and fighting games in general. The fact that game comes off a bit dry at times really doesn't hinder me while playing due to the fact that there are hidden characters and the like as incentive to stay somewhat focused. I, however, cannot confirm but, suspect that when the appeal of the hidden "easter-eggs" has worn down the game's re-playability will take a fatal head dive to the mat.

It is fun for the sake of having a Mortal Kombat cross-over especially considering that the D.C. character line-up: The Flash, the Joker, Batman, Cat-woman; etc. are all well done, all faithfully reproduced, and in strong character. The MK characters that you would demand be present are all there with the same being so for the D.C. Universe line-up.

The game has dropped dramatically in price, covers a niche pretty well, has strong Mortal Kombat fighting mechanics and no chump character line-ups. So, if you like fighters, have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, and enjoy twisted cross-over style games then this title will probably satisfy your urge. For the money I shelled out for the game, getting it brand new, and the details I explained above I have to rate this title pretty well.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Xbox 360 Review:

I am new to the Xbox 360 and this was one of three titles I purchased with my new machine (the other two being the first installment of Black Ops and the other being DiRT3). The graphics and depth blow the original Black Ops out of the water. I'm not terribly fond of the near-future setting of the game but it does allow for the introduction of new technologies and weapons that enhance the gameplay and make it that much more fun. One thing I noticed the multiplayer was lacking though was an assortment of 70s/80s era weapons as a carry-over from the campaign missions. If you get to use an AK-47 or a Dragonov in the single player game why aren't they available for use in mulitplayer? My only other complaint is the almost exclusive use of number-letter designations for all the guns. For weapons that havent been invented yet it makes it very difficult to recognize them by name. Everyone knows what an MP5 or Colt M4 are because they actually exist. When you do the same thing with fake weapons it just makes it hard to identify them in the game. I usually tell my friends that I play with that my favorite sniper rifle is "the one all the way to the left on the list of sniper rifles" because I havent memorized its alphanumeric designation. I also would have liked it better if the weapons upgrades counted for all similar weapons instead of having to level up for each specific weapon. If I spend hours getting the scope I want for my sniper rifle why can't that item be available for another sniper rifle as well? I dont really want to go through hours of playing just to upgrade my gun to the same level.

With those small issues aside, the online play is great. Much more scope than was seen in the original BO. I have only played through a few single player missions on the easy setting and they're okay, but I'm not terribly invested in the characters or the storyline. I have played the zombie maps once online with friends and they are fun, although again I'm not really into it. Somehow fighting Nazi Zombies in the first one just felt better than killing regular zombies that aren't Nazis. Also, what's the deal with every fourth zombie wearing either pajamas or hospital johnnies? Just kinda weird...

The bottom line though is that if you enjoy playing FPS games online this one is a definite go! I dont really have anything to compare it to (comparing it only to the first BO isn't exactly fair) but it it definitely fun and lends itself to quite a bit of exploration online.