Best Game Boy Games in 2022

Last update: January 8, 2023

EverDrive GB X7 Review:

I must admit that the quality of the construction as well as the features that this device offers have really impressed me. The item was carefully packaged in a large foam box, ensuring that it would be unharmed and intact when I eventually received it.The major drawback I encountered was the dearth of customer support. How to get to the "in game menu" was the precise issue I was facing. This product did not include any printed instructions, such as a "quick start" brochure. The only "help" I could locate on the manufacturer's website was on message boards that other users had posted. I attempted to access their website's "Search" feature, but I was unable to do so due to their "verify your not a robot" security measure. (Not only does it ask you to enter extremely difficult-to-read letters that only a robot could read, it also poses two trivia questions, and even after I used Google to look up the answers, it claimed that I was mistaken and barred me from accessing the website's search function.)In the end, I resolved this issue by conducting an online search, and it turned out that you can access the "in game menu" by pressing against the cartridge's rear, which functions as a button. The translucent casing allows for visibility of the switch's true placement. (Please refer to the image file supplied.)Additionally, a common micro SD card is needed to run this product. It is necessary to put the OS on the aforementioned SD card; the OS can be found on the manufacturer's website. As a user of a Windows computer, I also imported the Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROM files using "Explorer" [Documents in Windows 10].Once the product is set up, it functions flawlessly and reduces cartridge clutter. Even a little red LED is included in the cartridge to signal when it is being accessed.The "in game menu" that lets you save and load "game states" is something I particularly like. When I play Game Boy games, I typically do so in a setting where I am not at home and/or am subject to interruptions at any time (such as a car, doctor's office, etc.). A lot of aggregation is saved by using the "save and load game state" option. For instance, when your number appears at Motor Vehicles just as you are about to complete that "boss level."Using my OEM Game Boy Advance, I have yet to encounter any bugs with this product.The only problem I had with that product was that a "continuous reboot" cycle may happen when the battery was low. I was pleasantly delighted that this product worked with Kongfeng's "GB Colour," a Game Boy Color clone with a backlit screen. However, I should emphasize that this is not an OEM item and the manufacturer has not made any claims on the compatibility of their own products. The fact that it has a high level of functionality is merely an added bonus.I adore this device and heartily suggest it to any Game Boy or Game Boy Color enthusiasts.

EverDrive GB X5 Review:

It was understandable that it took a few weeks for a product I had previously ordered directly from krikzz to reach me in the US. I received the same high-quality merchandise from the Amazon shop with the added bonus of rapid domestic shipment.The product performs just as promised. Fits snugly in my GBASP and fits perfectly in my GameBoy Color. If this model is out of your price range, the X3 has virtually the same features. To be honest, though, I think the higher cost is well worth not having to worry as much about losing save data.

Super Game Boy Review:

Anyone who wishes to play their Gameboy games on their televisions should get a Super Gameboy. It supports standard Gameboy games, and some of them even feature special screens that are only visible on the Super Gameboy during gameplay. Since it was released before the Gameboy Color, it is evident that it cannot play Gameboy Color games. I would have loved to be able to play two-player Gameboy games using two remote controls, but it is not possible because two Gameboys are needed to play two-player Gameboy games. It simply makes sense that you can't do that with a Super Nintendo because each participant would be able to view their screen.In either case, the Super Gameboy makes it considerably simpler to play a Gameboy game. No more playing in the light or being concerned about batteries.

Metroid II Review:

One of the best sci-fi action/adventure game series is the Metroid series, and while this game may not be the best in the series, it is certainly deserving of inclusion.The absence of color in this game may be upsetting to individuals who aren't accustomed to playing vintage Gameboy games. This game is much harder to play than the following Metroid games due to the lack of an in-game map and the similarity of many of the game's tunnels. But if you get acclimated to them, the game will hold your interest.Anyone who enjoys the Metroid franchise need to try this game out. However, unless one is a die-hard fan of the original Gameboy, I would advise individuals who are new with the series to start with the original Metroid and/or Zero Mission.

Pokemon Blue Version Game [GameBoy] - NEW SAVE BATTERY SOLDERED IN (no tape) Review:

When I gave this to my 27-year-old son for Christmas, he grinned from ear to ear because he used to get the same game (and Gameboy Color, Teal) for the holiday as a young boy! His incredible level of tickling made my holiday. I was worried that it wouldn't arrive in time until I emailed the seller, Poketendo, and they responded so swiftly that I would never think twice about doing business with them again. The only drawback was that his 26-year-old brother was quite envious! Lol It made me happy to see my children, ages 27, 26, and 9, bond over "Pokemon," with my daughter making fun of her elder brothers since her 3DS is so much more advanced, etc. Their happy memories of plugging in "Gameboys" with a cord as kids shocked her!

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Review:

In 1994, when I started playing this game, I was aware that it would be challenging in addition to being fun. The power bracelet, sword, and shield, for instance, are some of the stuff that Link is typically immediately equipped with from the prior games, so I had to get used to swapping all of Link's items on the inventory screen while the "B" button was utilized for other weapons that Link could switch to. That was a little irritating. Unlike the NES games and A Link to the Past, the navigations and secrets (for progression) were a little more like guessing games. I do applaud the game for maintaining the integrity of the original gameplay and making extensive use of items found in previous Zelda titles. The kingdom of Hyrule and Princess Zelda aren't present in this game because the premise of the story mentions Link's boat having destroyed by a storm and washing ashore on Koholint Island. Link must defeat 8 different nightmare guardians to obtain 8 different instruments to unlock the egg to awaken the Wind Fish (his only means of returning home), but not before defeating the final nightmare creature that takes the form of Ganon and other enemies from Link's past. He does this with the assistance of new friends (like the lovely Marin, her strange Uncle Tarin, and an annoying, yet wise owl). After winning the game, it is revealed that Link was dreaming the entire time and that the village of Koholint and all of its residents never existed (kind of like Super Mario 2 from NES). Link's Awakening was the Zelda game I played at the time that was the most difficult (besides The Adventures of Link on the NES). The player can "steal" items from the store (yes, you can do this while the store clerk isn't looking while you quickly leave the area), but don't return to the store because people will start calling you "THIEF" instead of the name you registered, lol. This game has some great hidden features that no other Zelda title has. I can attempt to defeat it once more as I still have my original copy. It's a good game, and I'm delighted the first Zelda portable game was made properly.