Best PlayStation 2 Accessories in 2022

Last update: January 9, 2023

256MB Memory Card for Playstation 2, High Speed Memory Card for Sony PS2 (1 Pack) Review:

I got this because I wanted to play some PS2 games but I required a memory card. It came quickly and works great. Having two 128GB memory cards combined into one is another feature I enjoy because it makes switching between them to create different save files simpler. I highly recommend this product if you're seeking for a memory card.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset - Xbox One Headset PS4 Headset [2019 K5 Pro] with Noise Canceling Mic &7.1 Surround Bass, Gaming Headphones for PS4,Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Laptop, NS Review:

As soon as he took this headset out of the box, my son told me how much he loved it! We've previously paid $100 or more on gaming headsets (like three different ones this year alone! ), but this one seemed significantly better to him. He talked about how the chords didn't feel plastic and how that is good for comfort. He thrust the noise-canceling device onto MY head to show me how awesome it was because it made him thrilled. Nearly 15-year-olds rarely show excessive excitement, but he adores these. Since I also rely on the opinions of other owners to find amazing products, I'll add more to this review if they decide to fail in any way. Absolutely a terrific purchase!

Mpow Eg3 Gaming Headset PC PS4 USB Gaming Headset,7.1Surround Sound, Soft Imitation Protein Earmuff, Multiple Sound Modes Gaming Headphones with Noise Cancelling Mic 50mm Drivers LED Light Born for PC Review:

Strong construction; flexible headband. If you slide the included cotton windshield on Mic, the on/off switch becomes inoperable. My friend and I purchased the same headset, and so far, there is little to no background noise when he speaks. Compared to a lot of other gaming headphones, the design is elegant. I like braided cable wire, which is what cord is (besides being supposedly tangle-free, I just think it feels nice).I am unable to comment on the sound quality because I lack many comparables. It emits noises. And the sounds, in my opinion, sound (v.) sound (adj.) enough.Minor drawbacks: -The mic will pick up any accidental hits to the metal portion of the headset.-The earpads didn't seem snug enough the first time I put it on, but after about three sessions, you grow used to it.-When you wear them for a long time, they don't feel particularly uncomfortable, but after removing them after wearing them for about 5 to 6 hours, I noticed that my ears had begun to hurt. So while you have them on, they don't hurt, but as soon as you take them off, oof. It's not that horrible; it simply makes me realize that I should play fewer games, haha.Overall, pricing was definitely justified. I'm glad I chose this headset over a much more expensive one when I had to decide. I'm glad I didn't spend an additional $60 on a somewhat better product. When you spend a lot of money on a headset, you come to anticipate perfection and become frustrated when it isn't. When you purchase a less expensive item, it shocks you by being better than you anticipated. Anyway, 11/10 excellent value

Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers Review:

UPDATE: After six months of use, my first set of stick covers started routinely coming off. Due to frequent use, the hole under the covers changed from being circular to being oval. Fortunately, my second pair was unharmed; I simply swapped the old ones with the second pair, and I was back to normal. Being able to utilize both pairs for a year is still a fantastic offer. Once you become used to wearing the covers, using the thumbsticks without them is really painful. When my second pair wears out, I'll most definitely buy these again.After prolonged use, the concave thumb sticks on my PS4 controller started to hurt my thumb. Why they stopped making the thumb sticks convex like they did on all the other Playstation controllers before is beyond me. The older controllers were far cozier. But I thought some thumb stick grips would be useful.Fortunately, they did. Simply flip them inside out and align them with the top of the thumb stick to put them on. When you turn it back outside in, the thumb stick will immediately "snap" onto it. I put these on and immediately saw a significant improvement. Both my thumb soreness and the overall comfort of the thumb sticks dramatically decreased. I mostly play first-person shooter games, which need a lot of stick movement, and these have never come off. They hardly budge from the stick at all. You also receive two pairs for the price. Fortunately, I have both a black and a blue controller, so these were ideal for me.The only thing I can say is that I would have preferred grips without any logos. The explanation is because the texture is inconsistently even. When you're used to thumb sticks with uniform top textures, it seems a little strange. However, you rapidly adjust to it. These have performed admirably except from that. I haven't experienced any slippage or lack of grip like some have. I'll update my review if anything changes. But right now, I'm incredibly happy.

Wireless Controller Gamepad Twin Shock for PS2 Playstation2 (Jet Black) Review:

If you're debating this controller, my opinion is. BUY IT! Since I'm used to the PS3 and PS4 style new generation wireless, I was suspicious when I bought a couple wireless controls to play my old PS2 games. I expected my PS2 would join the fun. Well, after giving it some careful thought and playing a variety of games, from racing to Final Fantasy RPG, I've had enough time to come to the conclusion that this control is flawless. I am aware that the price suggests that there is a problem because it is not a Sony product. But the power of this control really astounded me. If you left it on, each time you start it up, just press start, and it should connect right away. The controller feels quite similar to the original PS2 controller with no lag at all. Because of the cost, I was on the fence as well, but don't be fooled; this is a fantastic investment. Even the priciest wireless controller I've ever owned couldn't match this one.

TPFOON 4M 13FT Wired USB Microphone for Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Let's Sing - Compatible with Sony PS2, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC Review:

Y Splitter 3.5mm Jack Cable with Separate Mic and Audio Headphone Connector Mutual Converter 2 pack, really excellent, strong, and stylish. I absolutely suggest these premium 3.5 mm jack splitter cables. Superior Compatibility Creates two separate ports out of a 3.5mm audio output, one for headphones and the other for a microphone, supporting all currently popular audio devices such gaming headsets, PS4/Xbox One controllers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Simple to Take: The headset splitter offers the ideal option for applications that need portability and has a small enough size to fit in your pocket or handbag so you can bring it everywhere you go. High caliber Connectors with a gold plating prevent corrosion and provide the best audio quality. Copper that is oxygen-free offers the best conductivity and durability. Excellent audio transmission is provided by well-made braided cable. Colors and symbols on the adapter are clearly labeled to make it simple to identify the mic and headphone inputs. Work with any 3.5mm jack-based headphone/mic combination. You Receive: 2 TPFOON 3.5mm Audio Adapter Combo Cable, a 12-month warranty that's worry-free, and helpful customer support.Overall, I'd say these cables are of very excellent quality and durability, and I'd be a repeat client for additional cable requirements!

Playstation 2 PS2 Memory Card 128MB Review:

The read/write speed is horribly terrible, although that might just be my PS2. Nothing matters. I'll take 128 MB over the original 8 MB cards over having to switch memory cards and attempting to remember which card has which game data.

QMET PS2 Wired Controller for Sony PlayStation 2 Black Review:

Sincerely, I was expecting this to be awful. Have you ever used a reliable third-party controller? Up until today, I haven't. This controller performs amazingly. The buttons feel far better than the squishy ones on the official Sony Dualshock 2s and are incredibly responsive. The best analog sticks function as they should. If I had to pick something, the cord might be a couple of inches shorter than the official controllers, but it's not a big concern.Only the way it was shipped prevents this from receiving five stars. I'm assuming that the controller simply leaves the factory in its current state. There is no packaging for it. It came to me in a very small plastic bag. Fortunately, it wasn't broken, but it could have easily been.

Controller for PS2 Playstation 2 Wired (Black) Review:

A PS2 controller, that is. With the use of an adaptor, I was able to use it to play PS2 games on my computer. Since it connects to your game system via a wire, it is a cheap choice without the need for recharge.Edit: The cheapness became apparent after more time playing. All of the buttons are still functional, however the x-physics button's have altered; it no longer jumps up, and the R1 button has a similar problem. But I still employ it.