Best Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Chargers in 2022

Last update: November 22, 2022

Can I use any charger for 3DS?

Do 3DS and 2DS use the same battery?

The 3DS and 2DS use the same battery, but the 3DS has a slightly higher power consumption. Therefore, the 3DS will have a shorter battery life.

Do all 3DS use the same charger?

No, all 3DS do not use the same charger. Each 3DS has a specific charger that is designed for that model.

Does 3DS and 2DS use same charger?

3DS and 2DS use the same charger. The only difference is that the 3DS has a slightly higher voltage output.

Switch Charger for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite - Fast Charging 15V/2.6A Portable Type C Wall Charger AC Adapter Replacement Accessories with 5 FT Cable - Support TV Mode and Pro Controller Review:

One of those products that either works or doesn't is this one. Well, this one functions perfectly. For my kids' Switch, I needed an extra charger, and this one is ideal. I've tested it with both the original dock and a portable dock that we have. Both of them work without a hitch, and powering the console when projecting to a TV is also no issue.The charger's ability to charge common gadgets like phones and tablets is a convenient feature. According to the specifications tag, it can supply either the 5 volts that we are all used to getting from our chargers or the required 15 volts for the Nintendo Switch. That's a fantastic extra that increases the use of this charger.

Customized USB Charging Dock Charger Stand with Cable Compatible with Nintendo 2DS XL Review:

I've had it for two weeks and I'm very happy I acquired it since it makes charging my 2DS XL quick and simple. It also presents my 2DS XL decal art beautifully when placed vertically on the shelf beneath the TV. Excellent durability is present. It appears to be well-made and performs as promised. It comes with a tiny, short USB cable, allowing you to charge it by connecting it to the USB port on your computer. But I had no problems using my original charger. For everyone who owns a 2DS XL, this is a wonderful product overall. Would strongly advise.

Debaser Electronics AC Wall Plug Charger and 2 USB Power Adapter Cable for Nintendo 3DS DSi XL Review:

This accomplishes the same tasks as the original, and perhaps it will last just as long! The kids are getting older, but their old DS was only broken on the charger, so it's now fixed and ready for whenever they have free time! I detest seeing things lying around unused for such a small reason!

Tomee AC Adapter for New Nintendo 3DS/ New Nintendo 2DS XL/ New Nintendo 3DS/ New Nintendo 3DS XL/ Nintendo 2DS/ Nintendo 3DS XL/ Nintendo 3DS/ Nintendo DSi XL/ Nintendo Dsi Review:

These do a terrific job! I can say that these chargers are actually just as good as the one your DS came with, unless your pet or child destroys them. My children were rough with their chargers and broke both charging cables by bending and stepping on them. After these cords arrived in the mail to replace those, we took in a litter of kittens to fix up and rehome, and within a week they chewed these cords to bits and had to buy more.

Customized USB Charger Charging Dock Station Compatible with Nintendo New 3DS, New 3DS XL Review:

Its compatibility with both systems, as opposed to only one like the official Nintendo docks, is something I like.My brand-new 3DS, Pokemon Red Edition, was quickly charged.The dock's lack of ends, which makes it easy to put on wrong and not have it in the proper spot to charge, is the only drawback because it was designed to work with both versions. Perhaps tabs that fit into the holders where charms can be inserted on either side of the charger port should have been added to help hold it in place.

TNP 3DS Charger AC Adapter Power Supply Home Wall Travel Battery Charging Cord Cable Replacement Accessories Kit for Nintendo New 3DS / New 3DS XL / 2DS / 3DS XL / 3DS / DSi XL / DSi [Nintendo 3DS] Review:

This cord is the ideal replacement for the one that my son lost. We could not be happier with its use, and it works quickly.

FCGAME Rapid Home Travel Charger for 3DS/3DSXL/DSI/DSIXL Review:

I was fortunate to receive the described stuff. Incorrect products are frequently listed under these off-brands by third-party merchants because they believe they are sufficiently comparable. Check your packing again! It will function well if the item is what you actually ordered. It seems to charge pretty quickly, and after a few months it hasn't yet blown out my 3DS, so everything is good.

Does Nintendo DS and 2DS use same charger?

The Nintendo DS and 2DS use the same charger. The 2DS is compatible with all DSi and 3DS software, and most DS software as well.

How do I charge my 2DS?

To charge your 2DS, simply connect the included AC adapter to the power port on the bottom of your device. Then plug the adapter into a wall outlet. Your 2DS will begin charging automatically.

Is a 3DS charger a Micro USB?

No, a 3DS charger is not a Micro USB.

Is it OK to play 3DS while charging?

It's perfectly fine to play your 3DS while it's charging. In fact, you can play your 3DS for hours while it's plugged in and it won't overcharge or damage the battery. So go ahead and keep playing those games!

Is Nintendo charger same as 3DS charger?

No, the Nintendo charger is not the same as the 3DS charger. The Nintendo charger is a proprietary charger made specifically for the Nintendo DSi, 3DS, and 2DS systems. The 3DS charger is a standard mini-USB charger that can be used with many different devices.

What kind of plug does a 3DS use?

3DS uses a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack for its plug.