Best Sony PSP Cases & Storage in 2022

Last update: November 30, 2022

MMR UMD PSP Replacement Game Case Clear 3 Pack Review:

Because the lid wouldn't fully close every time I put it in, I didn't enjoy that it was a little bulky. It interferes with my gaming, but it does function.(Update: Because I didn't snap it on properly, it finally fits and the lid closes completely. This is the reason I'm providing an updated review of it. Continue selling these cases; you are serving God!

PSP UMD Case Review:

This is a fantastic little case for your PSP purchases that is incredibly inexpensive. Since I rarely purchase games and have had my PSP for a while (it's a 1000 model), my library isn't overflowing, so this case is perfect for me. It is around the same size as the system itself and magnetically retains 8 umds. Its style is really straightforward and appealing, and there is not a single clasp on it. It is beautifully constructed and can contain a lot of your favorites. Due to the magnets, it is quite simple to open it up and load or remove games, yet it doesn't feel overly flimsy or like it would suddenly pop up with the least movement. It has just the appropriate capacity; 8 is plenty but not excessive, so you won't find yourself second-guessing your decision to put some subpar game you paid $5 for in it. This is unquestionably the way to go if you want a case for your UMDs that is reasonably priced.

OSTENT Protector Clear Crystal Hard Case Cover Skin Compatible for Sony PSP Go Review:

I wanted something to protect my PSP GO while maintaining its tiny size because I bring it about a lot. I tried a gel case, but it was flimsy and wouldn't stick, then I tried a metal case, but it lost its hold over time and was also quite large.I ultimately purchased this one on a whim, and it fits snug as a bug while maintaining its compact form factor and without significantly adding to the bulk. The build quality also appears to be nice. The only drawback is that, in my opinion, it will only serve as a deterrent to scratches and scuffs, not as a fall-protection measure.

Carry Case for PlayStation Classic Console, Hard Carrying Case Travel Bag Waterproof Storage for Sony PS Classic Mini (2018) Review:

There is no official hard case for the PS Classic, unlike the SNES and NES Classic Editions (which I also own), but this might be the next best thing. I gambled on it, and it was profitable. Excellent construction, and enough room to transport everything I need for the best Playstation Classic experience.I'm fairly confident that the firm rubbery foam inside will survive for a very long time. Not the cheap, spongey variety that in a few years turns to dust! If you're prepared to re-wrap your USB cable to fit in the smaller space, as shown in the attached photographs, there is also space inside for an Amazon Basics USB charger. If your PS Classic is using BleemSync, there is also a bag where you can conveniently put a USB flash drive and an OTG right angle USB adapter (which mine is). The bag includes two velcro straps for your controllers and integrated straps for your USB and HDMI connections.If you want to store your PS Classic or take it on the road, you must need this case. Compared to the original box, it is more practical and robust, and you won't have to worry about repeatedly opening and closing it destroying the cardboard (so good news if you are a collector). It's convenient to be able to show off all the games I have put onto my Classic when I take it out and about.

Customized Carrying Case for Playstation Classic Mini Edition Console and Accessories Review:

The standard PS Classic equipment, two extension cords, and an AC adaptor are the accessories I have. First of all, the foam cutouts fit the small console and controllers well, and I adore that. The console cables can be kept in a compartment under the console. Contrary to the example image, there isn't much space left over after the cables. Although I was able to fit the adaptor inside, the cables still need to be folded and packaged tightly. There aren't many problems if you flip the divider to the controller side. Similar to console cables, extension cables cannot be packed tightly in the pocket because it is too small. The area is so small, and the pressure of the USB connectors against the net pocket can and has torn it. They won't be able to store the adapter in this pocket due to the bulk, and they will constantly be rubbing against the controller buttons. Speaking of controllers, they fit snugly however as you can see in the picture, the wires are hidden behind. That is a hassle, and gamers are familiar with the discomfort of tangled controller cords. I simply tuck them away in the pocket I already indicated. Unfortunately, you will need to carry the extender cords separately. For typical equipment, the case is nicely crafted and comes highly recommended. It will fit the extras listed if you don't mind packing everything inside.

Hard Carry Travel PSP Bag Carring Portable Bag Travel Protective Pocket Pouch Cover Zipper Case Hand Pack for Sony PSP 1000/2000/3000 Game console (Black) Review:

Excellent construction and material quality. Don't expect it to prevent your PSP from shattering if it falls or gets squeezed, but it will shield it from scratches and other small damages.

Sony PSP System Pouch Review:

I purchased this for my PSP 1000, and it functions.There isn't much else to say. It serves only as a soft sleeve to cover the screen of my PSP when it is not in use.This is not a hard-sided case, so it won't shield your PSP from minor drops or rough handling (but nothing too severe), for which I propose this one: ( 1 1?ie=UTF8

Everydaysource Compatible With SONY PSP 2000 / 3000 Battery Door Set [Slim, Extended] , Black Review:

This is the item to get if you're seeking for a cover for your slim PSP. The only readily accessible replacement for my damaged and unsafe old battery was the large extended battery. The cover has a bludge on that side from where it just snapped in, but everything is covered. Surprisingly, neither door type was harmed as the gift arrived in a nice zip-locked bag inside of a mailer bag. I would suggest this product if you purchased a larger battery.

PSP Soft Genuine Leather Case Review:

My favourite. Even if my PSP3 is broken and doesn't work, I still adore this device because it fits well, doesn't smell, and fits into my crossbody bag with a strap. Even though they have compartments for it, it won't fit games or discs; only the device will fit. SD cards, probably. (Pics)It arrived in plastic packaging and is good value for the money. It ought to endure for a very long time. I would buy it again if I misplaced it.