Best Automotive Replacement Air Cleaner Intake Hoses in 2020

Engine Air Intake Hose 696-009 Fits Nissan Frontier Pathfinder Xterra 4.0L V6 2005 and up Review:

Product fits perfectly on a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder V6. Noticed the larger hose had a crack the other day while changing air filter (sidenote: change your own! Don’t get screwed by the oil change place or the stealership). The clamps and hose itself are made of sturdy material. The clamps are stamped with a heat rating that exceeds normal operating temperatures so it should hold up in normal conditions. The hose itself fits snugly over the manifold ports and the rubber feels solid and durable. Will update the review in a few months if it starts to crack or get brittle but I think it should hold up fine. For the price I paid and amount of work and time it took to replace (see: minimal), I’m satisfied with the product.

MOSTPLUS Air Intake Tube Cleaner Hose Replaces 16576-ET00A - Fits Nissan Sentra 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2.0L 16576ET00A, 16576 ET00A Review:

My car's engine light was on and the code read as the mass air sensor. I cleaned it a few times but the light would come on after a while I replaced that part in the engine light still kept coming on oh well my car's performance was deteriorating quickly. The transmission was slipping and stalling. I took a chance not knowing exactly what was wrong and ordered this to replace my tube.

This air intake tube was easy to install and fixed my check engine light. Once I got my old one off I saw a huge hole. My car instantly ran smoother, zero problems and my gas mileage even got better.

Dorman 696-001 Air Intake Hose Review:

Dorman 696-001 Air Intake Hose

This intake hose was used for a 2006 accura TL base 5 Speed Automatic! The previous hose has begun to dry rot and crack so we needed a new one that fit perfectly! This one was great! It fit exactly like it should and it was extremely easy to use and install! You will definitely save a whole lot of money by doing this yourself!

Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
Designed to accommodate all necessary PCV and emission fittings
Hose slides on easily for trouble-free installation
Rigorous quality control measures have been undertaken to ensure that this part conforms to product standards
Original Equipment (OE) Number: 17228RCAA00

Return your air intake system to proper functioning with Dorman's Air Intake Hose. Constructed of high-quality rubber, the hose resists the drying and cracking that commonly cause check engine lights and drivability issues.

16578-4S100 Air Intake Hose for Nissan Frontier Xterra V6 3.3L 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Air Flow Meter Boot Duct Tube 165784S100 Review:

My Nissan Frontier V6 3.3 Liter 2000 SE had a bad air intake hose, huge crack. I realized this was a fraction of the cost the OEM hose would be, so I thought I would give it a try. This hose is excellent quality and it fit perfectly. My truck has been running the best it ever has, during my owernship, since replacing it.

A-Premium Air Flow Meter Boot Intake Hose Tube to Throttle Body for Toyota Camry 1997-1999 Solara 1999 2.2L Review:

My car developed the ol' sticky gas pedal and I read that you can fix it yourself by cleaning out the inside of the throttle body and throttle plate. Well, the old air intake hose was cracked along the clamp, so it needed to be replaced. Bought this and it's a perfect fit for a 1998 Camry. The bottom coupling was a little difficult to squeeze on, but we eventually got it on there.

Been driving for 2 months and no sticky pedal and no problems with the hose.

EDIT: pic is of the OLD cracked hose; not the new one I ordered.

XtremeAmazing New Engine Air Cleaner Intake Hose Pipe Tube For Toyota 4Runner 3.4L 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Review:

Exact fit, but like others in the review section have stated it’s not the quality. The little tube connector come off easily and I might consider adding silicone or something to seal it up. You can see from the inside it’s been gouged out to fit that tube in.

Overall it fits. It’s cheaper than oem, and it works!

MOSTPLUS Air Intake Tube Cleaner Hose for Honda Accord 2.4L 2003 2004 2005 Intake Filter Tube Replaces 17228-RAA-A00 17228 RAA A00 17228RAAA00 696-739 Review:

Great value! Fit on my 2003 Honda Accord Lx 4 cyl. It fits a little tightly but It was an easy install since the material is pliable.

Note: it doesn’t have the clamps so you need to reuse the old ones.

1) Install intake First. When installing to the intake side, twist it on since it is a bit smaller than the intake inlet. You can use hair dryer to heat up the material if need be.
2) install to the air box, be sure to reuse the spring. Since its hard to put spring on. Use two people or a strong pair of hands to clips the spring on the first groove.
3)insert the other vacuum lines.
4)done, make sure to tighten the clamp and align the air tube correctly

Spectre Performance 8741 Black 3" Air Duct Hose Review:

Used to replace the air hose on a 1995Mercedes C230. The good is it’s sturdy. It does the job but it is far harder than it should have been.

The bad, the hoses couplers are made of a very hard rubber that’s not very pliable and and one end is packaged very poorly. It is rolled up and crammed inside the hose so when you open the package one coupler has a very very bad kink in it that doesn’t come out under normal circumstances. Thus our the package it is not round and does not fit the included hose. To make it fit I had to boil a pot of water and dip the coupler in and out to soften it up and try and get the crease out and back to round. It did work. I also had to grease the inside with a little Vaseline to get it to go on the hose.

This is entirely the fault of the silly way this is packaged. There are TWO couplers and only one is crammed and kinked. The other one is fine.

MOSTPLUS Air Cleaner Intake Hose Tube for Air Cleaner Intake Hose Tube for 2004-2006 Acura TL 2003-2007 Honda Accord V6 Review:

I purchased this air cleaner intake hose tube after my 2004 Acura TL failed a smog test. I probably could have installed it myself but I had a mechanic do it. I'm fortunate to have a mechanic who will install replacement parts that I purchase online through Amazon. I learned a long time ago how nationally known chain auto repair and tire shops charge customers double or triple what they pay for car parts. Customers also pay inflated prices for car parts from the local parts distributors that the chain repair shops use. This part fit well and works fine. After my mechanic installed the new part, my Acura passed the smog test.

A-Premium Engine Air Intake Tube Cleaner Hose for Honda Accord 2003-2007 l4 2.4L 696-739 17228RAAA00 17228-RAA-A00 Review:

Exact fit but was made of cheaper material than original, more flexible. But it does the job and was an exact fit so I'm happy with it.