Best Body Repair Chains, Clamps & Hooks in 2022

Last update: January 7, 2023

OTC 4723 Stinger Ear-Type CV Boot Clamp Plier Review:

My 2003 Saab 9-5 was the perfect fit for this tool. I just overhauled the front end, installing brand-new tie rod ends, struts, wheel bearings, and brakes. I figured I might as well clean/repack the outer CV joints, change the boots, and remove the wheel hub and bearing while I was at it. Although I'm aware that most people choose to save time by purchasing a remanufactured axle half shaft, I've always been interested in seeing whether I could refurbish a CV joint myself. I disassembled the passenger-side outer CV joint after viewing a few YouTube videos, cleaned it out, re-greased it, and then used this OTC plier to install a new CV boot with clamps. I spent over 90 minutes on it, but I finished the opposite side in just under 45. So now that I have "CV joint savvy," I'm not as afraid of these things! Since the inner boot doesn't articulate nearly as much as the outer one, I believe it will last much longer. However, if necessary, I can always go back and overhaul the inner boot as well.I've included a few images that show the inner workings of the outer CV joint both before and after I removed all the grease and repacked it with synthetic CV grease.To the product's seller: the description is completely illogical and refers to some sort of truck wheel hub removal. This is a plier for a CV boot.

XtremepowerUS 5 Ton 2 Way Auto Body Repair Pulling Pull Clamp Review:

It can also be utilized as an undercarriage stabilizer during a pull. Impressing!

SourceTon Auto Trim Removal Tools Kit Set of 10 pcs, Car Panel Dash Radio Removal Installer Pry Tools Kit, Upholstery Removal Kit, Fastener Remover Pry Bar Scraper for Door Trim Molding Dash Panel Review:

Excellent value and effective for some simple auto repairs. Since I'm not a technician, I can't guarantee how well things will stand up to frequent use. However, for a quick job, these are a perfect substitute for more expensive ones. With an extra of each, you receive a good selection of tools. Invest in a higher-quality set if you work on cars frequently or are a professional mechanic. Consider this set as an excellent value if you only require some simple trim tools for a little work.

Hilitchi 70pcs Stainless Steel Single Ear Hose Clamps Kit Review:

To replace the fuel lines on my Mercury and Subaru outboard engines, I bought these crimp style fittings. They are well-built, and the crimps are even and tight. While not nearly as good as the ones from the factory that were present, they weren't far off! You really can't complain given the price and the assortment of sizes and clamps you receive! The boat dealer wanted to charge me the same amount for six clamps as I paid for this full set, and I had extra! Regardless of the caliber of the clamps, you must invest in a nice pair of crimpers if you don't want to swear!

PEX Ear Clamp Removal Tool Review:

I wasn't convinced that it would be worth it to spend $50 on a tool merely to get rid of these clamps, but if you're working on a German car that's covered in Oetiker ear clamps, it might be. You can usually pry those clamps off with a pick or screwdriver, I've discovered. Although both of these techniques typically require a little more time than I'd like, you can also try cutting the ears with the install tool. If you can obtain a decent angle on the clamp with these clippers, they fall off instantly. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that you have to access the clamp in such a way that the clippers are parallel to the clamp's band. If you plan to work on a German automobile on a regular basis, I would suggest this tool because I can usually get them to work much more readily than a screwdriver or pick and the time savings are worthwhile when working with a lot of hoses (and consequently clamps). For individuals who only occasionally meet Oetiker clamps, it probably isn't worth it.

Allstar ALL18320 3/16" I.D Aluminum Clamp-On Style Universal Line Clamp, (Pack of 4) Review:

For what it's worth to the next man, I used this on a project resembling a vintage motorcycle and the bolts I used were M4 x 0.7 thread.The machining is not flawless; on a few occasions, I had to slightly adjust it using a file, carbide burr, drill, or cut-off wheel, but this was not a major concern.It could be worthwhile to check out Summit Racing or Jegs because both had prices that were less expensive than Amazon and shipped out extremely quickly.

HTTMT MT299-009-BK Black 41mm Turn Signal Clamps Headlight Mount Bracket Fork Ear Chopper Cafe Racer Review:

The mounting holes for turn signals and headlights are both about 10 millimeters in diameter. Perfect fit for my M10 bolts. To achieve the proper distance between the mounts to suit the headlight, I had to flip the fork tube mounts so the headlight mounts were inside the forks. Otherwise, the mounts would not match flush to the headlight bucket because they were too far away. The mounts' exposed threads were left as a result, so I covered them with acorn cap nuts. Good looking. It appears like the aluminum material is of high grade. on a 1981 CB750C, used.