Best Powersports Rearsets in 2022

Last update: January 2, 2023

Motorcycle Rearset Foot Pegs Rear Set Footrests Fully Adjustable Foot Boards Fit For Suzuki GSXR750 GSXR600 1996-2005,GSXR1000 2000-2004,SV650 SV650S SV1000 SV1000S 1998-2014 Review:

These just got installed, and they feel and look fantastic, so I don't see why the other guy stated they were of poor quality. Just keep in mind to tighten each and every bolt. The adjustability fit my sv650 well.

Arashi Rearsets Footrests FootPegs for KAWASAKI Z125 / PRO 2016 2017 2018 Motorcycle Accessories Adjustable Foot Peg Rest Z 125 1 Set Gray 16 17 18 Review:

The seller wrote me a message the day after I ordered my pair informing me that they had upgraded me to express shipping for free; it took 1 week to get here which was amazing. Initially, I was meant to receive them in less than 3 weeks.Installation: I took approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to install both sides and adjust it to the ideal foot position for me. Installation is not going to be easy for someone who doesn't often perform any maintenance work on their bike alone.Product: All of the parts arrived and fit my bike exactly as described in the title. However, even though I installed them carefully, I was still able to slightly scuff the paint. Although it initially seems a little flimsy, the material is really robust. When it comes to appearance, it completes the black and red theme I'm striving for on my bike.Cons: You need use locktite to secure many of the bolts since you don't want any of them to come free. Another drawback is that many of the screws could come loose, although this shouldn't be a problem if they are installed correctly.

FXCNC Racing Billet Motorcycle Rearset Foot Pegs Rear Set Footrests Fully Adjustable Foot Boards Fit For Yamaha YZF R25 2014-2018, YZF R3 2014-2019, MT-25 MT-03 2015-2018 Review:

The product was fantastic! Excellent packaging and shipping were used. Everything was present. For my 2019 Yamaha R-3 (ABS), I bought black on black. A professional installed it, and it took him about an hour and a half. The craftsmanship and quality are absolutely incredible; nothing seems cheap. However, I did see that the rear break sensitivity is significantly higher than the standard one, which is OK with me and not a deal-breaker. Just something I believe everyone should be aware of in order to prevent surprises. I'm grateful to FXCNC Racing.

Arashi Rearsets Footrests FootPegs for YAMAHA MT07 FZ07 2014 2015 2016 2017 MT-07 FZ-07 Motorcycle Accessories Adjustable Foot Peg Rest 1 Set Gray MT FZ 07 Review:

These are things I adore. superior caliber. simple to install able to change to a more comfortable posture so that my feet are. From a CBR 600, I upgraded to an MT07. The cbr's more assertive foot posture appealed to me. These may be adjusted to greatly improve comfort on the MT07. The only piece of advice is to add some thread locking upon installation. Several of the bolts were loosened by the vibrations. It was my fault for not initially installing the thread locker.

NEVERLAND Motorcycle Footpegs CNC Adjustable Rearsets Foot Pegs for GSXR1000 2000-2004,Suzuki GSXR600 2000-2005,Suzuki GSXR750 1996-2005,Suzuki SV650 2003-2008,SV650S 2003-2008 (Black) Review:

At Sonoma, the initial use was excellent. In my 2008 SV650s, I use. flex not. Make sure to secure everything using locktite. came with the bracket for the brake lights, however a banjo bolt pressure switch would be preferable. They offer a lot of adjustment options, but the bottom works perfectly for me because I'm old and stiff. The pegs could need some more aggression. I feared that my foot would trip when Ineas was exhausted at the end of the day. An excellent product all around.

ISSYZONE Fits Honda MSX 125 Grom Adjustable Rearsets With Passenger's Foot pegs Rear Set Foot Rest 2013 2014 2015 Review:

This rearset is now absolutely fantastic! Cons: There are no instructions. Installing the software was not difficult, however it took me some time. The product is flawless.