Best Automotive Replacement Fuel Injection Reference Mark Sensors in 2022

Last update: November 13, 2022

Bosch Original Equipment 0261210002 Crankshaft Position Sensor Review:

Although searching for this part returns results for BMW, it will, in my opinion, function better than the OEM Porsche sensor. When you hold them side by side and compare them, it is clear that the BMW is a better-quality product. If you only remove the sensor's one bolt and leave the bracket holding the sensor in place, installation is simple. Visit for assistance with any step of the procedure; there is a thorough lesson there with images.

Bosch 0232101031 Reference Mark Sensor Review:

Restoring electricity to the vintage Jetta was a comparatively simple installation that performed well. The Jetta has power issues and would have difficulty climbing a little hill. This item was suggested because the code pointed to a crankshaft placement issue.In an afternoon, I installed it, and everything went smoothly. Jetta is now operating properly and with plenty of power, just like the original, and is returned to its former self.When installing this item, setting the timing is crucial. Make sure you are familiar with and comprehend the Top Dead Center (TDC) location markers on the timing camshaft gear and the crankshaft gear, which are visible when the cover plate is off the engine and from underneath, respectively. The timing belt synchronizes the crankshaft and camshaft, and the belt tensioner maintains their alignment. I used white fingernail polish to draw attention to the marks on the cogs so that everyone could see them. When the timing marks on the crankshaft and camshaft line up with the marks on the engine close by, as well as the TDC alignment mark visible through the hole at the top right corner of the engine where the engine meets the transmission, TDC is achieved. Read up on this and then locate this observation hole. When the engine is at TDC, there are marks that may be seen through this hole. The marks on the camshaft gear and the crankshaft gear should then be in alignment. Many videos are available online to assist you. Good luck!

Bosch Original Equipment 0261210204 Crankshaft Position Sensor Review:

We were stranded in Chatanooga, almost 500 miles from home, because of our Boxster. After making brief stops at the store and then completely failing by losing power and lighting the dash up like a Christmas tree on the freeway, it refused to crank when it was heated. This was the offender. Just replaced it with this new one, and driving her is enjoyable once more. It only took a little while.

Dorman 911-008 Fuel Level Sensor Review:

2001 Buick Regal: The charcoal canister is most likely to blame for the inability to fill the gas tank without the engine turning off, even though the gas gauge issue was resolved by the float. According to one video, insects or mud daubers will construct a nest in the tube tube vent hole; I'm not sure about mine just yet. To remove the locking ring and remove the entire pump assembly, it was "tricky," but after seeing the appropriate YT video (How To Install Replace Fuel Pump and Fuel Gauge Sending Unit), I was able to do it. In order to relieve the pressure in the lines and prevent excessive gas spillage, I unplugged the fuel pump fuse and started the car afterward. Though I doubt that that was the root of my other issue.Edit: This car was hardly driven, and now the gauge occasionally reads "empty" for a 30-second drive. According to an internet search, this particular item is typically broken.

Dorman 911-024 Fuel Level Sensor Review:

My Silverado only had 35K miles when this GM component failed. The metal sensor tabs and contact board (which is what breaks) on this Dorman replacement look to be of better construction than the factory component, despite the fact that they are nearly identical to the original GM part. Over the course of a GM vehicle, I've read accounts of people replacing this component two to three times. After 2000 miles, the Dorman part is still functioning as it should and costs half as much as the AC Delco part, which is likely the same part that has been packaged specifically for GM. A special tool must be purchased in order to remove the compression ring holding the gasoline sending unit in the tank; regular hand tools will not work.

Dorman 911-016 Fuel Level Sensor Review:

Purchased to replace the faulty one in my 2005 SAAB 9-3, and it works perfectly. One thing to remember: watch how far you slide the fuel pump lever up. My gauge is showing that I only have 3/4 of a tank of gas rather than a full tank because I slid it up too much. To fix this, I'll drop the tank once more, but it will have to wait.

Dorman 911-005 Fuel Level Sensor Review:

I installed this two years ago, and my 2001 Silverado has been using it flawlessly ever since.