Best Automotive Replacement Four Wheel Drive Switches in 2022

Last update: November 18, 2022

Dorman 901-130 Four Wheel Drive Selector Switch for Select Cadillac/Chevrolet/GMC Models Review:

This should be your first repair if your GM 4WD exhibits symptoms like losing 4WD or the 2WD/4WD lights going out. This is a flawless replacement that is almost unrecognizable from the OEM component. Simply start on the right side of the previous switch and slowly pry around it to install. I completed the process in about 3 minutes.The 4WD on my 1998 diesel suburban started to be challenging to engage. It would occasionally engage, occasionally not, and occasionally the indicator lights wouldn't illuminate, leaving me to guess what range it was in and nervous when driving on slick conditions. I was worried that one of the pricey electric selectors would be defective, but I decided to give this a shot first. All of the issues were immediately resolved after replacing this switch. My "service 4WD" light, ironically, never turned on.This was produced in China, for those who were curious. But it appears that the quality is just as good—if not better—than the original. The original switch was created by Lucas, a British business well-known for producing the electronics in British sports cars and the owner of the short circuit's first patent. Lucas also produced several refrigerators for the British market, which explains why they prefer warm beer.In summary, for less than half the cost, this switch is at least as good as or better than the OEM switch.Update on lighting: I've seen a lot of concerns regarding the OEM light's brightness. I drove the truck tonight, and I can say without a doubt that this light is whiter and brighter than OEM. I also observed that the dimmer knob has no effect on the dimming. They probably substituted LEDs for regular lights, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is a very lovely light that is mostly blocked while driving by the gear shift and steering wheel. It isn't at all distracting, in my opinion.

[Updated Version] 4x4 4wd Switch 901072 for Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 4 Wheel Drive Switch Transfer Case Replace 15136039 15164520 19259313 Review:

In terms of appearance, installation, and functioning, the product quality is on par with OEM production. This is the 4WD selector switch to buy if you want a replacement that matches the factory part's appearance and fit. The one drawback, and I do not at all blame the product, is that my solution to the problem of arbitrary transfer case picks did not work as well as it has for others. I'll have to keep looking for problems.

4WD Transfer Case Selector Switch for Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 4 Wheel Drive Switch, 15136039 15164520 901-072 Review:

It was easy to install this. Trim the dash border by removing it (insert key and turn to accesory, lower to 1st gear, and lower the steering wheel with emergency brake in play.) Put the gear in park and switch off the key with the bezel off. To remove the selection from the clips and move it forward, use a tiny flat-head screwdriver on both the left and right sides of the selector that is now in place. Plastic keys on each wiring connector secure the connector in place. Use a flat-head screwdriver to ease out the lower connector by sliding it between the plastic lock clipping and the lock. Don't try to remove it by grasping the wires. A little trickier was the higher connector. It is now free after I inserted a screwdriver where the lock clip was holding it. In order to remove the connector, I inserted a different little flat-head screwdriver into the spaces between the casings on either side. Attach the other connector after attaching the lower cable connector to the new selector. The lowest connector was removed first and reconnected first because I had less length of cabling with it. The selection will snap into place once both connectors are in. Now ease the selector into its home. Put the dash trim back on, re-insert the key, select Accessory, and then shift back into first gear. Put your steering back in the preferred position, shift to park, and start your truck. I kept an eye out for any computer flags on the dashboard, where it illuminates Driver 1. It's all good. My dash now has additional area with functional back lighting. The AC fan speed box that is under my radio is one that I already own. Only speeds 3 and 4 were functional for me. All speeds now function with the new one, and the rear lightning is crisp to see due to how bright it is. By the way, installing it took longer for me than typing out all of this on my phone. Last but not least, my truck was displaying "service 4WD" last summer. It was in 4WD when I shattered it, and I never toggled or selected it (I bought this truck secondhand two years ago; it's a '03 Avalanche). The alert vanished as soon as I quickly replaced the fuse. After a few weeks, it happened again, and because I was prepared and had another replacement fuse on hand, I fitted it. That warning has not yet started to come back on. Another reason I bought and installed this was because the selector's rear illumination wasn't working, so I reasoned that it might be a problem with the unit itself. "A little peace of mind," I refer to it as.

4WD Transfer Case Selector Switch, 4x4 Wheel Drive Switch with Auto 4WD Button Fits Cadillac Escalade Chevolet Avalanche Silverado Suburban Tahoe GMC Sierra Yukon, Replaces 15136039, 15164520, 901-072 Review:

All is well thus far. This appears to function almost exactly as well as the genuine GM component would have at a much higher cost. It is different from the dull of the rest of the dash because the light is brighter there, but I don't care. I believe it is LED, Probably the best internet price available anywhere. It works! Thank you.

Dorman 901-062 4-Wheel Drive Switch Review:

This switch has to be changed four times. I reasoned that there must be another factor at play. I looked into this issue and came across an outdated post online that discussed a Chevy assembly flaw that needs to be fixed otherwise this switch would continually blowing out. This is it:"I've discovered that the 4WD selector button in the dash typically malfunctions because of the two ground wires that are attached to the frame directly beneath the front of the driver's door. Chevy had the brilliant idea to undercoat the point of contact of the ground wires before bolting them to the frame, thus over time moisture, dirt, and corrosion impair the connections of the threads of the bolts, which are the only source of ground the two sets of wires have. You'll need to complete 2 tasks. The ground wires must be reattached to the frame after you remove the bolts and clean the bold threads and ends of the wire attachments using a wire brush, all the way down to the frame's metal (time to complete – less than 5 minutes). The dash-mounted 4WD selector switch has to be changed next." St. Joseph, Missouri's Mike GilbertRight where the article indicated they were, the wires were simple to find. I followed the advice in the article, and so far there have been no further switch blows.12/23/16 UPDATE: IT COULD BE A SOFTWARE ISSUEThis posting was located in a forum: "I visited Millington Chevrolet today to have my service 4WD issue examined.It turned out to be a software problem.$88.94 was spent overall ($74 for labor, $7.40 for an environmental fee, and 7.54 for tax).On the ticket: "Customer reports that they are unable to select any settings because the service 4WD warning lamp (DIC) is on. No DTCs were detected after checking.TSB #1481410 was located. TCCM was reprogrammed. examined the 4WD status. everything is working well."I received a printout of the TSB from the service technician.Its number is 1054312.customer anxietySome clients may mention that the 4WD system isn't working or that the service 4WD indication is on.CauseTransfer Case Control Module (TCCM) will not connect with the class II bus or the Tech 2 since it did not get the wake-up signal during key-up and has remained in "sleep mode."CorrectionTake off the TCCM fuse from behind the hood (labeled ATCM or TREC). After waiting 30 seconds, replace the fuse. This should cause Tech 2 to "wake up" and converse. Utilizing operating system calibration number 12580062 (or the most recent calibration), reprogram the TCCM following standard SPS procedures."Prior to replacing parts, be prepared to push your dealer on the software issue.

4wd Switch Transfer Case 4x4 Switch,Fits Cadillac Escalade,Chevy Silverado, Chevrolet Suburban, Avalanche, Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Sierra | 2003-2007 | Replaces OE# 15136039,15164520,19259313,901-072 Review:

My 2006 Yukon 1500 slt had the perfect fit and was functional. In case/when it fails, I'll update.I think it's a brand-new unit because of how new the buttons seem and feel. Every light is functional. Fast shipping was provided. I paid $15 for it as opposed to $97.99 at my neighborhood parts store. I'm approaching winter as I write this review, so maybe this will take care of all my issues.Since I was working in the dark, installation just took five minutes. Just peel the console's bezel off. To remove it entirely, you must fully reposition the gear shifter and lower the steering wheel. Turn on the emergency brake. Next, you need to lift a few tabs just a little to remove the old unit. This entire process may be completed without any tools, but I choose to utilize some picks I already have. Remove the two connectors next. The new device is then connected to the connectors, pushed into the dash, and the bezel is put back on.

Dorman 901-064 Four Wheel Drive Switch Review:

If you are removing the dash, you are trying too hard. I moved the plug and put it back in, and it worked as if by magic. I used some little flat-blade screwdrivers to press into the sides with the metal clips, and it popped out. I took exactly 3 1/2 minutes (not bragging, its a super easy part to change, but some YouTube videos showed removing the dash and all kind of crazy stuff). My one and only "issue" is that although though it has great, cool white LED lighting and appears modern, the rest of the dash still looks dated.

Dorman 901-060 Chevrolet/GMC/Oldsmobile 4WD Switch Review:

works well and reasonably. My 1999 Blazer with automatic 4WD received this. Your truck should have a light on the switch when you turn it on; mine didn't, and it wouldn't shift out of 2WD. I once changed one that had a broken switch and went into 4low without any apparent cause.

Dorman 600-500 4-Wheel Drive Switch Review:

This was EXACTLY the part I needed because the old vacuum switch was allowing a partial vacuum leak into the line going to the hub lock actuator diaphragm mechanism, which was causing the hubs to attempt to partially engage even in 2 Wheel Drive and causing a "gear grinding" sound to come from the front axle. By replacing this switch, vacuum was only activated when it was intended to be. The old one had a leak because the ball plunger was jammed half depressed. One installation tip: When lined up correctly to thread into the hole in the top of the transfer case, this part is tipped just a TINY amount forward. It does not fit in vertically. Otherwise, trying to get it in might take hours! To prevent the lines from becoming confused, make sure the tiny pin on the switch is aligned with the depression on the triple line leading to it. If not, it won't function properly.