Best Automotive Replacement Power Pulleys in 2022

Last update: December 12, 2022

Are pulleys expensive to fix?

Pulleys are not expensive to fix. The average cost of a pulley repair is $150.

Can a power steering pump leak from pulley?

A power steering pump can leak from the pulley for a number of reasons. The most common reason is a faulty seal on the pulley itself. Over time, the seal can become worn or damaged, allowing fluid to leak out. Another possible reason for a leak is a loose or damaged pulley bolt. If the bolt is not tight, fluid can leak out around it. Finally, the power steering pump itself may be leaking. If the pump is leaking, it will need to be replaced.

Can a pulley be repaired?

A pulley can sometimes be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. If the pulley is only slightly damaged, it can often be fixed with a simple repair kit. However, if the pulley is severely damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Can a serpentine belt cause power steering problems?

The serpentine belt is responsible for operating the power steering pump. If the belt is worn or damaged, it can cause the power steering pump to fail. As a result, the power steering system will not be able to provide the necessary assist to the steering wheel, making it difficult to steer.

OTC Tools 4530 Power Steering Pump Pulley Service Set Review:

The tool was of good quality, however there wasn't enough clearance to pull the pulley with the pump mounted on the car when I bought it to replace the power steering pump on a 3.8L Impala. The tool that bolted on was overly lengthy. Fortunately, the pump was able to move with the pulley attached, and I was able to pull the pulley on the workbench using the tool, and it worked perfectly. It won't operate with the pump put on the automobile if there isn't enough clearance inside the vehicle.

Dorman 300-200 Power Steering Pulley Review:

Because I couldn't find an ACDELCO anyplace, I had to get this. This pulley's front clearly states that it was made in China. Black paint can quickly cover that up. However, it appears to be the exact same size as the original. It is slightly lighter and nearly the same weight. Perfect fit, straight spins with no wobble, and simple installation.

Performance Tool W89208 Cam Pulley Holder (Nissan/Toyota/OHC/Camry/Maximas/V6) Review:

This device is fantastic. On my 1991 4runner V6, I used it to hold each of the two camshaft sprockets while I took out the two bolts. It can be unsafe and frightening to remove the bolts from the camshaft sprocket if you are under 6 feet tall and under 200 pounds. I used a 3 foot pipe with about 4 inches of the red handle of this tool inserted into it to remove the bolts, making sure that the pipe extended 1 foot past the fender so that someone else could hold the camshaft sprocket bolt safely and comfortably while I snapped it loose. Seriously, you'll hear the bolt snap loose and witness the breaker bar bending so drastically that you'll fear it might brake. In order to safely stand behind the fender and remove the bolt, I utilized a 1/2" drive breaker bar that was 18 to 25 inches long and another 3 foot length pipe attached to the handle. The bolts on trucks and SUVs older than 30 years are extremely tight due to the length of time they have spent in the motor. It has also been exposed to extreme heat for the same number of years, making it far more difficult to remove the two bolts than it is to insert and torque them. The camshaft sprocket should be held steady by one person using this holding tool and a pipe extension while another person removes the bolt using a long breaker bar and a long pipe attached to it because doing so could be risky. Depending on your height and weight, the pipe extension length may change. You won't need the pipes to be the same length if you are 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. You might not even require the pipe extensions. On a 1991 Miata, I have also used it to hold the camshaft sprockets while removing the nuts. However, since each camshaft has a specific location to attach a crescent wrench to hold them while the bolts are being removed, it wasn't necessary.

Dorman 34238 Air Conditioning Bypass Pulley Review:

Because the air conditioning pump on my neighbor's 2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7liter destroyed the clutch and bearing, I purchased this part for it. In any case, the AC hadn't been utilized in a long time.Before installation, we paid $15.00 to have the AC turned off at a nearby auto repair shop.This bypass bracket and pulley fit perfectly and were completed in 30 minutes using only common hand tools.Another benefit is that you can still use and/or order the original belt that came with your truck when it had air conditioning, saving you the trouble of looking for a shorter belt or parts with different part numbers in the future.You will utilize 3 of the original 4 bolts from the AC pump since this component doesn't come with any bolts.You will still have the one bolt that secured the AC hardlines to the original pump after completing this installation.Like we did, you might need to unhook one of the AC clutch's trigger wires.Do not be concerned; this connector is visible and located at the top of the AC pump.Since the neighbor didn't want to remove the lines, evaporator, or condenser, we just zip-tied the hardlines in place to prevent rattles. This is an enjoyable project with excellent results if you appreciate little DIY projects that don't require a lot of time or technical expertise.

Dorman 300-310 Power Steering Pulley Review:

It promises simple installation, but only if you purchase a pricey press kit. You won't require the pricey tool. It can be mounted with a 5"X3/8" SAE bolt, nut, and two washers. make sure the pulley is compatible with your vehicle. Avoid installing it yourself and do not smash it on if this confuses you. This plastic pulley has a steel hub.

Performance Tool W89708 Pulley Puller/Installer Kit Review:

The smaller stud on the remover wouldn't insert far enough into the ID of the pump shaft when I tried to use it on my 5.7L Chevy Suburban, thus I had to cut some of it off. I found a couple reviews with similar remarks. Worked after that, although I believe I cut out too much before I understood what the design's purpose was. If you need to trim it, read this even if it's difficult to explain. The part of the larger stud that you can only see in the picture as the remover is actually not a continuous piece of metal that has been cut to different diameters and is smaller than the opposite end. The larger stud clicks into the smaller stud, which I had to cut, and there is a ball bearing between the two that allows the two pieces to rotate separately to reduce binding. In order to benefit from the ball bearing design, the smaller stud should ideally bottom out within the pump shaft right before the bigger stud makes contact with the shaft. However, you must cut deeply enough to stop the smaller stud from bending under pressure. To really grasp what I'm saying, you'll need to have it in your hands.Additionally, apply oil to both tools' threads to reduce thread binding. It was quite beneficial. The pulley had to be removed with much difficulty. I had to apply so much effort to the tool that I believed it would shatter, but it held up. I had to use long wrenches for increased leverage. Both tools functioned properly.

Can you bypass power steering pump with serpentine belt?

No, you cannot bypass the power steering pump with the serpentine belt. The power steering pump is what provides hydraulic pressure to the power steering system, and without it, the system will not work.

Can you drive a car without a power steering pulley?

No, you cannot drive a car without a power steering pulley. The power steering pulley is what helps to turn the wheels when you turn the steering wheel.

Can you replace a power steering pulley?

If your power steering pump pulley has gone bad, you will need to replace it. The power steering pump pulley is what the drive belt wraps around to turn the pump. Over time, the pulley can become worn or damaged, causing the pump to work less efficiently. A new pulley can be purchased from an auto parts store and installed relatively easily.

Does a new power steering pump come with a pulley?

A new power steering pump does not come with a pulley. You will need to purchase a separate pulley for your new pump. Make sure to get the correct pulley for your model of pump.

How do I measure for a pulley replacement?

To measure for a pulley replacement, you will need to remove the old pulley and measure the diameter of the shaft. Then, you will need to measure the distance from the center of the shaft to the outer edge of the pulley. This will give you the circumference of the pulley. Finally, you will need to measure the width of the pulley.

How do you determine pulley size?

To determine the size of a pulley, you need to know the diameter of the sheave, which is the round, flat surface of the pulley that the belt rides on. The diameter of the sheave determines how far the belt will travel in one revolution around the pulley.