Best Wii Sensor Bars in 2020

KIMILAR Replacement Wired Infrared IR Ray Motion Sensor Bar Compatible Nintendo Wii and Wii U Console (Silver/Black) Review:

Worked great! I bought this new sensor to replace the original one that came with the Wii because my mischievous cats broke it :') this one is great if not better. I say this because I always felt like the original one was flimsy although mine withstood a lot before it met its demise. It was constantly falling and it was even missing a lens! I thought it'd never break but this new one is thicker and feels a bit heavier than the original which I like because it feels more durable (fingers crossed). It also brought a cute little stand that you can stick to any surface! Love this replacement. Great price. Definitely recommend.

Fosmon Wired Infrared Motion Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii / Wii U (Silver/Black) 7.5ft Length Cable Review:

Just what I needed. Original was stuck to old TV
Works great was reluctant to stick it to TV but doesn’t adhere anyway but not a problem for me
Much better than wireless Battery hungry sensor

Beastron New Wired Infrared Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii Controller Review:

It is a little more big that the original wired infrared sensor bar, but just a little.
I had a Wii and a WiiU in use in the same TV, this sensor bar I bought it form my Wii (because my dog broke the original) and now that I use it I feel it work even better that the original WiiU sensor bar maybe it is because the sensor bar is bigger the the original had more range when I played game like Mario Tennis or Wii Sport at long range, I don't know it for sure, what I know is that this sensor bar is a really good product

Mayflash W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar for Wii Review:

I lost my Wii in a divorce back in 2011, though at times I missed it. I didn't miss having another power brick; I didn't miss finding a home for another gizmo; and I didn't miss component cables. I've been HDMI only since then, and while there are some adapters that let you use a Wii via HDMI, this allows me to use my HTPC to run the Dolphin emulator. Dolphin is free (as in speech), works very well, and though it works with any controllers (can emulate Wiimotes or GameCube controllers using anything that works on your PC), it allows you to use authentic (or knock off) Wii controllers. Wii sensor bars are a misnomer, as the bar does no sensing (the Wii remote does that), but they need power for their USB emitters. Wireless sensor bars work, as do any number of other solutions, but this is among the best. That's not the magic bit, the reliable Bluetooth connection for Wii remotes is what's special. There are other solutions, but not cheaper nor easier. This is what you want.

Setting it up is kinda easy once you know what to do. It took a bit long to figure out what to do, so let me help you. Note I didn't bother with the included CD for a variety of reasons (notably I don't have a built in drive on my machine).

* there is no driver required nor available. Try as I might to find one, it doesn't exist.
* there is a firmware update, and as it's tiny and easy to install, we'll start there.

1) Download the firmware update at (look for W010
Wireless Sensor DolphinBar MAYFLASH DolphinBar)

2) Unrar it (need to do this twice) and run updater (note sensor bar not plugged in)

3) while holding synch, plug sensor bar into usb port (a good quality extender should work, but unpowered hubs not recommended)

4) after plugging in and releasing synch, option to install firmware will pop up; Update firmware (take a second, as it's tiny)

5) there's a hardware switch for above and below TV placement on the back of the bar (never seen one of those), so fill that out. Also change to mode 4

6) Make sure your copy of Dolphin is a recent one from (not caused hours of issues!)

7) Pair Wiimote(s) and everything should work with default settings. You may want to verify "continuous scanning" is enabled on the controller settings (I believe it was defaulted to on).

* note that the Wii Remotes will automatically turn off in time, but using the power button will turn it off sooner.
* all accessories (classic controller, nunchuck, etc...) should work
* four controllers should work
* I got 90-95% OEM Wii sensor bar performance (it has a harsher cut off than I recall, but when pointed at the screen, it works great).
* remember that Dolphin like a Wii has a software setting for above/below TV placement
* the cable is disgracefully short, though it does kind help in cable routing, as you basically run the extender cable to the TV and plug this in there. I had no issues with a quality (though only $6-8) USB 2.0 extension cable. There are reported issues with unpowered hubs.

My biggest hardware issue came from not knowing what mode to use (If everything else wasn't so good I'd deduct a star). 1&2 aren't really for gaming. 3 kinda works, but it's not what you want. Choose mode 4. Note you can change modes with the Wiimote (press home and the D pad--each direction corresponds to a different mode). The biggest issue overall is downloading from the wrong site. It's latest version wasn't recent and simply wouldn't work. Use mode 4 and a recent version from, and you should be fine!

HDE Wireless Infrared IR Ray Motion Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii and Wii U Console (Black) Review:

Works mostly as intended, I am able to leave all my electronics in the closet and mount this to the bottom of the TV so when I want to play Wii I can pull out the remotes and start playing without stringing wires across my living room.

The reason this doesn't get a higher rating is because the on and off button seems to be a sham. There is a red led that indicates the bar is on but after I turned the bar off the red light would come on randomly and would dim, then go bright again, then off. Eventually, I just removed a battery so I wasn't distracted by the light. A little more work than I was hoping this would solve but still better than the alternative.

Replacement Wireless Sensor Bar Compatible with Nintendo Wii and Wii U Console, Sensor Signal Receiver Infrared Ray Inductor for Wii with Stable Stand and 4 AAA Batteries(Black) Review:

i bought this for two reasons. one because we broke the wired one. my kids keep getting it tangled or pulling the cord by accident and broke. so i bought well for 4 reasons. one tired of tangled cord, 2 kids broke last one. 3 no longer have to reach out to tv to point to work. and 4 works on wii u and not just the wii. this was low priced. comes with batteries and works great