Best Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Cables in 2020

2 Pack 5FT 6amLifeastyle 3DS USB Charger Cable, Power Charging Lead for Nintendo New 3DS XL/New 3DS/ 3DS XL/ 3DS/ New 2DS XL/New 2DS/ 2DS XL/ 2DS/ DSi/DSi XL Bule/Red/Yellow Review:

It works just like the official 3DS charger, and fits my 3DS perfectly, however where the USB Type-A connects into an adapter or USB port it's very tight. I'm not sure if this will get better with use or if it's always going to be tight, however it's difficult to insert the USB Type-A connector. I've tried this with multiple USB ports.

6amLifestyle 10FT 3DS Charging Cable, High Speed Premium USB Power Charger for Nintendo 3DS XL / 3DS/ 2DS / DSi/DSi XL … Review:

Best cable for my 3DS, Iv'e charged successfully through a wall adapter, computer usb ports and an Anker portable battery, It may be a little stiff and crooked out of the box but some time spent working the kinks out of it makes it straight.The connection is also a little bit loose but I fixed that by VERY slightly bending the flat portion of the plug outward and now its a snug but not too snug fit. It's so much better than the wall wart the 3DS comes with.

2 Pack 8ft Nintendo 3DS USB Charger Cable, Play and Charge Power Charging Cord for Nintendo New 3DS XL/New 3DS/ 3DS XL/ 3DS/ New 2DS XL/New 2DS/ 2DS XL/ 2DS/ DSi/DSi XL Review:

These cords work exactly as advertised. Have used them on the 3DS XL and the New 3DS XL with no issues. And these cords are LONG. They have worked with a few different USB chargers, including my USB battery pack. If my 3DS battery is about to die and I want to keep playing, I'll plug it into my USB battery pack and keep playing, then leave it connected after I'm done to finish charging. One time my 3DS was dead and I was leaving the house for the day and I knew I wanted to play it later, so I connected the 3DS to the battery pack and left it in my backpack to charge; it was ready to go a few hours later when I wanted to play it. This is a much better value for the money than the official 3DS wall charger. If you have a lot of USB cords, you may want to put a tag or label on this cable to differentiate it from your normal USB cables, or get the blue version so it stands out.

2 Pack 8ft Nintendo 3DS USB Charger Cable, Play and Charge Power Charging Cord for Nintendo New 3DS XL/New 3DS/ 3DS XL/ 3DS/ New 2DS XL/New 2DS/ 2DS XL/ 2DS/ DSi/DSi XL Review:

I had cords from a different manufacturer that could plug into a USB port, but they would constantly start and stop charging if the 3DS was turned on while plugged in. Because of this, I was hesitant to buy another USB-enabled cord, but I figured this would be great for car-charging on road trips if it did work.

And it works, so well. I can plug into my computer or my car or my portable charger. It's fantastic. Also, the blue color makes it stand out from the dozens of black cables in my life. I have used this daily for the last two and a half weeks without any issues so far, and there's nothing to indicate I should expect issues in the future. Great stuff.

6amLifestyle USB Charging Cable High Speed Premium USB Data Sync Power Charger Charging Cord for Nintendo 2DS / 3DS / 3DS XL/DSi/DSi XL/New 2DSLL,Black Red Review:

Works for Me - Traveled with it several times & eliminates having to use the bulkier charger. Used it in several different USB Wall Plugs. All without any issues. It’s a good length & well constructed.

Also it’s fairly resilient to Cat Chewing. If that’s an issue in Your Household.

6amLifestyle 3ds Charger Cable, 5FT High Speed USB Power Charger Charging Cord for Nintendo 3DS XL / 3DS/ 2DS / DSi/DSi XL (Black White) Review:

Kinda actually love this charger for my 2DS. The netting on the wire itself is sturdy and bends nicely. I bought this one because my cat chewed through the original cord. She tried briefly to do the same to this one but she didn't particularly enjoy that netting. Another point is the length is pretty decent for couch or bedtime play. Overall pleased with the product and how quickly it got to me! Highly recommend this listing if you need a new DS charger! *remote included for size reference & picture of "netting" provided too*

TPFOON 8ft 2DS/3DS Charger Cord, Play & Charge Power Charging Cable for Nintendo 3DS XL/ New 3DS/ 3DS/ 2DS/ New 2DS/ 2DS XL/ DSi/ DSi XL (2-Pack) Review:

Awesome product! My girls lost their original DS chargers this was a replacement. Great price! Came Super fast I believe the next day. Seller emailed me personally to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. That detail was amazing to me! Thank you for the great product, great price, and awesome customer service! Will definitely recommend this purchase. :)

Armor3 USB Charge Cable for New 2DS XL/ New 3DS/ New 3DS XL/ 2DS/ 3DS XL/ 3DS/ DSi XL/ DSi Review:

Personally, I found this to be an excellent product. It’s inexpensive, and it charges just as well as the charger that comes with the 3DS system. That being said, it is quite short, meaning you need to leave the 3DS very close to the outlet. Like most people, I bought this so I could charge my 3DS in places where a wall outlet wasn’t available, but I had the fortune of possessing a j5 Muli-USB port charging unit with a cord. The point of having it was so I could charge numerous devices using one wall outlet, instead of having to use an entire socket just for my New 2DS XL. A great product for certain, but has some limitations.

6amLifestyle 10FT 3ds Charger, High Speed Premium USB Charging Cable for Nintendo 2DS / 3DS / 3DS XL/DSi/DSi XL/New 2DSLL,Black Red Review:

I don't know what it is about my cats but they love to chew through cords and wires. Every 3DS cord, prior to this one they have destroyed. The nylon mesh around the cord housing is the perfect deterrent. Hopefully I will never have to replace another 3DS cord, but if anyone out there needs a replacement this is the one I recommend. BONUS: it works for the 2DS as well.

TPFOON 6ft PS Vita Charger Charging Cable, 5 in 1 Micro & Mini USB Ports Cord Compatible with PSV 1000/2000, Nintendo 2DS/3DS, PS3/PS4/Xbox One Controller, Android Phone (Charging Only) Review:

Great cable. Makes it where I don't have to have 7 different chargers plugged into my outlet. Only problem I have is that the ends are a tad short and make it hard to plug in more than two devices at once for charging. I'm currently using it to charge my Vita and my 3DS at the same time and they fit well side by side but I have to unplug one if I want to make room for something else. And yes I understand you shouldn't have all the cables in use at once but it would be nice to have the ability to do so if I wanted. Overall it's a great cable and really good quality/build for the price. Definitely recommend!