Best Serveware Accessories in 2022

Last update: January 15, 2023

Warming Foil Hot Dog Wrapper Sleeves 50 Pack by Avant Grub. Turn a Party into a Carnival with Classic HotDog Bags that Keep Dogs Warm and Fundraiser or Concession Stand Guests Mess-Free! Review:

These were employed during our Shark Week Kick Off Party. The hot dogs were boiled, placed in buns, and covered with sleeves, keeping them warm for more than an hour (it was very hot that day too). The majority of the visitors, who were merely neighbours that we hardly knew, expressed great appreciation for the cleanliness of the area. Without considering if it had been handled by others, they simply reached into the trash and pulled out a puppy. I adore them and will use them again the following year. They are a tad costly, in my opinion. That is the only issue I have. Thank you for a fantastic product!

Nachosaurus Snack & Dip Bowl Set - Dinosaur Chip & Salsa Set Review:

Okay, I admit that in theory this is kind of a silly item. It's more of a joke than a beneficial thing, don't you think? Wrong-o! My husband was jealous when I received one as a gift, so I had to get one for him. First off, the robust, well-made plastic ensures that it stands still and is not unstable. Second, it keeps two crunchy tacos of average size upright and prepared for consumption. I can prepare three tacos in advance—one for me to eat and two for the dinosaur to carry. While I am eating the first taco, the fillings in the dinosaur tacos remain within the tacos. Juices seep out onto your plate rather of sinking to the bottom where they can soften the fold and prevent the taco shell from breaking in half after the first bite. I really do adore my triceratacos.

Kootek Cake Decorating Kits Supplies 52-in-1 Baking Accessories with Cake Turntable Stand, Numbered Cake Tips, Icing Smoother Spatula, Piping Pastry Bags and Decorating Pen Frosting Tools Set Review:

I bought this set to build my son's Lego birthday cake this year even though I'm new to baking and decorating. It's an excellent package for beginners, and the price is fantastic. I chose this one since, for the same price or less, it comes with two SILICONE piping bags, whereas other sets just include disposable ones. For your money, you get considerably more value. If you plan to deal with smaller or thinner bakes, I do suggest getting a smaller pallet knife. This one is quite big. I was concerned that the turntable stand would break because it seemed to be rather "cheap," but it has been quite solid. My son even stole it to use in a homemade race track, and it has gone through quite an adventure and is STILL going strong:D

New Star Foodservice 23145 Double Side Plastic Table Numbers, 1 to 25, 4 by 4-Inch, White on Black Review:

They work perfectly with the gold holders I also bought for my seating arrangement. The quality is excellent, and spills are easily cleaned up.

Amazer 2-Pack Taco Holder, Taco Stand Stainless Steel Rustproof Taco Rack Hold 2 or 3 Hard or Soft Taco Shells Taco Truck Tray Style Oven Safe for Baking Review:

Original review: These are good, but in hindsight, knowing what I know now, I would have bought the solid stainless-steel sheet holders instead of these ribbed holders. These require a little more work to clean.updated review Well, the vendor got in touch with me after reading my 3-star evaluation of the ribbed holders. I told them that while the holders were functional, I felt that the solid, sheet-steel holders would be more hygienic and that I would purchase those the next time. I said thank you to the vendor when they offered to send me a free sheet-steel substitute, but it really wasn't necessary as I was satisfied with the original "ribbed" holders nonetheless because they performed as promised. I therefore received two sheet-steel holders in the mail today! And there is a big difference. The sheet steel holders are more substantial, superbly constructed, and will be simpler to clean. To ensure my 100%-PLUS customer happiness, the vendor went above and beyond what anyone could have anticipated, I must say. I heartily endorse the item and this dealer in particular.

Spode Christmas Tree 75th Anniversary Footed Tureen and Ladle Review:

First off, the huge platter featuring the Spode Christmas Tree is real! When compared to Macy's and other department stores ($55 ), it is also a phenomenal value ($21). The same red Spode box that Spode has been using for decades is used for packaging it. It's also ideal for giving as a gift. Be aware that there is a second sticker on the back of the platter itself in addition to the MSRP ($63) sticker on the outside of the box if you are giving this item as a gift.

HIC Harold Import Co. YK-337 HIC Blue Willow Gravy Boat, Fine White Porcelain, 20-Ounces Review:

For years, I've intermittently hunted for a replacement for my cracked gravy boat. I was especially drawn to the design with the plate linked to the bowl because it makes moving dishes around the table and catching drips so much simpler. This is the ideal one. It is made of high-quality, plain white porcelain that will complement any decor and holds more than 2 cups of gravy. It also comes with a matching ladle. Instead of putting up with my chipped version for all these years, I wish I had ordered this sooner. It fulfils my needs well.