Best Ramps in 2020

CargoSmart Aluminum Straight Fixed Ramp with Treads (2pk) – Easily and Safely Load and Unload Light Equipment, Lawn Tractors, ATVs and More, 1,250 lb. Capacity, 12” W x 78” L Review:

When I got this package, other than the sheer size of the box/package that it arrived as, I wouldn't have had a clue that something so useful and sturdy was included in the package. I hoped for the best in requesting this item, and it has done everything I hoped for and more -- the more in the area of the weight of this ramp set. I had expected it to be heavier (weightier) and more difficult to move around and make use of and instead I got nice light ramps that work just as I need for more easily loading items up or unloading items down from the bed of my pickup truck. As others have noted in their reviews and comments (yes, I peaked to see if I was going to be duplicating other people's reviews, unintentionally or not) this set of ramps offers a great alternative to the use of a trailer. I am lucky enough to have a nice heavy duty tow hitch and a powerful amount of towing capacity if I want it, but this saves me the hassle or borrowing a trailer or renting one, and definitely (obviously!!) saves me from buying my own trailer and then needing to have it stored somewhere at an additional cost.
The rated capacity is just enough to handle (with some room to spare) something like my beloved motorcycle though I would admit that I still prefer the use of a trailer for hauling that as it leaves me loading and unloading from a lower height and also typically gives me better positioning and tie down points to secure the motorcycle in place versus simply hauling it in the bed of the truck. It at least gives me options though.
For regular hauling, say, for example, stuff that I can load up more easily if I can use a hand truck for this set of ramps is perfect. Wheel the hand truck up the ramp (carefully, with someone ready to help steady the items on the hand truck and keep it from sliding back down the ramps too easily) and save on the heavy lifting that otherwise might have had to be done.
Price point is pretty reasonable and in the end I'm left quite happy to give this ramp set 5 solid stars.

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp - Set of 2 (12,000lb. GVW Capacity) Review:

I've used a set of these a family member owns 2-3 times to change the oil in my Honda Civic. I purchased my own set used them for the first time yesterday. They are sturdy and held up great. I only kept the car up for about 20-25 minutes but would feel comfortable leaving it for longer if I had to. Some things I recommend while using:

1. Always use on a flat stable surface! No gravel or dirt. If you attempt to use these on a non-stable surface they will break. This is also included on the warning label.

2. Have someone else spot you as you drive up. This will ensure you are driving straight up and the tires are fully on, and you won't drive off.

3. If used properly these will hold on their own, but it's always good practice to use jack stands as a backup just in case.

Mophorn 2" Rise Curb Ramp Solid Rubber Curb Ramp Heavy Duty Car Ramps for Loading Dock Bike Mower Cart Review:

These are no joke. I previously purchased some plastic units that seemed strong but when my tires went on the edge of those plastic units, they disintegrated under the weight. These are solid rubber and should last a lifetime. One word of caution: I have had these outdoors for 6-8 weeks now and they still stink. All the reviews about their smell is accurate. It will take probably 6 months for them to be brought into my shed because it's overwhelmingly powerful. Even the box they came in stunk until I cut it up and trashed it. For reference I am not super sensitive about smells like some folks. These are simply very strong in odor so just be ready for that.

HOMCOM Set of Two Rubber Car Curb Ramps - 19" L x 12.5" W x 5" H Review:

The perfect solution to an issue I had at my home with accessing my backyard. I recently had a concrete path laid from my driveway around to the gate to my backyard. There was already a crushed gravel path from the gate back, but the height was 5-6” lower than the new concrete path. These ramps solved that issue for me perfectly, and I can now get my lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and other equipment into my backyard with no issues!

The ramps are quite sturdy, not light (in a good way, as they won’t easy slide at the wrong moment), and come with stakes to ensure their positioning.

There is a rubber odor, but no issue for me, as I have them outside.

RhinoGear 11912 RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramps - Set of 2 (16,000lb. GVW Capacity) Review:

I have been using my friends RhinoRamps for years now and finally decided to buy a personal set. I did purchase 16K lb. capacity ramps vs 12K lb. since they were on sale, so these ramps are super strong from what I've seen. I have not got around to testing these on my truck but have tested these on multiple vehicles; Corolla, Accord and a Avalon. I did a few measurments and weighed the ramps together to give you guys a better idea of the size of these things.

Car Vehicle Curbside Driveway Ramp - 4ft Heavy Duty Rubber Threshold Bridge Tracks Curb Ramps, 2 Pieces (for Car, Truck, Scooter, Bike, Motorcycle, Wheelchair Mobility) - Pyle PCRBDR21 Review:

There is a drop off, down the curb, at the end of the driveway. Unless you enter at an angle, passenger cars would scrape on the edge of the curb. These ramps are just what we needed to solve this problem. We ordered three to extend the width of the driveway. They are heavy enough to not need anchors, and have a channel underneath them to allow water to pass through. So, there is no flooding around them, nor does debris accumulate there. We have driven a packed moving truck over them, as well as several other vehicles, with no problem. They stay in place and bear the weight without shifting or sagging.

MAXSA 20031 (23" Wide) Curb Ramp for Driveways, Sidewalks, Steps, Wheelchairs, Strollers, Dollies and Vehicles, Grey Review:

Life Changer! was using bricks and plywood to climb the 5.5 inch curb onto the pad in front of our Row House in Brooklyn. If you know parking in NY then you know that people will bash your bumper for a parking spot. so whatever you can do to have off street parking is key. so this is a great fix until I can afford to redo the pad in front of our row house. Very strong plastic Im sure it will hold up with no problem. stays put car grips easily. I looked at getting rubber ramps as this photo did not look like it would be very strong. but those are 30 lbs each and that would be a hassle to pick up and move all the time this I can do with one hand. Yes they are strong and will support my F150 truck without a hitch.

Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Scooter Mobility Carrier Medical Rack Ramp MC500 SC500 Review:

This carrier works to haul my little Elite Go Go scooter around. Everything has a cost benefit relationship, so for the price this carrier works, but there are hidden shortfalls. Who buys such things? Handicap people. So getting this installed isn't a snap. You can't see the thing once installed. It adds length to the vehicle and doesn't fit in a standard length parking space. Carry a hammer and a screwdriver so you can tap in or tap out the pins, when needed. Needs a flange end on ramp to get scooter on easier. Needs a flag holder outside in 3/8 inch or larger for a dowel rod x 24 inches + so you estimate the end of it when backing. The longer than usual folding ramp is both a blessing for lower slope and a hinderance trying to fold it together. Watch your fingers. Hold on to the carrier when raising it vertical (not in use). The hinge type connector sticks out and will bang and dent the back of the vehicle. This flange that sticks out should be rubber coated, covered or something. But then of course the cost goes up. I'm using a F-150 regular cab short box, I can tell there is an extra 300 pounds (loaded) back there. You can spend a bunch more on one of these carriers. They even have electric lift ones out there for hundreds more, but this one will work. Buy a cover for your scooter, two tie down straps (ratchet), a security cable (so no one can easily steal your scooter), 1/2 " 2 foot PVC pipe with end cap for your dowel rod with flag, 3 hose clamps to attach it to the ramp in vertical position. Fast and friendly service from Titan combined with no sales tax and free shipping and for less than two bills you are in business. Two of the four rubber hand protectors are already gone, they should have been super glued on. IT WORKS and is recommended for the non jet set crowd. If I had the bucks....... well you know, if we all had the bucks we could solve a bunch of things.

Yescom Medium Rubber Electrical Wire Cover Ramp Guard Warehouse Cable Cord Protector Review:

The extremely thick nema 14-50 extension cord fits in here without any problem. In fact, it will fit 2 if you need them.
I use it in the garage underneath one of the cars, and the car has no issue getting in and out.
It smells really bad, even in the garage, but it's mostly faded after a month. It's been a few months and I really don't smell much of it. (my nose is extremely sensitive, but you may have better luck with it)
If you are using it indoors, I would absolutely recommend leave it outside for a few months before bringing it in.
I only have 2 small issues.
1. the pin the holds the cover keep on sliding out after a few runovers by the car. I have to stuff them back in. It's not a big deal even if they slide out completely
2. this thing is big and heavy, but I have trouble anchoring it to the floor. My car keeps on moving it out of the designated spot after it gets run over. This is a bit annoying for me since I also use it as a guide for me to park the car in the garage. If it moves to far back, I'll literally close the garage door on my car's bumper.
I tried cleaning the floor a bit more, but it just doesn't get any traction:(