Best Garage Door Rollers in 2020

ABN Quiet Garage Door Rollers Nylon Door Wheels Replacement Garage Roller, White 2in 13 Ball Bearing 4in Stem 10pk Review:

I should preface this with the fact that my garage door has been the subject of multiple repairs recently, as it was having issues when we moved into the house. One of these issues was the rollers.
The old ones are "fine" in the sense that they are still in one piece (though one was missing), but they are definitely past their prime.
Since I was going to be doing other repairs anyway, I decided I ought to go ahead and replace the rollers as well.
These were affordable, and easy to install. I did a combination of bending the track slightly and taking off brackets; whichever was easier at the time.
Well now not only does my garage have springs again, but it rolls oh so smoothly upwards and down again. Definitely happy that I got these rollers.

HardwareXsupply 2" Nylon Sealed Garage Door Rollers, 6200ZZ High Performance Ball Bearing 4" Stem (10 Pack) Review:

I wish I would have years ago. I have previously been replacing the old steel rollers a few at a time as they wear out. The ones I was buying at the home store would typically last for a year or two. They were wobbly from the beginning and just got more wobbly and noisier as they wore out. The superior quality of these rollers as a parent as soon as you take them out of the box. The bearings are sealed, there’s very little play, the rollers themselves are uniform and have a smooth outer face which is important for moving smoothly through the track. It took only about 30 minutes to install them using the “bend the track” method. The improvement was dramatic. The door is quieter and smoother than it has ever been. And the cost was no more than what I have been paying at the home store for the steel rollers of inferior quality.

Prime-Line Products 1901-B Flat Tub Enclosure Roller, 3/4-Inch, 2-Pack, 3/4" D X 3/8" W, White Review:

After many years of faithful service, one of the shower doors was getting harder to open/close. A quick inspection revealed that the roller was rusted and frozen in place. Instead of rolling, the roller was sliding in the track. This product is a good replacement part. However, I give it 4 stars because the bearings are not sealed. At this price I can live with it. Eventually, I will have to replace these rollers due to rust. In the meantime, the shower doors open/close as if the track was coated in butter. So smooth!

Ultra-Life MAX 2" Reinforced Dual Cage, Sealed 6200ZZ Ball Bearing Nylon Garage Door Roller and 4" Stem (10 Pack) Review:

I had to replace one of the original steel rollers that broke and dumped its ball bearings all over the floor. Since all the others were the same age, it seemed best to replace them all while I was at it. Installation was easy, under five minutes per roller, except for the bottom ones that are attached to the balance cables and under tension. I left them alone as not worth the bother, for now.

I was concerned that these rollers were listed as two inch while the originals measured about 1 3/4 inches. I think the two inches is the size of the channel they're intended for. They measured about 1 13/16 inches and fit the channels without problems.

Noise wasn't a concern one way or the other, but the new rollers are definitely much quieter, which I consider a bonus.

13 Ball Nylon Garage Door Rollers (4 Inch Stem) Sealed Bearing (10 Pack) Review:

My garage door has gradually gotten noisier over the years. Most of the noise is from the opener, which I really need to replace one of these years. But a couple months ago a rumbling noise was added to the mix. It has been my experience that new noises generally don't solve old issues and sure enough, this was the case here. The upper roller shaft on one side was bent. Still trying to figure out how that happened. Be that as it may, I found these rollers. And the first thing I learned was that I needed two sets of them since I have an oversize door. The basic package has enough rollers for a standard door, I needed two more rollers. *sigh* But now I have some spares should any of these fail.

From start to finish, it took two hours. Replace one at a time. Take the time to clean all the old scuz and crud from the hinges that hold the rollers. Grease the roller shafts to keep them from rusting. The only tricky part is the cables that fasten to the bottom of the door and go up to the roller spring. If you are not very very careful, that cable will let go while removing the bottom hinge. If it does, and you survive its flying around, you may never get it back on again, or if you do, the door will be crooked. So here's what I did- I lifted the door about halfway. Then I pinched the cable against the door frame in 3 places with C clamps. I used three because I didn't want to risk damaging the cables by really reefing down on one clamp. Two clamps would have been fine, but I was a bit concerned that one of them might slip off at a critical time. Then I put a piece of 2x4 on an vehicle floor jack, long enough to reach the bottom of the door. Pumped the jack just enough to take the pressure off the cable and replaced the roller. Repeat for the other side.

Results: I was seriously amazed how much noise was coming from the old rollers. These are sooo much better. But the opener still makes a racket. So stay tuned at some unnamed future date for a really nifty garage door opener review.

Prime-Line Products M 6151 Tub Enclosure Rollers, 3/4-Inch, 4-Pack Review:

The shower door kept falling off the rail and wasn't rolling very smoothly. After checking, I found that one of the rollers was rusted and seized. I did a quick search on Amazon and compared with a local big box store. Amazon won out. Installation was easy. Took the door off the rail, marked the old location of the roller, and installed the new roller at same exact location. These look a bit different than the installed ones, but were the same dimensions so I thought I'd try just replacing the seized roller. The package came with 4, so I could replace all of them if I needed to. It worked perfectly, so no need to replace any other ones. Cheaper than what I could get locally and delivered to your door in a couple of days. What more could you want?

2-Inch 13 Ball Nylon Garage Door Rollers With 4-Inch Stem (Set of 10) Review:

Exceptional value -- the big box stores sell pairs of metal rollers for approx $7. Here you're getting a full set of 10 nylon rollers (superior to metal) for just over $13. The stems on these rollers are slightly longer than the ones I was replacing. Longer stems can be slightly more difficult to replace than shorter stems (but not much more difficult). But the longer stems are also less likely to come out of a bent track.

WARNING: Replacing rollers is a relatively easy procedure that anybody can do (seriously, it's not worth paying somebody to do the job if you can handle a pair of pliers and/or a socket wrench). However, when it comes to the bottom rollers, be sure to make sure you know the procedure -- DO NOT loosen any screws on the bottom brackets to replace the rollers if there is a cable attached to the bracket as there is a potential to damage the door or even cause bodily harm. There are plenty of web pages and videos showing the proper way to replace the bottom rollers (involves bending the lip of the track to remove the roller instead of removing the roller bracket). It's actually quite easy -- just be sure that you understand what you're doing before tackling the bottom rollers if there is a cable attached to the bracket.

Garage Door Hardware Kit.tune up Kit Review:

Great rollers. The hinges look sturdier than mine but pay attention to what you have. These hinges are all different and this kit does not come with top or bottom brackets. I didn’t realize that since it said kit. I needed more of a different number hinge than was provided. My fault. 4 stars because it seemed like this was all I needed. I should and done more research. The rollers are great and quiet!

National Hardware N280-073 V7603 Standard Rollers in Plain Steel, 2 pack Review:

I am practical when it comes to repairing things. These rollers are just as good as any other brand you will find out there but with the huge difference of its price. They are the same specifications so you can tell any difference from any other brand. Besides, rollers like these are designed to last a few decades and by the time they go bad and need to be replaced again, you will not even remember how long they lasted unless you log that info somewhere.

Durable 2 Inches Nylon Garage Door Rollers 6200ZZ 11 Ball Bearing 4 Inches Stem (Set of 12) Review:

Great quality and a heck of a deal compared to my local hardware store. Half price for much better quality. Don't be me - just order them, install, and lube your door. I'm the Keystone Kop of home improvement. Ordered the rollers, since my door came off the track on one side. Barely got it back in, noticed a bent ceiling support. Straightened it with an additional angle steel. Tried to tighten the cable as it came loose and off the wheel. Door crooked! Tried again, both sides, and (explosively) lost the tension in torsion springs. Because I loosened both cables at the same time. Out to buy steel rods. Reloaded the springs while losing count of quarter turns. Old lady laughing at me for wearing thick gloves, shooting glasses and my motorcycle helmet. Door still crooked...and then the rollers came in. Woo-hoo! Surprised I still have a garage door to install them onto and fingers to do so with. The good part? By Googling all these 'tasks' I learned that garage doors should be serviced yearly or more frequently; that rollers should be replaced regularly. Well, hello, my 18 year old door! Why didn't you say something? Live and learn.