Best Faucet Washers in 2020

Complete Home Washer Plumbing Repair Kit Assortment, 45 Pieces Review:

It’s a nice assortment of parts and have resolved two separate faucet issues in the first week. One was faucet in the basement that looked older than dirt and the other is a newer Moen (“buy it for looks, fix it for life”) in the kitchen. There is probably more parts in the kit than I’ll ever need but who knows what the evil and vindictive Plumbing Gods have in store. Its preferable to repair a faucet than replace it since the first rule of old plumbing is “You know where you will start, you just don’t know where you will finish”.

Litorange 50 PCS Leak Preventing Silicone (Better Than Rubber) Showerhead Gasket Washer, Red, 3/8 Inch x 3/4 Inch x 1/8 Inch. Review:

At first I only added one but it was a smidge smaller then the original on my shower head hose. I gave it the fingers crossed test and it failed😞. But perseverance wins the day; I added a second one on top of the other (I mean why not give it a try, I've got 50 of them after all) and Bobs your uncle it WORKED!!!! Finally no more LEAK!!! Who knew such a small thing could make the biggest impact on my day! Now I can finally get on with my ingeniously nefarious plans of world domination (Pinky and the Brain would be so proud lol) or I could... now peacefully watch Amazon Prime without that pesky bathroom disaster making leak on my mind. You know whichever comes first.☺️😊😄 Hum. I may even de-leak-ify the kitchen faucet. 😈 Oh the possibilities that lay ahead.....

Danco 80817 Home Washer Assortment, 42-Piece, Pack of 1, Black Review:

Good assortment of washers and o-rings for kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets. If your looking to get this assortment for your bath tub or shower, example being for a shower stem valve I would not buy this set as it does not have anything you will need. I would look for another set. But if your looking to have a just in case for your kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets then this is for you. I included a photo to show what is included in this assortment.

Flat and Beveled Faucet Washers and Brass Bibb Screws Assortment, 48 Pieces Review:

I was looking for a hose washer for our bidet toilet seat hose, which is smaller than most other hoses, and was not finding exactly what I needed here on Amazon. I couldn't very easily take the whole toilet seat to a warehouse store, either. I came across these on another random search, and just knew this would be perfect. Sure enough, I found the perfect washer in amongst these various ones, and our bidet seat is up and running like new again. I'm sure I will find uses for many of the other washers, too, as we're in the process of redoing a lot of our plumbing and irrigation.

DANCO Assorted Flat Washer PRO Set, Black, 100-Piece (34441) Review:

Good assortment, fair quality. Nice price.

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Faucet Sock, Set of 2 Review:

These are good covers. With the cold weather coming, it's great to cover the outdoor faucets. They are good quality, and hold tight with the velcro. This is the first time using, so I am hoping they'll work for the winter. They fit great around the faucet, but I had issues with the double faucet. I had to use two on the double faucet. I velcroed over the two faucets, and then used another one on top over the handle. I attached pictures. This a great buy for 2 of them. I have 3 outdoor faucets, and used 4 since my one faucet needed two covers.

Delta Faucet R22000-WS Multichoice Universal with Integrated Diverter Rough Review:

This valve works perfectly and was super easy to install. The biggest complaint about this product has to deal with the right diverter port not being able to be used for connecting tubing/pipe for a right sided faucet/showerhead. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, it specifically states that this valve used in a 3 setting diverter setup cannot use the right port. It shows, with images, specifically how you can use this. Seriously, read the instructions, it helps.

Cal Hawk CZFWA 141-pc. Faucet Washer Assortment Kit, 18 Different Assorted Sizes Review:

I like the variety of plumbing washers contained in this product. After installing a new soap pump and sink hole cover, we found that the washers included (and not included) with the faucet did not fully secure the pump and cover. We purchased this and used about 6 of the washers and now both sit tightly and securely against the sink. Yay!

Not sure what project I'll use the remaining 135 washers on but it's so great to have them on hand. They come nicely organized in a plastic box and the paper insert has a small picture of how each particular washer is typically used. I definitely recommend - it is a good value!