Best Air Nailer Accessories in 2020

Replacement Trigger Valve Kit fit Bostitch TVA6 TVA11 Repair Parts Review:

The triggers seem to be the same as the OEM ones I replaced. Easy to install but no instructions came with but you put them I'm just as you took the others out. I just want to point out when you install make sure the slots line you with your pins or you will not get them installed. When you remove the old one take the trigger pin out first then the body pin. Once your pins are removed get a pair of pliers and pull the old one out. Some people say if they don't fall out to apply some air. DO NOT APPLY AIR IF THE PINS ARE NOT IN!!!! I cannot stress this enough. You will have a high velocity projectile. It takes maybe 5 min to replace the valves, and you will be up and going again. I cannot comment on the durability since I just replaced them and only have used my two guns a few times.

Porta-Nails 42620 1/4 Inch Steel Hardwood-Flooring Nail Setter Review:

If you have a hardwood flooring project this is must have. No matter how good your nailer, or your technique you will have occassions where an akward angle or poor technique will cause a cleat to not penetrate as deeply as needed. This tool has a small recess in the head which grabs the cleat and allows you to finish the job with a hammer. Given the size of the cleats, trying to use a regular finish nailer with its small rounded head would be a nightmare. its only $20, and it will save you a lot of grief.

WYNNsky Air Compressor Accessory Kit, 1/4 Inch NPT Air Tool Kit with 1/4 Inch x 25Ft Coil Nylon Hose/Blow Gun/Tire Gauge - 20 Pieces Review:

Hose broke the second time I had this thing out. The connectors are ok, but I probably would buy a different setup.

LAST UPDATE: This is the hose I ended up buying to shore up the issue I had. I'm a year on and still very happy with the quality of the rest of this kit. 25' Polyurethane hose 1/4" connector:

UPDATE 2: Wynnsky has sent me a new hose, along with a commitment to working with their R&D team to make sure the hoses are better for everyone in the future. This level of customer service is outstanding, and I'm going to push the rating to 5 stars with that. I never asked for a replacement or a refund, they proactively came to me with ideas and solutions.

UPDATE 1: Wynnsky reached out asking me to provide images to show the defect. The one where I'm bending the tubing open is only to get a better picture. I was using an impact wrench when I heard a snapping sound, then the air was blasting my wrist and power stopped on the driver. This thing was in my garage the whole time I've owned it (about 2 weeks) - never exposed to heat, cold, or sunlight for extended periods.

I'm upgrading my review to 2 stars because of their immediate followup and because I've also already ordered more of their connectors (which probably merit a 5 star review on their own). As I said, the connectors are good, but buy a separate hose or prepare to be disappointed. I definitely wouldn't recommend buying this over buying hose and connectors separately.

Freeman PSTHSWV 1" Aluminum Pneumatic Tool Hook with 1/4" Industrial Swivel Fitting Review:

So I’ve been using it for over a year now and love it on my Omer 18 gauge. The large bridge works well to hook onto the top of ladders or a tool belt. I love it so much I bought another 2 for my other 2 guns. I have no time for those little factory hooks. With these hooks I can hook it onto my tool belt without having to look to see if I have caught something. Would recommend!

BOSTITCH VSA4 Vinyl Siding Adaptor Kit Review:

The vinyl siding adapter worked great. We practiced a few times with different depths and getting used to how the notch worked, and everything was great.

Other reviewers said they had to machine the notch, but it worked fine as is for me (Certainteed Wood Grain siding).

My contractor hadn't ever heard of this and was suspicious, but after he saw it work, he was convinced.

Superior Parts SP 885-827 Aftermarket Magazine Assembly (Steel) 1-Hole for Hitachi NR83A, NR83A2, NR83A2(S), NR83A3, NR83A23S Framing Nailers Review:

My neighbor gave me an older Hitachi nail gun that had a bent magazine assembly. I don't use the gun that often but when I did the nails would stick in the magazine. I finally decided to buy a new one and this aftermarket magazine was half the cost of an OEM one. I installed it with no problem and it makes the gun as good as new.