Best Drinking Flasks in 2020

Concealable And Reusable cruises Liquor Pouches flask kit Sneak Alcohol flask drinking flask kit (8OZ1+16OZ1+25OZ1+32OZ1-4PCS/PACK) Review:

Ordered these on a whim but so glad I did.
I was going to be attending an event and wanted to sneak in a little something and these worked so well. I like how they are clear and come in so many different sizes. A funnel was included, which makes for easy fill-up. I have had ZERO problems with leakage.

I've only used them twice. One of those times, I was able to sneak the 16oz one, into a Rodeo event, with security and metal detectors(thank you to the genius that made these plastic!). it fit inside my boot, no problem~ these babies paid for themselves at that one event!
Definitely recommend!

Hidden Flask Shampoo and Conditioner Set - Includes 2 16 oz Bottles, Funnel, 10 Seals, and 1 Free 32 oz Cruise Flask (Shampoo and Conditioner Kit) Review:

I rated this item 5 stars because it was successful in my attempt to smuggle alcohol on my cruise. I am writing this as I sit on the Lido deck. I will probably hate this product later as it’s only 12:42 in the afternoon and I’ve already finished one of my “organic” flasks. FMentireL! I will also say, I’m heading to Mexico and the confidence that this product gave me regarding my smuggling skills could change my life... hopefully for the better. I think this is my first amazon review ever, so I’m not sure if I can update and let you know the outcome, but wish me luck. Can’t wait to see what else I can smuggle in these things! Awesome product!

Concealable And Reusable Cruise Flask Kit - Sneak Alcohol Anywhere - 1 x 32 oz + 1 x 16 oz + 1 x 8 oz + 1 funnel Review:

The plan is simple, dont overfill them, squeeze out any air as you seal it, spread them out in your luggage, It'll work.

You can pack two things in your bags for a cruise -

1. Machete
2. Bottle of booze

When you get to room, the booze will be missing. Every time. While that may not be entirely accurate, the primary focus of luggage scanning is for booze, insurance covers the rest but not alcohol profits.

Two person exercise - Fill the bags so they are not engorged ticks, twist the cap partially on, then have helper slowly squeeze upright bag so air is escaping the loose lid. One hand on the lid, twist it tight as booze starts to leak from it..Viola, air free bag. Pack them in separate areas of your bags.

Pro tip - Your luggage is most likely going to be on its widest back or face going through the scanners... put the flasks in your luggage so that when the bag is on its face or back the smallest profile possible of the flask is exposed. Much greater chance of success.

Edit 9/14/2019 - Ooops I did it again

Went on another cruise, re-purchased the same flask, same success! We just got back from a Bermuda cruise aboard Norwegian, packed 5 flasks across 2 checked bags and had no issues. Just follow a few simple guidelines and you will not have an issue -

1. Do not pack the flasks in bags with odd items like thermos like containers/water bottles/excessive wires. If something looks suspect in a bag they will search it and may come across the flasks. Keep all the possibly suspect items in a separate bag, put the flasks in with nothing but clothes.

2. Pack the flasks on its side when your suitcase is flat on the floor so the smallest profile is visible. If you lay the flask flat in the suitcase while the case is on its back there are greater odds of it being detected.

3. Dont overfill them. If you are packing bloated ticks they are not going to work.

I am convinced that anyone that had these flasks discovered packed them flat or with something else they went looking for, and stumbled upon the flasks, then they hand search the whole bag. Think about how you pack them and you will have success.

Stanley Classic Flask Review:

Overall it's a nice flask that should work fine, and it doesn't leak. You'll want to wash it out before use, because mine had some small flecks of plastic inside.

As others have said, the weak link is the plastic cap retainer. It's not flimsy per se, but it won't stand up to much abuse. The cap itself is good and threads on easily. The cap's top diameter is about 1 3/16 inch, and the diameter of the opening that you drink from is 5/8 inch. It has an opaque white rubbery seal ring inside the cap.

The small steel tab that holds the hinge-end of the cap retainer (opposite end from the cap) wasn't properly installed on mine, with only one of the two sides of it being fastened to the top of the flask. It still works fine and as designed, and it feels sturdy since it won't move at all, but it may not stand up to being dropped/bumped or to rough handling the way it would if it was fastened down properly to the top of the flask.

All in all I'm satisfied, but if the cap/retainer assembly fails me at some point, I'll probably get something other than this kind of flask as a replacement. The main body of the flask and the finish is well-done and should stand up to any kind of normal use/abuse for years.

Flask for Liquor and Funnel - 8 Oz Leak Proof 18/8 Stainless Steel Pocket Hip Flask with Black Leather Cover for Discrete Shot Drinking of Alcohol, Whiskey, Rum and Vodka | Gift for Men Review:

It is well made. Looks good. Food grade steel / metal. It came with a funnel and a nice box, so would make a great gift. It doesn't give your bourbon / whatever any funky metal tastes, which I was worried about. I've only tested bourbon in it, though!

Shot Flask - Stainless Steel 8 oz Hip Flask, Built-in Collapsible 2 Oz. Shot Glass & Flask Funnel - Everything You Need to Pour Shots on the Go - BarMe Brand Review:

picked this up for the beach and tailgating this summer and Im pleasantly surprised at how well it works. The flask comes with a funnel for filling it up and has a pop up shot glass.

The shot glass understandably rattles a little bit when folded up, since each metal section is smaller than the next. But when it unfolds it seems sturdy and holds liquid without leaking. The shot glass itself holds a little more than a typical 1.5oz shot - more like a double shot. Be sure you twist it a bit to keep it tightly open though so it doesnt fold back up accidentally while theres liquid inside. The wide base is nice so it doesnt spill accidentally

Id also recommend washing the inside of the flask and all parts before using it.

The outside looks like black PU leather, and is free of bubbling and it seems to be glued on well.

Good product and will be very convenient this summer!

GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask, Sneak Alcohol Anywhere, 3-Pack Review:

I just got back from a cruise and I successfully snuck these lotion flasks on board! My friends and I normally purchase the Cheers program but this time around, we wanted to save some money and have some drinks in our room. They truly look and feel like regular lotion bottles. It came with 3 lotion flasks, 2 funnels and 6 seals. Each bottle has a snap on lid but the whole top can be unscrewed. It was easy to fill up but it can leak if you don't seal it properly. I read other reviews about this issue and decided to be safe. Once I filled up the bottles to the brim, I put the seal on. Then I put a thin plastic wrap over the top of the seal and screwed it shut. I did this 2 days prior to my cruise to ensure it won't leak and it worked. I even tipped it upside down and shook it. You have to make sure there's no air inside and that the bottle is completely filled or else, you can get caught if security happens to stop and check your bag. When I was ready to pack, I put these bottles in along with my other toiletries to blend it in. I also put them in a ziplock bag to be extra safe if it somehow leaks. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the snap on lid wouldn't close properly. If I hadn't double wrapped it over the seal, it would definitely have leaked. Overall, the bottles arrived in my stateroom safe and I was able to enjoy a few drinks and save some $$$.

YWQ Solid Flasks Stainless Steel Flask & Funnel Set, 8 oz Review:

Overall, this flask is a decent purchase! I wasn't looking for anything spectacular, and thus I spent very little on it. The price is hard to beat, and it looks great! So far I haven't had any problems with leaking or anything so functionality seems solid for this product. The only problem I have with it is it stands a little crooked when set down straight up, leading to likelihood of tipping over. Otherwise it is a great product! I also noticed that the first couple of rinses led to slight discoloration of the liquids it held, but I'm hoping and assuming this will go away with time as I have only used it twice. Overall satisfied with the product for the price I paid.

SE HQ93 Stainless Steel Funnel for Flasks Review:

I've ordered several different makes of these from several manufacturers and this one is the best so far.

The bowl on this one is deeper and allows for a faster pour. The fit and finish is nicer, and the item has clearly been polished.

If you can see in the comparison photo, the stem is nicely rounded off while the smaller cheaper one was just cut off and the edge left semi-jagged.

This is a nice piece for any serious drinker ;-) Don't get them the chintzy smaller one.