Best Pot Lid Holders in 2020

Stock Your Home Large Rust-Free Durable Coated Steel Bakeware Organizer - Kitchen Cookware Rack for Dinnerware, Bakeware, Cookware, Cutting Boards, Pot, Pan Lids (White, 2 Pack) Review:

It was a tight fit to install, but it fits like a hand in a glove inside my skinny cabinet where I store cutting boards & baking pans. I measured 2x inside my cabinet, but forgot to measure the cabinet door opening; therefore, I had to put it in sideways & turn it upright once inside. The rack was just flexible enough to bend slightly to accomplish the turn, but rigid enough not to bend out of shape.

It works perfectly for keeping everything upright & organized so I can easily grab what I need. The rack is tall enough so the pans don’t tip over the top/lean.

This rack was not ideal for casserole dishes/cake pans because only one pan can fit between the sections.

This rack is also not for pot lids. There is not a dip in the wire rack to accommodate lids with a protruding handle. Very small lids (8” or less diameter) will “fall through”.

This also would not be a great fit for a plate rack unless you are storing lunch tray style plates. The spacing is too far apart & probably too wide to accommodate a typical round dinner plate.

Commercial Cutting Board Rack - Stainless Steel, No Rusting - Holds 6 Full Size Boards Review:

The 3/4 inch slots are perfect for my cutting boards. I even crammed all my place mats into the last slot. This rack is inside a cabinet where I keep all my boards, cookie pans, cooling racks, etc. Before they were all mashed together such that whenever I pulled out a board or pan everything collapsed or tried to fall out. Not anymore. It did have a card attached to it that said it had rubber feet. There are no rubber feet but it still works like a champ. That is such a nit thing, I can purchase a card with little sticky rubber feet and put some on myself, but I like it just as is. It works great as a sort of bookend for all the cookie sheets and stuff that lean against the inside of the cabinet. Its heavy metal, nice thickness and I'm thrilled it will not rust. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

YAMAZAKI home 2249 Yamazaki Tower Ladle Holder-Lid Stand for Utensils in Kitchen, Black Review:

Have you ever been cooking and either needed to stir the pot or add more ingredients? We all have. You then have the super hot lid, where do you set it down? Put lid down on the counter without burning your hand handle-side down or place it wet side down making a mess on the counter or you've been prepping on the counter and no room to put lid as you dont have room- not great choices. I saw another similar product made by a pots and pan manufacturer. Cost was more than double. We have heavy cast iron pans and also pans with lighter glass lids and stainless steel lids large, small, heavy and lightweight. We decided on this after reading reviews. This is a great product because....
1) it can be used as a spoon rest as well as a pot and pan lid holder
2) it holds many size lids, no matter the weight
3) can hold your spoon and the lid at the same time
4) base doesn't scratch counters - small pads on bottom
5) has small square inner plastic liner that pops out so you can wash easily.
See photos of various sizes lids this will hold. It is well balanced and you can easily set the lid down leaning on this with pot holder or oven mit no problems. Great kitchen tool!

YouCopia 50157 Store More Adjustable Pan and Lid Rack, Large, White Review:

I have a collection of Nordic Ware novelty baking pans for making little cakes in the form of cars, bugs, cottages, maple leaves etc. These pans can't be nested inside each other because they're all different shapes; they can't be stacked because they aren't flat; they can't be stored in their original boxes because they come without a box. Standing them on edge and propping them against each other is a precarious solution because their weight distribution is so lopsided. I stored mine in an open cardboard box for a while but this meant getting all of them out in order to reach those at the back. It wasn’t great.

I eventually realized I needed a rack, but not just any rack because of the weird shapes of these pans. I needed something I could adjust. I finally found this bakeware rack and it is exactly what I needed for my pans.

It was very easy to set up. I just took it out of the box and started installing the wire spacers, placing a pan after each one so I could figure out the placement of the next spacer. The holes for the spacers are close enough together that I can make the space fit the dimensions of each pan very closely. The wire is strong and so is the hard plastic base. The little non-skid feet on the bottom help keep the rack in place as I pull heavy pans out.

End result: My pans are now neatly organized side by side. They are easy to remove and put back. My pans don’t even lean against each other: they stand straight up on their edges, held up by the wire spacers.

I highly recommend this rack for irregularly-shaped novelty bakeware.

Edit 3/26/18: I liked this storage rack so much I ordered another one for my more conventional bakeware: muffin pans (regular and mini), square 8 x 8 inch pan, 13 x 9 inch pan, mini pie pan. I nest the identical pans together, then slide them into a slot on the rack to make more efficient use of space. It works great, so I am happy to report that this rack works well for conventional bakeware, too.

2 Pack - SimpleHouseware Cabinet Door/Wall Mount Pot Lid Organizer Rack, Chrome Review:

After reading reviews, starting with the 1 star reviews first, I already knew they would not fit in the door in the cabinet, so I placed the on the sides of the cabinet above the sink, which is perfect cuz I can wash and hang them up no problem.
Most of the bad reviews were people that either can't read or chose not to read the bad reviews first, some lids won't fit as well as others, I do not own any weird balloon animal shaped lids, but the bars are easily bendable to adjust them to hold various lid sizes or even smaller cooking sheets. Even though this says it holds 3 lids per rack, it can hold twice that.
I have many lids for pans that are flat and I got 3 of those in 1 shelf of the rack, there is also a bar in the top back of the rack that allows for an extra lid or baking sheet.
After reading all the bad reviews, I bought 2 sets of these, they work better than I expected .
I Posted Several Pics To Show What I Mean.
Sorry For Caps On Each Word And Horrible Pic Quality, I'm Using A Kindle

Stainless Steel Lid and Spoon Rest, Pan Pot Cover Lid Rack Shelf Stand Holder Spoon Rest Stove Organizer Storage Soup Spoon Rests Kitchen Tool Review:

At first I was skeptical because this tool is so inexpensive and small, but I've had it for about a month now and I'd say it works great!

I've always had a problem with where to put my pot lids when I'm cooking. Sometimes there just isn't enough space on the counter or stovetop to accommodate large lids and even when there is, it's always messy. Now this little tool solves all my cooking lid problems and takes up very little counter space!

Straight out of the package, it comes unassembled with a few pieces. It's easy to put together in under a minute, simply screw the handle in place. I've noticed that it can accommodate a wide variety of pot lid shapes and sizes. As well as various cooking utensils such as spatulas, spiders and ladles. I have put large cast iron lids, square lids, and gigantic stainless steel lids on this tool without it falling over. Full disclosure, I like to put a little non slip grip underneath it, but many other commenters seem to use it without and it still works great.

A few people have mentioned problems with rusting, but I haven't had any issues. I wash it once, at the end of everyday and let it air dry overnight. It's still as clean as ever.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this small tool. It does what it's supposed to for not a lot of money.

Kitchen Bakeware Pot Lid Rack Holder Organizer (Black) Review:

This product is fantastic. Literally half the price of other pan/lid racks, and so nice, and so flexible!!! I attached a photo of me using it for 5 pans, varying in size from 8 inch to a 3 1/2 quart saute pan. It is so stable and holds the pans off the cabinet floor so they're never scratching anything. This makes using the pans SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT it basically changed my life. The product, though inexpensive, is well-made, washed up well when it arrived, and is sturdy enough to support my fifth pan between it and the wall.

I highly, highly recommend this product. The price is unbeatable.

Organize It All Vinyl Coated Kitchen Wire Lid Plate Rack - White Review:

I originally bought a different model and I hated its thin wire and very poor design. I just got this in the mail today and I can say that its a million times better.

First off this is made of a nice thick gauge wire, not the coat hanger thin wie the competition is made of. (It actually has some heft to it) Secondly I like that the uprights that hold the lids in place are sufficiently tall that they prevent the lids from toppling over.

I also like the design of the bottom of the unit. it has these dual rails that run front to back. I like mine secured to the drawer in which it sits so I popped a couple of screws in between those rails so that when you open and close the drawer the unit stays in place,

In fact the only complaint I have about this unit is that I wish it were a few inches longer if this was 4" longer it would be perfect!


Amazon keeps deleting the picture I think its because the same pic is on both products so here is a direct link

SimpleHouseware Kitchen Pot Lid Rack Holder Organizer, Bronze Review:

Its a great item to have when you have limited space. My kitchen cabinets are more organized with this item. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the rack sizes are narrow and some of pans were too high to fit in those racks. It would be nice to see if in the future the manufacture makes adjustable racks that we can adjust to fit our pan sizes.

Organize It All Wall Cabinet Door Mounted Pot Lid Rack, Chrome Finish Review:

So this was an easy buy for me and I believe for most people it might not be however, my kitchen is not the grandest of all, it’s cute, quaint and absolutely adorable, I LOVE IT, but still sometimes is does lack in the space that I require for certain products I have in my kitchen and to make my life easier this time I bought the "Organize it All Cabinet Door Lid Rack" with the chrome finish off of for $11.99 and once again this is a product I love!

Today was my first day actually setting up and using this product. It did come only in plastic and it didn’t have any instructions with it although it did come with the screws required to attached it to your cabinet door. Honestly it’s so straight forward though, any one could set this up. My only problem was that the smaller set of screws that came with the product were not short enough for my cabinet doors, now just to be clear; this doesn’t have to go inside a cabinet, you can attach this to a wall or inside the cabinet basically anywhere a screw can fit!

What I love about this product is that My lids are not the same as the photo and yet they work perfect, I literally just have to tilt them slightly and the product worked amazing. However, some of the other review people said they had trouble with lids that were not the same as the one in the photo. Now this could happen to you but I would say still try this product out if you need to free up space, it’s worth it!

Honestly my pots and pan cabinet was overflowing that just freeing up a little space by attaching this gadget to the door made my life so much easier and on top of that, now I don’t have to pull every pan & lid I have out of the cabinet to get a lid, they are right there for me, in plain sight. How AMAZING!

I highly recommend this product and give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. On it was rated 4 stars, so basically me and the rest of the world agree on this product!!