Best Bird Baths in 2020

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath Review:

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 This bird bath is perfect for parakeets. My birds took a week or two to figure it out, but once they did they loved it! I fill it with warm water every few days and they go crazy over it and fight with each over who gets to use it first. Its so cute to see them wading in it. I have a large cage and several parakeets and this fits perfectly on the side of the cage. After they finish bathing I usually clean it out, dry it, and it doubles as feeder dish. Its a really good multi purpose bird dish. I highly recommend it!

UEETEK Caged Bird Bath Multi Cage Bird Bath Covered for Small Brids Canary Budgies Parrot (Random Color) Review:

 This product is far the best way to add or remove the pool of your birds without disturb them. Also, as you fit it outside of the cage, you don't waste space inside the cage with the pool.

Alfie Pet - Bali Reptiles Egg Incubator Tray Review:

Fantastic design! Especially ideal for leopard geckos, who lay in pairs. Each section is isolated, preventing the hatchlings from mixing. The only flaw to this design is the opacity of the product. You cannot easily see the eggs or thermometer readings inside. My solution was to drill a hole in the side and insert a probe into the thermometer slot. This was worth ordering a few more of

JW Pet Company Insight Bird Bath Bird Accessory Review:

Some have given bad reviews due to the leaking; I also had a problem with this, and solved it with a waterproof sealant. Fit the 2 parts together, put the nozzle tight against the clear edge underneath. A small amount will get under the rim where the pieces connect. Apply it all the way around the "U", and let it dry for a couple days. I did this over a month ago and it has held up great, not one drop has escaped! I had taken the advice of lowering the water level, but my female finch gets so splashy that there would still be some leaking whenever she bathed, and my male finch found the shallow water so unappealing that he stopped bathing in it entirely. I was a little worried about toxicity and provided a separate drinking cup just in case. They have ignored it, and always drink from this alone. I knew it was unlikely that the sealant would affect the water because I applied it only along the underside edge; it's not like it could travel upwards and round to the top of the brim and into the water itself, but better safe than sorry, right? After 5 weeks of both birds drinking and bathing in it, they are still happy, lively, and want no part of the other water source. I love this product now that I don't have to keep a big ugly plate under it to catch the drips!

Penn Plax Bird Bath With Mirror – small bird Review:

I have a lot of different Finches and several kind of bird baths but these are, by far, my birds favorite to bathe in! I like them best of all too because they can slide easily into any door without opening the largest door and they clean up easy. They are made well and set well in the bottom of the cage, holding the water well until my Finches splash it out! I won't buy any other kind anymore ~ highly recommend! Finches love to bathe! Doris S.

Colorday Large Bird Bath with Clear View, for Greys,Amazons,Conures,Cockatiels,Parakeet.(13X11X8 inch). Review:

It's a little fiddly to put together, with tiny nuts that are hard to grip. But once it's together, it's solid. I have it hanging over one of the breeder-box doors in my conure's flight cage. Just for extra security, I put a bungy around the bottom to hold it to the cage so he can't push it away from the cage and escape. He hasn't gotten the idea yet that it's a bath, but I've placed some of his colorful foot toys in it and he's "fished" them out, so at least he's not afraid of it. Altogether, I think it'll be a good thing and worth the money.

Hanging Birdbath Feeder Cast Iron Patio Garden Yard Review:

While its a lot smaller than I imagined it’s still cute and big enough for a little wren to take a small bath. Only down side, it did not come with a J hook to attach, so I needed to purchase one.

Carefree 95888 Birdbath Protector, 8-Ounce Review:

Tiny cap-full in my birdbath keeps green fungus clear. No harmful chlorine in product. I clean birdbath with chlorine sometimes, and like to replace water for fresh water every 1-3 weeks. Product well outlasts my birdbath schedule to have happy birds, also providing bird feeder of sunflower seeds. Eventually birdbath gets leaves and dirty from birds taking baths ! Birdbath Protector works 5+ times better than expected. Recommend...will be re-ordering. UPDATE 2+months later...Wow...really working great...NO green slime has been seen, unlike before used this protector. Only 1/2 cap per week working well to keep green stuff out. Discontinued.....should get another bottle, but later, hopefully ! And talked to customer service before buying...wonderful thoughts.

Penn Plax Clip-On Bird Bath – Comes With Universal Clips to Attach to Most Birdcages, 5.5 x 5.75 x 3.75 Inches Review:

I almost didn't purchase this bird bath because several of the orevious comments talked about leaks and spills. I bought it anyway, expecting to be dissapointed....but I wasn't! I ordered two of the baths and both have worked out perfect!! My first concern was that the bath wouldn't fit on my door because the smaller cage doors swing out on a hinge (they don't slide up and down). But I propped the door open with a round ring from my key chain and the bath fit perfectly!! The bottom bracket is long enough to adjust to many door heights and/or cage wiring and the top hooks hold it very secure. Each of my cages house love birds (Fisher and Peach Face) and I've seen them get in there and bathe and dance and play, two birds at a time, and the bath remains safely secured to the cage. THEY LOVE IT. I've had zero problems with leaks and any spills have been due to my clumsiness, NOT the product. I have one attached to each cage, and it took less than two days for both cages to put the bird bath to full use. Before I got the bird bath I had to chage their drinking water 2-3 times a day. Now the drinking water stays clean and so do the Love Birds!!! There will always be one defective product now and then...I'm sure this seller would work with you to exchage and defective product so you will be happy. So far I haven't had any problems with this sellers pet products. I would definitely recommend this product AND this seller!!

Living World Outside Bird Bath, Large (Assorted Colors) . Review:

This is another one of those "couldn't find it anywhere things". Years ago I happened upon this bath in a catalog and purchased two. My lovebirds LOVE them. I had them for so long they were actually falling apart. I finally found them through Amazon and bought four. My lovebirds are great to watch, they both get in at the same time to splash and drink. I watch them while they're inside and get a real kick out of it. The bath hangs PERFECTLY onto the side of their cage. The opening is just the right size for the cage door (which I removed). The bird bath is permanently attached to the cage so my Lovies have constant access. I just switch them out when the water level gets low or becomes dirty. I fill the spare, remove the one hanging and hang the one with the fresh water. Works well as I don't have to run around trying to catch Lovies who are dive bombing the 'tiels and chewing on any wood they can find while the open cage door is unprotected. The bath is large, clear on the top so the birds and people can watch, solid color floor so the birds won't freak about hanging in midair and lightweight enough that any cage can handle the bath being hung on the side. I've never had a problem hanging it and my birds have never had a problem using it. Why this is not occupying shelves in pet stores everywhere is beyond me. Do I recommend this? Definitely! I only wish they made them in a larger size also as my 'tiels would LOVE it. GREAT product.