Best Bass Guitar Tuning Keys in 2020

Fender Standard/Highway One Series Bass Tuning Machines - Chrome Review:

I bought these to replace my Squier Bronco Bass tuners. This set turns very smoothly and holds tune so much better than my oem Squiers. They are an excellent upgrade, and very affordable at only $23.17. Set includes: TUNERS ONLY. No screws or ferrules/bushings.

Fit: be aware that when installing these to Squier basses, you might need to enlarge the headstock holes. These tuners have a peg size of 11/16"(18mm). Some squiers are considerable smaller. These will fit Fender MIM precession and jazz basses no problem.

Bottom line is these are original Fender bass tuners. They are Fender quality and fairly priced. There is no reason to buy generic when something like this is available.

Hipshot GB7 Bass Extender Key Gotoh Black Review:

I absolutely love the idea being out of flip to a drop D tuning by just flipping a lever. It’s an incredible invention. The whole idea of this is to be able to switch tunings immediately at any time unfortunately it isn’t always exactly into and I usually have to double check and make an adjustment with a tuner.

Bare in mind it is close and probably close enough that nobody would notice during a gig. But the fact that I have to check with the tuner kind of defeats the entire purpose of this.

I contacted the manufacture using their website to make sure I got the right one for my instrument in this case of Thunderbird Apple phon but the fact that I have to check with the tuner kind of defeats the entire purpose of this.

I contacted the manufacture using their website to make sure I got the right one for my instrument in this case An Epiphone T-Bird Pro, It was supposed to be a direct drop in replacement for the stock tuning machines. Again it was very close but not exact I did have to widen the tuning machine pedal hole on the neck headstock just a tiny bit. When I contacted their customer support and told them that it was not a direct drop in replacement they’re very helpful reply was “this has never happened before”, as I said very helpful.

I managed to get it installed without a whole lot of trouble as I said just had to widen the hole tiny amount using a drill. I find it amusing that in their instructions they state plainly that if the hipshot does not work it must be the fault of the nut on your instrument not being a high enough quality. I find that amusing that they include a ready excuse.

It works it’s just not as exact as I would like.

Metallor Vintage Open Gear Machine Heads Tuners Tuning Pegs 4 In Line Right Hand Guitar Parts Replacement for P bass J bass Chrome 4PCS Review:

These were a gift to helped a friend get old hohner bass up and running. They took minutes to install, match a lot tuners on affordable basses I've seen. Smooth, accurate, great looking tuners. Excellent value.

Metallor Vintage Open Gear Machine Heads Tuners Tuning Pegs 4 In Line Right Hand Guitar Parts replacement for P bass J bass Black 4PCS Review:

They are what they are but they work.. put some blue painters tape around the bushing to make it slide in tight and hold tight.. one thing though: the string barrel is hollow so if ur looking for solid with the string hole, these aren't it but these were $12 and worked perfectly for what I needed them for!

YMC Chrome-Tuning-Peg-Bass-4Cloverleaf 4 PIeces R Vintage Open Bass Tuners Machine Heads Knobs Chrome Review:

I bought these tuners to go with a neck that I purchased from the same seller. These tuners are very nice. Yes you have bushings to install and to do that there are a few ways to do this. DO NOT HAMMER THESE IN!!! BAD things happen when you do this. So do NOT install them this way. a smart person will check the bushing against the hole first. On this installation I had to slightly ream the holes out then test the fit. The very tip of the bushing should just try to slip in. Now the fun part. you can take a bolt with 2 flat washers and a nut and then use that to install by simply tightening it all up and this will press the bushing in with even pressure all the way around. Use some tape on the bushing and on the back of the head stock so you don't mar the wood. Once the bushing is seated then loosen the nut and remove the bolt from the hole and do this. Set one ot the tuners in and make sure this is lined up as if it were already installed and mark your four screw holes. do this for each tuner . Next is to drill pilot holes for each of the four screws and do that for all the screw holes on each tuner. Then put the tuners on and screw them to the head stock. Take your time one by one till all the tuners are installed. I hope you removed the tape before you did all this. Once those bad boys are installed apply a little bit of white lithium grease to the worm gear and turn the keys a few times to make sure they are properly lubed and it does not take that much to lube these up. Just a tiny bit will work. Then you are ready to string up your bass and tune up and play. These tuners are really nice and they do the job.

Musiclily 3+3 Sealed Bass Tuning Pegs Keys Machine Head Tuners for Precision Bass or Jazz Bass, Black Review:

i was a bit "iffy" about these tuners, the packaging was very POOR!!! i get better packaged items from CHINA for crying out loud, not even a box, Dear Sellers, presentation does go a long way.... remember that, as for the performance of the tuners, they are what i was hoping for, and did not fall below expectation, i got these for a 5 string Bass, and it was a plug and play senario no extra drilling, no extra modifications, just how i like to do my projects, they will do the job for you, if you are a perfectionist well these may not suit your fancy, if you just want to replace broken tuners just for replacement sake *thumbs up for the price, but dont expect any fancy boxes to open with a nice little instruction sheet inside, they came in a plastic bag, with each tuner individually wraped in plastic in a big envelope lol, oh well, its not like you can use the packaging on your Bass guitar right? however i did have a better time unboxing my Planet Waves auto Trim tuners though, still try these tuners,

Musiclily 2+2 Sealed Bass Tuners Tuning Pegs Keys 2R2L Machine Heads for 4 String Bass Guitar, Chrome Review:

Tuning posts wobble a little but once under tension, they hold tuning even with flatwound strings. Finish is bright with no blemishes. Good for replacements or repair parts to have on-hand. Be aware that if your headstock has 1/2 inch holes drilled, you will need to enlarge them slightly as these tuners are metric and slightly larger than 1/2". Easy to do with a file or a reamer.

PIXNOR 4pcs 4R Bass Tuners Machine Heads Tuning Pegs (Silver) Review:

I am very pleased with the direct fit nature of these machine heads. Straight from the bag, installed into a cheap-o bass bought for my brother. Bass now holds tuning well, was a direct fit for the originals, no modifications were necessary for a same-type machine head replacement.

One of the machine heads has some friction/gritty operation but after tuning/detuning/retuning several times the smoothness of operation has gotten better. It isn't perfect but it holds tuning and works well, the other 3 operate without issue.

These far surpass the original cheap-o machine heads that came installed on the bass but are NOT high end machine heads. For the price they are a solid replacement.

As another reviewer has stated, these would be a direct fit replacement for my Ibanez machine heads, and I would not have many concerns on function if I was in a pinch and looking for an inexpensive replacement.

Musiclily 4 in-line Bass Vintage Open Gear Tuners Tuning Keys Pegs Machine Head Right Hand Set for Fender Precison Jazz PB JB Bass Guitar, Black Review:

These are pretty good bass tuners. I wanted black and they are black. The finish is not the best, but it's ok! The only minor issue was that the holes don't line up perfectly, but close enough to finagle the screws in if you start them all in before tightening. I also had to tap out the front holes to properly seat the front bushing. Again a minor issue! Why put up with the minor issues you ask!!! Because the price is very good! Low cost renovation that requires you to be creative! Love the challenge! Remember these are china made knock offs, not fender original equipment........