Best Stage Snow Machines in 2020

1byone 650W Snow Flakes Machine Wired Remote Control Great Machine for Kids, Parties, Parades Review:

I must admit, I was a little dubious when my wife ordered this for a birthday party we were arranging, but after setting it up I was extremely pleased with the results. Considering this was the first time using the snow machine, we decided that it would be wise not to purchase potentially expensive snow machine liquid, but searched online and found a great recipe for a home made version (see below).

This little box throws "snow" (actually foam) about 12' from source (no wind) and consumes a gallon of snowflake liquid in about 23 minutes (consumption was missing from previous reviews which is important IMHO) - so bear this in mind when setting everything up and judging how much liquid you'd need for the length of time you'd like to run it. At the end of the 23 minutes, there was about 6" of a "snow" drift! The internal tank holds 900ml (about 1/3 of a gallon) of snowflake liquid but we didn't use it, the feed pipe (that sucks the liquid up into the machine) is slightly over 1' in length so managed to reach the bottom of a gallon water container positioned beside the machine which we used for our home made liquid.

This model has a wired on/off control switch which is 6' long, so again bear this in mind when positioning the machine (for example) on a roof. We ended up building a small ledge in a tree which worked beautifully - the machine only weights 2Kg / 4.5Lbs.

The only (slight) criticism I could really make about this machine (preventing a full 5 star review) is that it's a little noisy but in our opinion that's a small price to pay for what we think is a superbly priced snow machine. I will try placing it in an egg shell cardboard lined box to see if it reduces the noise of the fan but to be honest, the excited screams of kids in a county that rarely sees snow, drowns everything else out!

1 x cup of Mr Bubbles bubble bath
1 x cup of rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol
2 x gallons distilled water*

Place distilled water into bucket and mix in the bubble bath, careful with the mixing to prevent excessive bubbles. SLOWLY add the rubbing alcohol (slowly as alcohol and water generates heat). The gallon water containers were great for storing the liquid (use a funnel to slowly fill) and during use.

* Use 1 extra gallon distilled water for smaller flakes

Tengchang 1500W Snow Machine Professional Stage DJ Party Snowflake Maker W/Controller Review:

This snow machine produced a very good amount of snow when I used it. However, it does take a lot of snow juice to run it. I did not give it 5 stars because there were no instructions as to how to clean it out when finished so that it can be stored without the snow juice drying in the tubes and fouling them up. I ran distilled water through it for about 30 seconds before storing it. I hope it works.

TC-Home 1500W Stage DJ Party 5L Snow Flake Effect Maker Snow Machine with Wired Remote Review:

The machine worked great. I kept it on the high setting so that the snow could be seen well at night and it does run through a gallon of the mixture very quickly. I only put it on for short bursts when people arrived at my party and I did it probably 5 times before it ran out. The area it covered was not very wide. I guess if I wanted to cover an area, I would run it, move it and run it again, keep doing that until the area is covered and then run it on a lower setting during the party. The machine is pretty loud, though that was expected. I covered it with a clear plastic bin that I cut a hole into for the spout, but I'm not sure that made much of a difference. Overall, the machine works well and I would recommend it.

Snow Machine 600 Watt with one gallon of SFG Snow Fluid - High Output. Produces the illusion of real snow. Includes remote control. Let the snow fall all season round! Review:

 Perfect for my Christmas Party!!! Very impressed!

Snow Machine 600 - Great snow machine that produces the illusion of real snow. Review:

I wanted to make it super festive for my guests arriving for my Christmas party - so I set up the snow machine in the front yard. I had plugged it into and outlet that had a remote control. As each guest arrived, I would press the button from the inside of the house. It would give just enough snow each time to get the kids excited. I really love it. And at the end of the night, a large group of us went outside and stood in front of the snow machine and we took a picture with all the decorations, guests...and snow. It was a winter wonderland.

Froggys Fog - Pro Snow Machine - Completely Variable Output Flake Size - You Choose a Flurry, a Blizzard or Anything in Between Review:

I bought this machine to use while proposing to my girlfriend. The machine arrived as described on a Monday, but I was unable to test it out until Wednesday. When I first tried it out, the machine was not working properly, as the tube in the reservoir was not sucking in the snow fluid. Panicked, I called the company and emailed them that evening, The next day, David got back to me and gave me the simplest fix to try first to see if it worked. When I explained to him what I was using this for and that I needed a fix today, he assured me that if this fix did not work, he would keep in touch with me throughout the day and get the machine to work as expected. Sure enough, I was able to prime the pump and the snow starting flowing out as expected. Proposal went off the next day as planned successfully (she said yes). The amount of snow coming out of the machine set the scene perfectly.
**Amazon recommends buying a wireless remote from the company to use with the machine. Do not buy it; it is not compatible with the snow machine at all. In addition to the snow juice and a cleaning solution, you should buy a small plastic oral syringe instead. It was clutch in priming the pump quickly and easily.

CHAUVET DJ Snow Machine (SM250) Review:

We set the timer to intervals so one gallon of 'snow' lasted all night, and had a chance to dissipate on the ground.
You don't have to use the brand name bottles of snow. they are over priced and you can make the same solution using rubbing alcohol, distilled water and bubble bath. we ran a Christmas event for 30 days straight and only used our homemade solution and had no problems with our machines.