Best Electric Guitar Nuts in 2020

Graph Tech PT-5042-00: Black TUSQ XL 42 MM Pre-Slotted Self-Lubricating Fender Style, Flat Bottom Strat Guitar Nut Review:

I've been sold on the Graphtech/TUSQ nuts for quite a few years now, and this one is yet another success story. I bought a "diamond in the rough" econo neck from Amazon a little while back, knowing very well it would need some TLC and elbow grease to make it go from good to great. The nut that the neck came with was the weakest link, and it was a pain to get this Graphtech nut installed, although not because of this nut in any way. The nut slot in the neck was both too deep and not wide enough. Despite that, once I got the slot all cleaned up and made a proper super-thin shim, the neck has turned out to be one of the nicest that I've played over the years (frets were dressed very well, truss rod adjusts nicely, etc.). As a plus, 42mm = no filing on the sides, at least not for this "on-spec" neck.

...Without this nut, the neck in question would have been mediocre at best. The stock nut was so bad that it wasn't worth even filing/sanding to work better, and there was no drop-in substitute for it - it simply made more sense to make the slot be like what you'd get from an actual Fender.

Also - I typically get the white/bone GT/TUSQ nuts, but this one was for a black Tele/rosewood neck/black headstock project, and it looks really nice. I'm not super big on aesthetics, but it's an instance of non-traditional looking great (I tend to hate how graphite nuts look on maple fretboard necks, especially if they have the Old School style tuners).

...This nut will probably seem expensive compared to other stuff, all things considered. When you consider that it's durable (I've got one on another guitar that's seen regular play for 10+ years w/no wear), it's (properly) pre-slotted, and the dimensions are correct (provided you do a little bit of research to get the right one), it's worth every add'l penny.

Greenten 2 Pcs 6 String Electric Bone Nut Cattle Bone Slotted Replacement (42 X 3.5, Unbleached) Review:

Bought these to replace the originals on my two MIM Strats. The quality is there but you'll need to do some shaping and/or filing to get it to fit and function properly. Also, it is about an 1/8th inch short overall so you'll have a 1/16th on each side when done. In order to get the fit right I laid the nut on the fretboard right below the slot and used a sharp pencil resting ever so slightly on the board to trace the radius. Once I had that I got to sanding. Be warned, Bone is a slow sand. I used 150 at first and switched to 220 for fine tuning. I have a workshop so I also utilized my belt and disc sander to speed things up. You will also need a razor blade to score the finish around the old nut before removing. Once old one is off, keep dry-fitting until it's snug and the ends are seated in the bottom of the slot. Make sure the height above the fretboard is ok before installing it with tite-bond. My first run changed the action on my guitar drastically. I had to make some changes before I felt it was going to work. All in all, I'm very pleased with the quality and the improved sound. Would buy again.

Musiclily Flat Bottom Slotted Bone Nut for 6 String Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar(Pack of 2) Review:

High quality bone. Looks beautiful. Mine was a little low, and I had to use white glue to attach a very thin (less than a millimeter by the time the sanding was done) piece of wood to the bottom to shim up the high e string end. If you read these reviews musiclily, it would be great to get a couple of very thin (1mm thick?) shims (bone or hardwood) thrown into the bag along with the bone nuts to help out people who don't have a table saw and don't want to use plastic.

Pretty easy to sand the bottom of the nut to get the string heights correct with a feeler gauge. It would be worth buying some wire files at the same time to give you the technology to shape the slots correctly. The book by Dan Erlewine "How to make your electric guitar play great" might be a good investment as well if you want to take a peek at how the pros tune their guitars.

GraphTech PS-8000-00 Electric Guitar String Saver Saddle Review:

I bought these for my Ibanex rgt42dxfx and they fit perfect and my guitar seems to play faster and they sound more articule and warmer with more body They look cool on my guitar cuz its flat black these are a good in vestment if your sick of breaking strings and they stay in tue better becuse they are super slippey would buy again mine were a good set and it took about 2 hours of playing to get them to break in I do notice more sustain if you want new saddles buy these you wont be sorry I love them they realy did improve my tone seems to have more body of over all articulation the only thing I didnt like about this is they give you longer screws for more flexability for differant insterments placement of the saddle plate and i had to use the longer screws the problem is they dont give you longer springs to go with them and I had to use the springs from another set I had laying around that fit for the job they need to include longer springs for the longer screws

Fender Vintage Style Stratocaster/Telecaster Electric Guitar Pre-Slotted Bone Nut Review:

This nut will drop right in on a VINTAGE radius Fender neck....please note VINTAGE radius neck which is 7.25". If you have a 12" or 9.5" radius neck Fender makes another drop in nut. You could use this one...but it will require more sanding. Even then it's not much.
To install...
1) Go slow. I repeat GO SLOW. It's not going to take long....about 60-90 minutes from beginning to end.
2) you need sandpaper. 300-400 grit works fine. Any courser and you'll take too much off too fast.
3) Lay nut on it's side. Rub nut left and right...left and right across sandpaper. Stop and insert into nutslot on neck. When it goes into the slot with SLIGHT pressure....STOP you're done.
4) Look at first picture. Cut strip of sandpaper that fits in between top frets.
5) Rub nut left and right...only left and right across sandpaper laid across fretboard. It will maintain perfect radius on nut bottom and ensure best fit and the base of the nut will have consistent contact with neck all the way across the neck.
6) repeat until it's at a height you're happy with.
7) Look at second picture. Round off nut ends at bottom. This just makes it more comfortable on your hand.
8) Use Elmer's glue or a SMALL amount of wood small I mean a couple of drops. DO NOT fill nut slot with's messy and unneeded. A couple of drops and string pressure will keep it in place.
9) DO NOT USE SUPER'll never get it out without a lot of work or possibly damaging the neck.
10) DO NOT USE SUPER'll never get it out without a lot of work or possibly damaging the neck.
11) install strings and let dry for a couple of hours.
12) using nut files, enlarge slots until you're happy with height string is sitting on in nut. You only need those inexpensive nut files that come in about a dozen different gauges in one single flip-out type metal a Swiss Army knife type arrangement. You do not need the super expensive nut files from Stew-Mac etc, those are for blanks. This nut pre-slotted. File each string slot at the gauge each string will be. File down and slightly angled towards the tuner. The angle isn't sharp....but the low E angle will be slightly more pronounced than the high E. Feeler gauges are a plus..but you can get by without them.
That's it.
Honestly it is easy...if you doubt your 2 nuts. It's still cheaper than paying a pro.
There are SEVERAL YouTube video out there that can help.
Remember...go slow and NO SUPER GLUE.

Graph Tech Black Tusq XL Jumbo Gibson Slotted PT-6010-00 Review:

Just a little sanding and adjustment and it fit nicely on my SG. Just take your time and be willing to work on it for bit to get it right. I made fit snug into the nut slot, so I didn't even use any glue. Had to remove it serval times, but I didn't want to over sand it. I'm sure a luthier could do a better job, but I'm cheap and like to DIY as much as possible. As long as you don't mess with the nut slot too much the worse that can happen is you have to put the old nut back on or get another one. Cheap upgrade and black is beautiful.