Best Drumstick Bags & Cases in 2020

Drum Sticks Bag - With drum key gift - CUSTEAM (black) Review:

I was hesitant to buy this bag because of the star rating but then I decided to dig deeper and read the reviews. I have to admit, I was a bit confused reading the reviews because people were upset it didn't come with drum sticks but the title says clearly that it's just the bag and a bonus item being a drum key. I never thought it would come with drum sticks, I simply thought the photos where to show more of what the item was and could hold and I was right because nowhere in the description does it say it comes with drum sticks! This hangs perfectly off the rack of my electric studio kit and was exactly what I needed for easy access to my sticks and other accessories.

Humes Berg Galaxy GL8010 Case for Drumstick Review:

I needed a new case, and a bunch of people at my University suggested this one. NOT disappointed!


- Holds A LOT of sticks and mallets, I'm able to comfortably fit 12 pairs of Marimba Mallets, 2 pairs of Vibraphone Mallets, 3 pairs of drum sticks, 4 pairs of Timpani Mallets, and a set of brushes along with 1 black towel and pencils.
- Build quality is fantastic, does not feel cheap!
- Easy access while playing, you can simply have it standing and open and just grab stuff, something you can't do with other stick bags.


- I do miss having a place to keep music like in my old bag, but that's not an issue at all when you weigh this against the pros.

I highly suggest it, this is my 6th bag as a percussionist, and is the one I am most happy with.

Eastar EST-007A Drumstick Holder for Drum Set Clamp On Large Capacity Clip on Drum Stick Holder Bag Container for Multi Pair Up to 12 Pairs Review:

Wow, what a high quality and classy stick bag holder. The bag itself construction is twice as tough, thick and double-triple stitched compared to the Gibraltar stick holders (single stitched) I have been using. Very strong clamp to attach to hihat, cymbal stand, microphone stands or anywhere. The price is also awesome at $10-$11 compared to $20-$30 for the Gibraltar(and now the Gibraltar deluxe model is using a plastic clamp mechanism which is cheap and flimsy).

ChromaCast Drumstick Holder (CC-DSH) Review:

There is about 5 flavors of this stick bag on amazon so just pick the cheapest one. Ive ordered two from different sellers and name brands and they are the same. Well built solid steel, no adjustment. The bag is angled off the bracket. Perfect for grabbing sticks while playing. The bag is heavy canvas and has heavy velcro that holds it on the bracket. I ordered this one for my Alesis Studio kit and it has a rack system. The opening for the bracket is not big enough for any rack system so it needs to be attached to a cymbal stand or something smaller like that. I have it on my hi hat stand and stays put and I play pretty heavy. Good value for the price.

YMC DSB10-BK 10mm Foam Drum Stick Bag Holder Mallet Bag Drumstick Bag with A Drum Key -Black Review:

my daughter just started playing percussion with the HS marching band and I thought with the sticks and mallets she will be accumulating this might come in handy. We were required to supply a drum it was perfect that this came with one.

Protec Deluxe Series Drum Mallet Bag for Up to 20 Pairs of Sticks, Model (C340) Review:

Great utility, very good construction, plenty of room. This stick bag works perfectly for me. It's deceptively large- the main stick compartment easily holds 4 pairs of sticks- but it's not a behemoth. There are two other, smaller stick/mallet/hot rods pockets in the upper section of the bag. Then there are additional compartments in the parallel, lower section. On top of that, there are two handy, zipper pouches on the inside of the bag for drum keys, batteries, or, in my case, a case with my in-ear monitor buds. The large, outside zipper compartment can hold plenty more stuff. I really like the lug attachment straps- a very clever design with small, open hooks which perfectly fit the tops of standard lugs. No mashing of fingers/thumb to release a claw clasp from the body of a lug. The straps are heavily elasticized, making them easy to stretch to fit any floor tom (or other drum, for that matter). No adjusting or readjusting of strap lengths necessary. The only very small irritant is that the straps are thin enough to work their way inside the loops of my brushes handles, requiring extrication at the start of most gigs. The main zipper feels sturdy and operates smoothly and comfortably, with a good sized, flat zipper pull. The bag folds very flat and fits easily into my hardware gig bag. Finally, the material seems like it will resist punctures and tears.

Vic Firth Marching Snare Stick Bag - Holds 2 Pairs (MSBAG2) Review:

I still have this on my snare years later!
Excellent build quality. Everyone who see this wants to get their own. It does the job well, and makes a nice addition to any setup. It can be put just about anywhere because of the Velcro straps. Oh! did I forget to mention it holds drumsticks well?!

YMC DSB20-BK Pro 15mm Larger Size Drumstick Bag Holder Mallet Bag with a shoulder strap,Drum Key - Black Review:

I purchased this bag so I could carry a fairly large music notebook in the case. It works for that. However, I still have to insert 7 sets of sticks into that same compartment because the "stick side" of the bag holds a smaller amount of sets. Depending on whether you carry mallets and rods in your bag, which take up more space, you might have to be creative. I carry ten sets (1mallets, 1 brushes, 3rods, 5 sticks) the rods take up the entire "stick side" of my bag, so the remaining 7 sets occupy the larger space along with my music and notes. It's pretty packed in there, but still OK.

There is a small "accessory" pocket on the 'stick side' that I use for my drum key and other small accessories. It's a tight fit, so you can't put to much in there. However, the front side of the bag does have a generously large pouch. You could easily place your music/folders in that front pouch and free up the larger interior slot for sticks only, which could easily allow you to carry at least a dozen set of varied sticks. I use that front pouch for my vocal headset (wired), along with XLR cable. If you are not prone to doing the same, you will find this bag allows ample space for sticks and music folders.

The bag is a bit on the stiff side, and the zipper is a bit sticky, but both of those issues will likely resolve themselves over more frequency of use. I am happy with the choice, it appears to be a durable bag and I can travel with sticks, music, and headset ready to play. It is a good value for the money.

Drumstick Bag Case, Buytra Drum Stick Holder Percussion Drum Mallet Bag with Floor Tom Hooks, Blue Review:

The canvas material is sturdy, and the zipper looks to be of high quality. The pockets inside are large enough for several pairs of sticks. There are a few untidy stitches and long ends on mine, but I don't think they affect the integrity of the bag so it's still 5 stars. The only thing I would change is to add at least one small pocket inside for a drum key, but that's not a huge deal for me.

DW Drum Workshop Padded Drum Stick Bag Review:

i worked in the drum dept at guitar center and would always sell this bag to people. it is the best bag you can get for 15$! hands down

it is padded, has a decent quality zipper, and will mount to the floor tom. there is a little pouch on the front and the quality of the material is strong. i keep 5 pairs of sticks and one pair of brushes in it comfortably.