Best Tambourines in 2020

Luvay 9" Double Row Tambourine - Metal Jingles Hand Held Percussion, Cutaway Design (Black) Review:

I'm a musician who does a lot of International travel. I want to bring my music with me, so I've been getting a lot of smaller instruments. This little guy works great!

The double ring design makes it very loud with a lot of crispness and that traditional tambourine jingle. It's loud for it's size. I also like the shape as it makes it easy to lean it against a small pillow and tap with your foot (I do this a lot as I'm usually also playing bass, uke or guitar).

The build quality seems fine, and it has held up despite it's getting stomped on a lot.

The only gripe I have about this is the handle. It's almost impossible to hold comfortably, but I didn't take a star for that because im usually playing with my foot so it doesn't affect me.

All in all, I would recommend this for anyone looking for a tambourine for live and acoustic sets.

YMC TAM20-BLACK Double Row Tambourine - Metal Jingles Hand Held Percussion Ergonomic Handle Review:

I definitely consider the tambourine to be an underrated instrument. I decided it was time to get one because I enjoy the texture they provide. I'm glad I got this particular tambourine. First off, the price was more than worth it. Second, the handle grip is definitely nice- it even slides over my foot so I can play guitar/bass and tambourine at the same time, though I imagine this is an unintended feature. When recording, I found that the tambourine added a very nice texture and dimension to my songs, and was certainly the answer to help make some recordings feel more complete.

I've had this tambourine for less than a month, but it has certainly colored me impressed. The quality is excellent and I can imagine it will last for many years, if not a lifetime.

Tambourine 10" Dove Bible Double Row Jingle Percussion Instrument for Church by Zebra Sounds Review:

Just received my tambourine and I am completely pleased. It’s not a material that I am used to on a tambourine, as this is shiny, smooth and almost like a plastic feel. The color is vibrant and bold. It just feels good and plays lovely. It’s appears to be durable but time will tell. I thank you amazon for your quick delivery.
One negative comment I will add is the packing of the tambourine wasn’t sealed from the manufacturer. But, the tambourine is in tact and in new condition. I hope this review helps you make your decision to purchase
Blessings 😉

Tosnail 2 Pack 8" Wood Handheld Tambourine - Single Row 5 Pairs Jingles Review:

I was worried that it would actually be made from plastic or something even cheaper but the tambarine is made from wood, and the disks are made from metal so that's super nice. It's very fun to just use on it's own. I bought this as a prop for a cosplay and it will work very well. If you're looking for a tambarine to use as an actual instrument I recomened maybe going elsewhere cuz I would imagine the metal parts may get damaged after prolonged use, they seem a bit fragile. Overall great product!

8" 3D Tambourine Music Double Row Jingle Percussion Instrument Church Review:

I had previously bought four tambourines from a name-brand musical store. All of them cracked within 2 days. I play percussion at a black church. I need not explain how important a tambourine is. This tambourine has stood the test. I ordered another one. I am very, very pleased.

DD Half Moon Tambourine -Black Double Row Cutaway Review:

This blue half moon tambourine is a replacement for one that I lost at a gig. It arrived very fast. It has a great sound, not tinny or cheap sounding. If you have ever used cheap percussion instruments, you already know there is a big difference in fullness of sound and the pleasing accents of a well made tambourine. It has a very nice weight to it, heavy enough to give it some swing, light enough to shake all night. I'm very pleased. Thank you! Without needing to be said, the price was very easy on my wallet.

Light Up Tambourine Musical Flashing Tambourine Handheld Percussion Instrument for Kids and Adults Party Toys 2 Pack … (Four colors are randomly sent) Review:

 What do toddlers love more than noise makers? Noise makers that light up. As soon and he figured out where the button was he went nuts changing the settings for a light show. Super fun. He has thrown them across the room and it still works fine. Great for partys or music groups for kids.

Clear LED Light up Musical Flashing Tambourine Review:

The batteries they came with were dead. It took a lot of prying with a kitchen knife to put the new batteries in. If you're buying this for ementary kids be mindful the material is HARD PLASTIC so with constant hand banging their and your hands will hurt. I wish there was a soft bumper around this product. I wouldn't recommend this for toddlers because they put EVERYTHING in their mouths, throw things or slam things on anything. Not to mention the lights, all of which could cause injury. But super fun for concerts, impromptu jam sessions, parties etc. People will want to use it.

Tambourine for adults 10 inch Hand Held Drum Bell Birch Metal Jingles Percussion Gift Musical Educational Instrument for Church KTV Party (10 inch) Review:

 This product is built very well and sounds great at this price point. Great choice for any percussionist at any playing level. This tambourines a great choice for both practicing in for a concert seve this tambourine is a great choice for either practicing or even in the concert setting.