Best Basic Dog Collars in 2020

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and Phone Number in Blue, Black, Pink, Red and Orange, for Boy and Girl Dogs, 4 Adjustable Sizes, XSmall, Small, Medium, and Large Review:

This review updates my experience with the ID collar. My dog has a 16" neck, so I previously ordered a collar in size medium after consulting the sizing chart. Upon receipt of the collar, I discovered that the collar length adjustment slider obscured 2 digits of phone number ID when the collar was adjusted to correct size; since I purchased the ID collar primarily for easy ID, I found this unacceptable. I corrected the visibility problem by cutting the collar webbing at the slider and shortening the overall length of the webbing by about 3". Reassembling, and adjusting the collar to the correct size, the slider now was out of the way, providing unobstructed view of ID. I was satisfied until I realized that, since I had to cut and shorten the collar anyway, I could/should have ordered a size large instead; for the same price as the size medium, I would have a collar 1" wide instead of 3/4", with correspondingly larger buckle, leash attachment ring, and ID letters/digits. Chalk it up to my perfectionism: I decided to spend another $18.95 and ordered a second collar in size large. I anticipating having to shorten this one as I did the size medium; to my surprise, and here is the point of this review, I discovered that, by adjusting the slider until it touched the leash ring (beyond what the collar makers intended,) I was able to shorten the collar, without having to cut the webbing, beyond what the sizing chart indicated, and achieved a perfect fit with unobstructed ID. Bottom line: a size large will fit down to a 16" neck without modification, no matter what the sizing chart says. Even if you need smaller than 16", I recommend buying a size large and shortening it by cutting the webbing as I described above; as the owner of both medium and large sizes, I can report that the larger size gives: greater ID visibility; greater strength; easier adjustment; easier attachment of leash to, and removal of leash from, the collar, easier attachment of collar to, and removal of collar from, the dog.

GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and Phone Number in Blue, Black, Pink, Red and Orange, for Boy and Girl Dogs, 3 Adjustable Sizes, Small, Medium, and Large Review:

Updated my dog's collar after seeing this on another dog in the dog park. It arrived on time and fits well. Beautiful in fact. Background is white which is the reflecting material. The collar is not very flexible. To be expected perhaps due to reflective plastic like material that is the background of the collar, but wish i knew ahead of time. Does not seem to bother dog.
My only issues were in the personalization. i put a space between dogs first and sexond name and i put several spaces in between the name and the phone number but collar embroidery was not done that way. You see my dog has a two word name like FIDO DIDO (not his actual name but you get the idea) so i submitted
"Fido Dido [four spaces] 555-123-4567"
but the embroidery was done with no space or punctuation so his collar looks like
"FIDODIDO555 123 4567"
on the collar. Also would have liked to see upper and lowercase letters but they were all capitalized. Also would like to know what color is Jolly Rancher. Maybe they could show examples of colors when we order. I ordered the sky blue embroidery but it does not show up well against white background. I recommend you go darker on the text than you think you need.

PetSafe Replacement Collar Accessories for Pet Fencing Receiver Collars Review:

I am so glad I came across this replacement set of metal pegs for our PetSafe collar! Our yellow lab loves to get into our pool, which I normally wouldn't mind, but then she bloodies up her paws trying to pull herself out (instead of swimming 2 feet over and walking out on the steps). Also, she loves to drink the water as she swims (not so good for her since it is a saltwater pool). So, we buried the underground fence and she learned her boundaries right away. When the original pegs came off and were lost, we had a heck of a time keeping her out of the pool. Until I came across these replacements! They fit perfectly and it is nice that we have multiple sizes in case we need to switch them out.

BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Dog Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light up Collar for Small Medium Large dogs Review:

Works great, simple design, easy to cut, though sadly poor instructions...

Once you realize what this actually is, your fear of pulling it apart and cutting it for sizing goes away... no danger!

Imagine a flashlight with lights at both ends. Then, you bend a plastic tube so each end could be pushed against each of those "flashlight" lights, and that plastic tube could contain and "glow" the light... That's what we've got here. Amazing yet simple, and no fear of electrocution nor destroying the product in any way...

It *does* take a bit of force to get the "tube/collar" away from the LED "flashlight" hub, but it's not really connected, just shoved against it, so use a twisting back and forth motion, and it will come apart. Then, just measure your dog's neck and measure the tube, and cut the tube accordingly. I would suggest that it's easiest to first figure out a size that can slip over (and off!) your dogs' head (including ears) because then you don't have to try to disconnect the tight-seal between LED "flashlight' hub and tube ever again... and a dangling light collar is easier to see by others (cars, especially,) rather than a tight collar, so win/win.

I like this product more than other versions. (Others have a thin light-carrying tube [claiming "fiber-optic" technology,] surrounded by a colored plastic tube, which seems it should work better, but just doesn't.) This product (the "pink" version, at least,) seems brighter, and though the color doesn't fully surround the tube, especially when the charge is running out, it still remains brighter and more visible. And truly, fook the color: visibility is my personal main concern when walking my dogs.

My only true complaint is the USB cover. It's great that this is USB rechargeable, but the USB port cover does NOT fit. Is it truly so tough to create a slide-over cover for USB ports? Apparently, yes. But c'mon, for a product intended for dogs (oh, think digging, mud, ahem...) and that USB port not being covered is an issue.

Otherwise... nice product; bright lite, long charge life, does its intended purpose: drivers headed my way while I'm walking my dogs definitely notice and slow down, so... ok.

BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Glowing Pet Collar, TPU Cuttable Dog Safety Lights for Small Medium Large Dogs Review:

 We've had several of these collars over the years but this is really the brightest one I've seen, even in a well lit area.

The collar came in a small box with the charging cable and instructions, with no extra packaging was included or needed. It was easy to fit, charge and put on the dog. I aligned with her other collar, marked where I needed to cut, and cut the tube with a heavy pair of scissors. It fits together well, easy to charge, and the switch is easy to operate even when on the dog (this is a good feature).

We live on a farm and our Blue Heeler likes to run the pastures when we're out working. This collar provides enough light to keep an eye on her, even in tall (2 - 3') hay and grass. One drawback, that is actually a testimony to the collar, is that, because it is so bright, it tends to scare the horses when she comes running by. We know they're afraid of "ghosts" but now they have a real green one we all have to contend with.

I would order again it again and will do so for gifts to other pet owners this year. Five stars now, and I'm only wanting to watch the friction based attachment to see how it wears over time since we use it two to three times daily.

BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing pet Dog Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light up Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs … Review:

LOVE It! And my dogs do too! I purchased two of these after I had wasted money on cheaper versions. My dogs play rough with each other and I needed something that would hold up to their excitement for night time walks. The other products I tried looked like a normal collar with a light strip in the center, but did not last a week with the kids tugging on the light. Did I mention that my dogskids LOVE these collars?? They get so excited when I put them on & they use the light to catch and release frogs that hop around here. I could not be more impressed, and after the other collars, I was a skeptic. I immediately, after cutting these to length, wrapped both ends with Gorilla brand packing tape & have had no problems- in spite of one of my dogs being a 55 lb pitbull mix with a collar fetish. Without the tape on each end, these would have been lost, I believe. These are great! Several people have stopped us to ask where to find them, and I send them to Amazon. I visibly see that word is spreading because puppy dogs light up in my neighborhood. Highly recommended! The light on the green one is brighter than the blue after a couple of hours. Although the blue shines on my white pup, when it dims some it is harder to spot on her. It still shines, but not as bright the Green, even after recharge. Just an FYI. Love, Love, LOVE this product!

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar - Engraved Soft Leather in XS, Small, Medium or Large Size, ID Collar, No Pet Tags or Embroidered Names Review:

Finally! I have been looking for a leather collar with some color, I have a black dog and didn't want the traditional black, brown or dark red leather collars. I got the light blue and it looks fantastic on him. This collar appears to be very nice and of good quality. The leather is soft and the detailing is appealing. I've only had it a week, so can't comment on its durability yet. I will be ordering another one, just to have on hand. The only issue I had was that my dogs neck measured 18 inches and that was right on the cusp between the medium and large, so I ordered the large because I didn't want it tight. Well, it was alittle too big, so we have a little more excessive on the end than we would like. I emailed company to say it would be helpful to also put collar length measurements in description, from buckle to end, so customers can make a better decision than just measuring the neck of the pet. I think you will be very happy with this collar. Would highly recommend.
Update 7-6-18: I wanted a change in color so I ordered the yellow and it looks fantastic on my black dog! I love these collars, they wear well and are of good quality. Again, I highly recommend. I would like to ask company for more colors, such as fluorescent's or at least a lighter green and red.

Personalized Dog Collar, Reflective Custom Dog Collar with Name Phone Number Adjustable Size (XS S M L) Review:

This is a beautiful collar, I usually buy a new collar every couple of months because they get dingy. It's been 3 months and it still looks brand new. The engraving is beautiful. Important note, check your spelling before sending. I misspelled "is" as "id" and was so disappointed when I received it. IT WAS COMPLETELY MY FAULT. The company offered to send me a new one anyway. I declined. But was impressed that they still offered. I'm ordering a new one in a new color today.

PetSafe In-Ground Deluxe Ultralight Collar PUL-275 + 2 FREE BATTERIES Review:

We're on a large property and want the dogs to stay within our boundaries. Obviously they can dig under our 4 board fence, so the invisible fence eliminates that problem. This collar is for the invisible fence. It does not train dogs not to bark or anything else. You set the intensity you want on the individual collar (depending on how stubborn or determined your dog is). When they come near to the wire buried on your perimeter the dog first gets warning beeps, then a zap if the beep is ignored. In truth, our dogs learned very quickly, like zap 1, to stay away. We could actually turn the wire off, but if the collar is on they don't challenge it. Once they followed a rabbit under my potting shed and, although the rabbit out, our Catahoula couldn't. We dug him out by flashlight at 11pm. The next day we rerouted the wire around d thrashed so they don't dig under any more
getting back to the collar - it is lightweight and durable (unless your dog loses it under a shed) The clasp is plastic, but generally holds up very well. There is no loop for tags, but you can just poke a hole and there you go (I did that because I just didn't think 2 collars at the same time was comfortable. When we leave the yard I change to a regular flat, it's kind of a signal we're going on an adventure. By the way, if you're in a car there's no zap going over your wire, so it's not necessary to change collars
This has been the best thing we've ever done to keep our dogs home. The wire has been up almost 11 yrs., occasionally needing repair, but not too often, considering we live in a forest,,and even with the adventurous nature of these dogs this is only the second collar I've had to replace

PGXT Pet Cat Dog Collar Light, Safety LED Lights for Dog Collar Waterproof, Upgraded Dog Night Walking Lights with 4 Flashing Modes 6 Extra Batteries - 6 Pack Review:

I bought these for walking with a black dog at night. I clip on to his collar and one to the poo bag ring on the leash.
The light up part is roughly the size of a US dollar coin. It's a semi-hard plastic that sandwiches the clip. The clip is sturdy, appears to be stamped from galvanized steel sheet. The retaining spring is VERY stiff, it's not going to come loose, but also reasonably difficult to get on.
4 of the colors produce better light, the cases are more transparent. The violet and lilac are mildly translucent, they're almost useless. I'll probably pull their batteries and throw in recycling bin.
Each piece has just 1 white LED inside, and holds a single CR2032 battery. The LEDS seem to be a fairly narrow beam. Package says "visible for more than 1/2 mile". I'd say, if the LED was exposed, you could strain to notice it maybe up to 1/2 mile, if you were actively looking for it. In the housing, you're not getting more than 1/4 mile visibility, for the more transparent ones.
For our use, these are fine, and they're inexpensive. If you need something cheap, light weight, and durable, hey they're not bad at all.