Best Dog Car Harnesses in 2020

Duke & Dixie Dog Seat Belt Pet Dog Cat Car Seatbelt Safety Tether - 2 Pack - Adjustable Harness Belts Pet Leash - Heavy Duty Nylon Seatbelts - Universal Fit Cars Trucks SUV Review:

Several months ago I bought a Pug Life harness for our dog, a 10-year-old golden retriever, Gus. It has been great -- easy to put on/take off, with a handle (on the dog's back) that lets us reassure him that we've got him when he gets into our Ford Excursion (he doesn't jump well at this age). A couple of weeks ago, Gus was riding as usual in the back seat of my car when I had to hit the brakes to avoid striking a car that pulled out in front of me from a parking deck. Poor Gus ended up on the floor and stayed there the rest of the ride home. That's when I decided to get the seat belts, one for my car and one for my husband's car. One end clips into the seat belt receptacle, the other attaches to the ring on the back of the harness. Gus is fine with the strap connected, since it's adjusted so he can sit up and look out the window. It's so reassuring to know that our boy won't be hitting the floor again.

SlowTon Dog Seat Belt, 2 Pack Pet Car Seatbelt Headrest Restraint Adjustable Puppy Safety Seat Belt Reflective Elastic Bungee Connect Dog Harness in Vehicle Travel Daily Use Review:

So my little crossover suv got hit by biga** van going 45 mph as i was making a left turn. My 75 lb dog was on the side of the car that got hit but was strapped in with this and her harness in the backseat. Upon impact i heard her choke a bit but when i was able to check on her, she had just slid on the seat to the other side. She was not on the floor, she was not on her side or tumbled about. For a dog who is already a bit nervous in cars, she hardly seemed shaken. I'm so glad i bought this harness before because i love taking my big baby on short car rides just to get her out of the house a bit and that would be incredibly difficult if she had suffered at all during this accident. I bought the 2 pack and gave the other to my bf's little 10 lb pup because i love her as well and want to keep her safe. Highly recommend these.

BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt Strap Car Headrest Restraint Adjustable Nylon Fabric Dog Restraints Vehicle Seatbelts Harness Review:

I am extremely happy with this product, because as a German Shepherd owner, I needed something that didn't make my girl squirm around in the back seat as she does with the kind of clip-on belts that attach to the bottom seat belt clip. She is a giant and would hate to sit on that and oftentimes would un-clip it with her giant paws. Not fun having a free roaming dog in your back seat and having to quickly find parking to rectify that situation. When I saw these restraints that hook up to the head rest, it was a no-brainer! Since putting my dog into one of those, what a difference. No more squirminess and whining and much easier to un-clip when ready to get out of the car. It makes road trips so much simpler and easier with one of these and the price is very affordable. FYI, I clip it to her harness on the back, never the collar. That's just common sense.

Mighty Paw Safety Belt, Dog Seat Belt, Heavy Duty Hardware Including Tangle-Free Swivel Attachment, Carabiner, and Latch Bar Attachment. Review:

I did much research before I choose this restraint, I have only used this for a week now and I love it - I have it on the shortest length and my 50lb dog can sit comfortably, turn around and lay down yet not reach my front seat middle console which is what I wanted her to stop getting on.

It feels very sturdy, I love that it hooks to the safety bar that child car seats hook too. I use it with the Coastal - Fully Adjustable Easy Rider Nylon Car Harness, I feel much better now that if I were to be in an accident she wouldn't get lost as I have heard happen with many pets, and even in a sudden stop or minor accident they can be tossed in a way and suffer a broken bone. She can sit and look around, or lay down, but stay secure in her spot.
I am very pleased so far with my purchase and highly recommend it, by daughter is going to order one for her dog now.

Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt Safety Leads Vehicle Seatbelt Harness Review:

Updated 1/31/18: I had originally purchased these seat belts in 2016, and they were a literal lifesaver for my dog. My car was totaled when a car going 45mph in the opposite direction crossed lanes and hit us. My dog was wearing her seatbelt and the police and EMTs were shocked that she was ok and didn’t fly through the windshield on impact. They could barely get my door open and I went to the hospital, but my dog was injury free. I just purchased a new set for my new car, and I would recommend these without question to any dog owner!

I got these for my dog for quick trips around town --- she has the bad habit of wanting to jump into the front seat with whoever is sitting there - and since she's 50 lbs, it doesn't really work out.
I bought these based on the price, but what has really blown me away is Vastar's customer service --- they completely went above and beyond, and I would not hesitate to do business with them again.

I got these seat belts a day before expected to arrive, in a soft envelope, so they fit in our mailbox. I was surprised by the speedy shipping!
Unfortunately, having not been restrained at all in the car, my dog did NOT like them and managed to chew both of them apart. I was upset, but figured I spent less than $10, so it was no big deal. I managed to tie two of the ends together (I was surprised they held up in a knot), and used it as a makeshift seatbelt until I could get new ones.

About a week after my purchase, Vastar had emailed me asking about how I liked the product, and if I had any questions. I told them that I was unfortunately unable to really use them, since my dog had destroyed them within the first few days.
I was super impressed that Vastar worked with me to send a replacement belt immediately. They said they wanted me to be satisfied with my purchase, and sent me a new one, with a shipping confirmation. Not only did I receive the new belt in 2 days (it even arrived on a Sunday!), but they sent a 2-pack, rather than just one.

My dog is now used to wearing her seat belt, and I have had zero issues with the replacements. The fact that they went totally above and beyond makes me so glad I purchased these, and will continue buying products from them in the future!

URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt 2 Pack Dog Car Seatbelts Adjustable Pet Seat Belt for Vehicle Nylon Pet Safety Seat Belts Heavy Duty & Elastic & Durable Car Seat Belt for Dogs, Cats and Pets Review:

Not only are these offered at a very reasonable price, they work great and are very high quality. The elasticity is an excellent feature and they secure my pup while also giving him enough mobility to turn around and make himself comfortable during long drives. For reference, he weighs about 45 lbs and is what I'd consider medium sized.

I initially purchased these for a cross country road trip with my pup and am so glad I did! Unfortunately, we got to see them in action.... Someone in front of us stopped very suddenly on the interstate-- their brake lights were out, so by the time I realized they were stopping, I didn't have enough time to slow down gently. Luckily my car has automatic braking but even so, with how suddenly we were forced to stop I don't even want to think about what would have happened to my puppy had he not been fastened to the seat with one of these.

UNIPETTY Dog Seat Belt, Retractable Nlyon Car Leash for Pet Dog Cat, Pet Safety Leads Vehicle Seatbelt, Black- 2 Pack Review:

This is the perfect product to keep our dog safe in the car. We usually have someone hold on to him while we're driving, but were concerned about any sudden stops on a long road trip. Here is the answer! This seatbelt clicks right in to the slot where you place a seatbelt; then the other end clips to the dog's collar or harness. The belt is adjustable to give the dog more or less room to move around on the seat. The bungee is the part that makes it especially safe -- in the case of a sudden stop, the bungee keeps the dog from being thrown, but also keeps the belt from strangling the dog. For us the 2 pack gives us an extra, but even better for a two-dog family. Highly recommend if you do any traveling with your furry members of the family.

Vastar Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Safety Review:

I recently got a new car and found that my dog would accidently hit the buttons in the middle console switching my car into different driving modes. This seat belt solved my issues. I have an 18 pound dog who has never been restrained while driving because he was always very good about staying put, but that changed with my new car. Now I clip him in the back seat with this belt and I have no issues. He got used to it fast. The quality is great tooc ! I saw ones in the pet store that were 3x price but did not have a swivel clip that hooked onto a harness. I was worried about not having the swivel that the leash would easily get twisted up if my dog would not sit still. So I bought this particular seat belt leash because of the price and the swivel clip. I highly recommend it.

Vastar Dog Seat Belt Harness, 2 Packs Pet Dog Seat Belt Leash Adjustable Dog Cat Safety Leads Harness, Vehicle Car Seatbelt Harness for Pets with Elastic Nylon Bungee Buffer for Shock Attenuation Review:

I have absolutely no idea where I would be without this thing. I have a 2015 Toyota Camry and so I was a little bit worried about this fitting just because of some of the other reviews but it fits great. My dog loves to sit in someone's lap when we're driving in the car but that also applies to the driver. So this is awesome because he can still move around in the back but he's also much safer than he would be in the front and definitely much safer than he was in someone's lap. the only thing I don't love is that for me at least it seems like if I have it really tight it doesn't stay that way. So after two or three car rides I typically will have to retighten it so that he can't get up to the front.

Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt | Pet Safety Belt, Created with Human Seatbelt Material. All-Metal Hardware with Adjustable Length Strap. Exceeds Dog Safety Standards. Keep Your Dog Secure in The Car Review:

This seat belt is awesome! We are huge fans of mighty paw products and have had great results with their products. I have tried several over seat belt attachments of other brands in the past and have not had the best experience with them, we had a few that slid around allowing the length to extend. We were very excited knowing mighty paw made a seat belt. This fits perfectly in our 2014 Chevy Silverado clips into the buckle with ease and unbuckles with no problem. I like the fact the color is the orange and black and looks great I think in any vehicle. I love that it has the carabiner clip to attach to my dogs harness with quick easy to attach and remove. The length is adjustable which is nice if you have different size dogs, which for me works for my large and small breed. This belt actually pairs real nicely with the mighty paw sport harness. I am happy that I can trust a product and know my dog is safe and securely buckled in when traveling. If you want a attractive, affordable and well made pet leash I highly recommend you give it a try.