Best Automotive Replacement Shock Lift Supports in 2022

Last update: January 6, 2023

Can trunk lift supports be repaired?

Yes, trunk lift supports can be repaired. The most common repair is to replace the gas struts. Other repairs include replacing the lift supports, brackets, or cables.

Do gas springs wear out?

Gas springs, also known as gas struts, are a type of spring that uses compressed gas to create a force. Gas springs are often used in automotive applications, such as hood and trunk supports, but can also be used in other applications where a linear force is needed. Gas springs are designed to last for many years, but like any other type of spring, they will eventually wear out. The gas inside the spring can leak out, and the spring itself can become worn or damaged. If a gas spring is not working properly, it should be replaced.

How do I know my lift size?

There are a few ways to determine your ideal lift size. The most common and accurate method is to visit a professional bra fitter. They will take your measurements and help you find the right size. Another way to determine your lift size is to use a measuring tape. Measure around your chest, under your arms and over the fullest part of your bust. Use these measurements to find your bra size on a size chart. If you don't have access to a professional fitter or a measuring tape, you can still get a good idea of your lift size by

How do you measure a strut support?

A strut support is typically measured by its width, length, and height. The width is measured at the widest point, the length is measured from the top of the support to the bottom, and the height is measured from the top of the support to the center of the mounting hole.

A-Premium Hood Lift Supports Shock Struts for Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 5500 2002-2010 2-PC Set Review:

The box containing the struts was in fine condition inside, but the exterior box was crushed in on both ends. Installing a 2004 Dodge Ram took little time.I used a pole to support the hood while using a small flat-tipped screwdriver to remove the holding clips on the hood end. Then, using the same procedure on the fender, remove the holding clips. With a "SNAP," the new strut was mounted on the hood end, piston up and chrome shaft down. The fender end of the strut was nearly in the correct position to "SNAP" into place because the hood was nearly as high as it could go with the stick holding it up. The two sides were changed. Now, the hood doesn't risk tumbling to the ground and landing on my innocent head! How long they last will be seen!

Vepagoo 2 Front Hood Gas Lift Supports Struts 4364 Compatible for Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500/4500/5500 Spring Shocks Review:

They install in about 30 seconds if you do it my way [I just hammered the old ones off and hammered the new ones on] and function as expected. At first, they are a touch stiff (which is okay), but a few cycles over a few weeks will loosen them up to an OEM feel.When you release the hood's latch, the hood shoots up quickly at first (again, not a terrible thing), and it takes almost two hands to bring it down the first few times, but after approximately three weeks, they've loosened up.Just be aware that I unintentionally purchased two pairs (no big problem), and that even with my entire weight (260 pounds) on one of them, I am unable to force one of the struts down. I've tried everything, but I still haven't been able to compress them.

Suspa C16-06874 C1606874 17" Gas Prop, Quantity (2), Force 40 Lbs Per Prop, Force Per Set 80 Lbs, Camper Rear Window, Tonneau Cover Lift Supports, Struts, Made in USA Review:

I felt the SnugTop canopy door slam onto my head. Every time I needed a tool, I had to search for it in the farthest corners of the truck bed, climbing in and over a mountain of other items, and then struggle to get out via the canopy door. Things were good on a bright, sunny day, but as soon as it got dark and a little chilly, the canopy door prop rods would unleash its wicked twin. I swear, those props had a mind of their own. Hyde and Jekyll. They would hold the door open, deluding me into thinking I was safe. I would thrust my head into the canopy's back and...WHAM... another gash appeared in my head. The one redeeming grace was that my wife's Mustang trunk lid was suffering from the exact same problem; as a result, I got some light relief from the pain in my brain in the form of humor. My prop rods were finally changed, but I put off fixing hers. I repeatedly observed from the front window as the trunk lid's weight defeated the frail prop rods, then, WHAM, she'd swear like a drunken sailor and throw groceries in the direction of the house (picture Nolan Ryan fastballing a can of green beans) I would laugh like a hyena behind the shelter of the window until I was compelled to change hers as well by threats of violence. A reliable name brand is Suspa. Products that are good, fit exactly like OEM parts, and cost MUCH LESS than what neighborhood box stores demand. great bargain

Apexstone 2pcs 300N/67LB 15inch Gas Spring/Prop/Strut/Shock/Lift Support with L-type Mounts Review:

These were purchased in an effort to let our trailer's bed rise independently so we could access the below storage space. The previous shocks couldn't support the new, larger, and heavier bed we ordered. I installed them in the hopes that they would make up for the added weight. They certainly make it lighter to lift, but ultimately I had to hold it up with a stick. It seems like these were a little too few. The product seems to be of great quality considering the cost. Strong brackets are used. I should have attempted the set of 100 lb each ones that this company makes. For reference, the 20" long original shocks in the pictures. I would advise purchasing a set if you truly have something that is light enough for these to operate on. They are unquestionably powerful. By hand, I was unable to compress them. I'm hoping that what I learned will help you succeed.


I decided to try these bed raise kits after looking at similar products that cost about $70. Yes, there are no directions, but when you have access to the internet, $50 for directions seems a little excessive. These cannot be manually compressed. Actually, I was concerned that I might have a bad set.*You MUST strengthen the material you are screwing to if mounting in an RV or camper. In reality, I screwed the lower bracket to some scrap 2x4 and thru-bolted the top bracket to the bed frame.To install, I lifted the mattress out of the way and supported the storage lid at the desired opening angle. I then designated the holes while holding up the assembled shocks and brackets. I believed it would be strong enough to hold the lid up after installing one, but when I reinstalled our mattress and memory foam topper, the lid would not stay up. It works flawlessly after the second one is installed, however it won't go all the way down on its own. I installed a little hook latch under the bed lip to hold the storage lid down while not in use in order to address this.Overall, I'm really pleased with this significantly less expensive choice. Save your money and avoid purchasing kits that feature "included blocks of wood" or instructions.

SUSPA 24 LB Gas Spring/Prop/Strut/Shock (set of 2) C16-06389NEW Review:

My pickup truck's cargo shell door's struts were slowly failing (particularly in cold weather), which led to the door/window suddenly collapsing and hitting me in the head at the worst possible time. I entered the model and part number that was written on the side of the original struts in the Amazon search bar, and the item appeared. Very simple to install; first take the old ones' metal retaining clips off (doing so will damage them, but new ones come with the new struts). Then, simply snap the new ones into place. Do one side at a time if you don't have a helper. My one error was failing to note that the description was for a pair of two, even though it was very clear that it was, and as a result, I now have one extra set on a shelf in the garage. I could give the additional pair back, but because they are so cheap, I'll just keep them for now.

Suspa C16-08054 C1608054 20" Gas Prop, Quantity (2), Force 100 Lbs Per Prop, Force Per Set 200 Lbs, Camper Rear Window, Tonneau Cover Lift Supports, Window Lift Support, Made in USA Review:

We constructed a hatch to close the floor-to-stairs opening in our loft room. In order to fully close the hatch when it is closed, we required something that would assist in opening the hatch as you up the steps.Finding the proper strut, prop, lift, etc., ought to be a straightforward search, right? Wrong. Finding the ideal one to utilize required a terrible amount of research. They want you to possess a wide range of knowledge. For instance, how much weight does the hatch have, how much effort is required, what is the lift angle, etc. There were so many different numbers that I was really baffled!We ultimately decided to take a chance on this.The figures that mattered most to us are listed below:We needed to know how big the space is where the strut will be when the hatch door is closed (fully depressed size). Therefore, the "strut depressed size" equals the opening of our "hole" (where the strut would go). We gave ourselves roughly 6" of leeway. This measurement, 11.8 inches (300 millimeters), is referred to as the "compressed length" that a strut would need to be.What size can we use the longest with the hatch door open? The slender rod portion was attached to the frame of our hole, and the fat portion was mounted to the hatch door. The rod is 19.7 inches long when fully stretched (500mm). Again, we gave ourselves some leeway.The door weighs around 50 pounds, but we didn't weigh it. I have no notion how much force is required to open and hold it open in pounds. We didn't want a door that was difficult to open, would wear out too quickly, or would slam shut in our faces. This one has a 100 lb force. Here, we just guessed, and it worked out perfectly.This is sold as a two-pack. (I thought that was fantastic in case we needed a backup or messed one up.)On the hatch door, we simply utilized one of these, and it functions flawlessly. It only requires a light push (or pull) from you before the strut completes the task of lifting it open and holding it there until you apply light pressure to close it. In case this one fails, we now have a backup. It's been put to good use, so far.It must be mounted with the door fully open and facing straight up and down, which means the brackets must be placed perfectly across from one another. We installed the strut's top on the door and set it up so that its bottom frame would rest on the floor opening. It will be simple to depress once mounted. (However, we tried to manually depress these; you cannot.)To mount it, we utilized two JR Products BR-1020 10mm Flat Gas Spring Mounting Brackets. They feature a variety of brackets, some of which have edges. This one is flat and set up so that we could position it exactly where we needed it.

Rear Hatch Liftgate Lift Supports Struts Shocks Gas Springs 6156 For 2007-2014 Chevrolet Suburban 1500,2007-2013 Chevrolet Suburban 2500,2007-2014 Chevrolet Tahoe,2007-2014 GMC Yukon,Pack of 2 Review:

They are really inexpensive and do an excellent job. To replace the old ones, the dealer (Bryan Chevy in Metairie, Louisiana) demanded $298. These just cost less than $17 and were easy to repair. The old struts are simply removed by raising the hatch manually, letting something or someone hold it up, and releasing the springs that are keeping them in place. the springs are unaltered while the new ones are installed. It couldn't have been easier and saved $280. There is a video on YouTube.

ApexstoneGas Struts,Gas Springs,Gas Strut,Lift Support,Gas Shocks,Lid Stay,Lid Support,Set of 2 (200N) Review:

These work wonderfully if you need to replace the struts in the toolbox of your truck or vehicle. They went on quickly and unquestionably prevent the lid from closing. Actually, it's almost excessive, but I prefer it that way.If you're unfamiliar with the term "strut," it is defined as "a rod or bar forming part of a framework and designed to resist compression." DO NOT read the "BAD" reviews about how difficult it is to operate these struts. It is a basic mechanical device to assist with opening and closing doors, windows, etc. It's not the product's fault if you don't understand how something works; you should probably check up a video instead. The knowledge is all on the internet.I admit that there aren't really any instructions included with them. You would need a little flat head screwdriver or similar small tool to pull the clip out just enough to remove the pre-assembled components in order to mount them on an existing assembly like I did. If the object you're working on doesn't already have ball-hitch style mounts, you can attach the already-assembled strut mounts to it with screws or other mounting hardware.

Maxpow 2Pcs Tailgate Trunk Liftgate Lift Supports Struts Compatible With Honda Odyssey 2005-2010 Review:

The struts were delivered today, and I just placed them on my 2008 Odyssey to replace the old ones that were barely holding any weight.My initial thoughts are quite favorable. The liftgate opens fully at a respectable rate once I release the latch, thanks to the struts. Although closing the lift gate requires more force than it did with the worn-out old struts, it is still easier than I would have anticipated.The previous struts came off very easily. To remove the old strut, simply pry open the metal clips at each of its anchor points with a medium-sized flat-head screwdriver (while somebody holds the lift gate up, of course). Before removing a second strut, replace the previous one that was removed.A replacement strut was mounted in a matter of seconds. The first connector is simply aligned with the ball mount on the car, and then it is smacked or pressed until it clicks into place. The procedure is the same with the second connector, however to align everything, you might need to rotate the connector and have your assistant slightly raise or lower the lift gate.Odyssey-specific connectors are placed onto each end of the struts. Make sure both ends are fastened on almost all the way before installation. Although you don't need to tighten them, you should check to make sure they aren't screwed out if your strut's connector-to-connector length is too long and there are only a few threads keeping them in place.

How long do lift supports last?

Lift supports are designed to last for the lifetime of your vehicle. However, they may need to be replaced sooner if they are frequently used or subject to extreme temperatures.

How much does it cost to replace liftgate struts?

It costs around $200-$300 to replace liftgate struts. The cost will depend on the make and model of your car.

How often should a lift be replaced?

Lifts should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, depending on how often they are used and how well they are maintained.

How tall is a truck with a 6 inch lift?

A truck with a 6 inch lift is typically about 10-12 inches taller than a stock truck.

What are the things called that hold up your hatchback?

Most cars have four shocks, two in the front and two in the back. These are what hold up your hatchback and help make the ride smoother.

What do strut supports do?

Strut supports are an important part of a car's suspension system. They provide a place for the strut to attach to the car, and they help to support the weight of the car. Strut supports can wear out over time, and they may need to be replaced.