Best Oxygen Sensor Removers in 2020

Carbyne 7/8-inch (22mm) Offset Oxygen Sensor (O2) Socket | 3/8 inch Drive | Chrome Molybdenum Steel | Wire Gate Accesses Sensor from The Side, Preventing Damage to Wires Review:

I used this tool to remove (and later install) the two O2 sensors in my 2002 Civic in the process of replacing the failing catalytic converter. The tool worked just fine, though it took the torque wrench and about 40 ft-lbs of torque to "break" the sensor free. Considering that my spark plugs are installed at 28 ft-lbs, putting this amount of torque on the O2 sensor was scary to say the least... But it worked. FYI, it is impossible to remove the lower O2 sensor from an "original" Honda catalytic converter without this tool because this sensor is in a "recess" which cannot be accessed by a 22mm wrench. This is a very good tool and a a very good price compared to what Autozone wanted.

5Pc Set Oxygen Sensor Socket Wrench and Thread Chaser Set Review:

I used 3 of the 4 pieces in this set, and they all worked flawlessly. I used the 1/2 crowfoot to break it loose, the socket to get it the next few turns, and the thread chaser to clean the manifold threads. I had originally tried a Pittsburgh brand socket style tool, and it spun on the nut. I think there was too much cut out of the socket, and it would only grip 4 sides of the nut. This one worked much better. Btw, I highly recommend using one of the crowfoot pieces to break the sensor free initially. They are heavier duty and generate more torque because of the offset design. Use the socket once you get it free. Good luck with your repairs.

HFS (R Automotive Oxygen Sensor Socket Set (3PCS Socket Set) Review:

Nice set for home use. Fits sensors good but is a little loose on ratchet, still very usable. I used the short crows foot socket and it made quick work removing 2 sensors.
Can't beat the price for a full set with case and its decent quality.

ABN Oxygen 02 Sensor Socket 7-Piece Tool Kit – 22mm (7/8in), 27mm, 29mm – All Vehicle O2 Removal and Installation Review:

I used the tools to remove and install two O2 sensors on my 2003 Buick LeSabre. The sockets were perfect and saved me a lot of money by doing the repair myself. I especially like the quality of the tools. They are very heavy duty and etched to indicate the size. The case is nice to help keep the sockets in place. I recommend them to any professional or home mechanic.

ARES 70692 - Limited Access Thread Chaser - Fits M14 x 1.25mm Size Plugs - Perfect for Spark Plug Holes in Confined and Limited Access Areas Review:

This tool is amazing. I had a spark plug which was seized in my head. I tried to replace it a few years ago as preventive maintenance, but couldnt get it to budge so I avoided it as long as possible. It finally came time to replace the spark plugs after I felt a misfire, so I decided to order this tool knowing my threads would be damaged removing the old spark plug. I finally got the old daged plug out luckily and you could see the almumin on the plug threads from the damaged head. As soon as I put this tool in and got it all the way through the threads, I was able to unthread it by hand. The tool perfectly threaded the head, and the new spark plug went in easily by hand. This tool, combined with heat and PB blaster easily saved me hundreds over tearing apart the engine and putting in a new head

F&L 3pcs Oxygen Sensor Socket 6 Point Wrench 1/2" and 3/8" Drive 7/8" 22mm 3pcs Universal Oxygen Sensor Switch Socket Review:

I really needed this as the O2 sensor was in a tight spot and I would have had to modify an expensive wrench and maybe remove the sensor. This is 7/8" it has 1 socket with a slice it for the wire. it also has to crows feet which you can use a 3/8 or 1/2 ratchet on..I used a few extentions and a 1/2" air impack and it did no damage to the tool. Its not a tool I need every day but it was a lifesaver

ITEQ 5 Pcs Automotive Oxygen Sensor Socket Wrench Removal Tool and Thread Chaser Set Review:

Hit a decent pricepoint, quality, and should do most all O2 sensors since the technology isnt too varied. Wont claim it will do all but most dauly drivers probably use these sizes. Heloed with removal and thread cleaning.