Best Automotive Replacement Power Steering Gear Boxes in 2020

Caltric Steering Sector & Pinion Gear for John Deere D130 D140 D150 D160 D170 Gx21924Ble Review:

My husband was able to repair our lawn mower with these parts.

Stromberg Carlson LG-179015 Fifth Wheel Landing Gear Box, Aluminum Review:

I was out in the middle of nowhere with my 5th wheel Toy Hauler, when the plastic housing on the original Gear Box broke , leaving me in a bit of a pickle because I couldn't lift the trailer enough to get it above the hitch. After some redneck engineering I got it up and on my truck. Called local trailer sales and couldn't believe what they wanted for one, and it was plastic. I wasn't in that much of panic, so left the trailer hooked up to my truck, and I ordered the Stromberg Aluminum housing Gearbox. From what I could find, this is the only type of gearbox that are on all landing gear. Two days later it was delivered, and 20 minutes time to replace it, then bam, I have working landing gear again. I did order an extra for a backup just in case. As much as I use the trailer this one should last for many years, but I figure at this price, it is great insurance. Highly Recommend getting an Aluminum Stromgerg.

EZGO TXT 2001+ Golf Cart Steering Gear Box Assembly Review:

Just the part I needed to fix the steering on the golf cart. It was slipping a tooth on the rack from wear over the years, and with a bit of liquid wrench to remove the old assembly, this new one popped right into place. One thing that was not obvious until I tried to steer was that the length of the arm that connects to wheel/tie-rod is adjustable. I had to extend the arm about 1 inch or so to allow the cart to steer equal amounts in both directions. Before it would only turn far to the right and barely to the left. This may be a different amount depending on the model of golf cart, and I just measured the amount of extension from the old steering gearbox.

No complaints so far. The steering is as good as an Alfa Romeo, which also doesn't have power steering, to save weight of course.

Dorman 83221 HELP! Rack and Sector Gear Kit Review:

This is the exact replacement for the '75 Chev pickup with non-tilt column even though it is not listed as what it fits. Make sure the metal pin it mounts on is not stuck in the old gear. If so, use a small punch to lightly punch it out of the old gear, then lightly tap it back into the steering column carefully so as not to break off the tiny ball on the end. a roll pin that will freely go over the ball and catch the shoulder will work. Snap the new gear on the pin and assemble.

Detroit Axle - Complete REMAN Power Steering Gear Box Assembly - for Chevrolet and GMC Trucks Review:

I've been using this for about six months now, several thousand miles. Works just as described. It's the gearbox and that's it. Came pointing the right way, slapped a delco pitman on it, greased it up, and bolted it in. Super easy, good threads, clean unit. Would buy again.

Detroit Axle - Complete Power Steering Gear Box Assembly- for Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC Truck's… Review:

2001 Ram 1500 4X4 1500 5.2L - Added this and an HD Steering Gear Stabilizer Bar - What a huge difference - no more sway and very tight steering.

ACDelco 36G0158 Professional Steering Gear without Pitman Arm, Remanufactured Review:

I've reluctantly used reman steering boxes in the past with very mixed results from having to swap out as many as 2 to 3 times to obtain a properly setup unit. Invariably I always dreaded resorting to remans regardless of brands - there weren't always good hints from the condition of the exterior.

In the past 20yrs for my own vehicles as well as a couple of friend's that I've serviced for them, I experienced high success with using low mileage salvage yard units. But now the all of this era steering boxes are getting pretty long in tooth & even if low mileage could be found, it's time for seals and a good bench flush & adjust.

This unit came packaged well (& as pictured!!!!), nice paint job, threaded hydraulic line plugs, all spines clean & intact!!!!!!, Orings, and good installation instructions/tips. Nothing like the usual result of years of roughly piling cores in scrap yards.
Quick bench check of of specs it was right on. Once installed, it's as quiet as a new unit.

Important Recommendations (4): 1) I installed with a low mileage power steering pump (from a salvage motor I had left over). Suggest ACDelco new / first choice if lots of miles or without periodic fluid changes; and 2) thoroughly flushed system prior to replacing unit. 3) Used my mighty vac to bleed system twice. Once after filing and idling, 2nd after turning lock to lock 5 times. Used latest GM updated power steering fluid for this year vehicle - 2001 Jimmy RWD. And you might want to chase the mounting hole threads to clear the paint.
4) Be sure to get the final fluid level accurate after coming up to operating temperature (may need to turn lock to lock a few more times).

Cardone 27-7565 Remanufactured Power Steering Gear Review:

I don't get all the one-star reviews on this. If it is the wrong fitment, you didn't do your research! Stripped out your pitman arm....yeah, right. With the Cardone core/rebate check, it makes this purchase pretty much zero-cost. Installation was relatively easy...if you have the right tools. I'd buy this again for my Early-'99 F250 4WD SuperDuty. Definitely firmed up the steering again!