Best Automotive Replacement Transmission Valve Body Kits in 2022

Last update: November 18, 2022

Can you clean a transmission valve body?

Yes, you can clean a transmission valve body, but it is not a easy task. You will need to remove the valve body from the transmission, and then disassemble it. Clean all of the parts with a degreaser, and then reassemble the valve body.

Can you rebuild a transmission valve body?

A transmission valve body is a major component of an automatic transmission. It houses the valves that control the flow of transmission fluid and the pressure at which it is delivered to the transmission components. If the valve body becomes damaged, it can cause major problems with the transmission. In some cases, it may be possible to rebuild the valve body, but it is often more cost-effective to simply replace it.

How can I make my automatic transmission stronger?

There are a number of ways that you can make your automatic transmission stronger. One way is to upgrade the transmission fluid to a higher quality or synthetic option. This will help to ensure that the transmission fluid is able to properly lubricate the transmission components and help to prevent wear. Another way to make your automatic transmission stronger is to install a transmission cooler. This will help to keep the transmission fluid cooler, which will in turn help to prevent transmission failure. Finally, you can also install a transmission filter kit to help to remove any debris or contaminants that could potentially damage the transmission.

How do I know if I need new valve body?

If your car is shifting hard, slipping out of gear, or the transmission is not working properly, you may need a new valve body. The valve body is the part of the transmission that controls the flow of transmission fluid and directs the gears to engage. A bad valve body can cause major transmission problems. If you are experiencing any of these problems, it is best to take your car to a mechanic or transmission specialist to have it checked out.

Koauto Remanufactured 4 Speed Automatic Transmission Valve Body For VW Jetta Golf Beetle Tested Review:

My 2004 2.0 Jetta GLS's OEM VW valve body for 01M gearboxes fit well and functions flawlessly. When the part was delivered, the clip on one of the solenoids was broken in half, but everything else fit perfectly and functions as it should. bought to fix a P0743 error code and a gear-locking automobile. Although my car still shifts between second and third gear a touch harshly, I believe this is due to high mileage and somewhat worn clutches. It's crucial to understand that, depending on your problem, you NEED to reset the TCM in the car after the valve body has been replaced. even more so if you toss a code like mine. If the TCM isn't reset, the car won't know how to readjust or exit "safe mode" and will instead stay in third gear, which over time might damage your transmission. Fortunately, I have a friend who has VAG-COM software, and he helped me reset the TCM in only a few minutes. I'll let you know if anything changes. Overall, even with the need to locate a VAG-COM, this part's cost is less than half of the transmission shop's $1300 estimate. Hope this is useful to someone!

Shift Rite Transmissions replacement for TAAT 1993-2002 SATURN VALVE BODY REMANUFACTURED 1.9L S SERIES MP6 MP7 Shift Rite TAAT Review:

A 1999 Saturn SC2 Automatic had trouble shifting and occasionally slammed into reverse. After the 2018 winter, my trans usually needs maintenance every 50k miles or so. At 216k miles, I believed my transmission was beyond repair because I had performed the majority of the straightforward repairs on my own, with the exception of changing flushes and similar tasks. With the proper equipment and a rebuilt valve body, all the problems were resolved in about three hours. Although the onboard computer has a 50/50 chance of winning the PCM relearn procedure, mine solved all problems in a 20-mile trip. This is your best option if you're having trouble shifting in 2nd and overdrive and don't want to disassemble the entire valve body. Make sure to save your manual lever after installation if it works!

ZF6HP26 6hp26 Transmission Valve Body Seal Kit Review:

You should probably replace the huge two-ported gasket that usually leaks and delays shifts in the ZF 6HP26 if you're going to be removing the valve body. Although these four seals are equally necessary, they are rarely discussed and rarely go wrong. Replace them while you're in there; they're cheap. The painted ends won't cause any issues with a trans with carbon clutch packs that can handle 600 HP, so don't worry about them. It won't do any harm if the rubber gets a little paint on it.

APDTY 133631 TTVA Transmission Throttle Valve Actuator Fits 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500 w/ 5.9L Cummins Diesel w/ 48RE Automatic Transmission (Replaces 53041140AB) Review:

On eBay, the least expensive MOPAR actuator as of 6/3/19 costs $188. At $90, the generic actuator was literally half the price. The factory actuator is stamped to indicate that it is a Siemens product. On this universal unit, the space designated for a stamp is left empty. For all I know, China is where this item is mass made. In either case, the device performs as intended. The replacement took roughly 10 minutes, and the truck's transmission could remain in place. Be aware that a consumer-level scan tool will not be able to remove the DTCs that are caused by a defective actuator. Only a professional scan tool can do this. Knowing this is crucial since the ECM won't send the 5 volt signal to turn on the actuator until the codes have been removed. This implies that until the codes have been removed, you CANNOT complete the 30-second calibration procedure to activate the actuator. For $52, I paid a trans shop to perform the calibration and clear the codes. Even with the combined expenditures, a single MOPAR actuator was still less expensive.

Shift Rite Transmissions replacement for 97-UP 5R55E 4X4 Valve Body Transgo Updated 5R44E Shift Rite Review:

Short version: My truck entered "limp mode" and threw numerous O2 sensor and trouble codes, including a blinking overdrive light. went online and found that the shift solenoids were the problem. I placed the order for the valve body with shift kit and installed it on Saturday morning. Trucks are once again operating and moving smoothly! If you only take your time, then this task is not difficult.


This was recently placed on a 1997 Chevy Express van. I was quite anxious to start disassembling my transmission and replacing internal components. I'm just your standard shady mechanic. But after viewing a video on YouTube, I had the necessary confidence to carry it out. My 4L60E transmission has a design flaw where the valve body bore wears out and causes a pressure drop. The computer then applies greater pressure, which results in a condition known as a hard shift. This is a typical issue, and the vehicle has 86,000 miles on it. Additionally, a code 1870 transmission sliding and the service engine soon indicator may appear. This tractor receives the necessary servicing and upkeep. As soon as I saw the code 1870 for tranny sliding, I started to panic. When I initially purchased this vehicle in 1999, I installed an aftermarket oil pan. It can accommodate 3 more quarts of liquid. Additionally, it features a drain plug, making maintenance simple. I upgraded my original tcc valve with a Tecpak tcc valve. The valve body wasn't taken out by me. You can accomplish it too if you adhere to the video instructions on YouTube. I'm not going to lie; it's hard to get that retainer clip off. Just be patient and take your time. At the same time, I replaced the solenoids for the a

How do you fix a sticky transmission valve?

There are a few ways to fix a sticky transmission valve, but the most common and effective way is to replace the valve body.

How many solenoids are in a transmission?

There are generally between 4 and 6 solenoids in a transmission. The number can vary depending on the specific vehicle and transmission type. The solenoids are responsible for controlling the flow of transmission fluid and help to engage and disengage the various gears in the transmission.

How much does it cost to change a transmission solenoid?

The cost to change a transmission solenoid will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, the average cost is between $200 and $300.

How much does it cost to replace a transmission valve body assembly?

A transmission valve body assembly controls the flow of transmission fluid throughout the transmission. Over time, the valve body assembly can become worn or damaged, causing transmission problems. Replacing the transmission valve body assembly can be expensive, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $1,200 for a new transmission valve body assembly.

Is it cheaper to rebuild or replace a transmission?

There isn't really a definitive answer, as it depends on the severity of the damage and the cost of parts. In general, though, it is usually cheaper to rebuild a transmission than to replace it.

Should I replace valve body or transmission?

You're driving along and suddenly your car starts to act funny. The gears are slipping and it's hard to get your car to go into the right gear. You know that it's time for a transmission repair, but you're not sure whether you should replace the valve body or the transmission. Here are a few things to consider that can help you decide which option is best for you. The first thing you need to do is figure out what is causing the problem. If the problem is with the valve body, then replacing it should fix the issue. However, if the problem