Best Trailer Tire & Wheel Assemblies in 2022

Last update: January 13, 2023

18x8.50-8 with 8x7 White Assembly for Golf Cart and Lawn Mower (Set of 4) Review:

I could hear a squeak emanating from the cart's back tire. I got this new set of 4 with the tires already installed on new wheels after a buddy indicated it might be the result of a worn tire. They arrived in a sizable box, which I opened before mounting the wheels and tires. The squeak disappeared, and I probably spent less on new tires than on a dealer diagnosis.They have sleek white wheels and an excellent tread pattern, giving them a premium appearance. I was quite happy with the ordering process (they arrived to me in the 6 or 7 days that the seller claimed), the price, and the quality.

Set of 2 12" Trailer Tires Rims 530-12 5.30-12 5.30 x 12 LRC 5 Lug/4.5" Hole Bolt White Spoke Wheel Review:

I was happy to learn that both tires were produced this year, just six months ago. Date code is in the images. The first two numerals represent the week of the year, followed by 19 for the manufacturing year. They are 6 ply load range C tires, however I didn't know that meant there are only 2 plys in the sidewalls.These tires come in the Eco Trail model.

Set of 2 Trailer Tire + Rim 13" White Spoke Trailer Wheel with bias ST175/80D13 Tire Mounted (5x4.5) bolt circle Review:

Good pricing, nice wheel and tire, and nice shipment made me very delighted with my wheel and tire. However, be aware that the wheel size may differ if your trailer is older. I mistakenly believed that all 13-inch wheels with a 5-bolt, 4-inch pattern would be of a common wheel type and size, however this is not the case. These were bought for my vintage 1972 EZLoader boat trailer. The hub's ring size is greater, and the hub's recess depth is different. The ring size made them more difficult to bolt on, and the depth difference caused the tires to scrape against the inside edge of the outside of the fender. I'll be able to easily change my fenders, so I'm still pleased with my purchase. Thanks

Motorhot Trailer Tire + Rim 4.80-12 480-12 4.80 X 12 12" 5 Lug White Wheel Spoke Mounted 5x4.5 bolt circle - 2 pcs Review:

At Fleet Farm, one of them costs $100. On Amazon, two for about $75. Amazing. totally new. sent directly to me. They are already inflated to the desired pressure, and the tread is excellent. They have already accumulated about 500 kilometres from duck hunting. Excellent purchase. These are definitely recommended!

15" White Spoke Trailer Wheel with Bias ST205/75D15 Tire Mounted (5x4.5) bolt circle Review:

Nice rim and tire combination. If you are picky about scratches, the boxing is good (which doesn't bother me on something like this). I'm using it as a backup, but I would never second-guess using it to drive down the road. If you want your spoke designs to match, pay attention. A five-bolt circle can also be a little challenging. You can check your existing bolt pattern by downloading a bolt pattern checker, printing it in full scale, and laying it across it. The information is CORRECT and exactly as stated in the description. Offset is the "standard" for trailers; for a measurement, visit Lowes. If your trailer is a half-breed and has car tires or rims, you should definitely inspect this.PS. [To respond to the prior post:] Although I did not check the tire's age, it is BRAND NEW and FRESH. Do not forget that you are NOT "racing" with these tires.

Two Trailer Tires On Rims ST205/75D15 F78-15 205/75-15 LRC 5 Lug White Spoke Review:

When I looked around, $400 was the cheapest price I could find to re-tire my used 14' stock trailer with my worn-out, rusted-out rims. They were tires made in China. Unless I paid extra, there was no warranty. They guy told me I might need to buy valves IF NEEDED because one of my tires had a tube in it. Additionally, he omitted the sales tax. I needed four, and if I ordered them online, I could keep my best, most-used tire and rim as a spare. These were ordered and delivered to Kansas in 5 days. Make sure the lug nuts are oiled. I put the new ones in in an hour and took the old ones off at the age of 69. I received a two-year warranty that I hope I never have to use, saved $150, and kept my old tires and rims for spares. My red standard trailer is now equipped with white wagon wheel tires. Thorton looks good. Randolf is in a good mood.

Motorhot 13" ST175-80D13 LRC ET Bias Trailer Tire 5 Lug 6 Ply Spare Rubber Tires with White Spoke Steel Wheel Pack of 2 Review:

Great-looking tires, but I purchased the wrong size, and returning them would have cost me $45... If you're interested in some 13-inch trailer tires, send me a message. I'll probably list them on Facebook Marketplace.

Roadstar 2 New Trailer Tires & Rims 4.80-12 480-12 4.80 X 12 12" 4 Lug Wheel White Spoke -P811 Review:

They'll get the job done, but when I got them, they weren't finished. For under $80 you'd think they could have finished painting the interior of the wheels, but the paint is so thin that you can see the metal underneath.I need to seal these wheels as tightly as possible against the salt's corrosive nature because they will frequently come into contact with salt water.Before I could place the wheels on my boat trailer, I had to purchase paint and complete the project.

AutoForever 2pcs Trailer Tires & Rims ST205/75D15 F78-15 205/75-15 15" 5 Lug 4.5" Wheel White Spoke Review:

Excellent price, no need to haggle at a tire store with an almost 200% markup. When they were delivered to my door, I jacked up my trailer, used my compressor and air wrench to remove the old rims and tires, and installed the new ones on my trailer in 15 minutes.By the way, the technician told me you didn't need to balance trailer tires, but I did it nonetheless to ensure even wear over time for $20 ($5.00 each) at Costco. Thank you, Amazon, for simplifying my life.

LoadStar 5-hole 12" x4" Red & Blue Pin Stripe White Spoke Trailer Wheel and Tire 5.30-12 6PLY Review:

I ordered on a Friday afternoon, it arrived on a Monday, and I had it on a Thursday thanks to Southwest Wheel's efficient shipping. I was concerned since FedEx neglected to update the tracking, making it appear as though it had never shipped, but that is their fault. Since it doesn't match my trailer, it doesn't matter if the one I got has the red and blue stripe or not. I just needed a quick, inexpensive spare and couldn't find one locally, so this was the ideal fit.