Best Soldering Tips in 2020

6PCS Soldering Tips for Weller ST Series Tip Replace Weller ST7 WLC100,SP40L / SP40N and WP25, WP30, WP35 Irons Tips Review:

These soldering tips are very well made. They come in 6 pieces with all different shapes. All tips fit perfectly into my soldering iron and have nicely finished edges. They are definitely made of high quality materials. They heat up way faster than my other tips. Only a few seconds, there you have a smooth flow soldering. I really like the shapes of all the tips. They are just the right side to tackle any tasks. Also, these tips are very easy to clean. Just like litte wipe on thedamp sponge.they are like brand new again

6pcs Replacement Tips Weller ET Soldering Iron Tips for WES51/50,WESD51,WE1010NA,PES51 / 50,LR21 ET Tip Series (6PCS-02) Review:

These are well made and ready to use with standard lead-free solder right out of the package. Installation into my Weller solder station was painless and easy, taking less than a minute having never changed the tip before.

That said, if you are used to using the default tip that came with your solder station, you should be aware that these tips are much, much finer than the included one. The tip comes to a point comparable to a needle, and getting solder to stick to the very tip is very difficult. It likes to bead up a good 3-6 mm back, which makes applying it to a flat surface quite tricky.

Ended up grinding down the tips on a few of them to make them easier to use for me. Again, not a problem with the product, just something to be aware of if you're just looking for a replacement for the included tip.

ShineNow ST Series Soldering Tip for Weller WP25, WP30,WLC100,SP40L,SP40N and WP35 Irons Tips 5pcs Pack Review:

My kid (15 years old) and I have gotten into modding electric guitars. A perfect mom-and-son project, btw. The jobs call for fine solder connections, and as much as we love our soldering iron, the tips it came with are for different work. This set gives us multiple options for fine work. We have put them to the test and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. These tips are good quality and should last us through many pedal mods and frankenguitars. Who knows? We may even get into circuit bending next.

GeToo ST Series Soldering Tip for Weller WLC100, WP25, WP30, SP40L,SP40N and WP35 Irons Tips, Set of 5 Shapes Review:

I have only used one of the tips and it performs mostly as expected. I needed the untrafine tip for solder led leads. Even though I repeatedly tinned the tip, solder applied just above the tip (on the body) would not flow down to the very tip. My soldering skills are not the best, but overrall the tip helped me accomplish my task.

LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit | Cordless Self-Igniting Adjustable Flame 7-Tip Set | Pro Grade 125-Watt Equivalent (LX-770) Review:

I really liked the overall kit idea... I've been looking for a mini torch for some time. I had read many customer reviews for several brands and models. I'm a hobbyist, handyman, and professional I searched for reviews based on my own circumstance.
I ordered the Lexivon butane torch a received the package a day earlier than estimated....good start.
I myself mistakenly ordered at the same time, a can of typical butane fuel... basically meant for lighters.
I was happy with the overall design and quality of the unit and all the tips provided. It was easy to set up and functioned very well from the first day. I soldered bronze sheet metal and copper wire chain,I also anealed copper wire for some projects.
After some time, the torch wouldn't stay lit when using solering tips. I contacted Lexivon thru thier web site customer service link. Their response was imidiate. My problem was quickly diagnosed within one email. Turned out to be user error...quality torches require filtered butane. The customer service rep was sending me messages throughout the weekend to ensure my problem was solved, that the torch was functioning properly, and on every occation, suggested if need be, he would send out a new kit entirely.

I found the torch an excellent addition to my workbench, and combined with the outstanding customer service, it's now one of my favorite hand tools

I would not hesitate to buy any tool Lexivon has to offer.

Solder Tips 6pcs for Weller ET Soldering Iron, Replacement Tips for WES51/50,WESD51,PES51 / 50,WE1010NA WCC100 LR21 ET Tip Series (6PCS-01) Review:

I bought this set for my analog Weller soldering station. My station came with only one medium tip. This set covered me for much smaller soldering (I.E. a 20x20 RC Flight Controller), and for larger soldering (I.E. 12 ga. wire for battery leads on a 30x30 Flight controller. Seems to be good quality, tip is staying nice and shiney without any weirdness, just like the stock Weller tip.

7135W Tip - Weller Soldering Tips - Replacement for 8200 & 8200PK Soldering Guns Review:

I have been buying these since I was a kid in the 50's and aside from the fact they are now fully tinned (instead of bare copper) they are the same as always..

I recently found an original Weller soldering gun at an estate sale (made in the USA) just like I had as a kid, cleaned it up, put a new tip on it and it works perfectly. Best soldering tool ever made.