Best Service Carts in 2022

Last update: November 12, 2022

R&B Wire 200F Large Capacity Wire Laundry Cart, 4.5 Bushel, Chrome Review:

This was purchased for a basement laundry area where the washer and dryer are separated by a laundry chute. This item, which is large enough to accommodate four people's laundry for at least a week, is ideal in my opinion. incredibly well-made and simple to assemble. The wheels and four screws for the basket should only be installed. Normally, I would leave it to my husband, but I had no trouble putting it together. However, because it is so heavy, I will undoubtedly need assistance moving it downstairs. The delivery man actually pulled it into my house for me. arrived really quickly, too. According to Amazon's estimate, I ordered it on Sunday, and it arrived on Wednesday, much sooner than expected. Although you probably wouldn't want to take any stairs with it, I highly recommend this if you have laundry that needs to be moved a considerable distance.

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, Black Review:

To haul firewood around the yard, I purchased this cart. The terrain is uneven and sloping both in the woodland and around the house. At our ages, a wheelbarrow is becoming too difficult for us to handle. The solution is in this cart. It is a little difficult to pull loaded up a hill, but it is significantly better than a wheelbarrow and holds more. This is a reliable wagon or cart. It took me less than an hour to put this together, and that included two stops to look for different-sized open ended wrenches while also attending to dinner. The secret to putting this together in about 30 minutes is to gather all the necessary tools and bolts and nuts before you start. Use the cardboard packaging as protection for your knees or the floor. Place the plastic bed on its side to begin. It can be put together lot faster if you have a helper, one on each side of the bed. The "dump" feature pulls to empty and pushes back in to lock. The trailer can be tied to and dragged by the lawn mower when the draw handle is simply removed. Bolts are all labeled by section number on a single cardboard sheet with good visual direction. Yes, you can put this together with ease. Our favorite!We had a boy scout troop come and move some wood on May 29, 2016. They all expressed great interest in this for the forest work and had numerous inquiries about the weight restriction, price, etc. They love it and want one for their group.Update from November 2017: This device is still very functional. It has no obvious damage despite being constantly left outside in the wet NW. Utilize it still today to move kids, hay bales, or wood! I still adore it.Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart, Black, 1200 lb Capacity, 2-In-1 Convertible Handle

WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity 40 by 17-Inch Service Utility Cart Review:

Utility carts are a staple in my home. This cart comes in handy whether I need to move luggage for visitors, unpack a lot of groceries or other purchases, move equipment around the house for home projects, or move a lot of goods from one part of the house to another.Equipment required for assembly:Ratchet or wrench tooltool for Phillips screwsUse a rubber mallet to firmly install the utility tray.Meeting time:one hourThe directions were simple and easy to understand. There are two fixed wheels and two swivel wheels. Put the revolving wheels closer to the handle or utility tray if you want precise cornering and maneuverability. if you desire more authority. Select the opposite side of the handle/utility tray for the rotating wheels.The cart seems sturdy and has a strong structure. The bins contain pre-molded regions with interconnecting slots that provide the cart extra stability. Very little noise is made by the wheels as they glide softly and comfortably. The wheels' non-marring construction makes them useful for moving across hardwood floors.Tiny compartments on the utility tray allow for easy access to and storage of small tools, nuts, bolts, screws, and other objects. The lower tray is about 19.5 inches tall. Given the construction and heavy-duty wheels, a lot of stuff can be transported, and the cart is stable.Even though this is meant for level terrain, I can use my utility ramps to cross the front porch or enter the garage.I've been happy with the sturdy design overall. My second utility cart for the house is this one.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility/Service Cart, Small, Lipped Shelves, Standard Handle, 500 lbs. Capacity, for Warehouse/Garage/Cleaning/Manufacturing (FG9T6600BLA) Review:

Use the trolley for detailing vehicles.I'm sick of having to enter and exit the garage each time I detail a car to retrieve different items.I've now placed my necessities on a cart and am standing beside my car.Another option is to place an orbital polisher, tornador, or extraction tool on top, where it will be accessible and won't drag on the ground.This cart is well-built.appears unbreakable.Two shelves provide ample space between them to place heavier objects at the bottom.If you do it yourself, mounting the wheels is a little tricky but manageable. Use a ratchet and a long-handled slotted screwdriver whenever possible. Even better, have two persons there, with one holding the wheels and screwdriver while the other ratchets.Definitely need at least one locking caster; otherwise, cart might run off on a minor incline or, worse, might collide with your car.At Home Depot, I tried to purchase a locking caster. A pair of 5 inch locking casters were tested.The mounting holes for the casters are conventional, however one type of locking caster's lock got in the way of the wheel's clearance, and another type of locking caster's wheel wouldn't pass the bottom of the cart, thus neither type of locking caster allowed the wheels to turn.A lack of locking caster can be troublesome for detailed purposes, but you could probably rig up something to make one fit if you were that interested. Must be incorporated.Otherwise, the cart is great.

MaxWorks 80384 Black and Gray Two-Tray Service/Utility Cart With Aluminum Legs And 4" Diameter Swivel Castors Review:

Unexpectedly tall for its size, the three-shelf trolley. Although I might see it as a problem if you're not paying attention to the proportions, for me and my shop, that's a positive.A rubber mallet is required for assembly. Legs and caster holders are the components that fit together via compression. It fits really tightly and compressively. You won't be able to manually push the components together since they won't come apart. The solution is a few taps with the mallet. You shouldn't be scared of it, but you also shouldn't swing the mallet around like a sledgehammer. I gave them a little more lubricant (WD-40 or silicone spray) to help them fit together more easily.You'll be able to tell how nicely it's made once it's put together (it took me about twenty minutes). robust and useful. Because of the weight carrying, at first I wanted a steel cart. Plastic may be brittle or exhibit excessive flex. I'm happy I "decided" on this cart, though. Every day, I'll choose it over steel because it doesn't rust and is both light and durable for movement. What is there to dislike? Nothing comes to mind.

WEN 73004 500-Pound Capacity 36 by 24-Inch Extra Large Service Utility Cart Review:

Overall good utility cart, but I had to change the mounting for the casters to make it swivel correctly. The M8 carriage bolts, split lock washers (yup, they used those), and hex nuts used to mount the casters caused two connected problems.1. Split lock washers are a complete failure in terms of engineering. When it comes to preventing bolts and nuts from falling loose, they are really worse than using no washers. Do yourself a favor and replace the split lock washers and standard hex nuts that come with this kit with Nylock nuts if you intend to use this as a highly movable cart rather than a primarily immobile set of shelves. The carriage bolts have a thread size of M8 (1.25). If you try to over-tighten the normal hex nuts to keep them from coming undone and neglect the split lock washers, you'll probably round off the square base of the carriage bolt in the plastic shelf before you get it tight enough.2. No matter how it was adjusted, one of the swivel casters on mine was unable to revolve 360 degrees without colliding with at least one of the nuts. The interference was reduced by replacing the included plain M8 Nylock nuts with smaller 13mm hex OD standard M8 Nylock nuts instead of the larger 9/16" hex nuts that come with this cart (despite having an M8 thread). With the help of these, I was able to fix it so that only one nut just barely touched the swiveling caster, but even then, I had to grind down the area of the stamped steel plate that was touching the nuts in order to make it actually spin freely.If the product came with Nylock nuts out of the box and the caster did not need to be filed down, I would rate it five stars.

Olympia Tools 85-188 3 Shelf Collapsible Service Cart -Heavy Duty -Each Shelf Supports up to 50 lbs-Foldable Design for Easy Storage and Mobile Transport Review:

The BEST item I've purchased in the previous 12 months is this one.I initially bought this because I wanted a solution to transport my personal belongings from one location to another in the least number of journeys. I wanted something that would require the least amount of storage space and be easy for me to lift into and out of my car. Additionally, I didn't want to spend a fortune.MY hopes WERE surpassed by THIS cart.Assembly: It arrived fully put together. I was able to utilize it as soon as I took it out of the package. Nothing needed to be snapped together, or any nuts or bolts tightened.Size: I had anticipated that this would be larger. One thing is to look up the measurement description online. If you're anything like me, you read the specs and "think" you know how big it is—but you're never right. You should actually see what 15 inches by 26 1/8 inches and 34 inches tall look like by getting a yardstick or measuring tape. In spite of the fact that the product is smaller than I anticipated, I am still really happy with it.Quality: The cart has been carefully designed and is constructed of durable plastic and metal components. I wheeled this cart 500 yards after loading it with roughly 120 pounds of craft stuff. The shelves didn't budge or sag. The hardwood, carpet, and concrete floors were all neatly moved by the wheels. In order to lock the wheels once I arrived, I did so.Travel: The cart is reasonably lightweight on its own. It was easy for me to fold and carry into my car on my own. The size of the cart allowed me to put it into my car on its side, taking up the least amount of interior space possible. I was able to pack around it because of this, and my view was unhindered.Storage: I can fold the cart up and keep it against the wall in my garage when it's not in use. When collapsed, it occupies a floor space of approximately 15 inches by 8 inches. It's so lightweight that I could definitely hang it up on the wall with a couple hooks!Function: I can imagine myself using this service cart for a variety of gatherings, including craft fairs, family reunions, office potlucks, team outings, etc.I wholeheartedly endorse this cart! Great Price, Great Quality.

Rubbermaid Commercial Traditional Janitorial 3-Shelf Cart, Wheeled with Zippered Yellow Vinyl Bag, Black, FG617388BLA Review:

purchased a 4400 square foot home with just myself as the cleaner. ...HELP! I knew keeping this house clean would be the end of me after rushing back and forth to the laundry room so many times to obtain a new Swiffer, additional paper towels, or the proper size scrub brush. stole the cleaning cart idea from a hotelier. Although this Rubbermaid is durable and practical, its length makes it challenging to maneuver in small spaces. I really wish Rubbermaid would make a version of this that is "residential" but doesn't have the massive mop bucket platform out front. For their houses, I believe many people would prefer a smaller, more affordable version of this. However, this commercial one has resolved my issue and greatly simplified my life! In fact, I'm grateful for that.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Heavy Duty 3-Shelf Rolling Service/Utility/Push Cart, 200 lbs. Capacity, Black, for Foodservice/Restaurant/Cleaning (FG342488BLA) Review:

Actually, I got this to keep a lot of photography equipment on so I could carry it around from room to room effortlessly. Once it was loaded, I realized I needed another. This is a sturdy object. I was not hesitant to purchase my own because I have used them at past companies and am aware of how durable they are. However, I do require a second one since, for MY needs, the top shelf is the only one that is truly practical for storing camera bags that I will be entering and opening. The remaining 2 shelves are ideal for keeping the countless other components and pieces of photography gear, such as bean bags, tripods and accessories, and lighting items. I'm pretty thrilled to have it.

Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts Steel Utility Garden Wagon, 400 lb. Load Capacity, 21-3/4" Height x 34" Length x 18" Width Review:

We do a lot of gardening, and for years I simply ignored the thought of a garden cart since I was aware of how much the Radio Flyer models with the large all-terrain wheels cost. However, this year while moving rock for renovating our garden beds, my husband tore a tendon in his wrist, so we had to make arrangements for me to pick up the slack as I am unable to move 50 kg sacks of rock over long distances. I looked into garden cart choices and was delighted to find one like this that was so similar to the nursery carts but had sides! Good news: the sides are detachable and drop down. We could continue our gardening before the true heat hits if I had chosen this one because it was the quickest to arrive with 2 day prime shipping.DesignThe option for the drop-down sides is AMAZING. I found it quite helpful to unload the bags after I had loaded and transported them to the designated location in the yard. They are quite simple to use and take off! If you just put them down, they do make a little noise on the wheels, so if you need the cart to be a flatbed, I would suggest taking them off. The wheels perform well on any surface! Since our yard is a bit of a mess while we work, it had to travel over hoses, heaps of weeds that had been removed, and various other uneven surfaces.Weight capacity I did not test the weight capacity's top bounds. We put 250 pounds worth of rock sacks inside, but given that they were already wet, they probably weighed considerably more. The fact that the cart had no problems holding it let me know that it was capable of doing more. That was all we could do because the problem was that I couldn't pull any further.AssemblyOn this one, the instructions may use some improvement. They only provided a few pictures, along with written instructions underneath, so it wasn't a real step-by-step with pictures. That would be acceptable if the photographs weren't so tiny. We were still squinting to attempt to figure out what went where and with what pieces even though we are not elderly or have any form of eye problems. But even though it took a little longer than it should have, we succeeded.odor - tiresI've read some reviews that mention the tire odor, and I can confirm that they are true. They are very awful! Even before we opened the package, there was a smell, and it was really potent. But after putting everything together, we took it outdoors to air out. We store it outside the home, so I didn't have a problem, and the stench went away after a few days.In general, I'm extremely happy with this buy! Wish we had looked into and discovered this a few years earlier! It will undoubtedly be put to good use in our home every year as we work to make our garden beds better!