Best Ski & Snowboard Car Racks in 2022

Last update: December 20, 2022

Are Thule racks worth the money?

If you're looking for a top-quality roof rack, Thule is a great option. The company's racks are well-designed, durable, and easy to install. They're also quite expensive, so you'll want to consider whether the extra cost is worth it for your needs.

Can you attach skis to roof rack?

Yes, you can attach skis to a roof rack. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common is to use ski straps. These straps can be looped around the skis and then attached to the roof rack. This will keep the skis securely in place while you are driving.

Can you drive with an empty Thule?

Yes, you can drive with an empty Thule box on your roof. You'll just need to make sure that the box is properly secured to your roof rack.

Can you go through a carwash with a Thule?

Yes, you can go through a carwash with a Thule. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. First, make sure that your Thule is properly secured to your vehicle. Second, avoid high pressure or brush carwashes, as they can damage your Thule or your vehicle. Finally, make sure to dry your Thule off afterwards to prevent rusting.

Tool Racks For Garage Walls- Wall Holders For Tools - Wall Mount Tool Organizer- Wall Mount Tools Home & Garage Storage System - Steel Gear Hanger Review:

We adored how easy it was to build the rack. When drilling into drywall, I was certain we would need a stud finder, but my husband managed it all with simply drywall screws. Cross-country skis, which couldn't have hung on their own, were also hung on the rack when I figured out how to clip them together. With everything out of the garage corner, we were able to hang it all on this rack. extremely adaptable and appears to be robust. Along with two pairs of cross-country skis, poles, and boots, we also have a shovel, pitchfork, small rake, broom, and mop. It's a really useful small device!

Thule SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Carrier, 4 Pair-Aluminum Review:

This pair was purchased to go with my wife's 2014 Ford Flex's Thule AeroBlades. Great results! choose to use the supplied clamps for simple installation and removal throughout seasonal changes. The more durable direct-mount variants require cutting pieces out of the rubber inserts on the bars in order to slide the accompanying T-shaped bolts into the AeroBlades' aluminum extrusion. I appreciate that the rubber inserts are complete since they keep timber and ladders in place during the summer (with straps of course). The rubber inserts would have many 4" chunks cut out of them, but the T bolts would be very simple to remove. So I substituted the clamps. It took me 20 minutes to install them and figure this out.Even a "flying brick" like the Flex, which makes some noise at highway speeds like all ski racks do, makes some noise when you put something on the roof of a car. The latch release is quite simple to use with gloved hands, as other commenters have noted. Thankful that the delivery also contained the (4) locks and (2) keys. As advertised and fits great. allows my family of four to bring one or two friends (skiers only need apply). If I choose to attach them to some factor bars instead, they'll also fit across the top of my 2010 Subaru Outback; they're flexible! It's simple to follow the instructions; just give them a thorough first read-through to understand the three mounting options and which section to use. No words, just icons—for me, that works. Like Aerobars, highly recommended, excellent quality, and everything you need in one package!

Orion Motor Tech Lightweight Anti-Vibration Universal Car Soft Roof Rack Pad for Kayak/Canoe/Surfboard/Paddleboard/SUP/Snowboard and Water Sports Accessories with Adjustable and Substantial Straps Review:

I didn't want to spend the money on a full rack system for my car, but I needed a rack to transport four people's snowboard equipment to the mountains. I decided to choose this alternative because it was really affordable and will be delivered in time for installation (I actually ordered a slightly more expensive option, but upon inspecting both there was not a discernable difference).The first thing is that it works.Second, this is not made to last over the long term, like many other reviews.Third, purchase additional straps, ratchet straps, and/or bungee cords, as recommended in numerous reviews.Fourth, these have poor locking mechanisms. It would come loose when I would pull it extremely tightly and hardly move the strap. I made every effort to make them tighter. The wire was significantly tighter after I eventually fitted a ratchet tie down and threaded it through. Fair warning: It will still move on your roof, especially after driving on the motorway. Since the straps go through your door, there is actually nothing stopping it from sliding.The process of fastening everything to the racks was the part that scared me the most; once more, the lock-in mechanisms on the two straps that came in the package are not very good. I have no idea what would have happened if I had simply utilized the two straps. My gear was not secure even after I quadruple knotted them. Then I added roughly 8 bungee cords and 2 more straps. Naturally, that is what I believed was necessary for my load; nevertheless, a much lighter load might only need 2 straps (good luck).The only negative was my obsession with worrying and the time spent loading and unloading, as it took 6 hours to climb the mountains and 6 hours to descend. There were no casualties, no damage, and only a small migration of the racks.This is a great affordable solution, however I strongly advise purchasing (or utilizing) more straps/bungees!These straps won't last very long, in my opinion; nonetheless, I wasn't expecting longevity and only gave them 4 points because to the hardware. Anything else is a bonus because it performed all I needed it to.

BRIGHTLINES Ski Snowboard Racks Carriers 6 Skis 4 Snowboards Review:

The first and only time using this rack to transport skis. attached to my 2005 Subaru Outback's factory-supplied crossbars. Installation was rather simple and held four pairs of cross-country skis firmly in place. No problems on a 200 mile drive at 80 mph on the freeway... Have a lot of experience with bicycle roof racks such as Thule, Rocky mounts, etc., and this one is not as high-quality. However, for occasional use and if removed and kept out of the elements other than when in use, this rack is a nice unit at a reasonable price that should provide a good level of usage.

yakima - PowderHound 6 Ski & Snowboard Mount, Fits Up to 6 Pairs of Skis or 4 Snowboards, Rides Quietly, Fits Most Roof Racks, Black Review:

It only receives four stars because an important bolt was missing. Thankfully, when I went to the hardware shop, I managed to locate the exact one. It held everything wonderfully when I took it up to Tahoe. There is some additional wind noise, but nothing that louder music can't cover up. My two boards fit perfectly side by side in it. I like it because it does what it claims to do.

BUZZRACK BUZZSKI - Hitch Mounted ski & Snowboard Rack Review:

Only the large, hefty bike racks can be attached to the Yakima and Thule ski racks, which are only frames. My Helium 3 doesn't support either of them. I have therefore been in need need of a robust hitch-mounted ski rack. Even if the Buzz Rack isn't ideal, I'm really satisfied with it. The Yakima and Thule memos about usability were overlooked by the designer. The rack must be released by unscrewing and removing a bolt, and each rack component must be swung into place by unscrewing and removing a bolt. However, it does so effectively. When you carefully followed the instructions, setting it up was simple. It locks the skis and has been reliable during the winter. Weather permitting, I'm looking forward to using it once more.

Rage Powersports Apex SKI-4 Ski and Snowboard Roof Rack Review:

Only two full-size snowboards, together with skis or other minor stuff, will fit in this. Three adult snowboards will not fit.We use it to fit 2 adult snowboards and a kid snowboard, and it works well for that. However, there is no room for other boards, so we are unable to bring friends unless they are skiers solely because we can't bring both powder and park boards with us.Installation required a lot of repositioning and tightening screws, but it wasn't tough. The brackets fit well on an old-school Yakima Q-Tower system.LOCKS: Lock-cores are pre-installed (as opposed to a factory Yakima system where you would need to purchase separate locks). Unfortunately, the keys are of low quality and readily bend, and the locks occasionally stick in freezing or really cold conditions.Overall, an excellent purchase. After 4 years of usage, our Yakima factory rack cracked, and replacing it would have cost 4-5 times as much. This was a great deal for $80, and we're satisfied enough with it. Would advise, but only if there are no more than two adult snowboarders with you.

AA Products Aluminum Universal Ski/Snowboard Roof Rack, Ski Roof Carrier Fit Most Vehicles Equipped Cross Bars Review:

I disliked the plastic mounting bits when I first received the rack (seemed cheap). But after just five minutes on top of a Subaru Outback, they seemed safe. Driving eight hours to Snowshoe, West Virginia, I loaded three snowboards into the rack. Driving speeds were between 75 and 80 mph. Mountainsides experienced 40 mph winds. It rained heavily. Before arriving at our destination, we also traveled for around 40 kilometers in a winter storm. The racks opened up without a problem even though they were frozen when we arrived. After the week, we returned home for 8 hours without any issues. Solid racks that cost a lot less than the expensive racks from well-known brands.

Can you leave skis in car overnight?

If you're planning on hitting the slopes the next morning, it's generally not a good idea to leave your skis in the car overnight. While it may not seem like a big deal, the cold temperatures can actually cause the skis to warp. If you absolutely must leave them in the car, make sure to cover them up to protect them from the elements.

Can you put a snowboard on a ski rack?

Most ski racks are designed to accommodate both skis and snowboards. If you have a particularly wide ski rack, you may need to put your snowboard in sideways.

Can you put skis in a Thule?

Yes, you can put skis in a Thule. There are special ski carriers that attach to the roof of the vehicle and hold the skis securely in place. Some ski carriers can hold up to six pairs of skis, so you can easily transport all your gear to and from the slopes.

Do ski Racks damage skis?

Ski racks are a great way to transport your skis, but they can also damage your skis if you're not careful. The main way that ski racks can damage skis is by scratching the tops of the skis. This can happen if the ski rack is made of metal and the skis are not protected with a towel or something similar. It can also happen if the ski rack is not secured properly and the skis shift around during transport. If you're concerned about damaging your skis, it's best to transport them inside your vehicle or in a soft-sided

Do ski racks hurt gas mileage?

Ski racks are devices that are mounted on the roof of a vehicle and used to transport skis. Although ski racks can be very useful, they can also decrease fuel efficiency. The main reason for this is that they add weight to the vehicle, which causes the engine to work harder and use more fuel. In addition, ski racks can create drag, which also decreases fuel efficiency. Although the decrease in fuel efficiency may be small, it is still important to consider if you are planning on using a ski rack regularly.

How do you store skis and snowboards?

If you're an avid skier or snowboarder, you know that taking care of your gear is important. That's why it's important to know how to store skis and snowboards properly. Here are a few tips: - Store skis and snowboards in a cool, dry place. - If you're storing skis, use a ski rack. This will keep them from getting damaged or scratched. - If you're storing snowboards, use a soft case or bag. This will protect the boards from getting dinged up.