Best Sewing Tape Measures in 2020

Tape Measure Measuring Tape for Body Fabric Sewing Tailor Cloth Knitting Craft Measurements, Retractable Black Tape Measure and White Soft Tape Measure Set Dual Sided 60-Inch (3-Pack) Airisoer Review:

I bought these after needing a tape measuring for buying clothes online and wanting to match up sizing. I’m pleasantly surprised but the quality of these tape measures. The retractable tape measure works really well and is completely visible. The 2 white tape measures work well and the numbers are easily visible; however, the numbers are a little bit faded so I’m not sure if they’ll rub off more. But, for the price I can’t complain. I would recommend these to anyone! Great buy

2 Pack Tape Measure Measuring Tape for Body Sewing Tailor Cloth Fabric Craft Weight Loss Measurements, 60-Inch Soft Fashion Pink & Retractable Black Tape Measure Body Measuring Tape Set Review:

I just wanted an inexpensive measuring tape for light sewing. I saw this offer for two kinds at a single price and grabbed it. One of them is on a plastic spool with an auto-retract button, and the other is a conventional measuring tape that is a cheerful pink. These are not high quality last-a-lifetime kind of items, but serve my purpose just fine without being expensive. They arrived a day early, too.

Tape Measure for Body Measuring Tape for Body Cloth Measuring Tape for Sewing Tailor Fabric Measurements Tape (Retractable Dual Sided Black) Review:

I try to save 5 stars for perfect products. This product is overall pretty excellent so far. I have only used it one time though.

This tape measure has a locking mechanism that clasps roughly every 1 and 1/3 inch making it simple to get the length you need without having to mess with a really long strip. The retracting part of the tape measure is pretty strong and if you let it retract without holding onto it, it whips in pretty fiercely and kind of stung a bit as it whipped my arm on the way in! I consider this a pro but if used like this frequently, it could cause damage to the product. The band was easy to work with and easy to read with an inches layout on one side and centimeters on the flip side. There button to retract the band is easy to press and in a convenient spot but not so easy and convenient that you have to worry about pressing it while taking measurements.

Overall, the only issue I had was that the locking system is only one way. What I mean when I say this is that the lock will not prevent you from pulling the tape measure out, just from it retracting back in. This made it a very small nuisance to work with beings as what seemed comfortable to me when measuring was to hold the tape measure by the units cage. This caused me to pull additional length of band out when measuring which made it difficult to get the band to stay tot. This can be fixed by simply holding the band but I didn't want the cage to hang and put extra stress on the bands locking mechanism. I can't say for sure if this will cause faster wear on the product over a period of time but isn't much of a concern to me as I don't plan on using it very frequently.

Overall - Excellent product

Soft Tape Measure Double Scale Body Sewing Flexible Ruler for Weight Loss Medical Body Measurement Sewing Tailor Craft Vinyl Ruler, Has Centimetre Scale on Reverse Side 60-inch(White) Review:

This soft tape measure suits my needs.

The tape measure has standard and metric, which is a good feature, however, both units of measurement are slightly inaccurate when gauged against a scientific ruler (see photos). For my use, I am okay with the slight inaccuracies since I will use only this measure for all measurements.

The tape measure itself is nice enough being relatively inexpensive.

SINGER 00218 Tape Measure, 60-Inch Review:

Just purchased this and am pleased with the price, color and quality. Many of you probably keep a tape measure in a junk drawer where it lurks in the shadows like a camouflaged python. The Pink color makes this stand out and easy to find.

This tape is well built and a quality item for such minimal cost. I noticed several reviews being negative for a number of reasons but the one I just received is all that it should be and nothing is wrong with it.

Small investment on your part. Order it and see if you get a good one -- otherwise send it back to Amazon within the 30 day return period.

SINGER 50003 ProSeries Retractable Tape Measure, 96-Inch Review:

update: just realized the other side of the tape measure measures millimeters! helpful because i needed millimeter measurements to buy the right size ring!!! still love this and use this daily, it's holding up very well. if i had more money i'd buy a hundred of them bc i'm always losing things.

i'm a bit obsessed with tape measures. i feel like i always need one for something. i have the old fashioned wooden kind that you have to unfold, i have the standard carpenters ones, i have the fabric tape measures that aren't retractable and just lay around like lazy snake. for tasks where i dont have to measure very long things (where i'd need a tape measure that stays stick straight and doesn't move), this one is my favorite. it's easy to maneuver, retracts VERY smoothly, is a gorgeous pink, and is portable enough for me to keep in my purse. i love that i can just pull out the tape when i need it quickly, no flopping around - with a non retractable tape measure, i have to find both ends, make sure i have it on the right side, etc etc, it's a hassle. with this, i just pull it out and know it's starting at 0", and i can stop pulling when my other hand has reached the end of whatever it is i want to measure. then i press the button and the tape measure just glides back in, neatly. all of these little things saves me seconds, and saves me confusion, and makes my task fun. and it's cheap!! i wish i had gotten this years ago and will order more.

eBoot Soft Tape Measure for Sewing Tailor Cloth Ruler (White) Review:

What can I's a tape measure. Good quality and I initially purchased to measure my head for hat sizes and suit purchases being that I have been losing weight and when I order my clothes I do it mostly online so I don't have to go into the stores and can avoid the tailor. It also comes in handy to measure BMI (body mass index), my military people know what I mean. Definitely a little handy tool around the house!

3 Pack Tape Measure 150 cm 60 Inch Push Button Tape Body Measuring Soft Retractable for Sewing Double-Sided Tailor Cloth Ruler (Pink Purple Sky Blue) by BUSHIBU Review:

I’m always needing to measure the length of clothes I am considering for purchase, and I find it frustrating to keep using a cloth tape measure that then has to be coiled up or refolded. I’ve had a couple of this type over the years and they are so much more convenient to use and to store. I didn’t REALLY need eight of them, but I liked the color selection, and they make great small gifts. I now have one of these in every room in the house. (Of course, I checked each one right out of the package to make sure they all worked, and there were no problems at all.) AND, with the different color and quantity options, I think everybody can find a choice that will suit them. When buying eight, I believe the unit price is slightly over a dollar each....They’re small, they’re handy, they’re cute, THEY WORK....Gee, I’m really trying here, but I just can’t seem to find any negatives about this purchase. Tell you what: I’ll just keep using mine for the next couple of years, and if I should discover a problem, I’ll be sure to let you know....(but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath......)

Body Measure Tape 60inch (150cm), Lock Pin and Push-Button Retract, Ergnomic and Portable Design, Black Review:

It's working very well so far. I've used this same type of measuring tape in the past, and inevitably they all break or get lost. At this price however, I don't mind having to replace one every once in a while. This one feels a little different, however; you can tell the construction is a lot sturdier than other ones I've had in the past. Time will tell, of course, and I'll be back to update accordingly.

Another great thing about this tape is that the intervals at which it stops are much smaller. Other tapes I've used usually "click" every half inch or so. This one seems like a quarter or even eighth of an inch. It's super useful for measuring, say, your neck, where you can't read the tape when it's actually around your neck. You can, however, measure, pull it off, and then read where it stopped. You can get much more accurate readings this way.

Overall, this is the best one I've used so far. Even if it breaks after a year or so (I don't think it will though), I'd get another one.