Best Racing Helmets & Accessories in 2022

Last update: November 17, 2022

customTAYLOR33 Warhawk/Mohawk Rubber Saw Blade Helmet Accessory Piece (Helmet Not Included) Review:

Black decals that reflect whiteThe first image was taken without a flash, while the second, with one, depicts how it might appear when illuminated by a car's headlights.First of all, I adore the way it appears! This product's lack of aerodynamics is its only drawback. You may feel the wind rattling your helmet once you start traveling at speeds more than 65 mph. Much more violent, doing 100 .

ILM Motorcycle Accessories Helmet Holder Hanger Rack Jacket Hook Review:

To test them out, we first bought 2 of these helmet holders. We ordered 2 more since we were so happy with them. When not in use, helmets are now always stored safely. No more helmets left in the garage or house! Additionally, we've bought a charging station, which we'll put in directly underneath the helmets. Instead of having helmets roll around on the kitchen island, we can charge them where they hang. For our final pair of full face helmets, we bought two more hangers. They'll be positioned just above the others (We just got them so they are not hung yet).Helmet storage and organization is made so much easier with these hangers! They have mounting hardware and are strong. Since they include extra mounting hardware with each order, we had enough from the other five of our six to hang the remaining one. I wholeheartedly endorse these helmet holders!

Simpson Racing 23022BK Black SFI Approved Neck Collar Review:

This device allowed me to ride my snowmobile 3000 kilometers this winter even though I was in excruciating shoulder and neck discomfort the entire time. In addition to preventing drafts from entering my neck and helmet, it kept the weight of my helmet off of my neck and supported it on my shoulders. Even though it is far too little to go all the way around my neck, I wore it over my jacket and adjusted it such that I could still swivel my head a little. The material has been torn by high-speed winds for ten hours at a time, although it still appears a little rough. I would advise them to create a larger, waterproof snowmobile version that may be worn over coats. Despite the fact that my neck is GTG, I believe that this will be a permanent accessory for me due to the warmth it provided during those nighttime rides when it was 15 degrees below zero and the relief it provided at mile 299 for the day. Thank you, Simpson, for the fantastic ride! Seriously, I couldn't have done it without you.

Khaki Tom Motorcycle Helmet and Visor Cleaner - 2 oz Streak Free Spray and Microfiber Towel - Over 200 Sprays Review:

A terrible product. Bottle Size makes it discreet enough to fit in a jacket pocket or the storage area of your bike, allowing you to carry it everywhere. It was a night and day change, incredibly clear, and I adore the towel that comes with it when I started using this on my RPHA 11 because other cleaners were leaving rainbow streaks on my other visors. Will undoubtedly keep purchasing this.

Kangnice Retractable Elastic Rope Strap for Motorcycle Helmet Luggage, 2 Hooks Review:

This strap stays on my bike. It holds my hat there when I ride because it fits perfectly over the back seat. When necessary, I can also tuck a helmet or backpack under it. Many of my riding companions like it and inquire about where I obtained it. I direct them here. Although it might not last forever, it is a specialized item that is quite helpful for the price. My only complaint is that it took so long to arrive. Since I was aware of this before I placed my order, I won't deduct a star. It did arrive on time, and I would suggest getting one for everyone that rides because it's a really cheap and practical equipment.

PROSHOT Helmet cam mounting System Review:

For years, I've been riding with my GoPro attached to the top of my helmet. As you can expect, tree branches are a problem because they could knock me off my bike or cause the camera to point upward. This attachment provides the ideal angle for filming, is considerably safer than mounting on the top of the helmet, and has the extra benefit of letting you operate the camera while wearing your helmet and allowing you to see the lights and status of the GoPro from the back. When I originally got it, I believed the velcro that fastens the helmet was a mistake on the part of the manufacturer. It transpires that this is not your normal velcro and that it actually functions amazingly well. The velcro "snaps" into place and seems to be considerably more durable than standard hook and loop velcro. My only issue is that it doesn't seem possible to buy more velcro so that the mount may be transferred to different helmets. I'd like my son to be able to record me while I'm riding, but I'd have to buy him a new full mount for his helmet rather than just more velcro.

Helmet Chin Strap Quick Release By Fast Hook Review:

Every fast release mount sold on Amazon and Ebay has been tested by me. Some were great grade while others felt cheap. I would get skin from my neck squeezed in every other fast release mount when trying to latch, which was a problem for me. This problem is not present with the Fast Hook connector since the engagement button is enclosed in plastic. It is very easy to attach to your helmet and quite strong. This is the one you want if, like me, you detest the antiquated double d ring method and want a straightforward rapid connect instead. I use three of them to secure three different helmets, and they all seem quite sturdy.

Raider FH-100 Quick Release for All Raider Helmet Straps, Black Review:

I tried it because Amazon said it was an excellent product. It's a fantastic product. I don't have any problems with the material or how the helmet feels on my head, and it performs great. I don't plan to push the envelope of convenience because it is strong and safe. I bought this item so that I could wear my helmet quickly and comfortably. I didn't buy it to see if it could withstand 800 pounds of stress. DOT HAS APPROVED IT. The helmet has a solid, safe, and snug feeling. Make sure you purchase a helmet that fits because it has never come out or failed to keep the helmet in place. Similar to this, emergency responders can remove this without difficulty or without the need of hydraulic tools. Years ago, I secured my helmet with Velcro, and at high speeds, an accident or wipeout are not a problem. This is as quick as Velcro and more secure. In order to determine whether the tolerance was "weak" or had a plastic feel, I also grasped the buckle and "tugged" on it. The helmet will not budge no matter how hard you try to pry it off a head. The key is simplicity and usability.

Biker's Choice Helmet Lock (Black) Review:

For my needs, it's perfect. Although the latch is not the best-made thing ever, it does a terrific job for the purpose for which it was intended. On a frame tube located between the rear footpegs and seat of a Susuzki Vstrom 1000, I mounted mine. To ensure that the helmet can be attached and released easily (but also not touching the ground, hot exhaust, etc.; essentially at an optimal spot as you see it), be sure to hold your helmet strap-rings up by where you are planning to mount the unit. If you are worried about this device's dependability, know that I have only had it for a little more than 1.5 weeks (but trust me, I use it a lot!). I discovered that the best way to get it to lock securely is to keep pressure off the latch while holding it in place and turning the key to the "locked" position, then remove the pressure and let the helmet hang suspended. A pain in the back otherwise, but given the concept of "gravity," it just makes sense.After purchasing, installing, and currently using this lock, the ONLY ACTUAL FACTOR I DO NOT LIKE IS THE PRICE. Although I believe this device is undervalued compared to what I spent, it was the least priced choice (but still).I would ultimately purchase it again.

Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension (,) Review:

My 2002 Triumph Thunderbird is a great motorcycle, however it lacks a conventional helmet lock. I looked for and found this answer rather than slapping some cheap aftermarket accessory on to protect my helmet from wandering off (you never know, there must be fetishists out there that get off on the caustic stink of summer helmet sweat...). All I can say is that despite its simplicity, this bad boy is fantastic. The 4-digit personalized combination is mind-numbingly simple to set, rubberized to prevent chewing off the paint you work so darn hard to keep shining after each and every ride, and it just works. If you have a helmet (such the fierce Daytona cruiser) without the D-ring strap, be sure to get the model with the T-Bar already attached.