Best Plant Growing Light Bulbs in 2022

Last update: January 2, 2023

Can any LED light be used as a grow light for plants?

Yes, any LED light can be used as a grow light for plants. The light emitting diodes in LED lights emit a very specific wavelength of light that is ideal for plant growth. The light from LED grow lights is also very intense, which means that plants can receive the light they need to grow even when the light is not shining directly on them.

Can grow lights burn plants?

Grow lights can burn plants if they are too close to the light source. Plants need light to grow, but too much light can damage their leaves and cause them to wilt. Keep grow lights at least 12 inches away from your plants to prevent them from getting too much light and getting burned.

Can plants get too much grow light?

Yes, plants can get too much grow light. The leaves will start to yellow and the plant will eventually die.

Can plants survive in normal LED light?

Yes, plants can survive in normal LED light, but they will not thrive.LED lights are not as intense as sunlight, so plants will not grow as quickly under them. However, they are more energy-efficient than other types of lighting, so you may be able to keep your plants healthy with less light than you would need with other bulbs.

SANSI 15W LED Grow Light Bulb, Daylight White Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, LED Plant Light Bulbs for Indoor Garden Houseplants, Commercial Hydroponic Horticulture, E26 A21 120V Review:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this video.Download Flash Player.I brought in some plants for the winter, but they were in pretty horrible shape. I purchased this bulb, installed it in a ceiling lamp, and placed plants on a table beneath it. The results are amazing! I never imagined they would succeed; all I was hoping for was their survival.

SANSI Daylight LED Grow Light Bulb, 10W Full Spectrum Sunlight LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Vegetables and Seedlings, LED Plant White Lights for Indoor Garden Greenhouses UV IR, E26 AC120V Review:

Need a powerful (but reasonably priced) light to get your plants started indoors? Do you object to pink- or purple-hued lights coming from your windows and hallway?THE grow light to purchase is THIS.I have years of experience growing a variety of plants under grow lights, including Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS). Despite being efficient and brilliant, they tend to produce too much heat and are more expensive to operate.To that end, I sought a less expensive (but still potent) substitute for MH/HPS this year in order to get a head start on my pepper farming (Chocolate Ghost Peppers and Jamaican Hot Chocolates).Additionally, I did not want to spend money on any LED lights that would illuminate my grow area with pink or purple light (and home).So, when I came across these, I decided to buy them and utilize them to start my Chocolate Ghost Peppers from seed.I am thrilled with the outcome.The plants are VERY healthy, with extremely close nodal spacing, and have not been subjected to any kind of light or heat stress.They currently have 16 hours of light per day that is timed. (After any chance of frost has passed, I'll move them outside, where nature will take care of their lighting requirements.)It goes without saying that these lights have worked well.I bought two 30 watt lamps from Sansi, and I'm planning to buy two 40 watt lamps with a third 30 watt full spectrum grow light.Their 40 watt grow lights should hopefully function just as well as their 30 watt lights.So, if you're searching for a grow light that works well for your plants, I HIGHLY suggest looking at them first. You won't be let down.ADVANCE: I ended up purchasing a few more lights... I have a (small) food forest in my basement just a few short months afterwards! These grow lights are unquestionably the most cost-effective ones you will ever purchase.Hope this was useful.

GE Lighting 93101230 9-Watt BR30 LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants, Full, Balanced Spectrum Review:

In my living room, there are several houseplants on a table. I utilise normal floor task lamps that are aimed towards the plants as plant lights. Like a typical household lightbulb, this LED bulb emits light. It doesn't produce heat and has a brighter, whiter light than typical incandescent grow lights. Like many other led plant lights, it does not have a pink or purple appearance. The lights are on between 10 and 12 hours a day since I keep the lamps on timers. A typical incandescent plant bulb has a lifespan of only 2,000 hours, or roughly 6 months. This LED bulb uses a tiny fraction of the electricity and is expected to last 25,000 hours, or roughly 5 years. The clear choice is this LED bulb.

Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants LED Lamp Bulbs Full Spectrum Review:

I purchased this light to provide my indoor plants with extra illumination. Due to the balcony above, my south-facing window doesn't receive direct sunshine. My low light plants can survive with just natural light, but they grow much more slowly. This light was mostly purchased for cloudy days, but I ended up using it every day because it's so simple to put up and use.My plants can be at the ideal height under the lamp. I really like how flexible the arm is. Not only can I adjust the brightness using the remote, but I can also move the light up or down or alter its angle to alter how much light my plants receive. The addition of this light caused my philodendron to grow incredibly quickly. The leaves of my Chinese money plant had been curling from lack of light, but as soon as they received this light, they went back to being healthy. Moving the arm is also considerably simpler than rotating bulky pots.I've included two pictures, one with just my shelf light on and the other with just this light on. As you can see, the light has a pinkish/purplish colour when both the blue and red LEDs are on. If you detest this color, you won't like having this light on because it isn't subtle. The light is securely held by the strong clip. While changing the light arms, the clip is not required to be supported. The clip also makes moving the lights around quite simple and space-efficient.I use two lights on one shelf, with one of them bent to shine on a lower shelf containing larger plants. Because I don't have any plants that demand a lot of light, this works for me (like succulents). My window's natural light also contributes to illuminating the plants.The light is wall-plug compatible and powered by USB. It is so adaptable that I had no problems using the USB outlet on an extension cord. Additionally, it has dual voltage and is USB-powered. The extremely short chord is the only issue I have with this lamp. The connection from the clip to the controller is adequate, but I believe the remaining portion of the cord needs to be longer.The timer functions fine, however there are only three options available: 3, 6, and 12. They never failed to switch on and off during the week that I used 6 hours. Although I would prefer to be able to enter precise times, I realize that I cannot afford to purchase all features.The fact that the controller for this light is digital is a major problem. Therefore, plug-in timers are incompatible with this. You must stick to the time limits that the manufacturer has established. To allow for even finer adjustment, a programmable smart plug would be excellent to have. Additionally, compared to a straightforward mechanical switch, a lot more things can go wrong with a digital device.Overall, this light won't win any design prizes, but it serves its job and functions nicely. Since it is barely noticeable, I soon grew accustomed to how it seems. It takes some getting accustomed to the pinkish hue as well, but if you aren't at home during the day, it won't be an issue. If you have numerous pockets of plants that would benefit from some light rehabilitation, this is a fantastic supplemental lamp that is simple to move around the house. I have been happy with this buy thus far.

100W LED Grow Light Bulb - Full Spectrum Lamp for Indoor Plants, Garden, Flowers, Vegetables, Greenhouse & Hydroponic Growing | E27 Base 150 LEDs (AC85-265V) by Haus Bright Review:

These are some great, less expensive options to the more expensive LED grow lights now available. Even while they don't provide as much light per unit, they are still affordable enough to purchase more than enough of them to more than make up the difference. Additionally, doing this makes it easier to better shower your plants with light from all angles. The aluminum heat sinks that are machined directly into the housing seem to be of excellent build quality. Despite costing almost half as much, these LED bulbs are significantly more efficient in producing light than the lower 60w equivalents I have from Feit. They claim that these are 100w equivalents, however I believe they perform much better. Under either end of the top shelf of those "cheap" plastic shelving units from Meijer, I use 2 of these connected to a simple analog timer. They are pointed at a cannibus plant that entered the flowering stage after I installed these bulbs and changed the lighting cycle to 12.5 on/11.5 off. After almost two weeks, the plant is responding quite well. Even one of my green bean plants, which receives some of the indirect light from them, has begun to bloom. Given how picky cannibus plants are about light, I have to think that these lights will work well for any plant. I was contacted by the seller almost immediately after receiving a delivery notification asking for feedback and any questions, so I basically told them what I'm writing here, that I would be interested in buying more, and that I would ask if they offered any bulbs in a daylight spectrum, which to my disappointment they do not at this time. I'll keep an eye out because they did indicate they were looking into it. I'd love to get some daylights for seedlings and other things, and I'd prefer to buy from just one vendor because they offer excellent customer service. I strongly advise purchasing one or more of these if you're searching for an affordable screw-in grow lamp for indoor plants.

SunBlaster 13 Watt CFL Grow Lamp 4 Pack Review:

These truly function. To enable my plants to grow anyplace, I purchased these to install into my ceiling fans. I ultimately decided to combine one of these with a standard "warm" bulb in each fan. Even though it's a little strange, the combined light hue doesn't seem horrible, and the plants seem to like them. Actually, one of them is moving toward the fan and away from the window.CHANGE: t 6 mo. I've been using the same two bulbs as regular room lights since I purchased them in early July, and there are two more bulbs waiting in a drawer. Plants are doing fine.EDIT: t 12 moAfter regular use as a room light for a year, both of the lights I am using are still functioning, and the other two are kept as spares in the cabinet's back. Thanks to this, my plants who haven't had any direct, genuine sunshine for almost as long are still doing fairly nicely.EDIT: t 30 mo After two and a half years, I'm still using the same two bulbs, and all of my plants—including the one that never receives direct sunlight—are still thriving. I still have two more bulbs someplace in a drawer, and when they eventually fail, I won't think twice about purchasing from this firm once more.

Lightingwise 4 FT 3000K T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs - Pack of 1,4,8,20,40 (1, 3000k - red - bloom) Review:

Bulb delivery was prompt and in nice shape. Even though I did experience some troubles with a few of the bulbs, I am aware that most problems may be solved by running the bulbs for a few days. The seller was very wonderful and did everything they could to assist me.Over the years, I've discovered that ordering extra bulbs is always a good idea because every brand occasionally experiences problems with a single bulb.In this instance, even if a couple of the bulbs aren't functioning as planned, I know I am still in the black because the costs are significantly lower than what I often pay. (With only paying a third of what you usually would, you can't expect perfection!)I've been extremely happy with these bulbs overall, and they perform great for growing plants indoors. They are a great deal and get the job done for a great price if you can bear with one or two bulbs occasionally not working completely.Despite the fact that my review is for a product I just bought, I have used this brand of bulb for many years with excellent results. I can heartily endorse these to others for the value and quality they offer.

Led Grow Light Bulb, Led Plant Bulb Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Vegetables and Seedlings, LED Plant Light Bulb for Hydroponics Indoor Garden Greenhouse and Organic Soil (30W) Review:

Small white beetles had been swarming around my plant! All that was left after a thorough cleaning and leaf removal were the stems. The plant has new growth, as seen in the attached photo. Approximately two weeks. I sometimes leave the light on for a little longer than 8 hours. Plants are 12" away from the light. I'm utilizing a clamp-on that I just so happened to have. Since I wanted to use an ordinary lamp instead of the clamp, I tested the bulb in one. Even several hours later, I had no problems. I'm pleased with this buy thus far.

Hydrofarm, Black FLF27D Desktop Plant Light with 27-Watt CFL Bulb Review:

With its modest size and built-in base, this Plant Grow Light is quite unusual in that you can lay a small plant on it to give it full exposure to the light. Since these lamps frequently fail when used with the "ON/OFF" switch on the lamp itself, I have my light connected to an automatic timer. You can entirely eliminate this problem and ensure years of trouble-free use by utilizing a timer. My small Palm and Pulmaria seem to enjoy it, and I placed mine on a stand such that it also provides other plants with light. A jasmine plant I had that was dying elsewhere started sprouting new growth after I placed it in the light for a few days. But heed the warning. If the plant grows too tall or goes too close to the bulbs, the light's intense heat may harm the foliage. This is the only drawback I can think of.September 12, 2018 - UPDATE The lamp is still functioning well. No mistakes! The key is right here! Set a TIMER for the lamp! DO NOT CONTROL THE LIGHT WITH THE ON/OFF SWITCH! Because the switch is poorly made, using it will result in the light failing much, much sooner. The timed method gets around the switch and has worked flawlessly for me.

Miracle LED Commercial Hydroponic Ultra Grow Lite - Replaces up to 150W - Daylight White Full Spectrum LED Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb For DIY Horticulture & Indoor Gardening (605188) Review:

Some people say this hyper grow light is a true workhorse, while others say it's just a regular LED that doesn't accomplish anything particularly noteworthy. I've never been able to put houseplants in a window for my own reasons (three plant-eating cats), as it always results in a horrific mess and tears. However, my son gifted me two Christmas cactus plants over the recent holiday season. The plants were incredibly stunning, but they were destined to have a brief existence in a high, shadowy place where interfering cats couldn't get to them. I gambled and got this grow light out of desperation because regular LED bulbs were doing absolutely nothing to help. They started sprouting new growth within a week or two, and even though it is presently March and I won't know if they will flower beneath it until December, I do know that they seem to have perked up substantially; and, as I mentioned, I am getting new leaves on both of them. It may not be the light at all as I also re-potted both plants and moved them to a somewhat warmer place, but I'm inclined to believe it is.Update 2/22/19: The two plants have kept growing and appear incredibly lush and full, however they did not bloom at all over the holidays. This light bulb has been in place for nearly a year, and is now just beginning to occasionally flicker, which usually means it's time for a replacement. Although I wish the plants had flowered, I really can't complain about their general health, and there is no question in my opinion that they have benefited from this bulb rather than ordinary LEDs.

Can you put a grow bulb in a regular lamp?

Yes, you can put a grow bulb in a regular lamp. Grow bulbs emit a high amount of light, which is necessary for plants to grow. However, regular lamps are not designed to emit this high amount of light, so the light may be too intense for the plant.

Do I need a grow light to start seeds indoors?

To start seeds indoors, you do not need a grow light. However, if you want your seedlings to grow strong and healthy, a grow light will give them the light they need to thrive.

Do plants need complete darkness at night?

No, plants do not need complete darkness at night. They will do just fine if they are in a room that is not completely dark.

How do you know if your plant is getting too much light?

If your plant is getting too much light, the leaves will start to turn yellow.

How do you tell if your plants are getting enough light?

If your plants are not getting enough light, they will start to stretch and become leggy. The leaves will also be pale in color and may start to fall off.

How far should my LED grow light be from my plant?

The distance your LED grow light should be from your plant will depend on the intensity of the light. If you are using a high intensity light, it should be placed closer to the plant. If you are using a low intensity light, it can be placed further away from the plant.