Best PC Gamepads & Standard Controllers in 2022

Last update: January 5, 2023

Are gamepads and controllers the same?

No, gamepads and controllers are not the same. A gamepad is a device that is used to control video games, while a controller is a device that is used to control other electronic devices.

Can any Xbox controller be used on a Mac?

Yes, any Xbox controller can be used on a Mac. There are a few things you need to do in order to get it to work properly, but it is definitely possible. You will need to download a few drivers in order to get it to work properly, but once you do, it should work just fine.

Can you use PS4 controller on Mac?

You can use PS4 controller on Mac by connecting it to the computer with a USB cable. You can also use Bluetooth to connect the controller wirelessly.

Do Logitech controllers work on Mac?

Logitech controllers are not officially supported on Mac. However, there are some reports that they may work with certain games.

Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis USB Controller 8-Button Arcade Pad for Sega Genesis Mini, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Steam, RetroPie, Raspberry Pi - USB Port - Black Review:

The introduction of the six-button controller was a real game-changer for those of us who remember the Sega Genesis. This controller saved the old three-button controller, which wasn't made for modern fighting games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Eternal Champion. I'm delighted to say that this faithfully reproduces the original controller. Nearly 25 years ago, the balance, weight, and feel remained virtually unchanged. Even after all these years, this controller is still outstanding, and because to the USB interface, Bloodstained and other new PC-based vintage games can be played with it.Furthermore, we should be able to utilize this controller with the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini unless something changes between now and September. The Mini comes with two three-button controllers in place of the six-button controller, despite having games that benefit from it (the Japanese version of the Mini ships with two six-button controllers—go figure). The controller may be able to fill the gap. On the one hand, I appreciate the concept of using an actual, launch-issued three-button controller to play older Genesis titles, but it's comforting to know that I can switch to a six-button if I choose! This controller is essential if you pre-ordered a US Genesis Mini or if you intend to do so in the future.

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad (Sn Edition) - Nintendo Switch Review:

Since I play a lot of 2D platformers and puzzle games, both of which all but need accurate inputs, I've been using 8bitdo controllers for a few years now. Inconsistencies with the d-pad on both of mine have made me yearn for a Switch controller that didn't share these problems, even though the Switch Pro controller is a wonderful choice for titles that don't require it.I was ecstatic when this controller was announced last year; a controller with SNES-style design and layout but with superior ergonomics and analog sticks? I was curious.For me to deem a controller "good," it needs to do a few things. It must be constructed well, responsive, and with the fewest possible instances of poor quality control. I'm delighted to report that this controller surpasses all expectations.The materials utilized in the SN30 Pro are all strong, albeit I think they are a little too light for my tastes. The d-pad is rock solid no matter how many times I run my thumb around it, the triggers are smooth in their actuation, and the buttons are clicky. also no wrong inputs! Even after using Nintendo's Pro controller for well over two years, I find the analog sticks to be slightly too short, but they are still considerably superior than the ones that are built into the JoyCons.This controller also doesn't seem to have a problem with input latency. If you've ever used a third-party controller in the past few decades, you know that that's not always the case, but it was on par with or even superior to officially-licensed ones.The controller itself is excellent overall. This is a really great piece of equipment when you consider the aforementioned features as well as the fact that it charges through USB Type-C and has gyro-aiming and rumbling like the Pro controller. Strongly advised, especially if you're seeking for a cheaper option to the official offering (even though it is a little more pricey).

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad (G Classic Edition) - Nintendo Switch Review:

Writing this review makes me feel somewhat awful because it is clear that 8BitDo strived for perfection with this one. And it nearly is.My initial one had a slightly misaligned left analog. The moment I pressed the d-pad after that, I observed that there was a significant gap between the button's actual location and the cutout for the d-pad in the plastic. As a result, there is an area where the d-pad sloppily moves in all directions. As a result, when the d-pad is pressed, the plastic of the pad rubs against the cutout walls of the controller, producing a muffled yet unappealing squeaking and scratching sound. On occasion, the rubbing's friction can also be felt. When pressing in the "right" direction, it is most obvious and pronounced.The four face buttons on this specific device also felt a little weird. They felt unrefined and cheaply made, loose in the controller, and inconsistent with one another. Overall, it had a shoddy construction. I sent it back for a replacement after deciding I couldn't have any of it, hoping it was just a defective item.I was first impressed when the second one showed up feeling generally much better. The face buttons felt slightly better, but still not terrific, and both analogs were straight. On this one, both the shoulder buttons and the triggers worked perfectly (triggers on the first one felt unequal).The d-pad was still the obvious issue. Actually, this one was louder than the last. It also had a much softer feel. It had a softer, less honed feeling. When pressing down on any/all directions, there wasn't as clear of a distinction as there was with the previous one. It had a confusing, mushy, and flat feeling. This was obviously far from ideal, so once more, I returned it.With a sigh, the third one once more had a slightly misaligned left analog stick. The shoulder buttons and triggers were fantastic, but the four face buttons were ok. However, the d-pad continued to make the same noise as it rubbed against the cutout's walls while moving around freely inside.By this point, I'm firmly sure that this issue is a combination of production irregularities and a design error. But at least this time, the d-pad clicked with a nice, soft, firm, and concise feel as opposed to the previous two times. However, because it squeaked and rattled, it was still regarded as defective. Returned.I should have purchased this fourth one the first time around. It is PERFECT, this unit. The D-pad is faultless, with the exception of the (much less) rubbing and the associated noise, albeit it is MUCH quieter than any of the previous three. It's the greatest it will ever be because its design naturally and unavoidably results in some minor "rubbing."I still had the two most recent problematic ones I stated above with me so I could deliver them all to UPS at once. This provided me the chance to compare them side by side and confirm that these were real events.The d-pad appears to have some sort of soft, gripping rubber coating on the back of this nice one, which prevents it from sliding around inside the cutout as much. It still moves, but much more slowly, and the rattling I had been hearing in the earlier ones has been reduced by 80%. Additionally, because it moves less and rubs less, there are less squeaks as a result. Additionally, it simply "feels" better all around.The four face buttons feel a lot better than any of the earlier ones I've experienced. They feel suitably padded, which gives the buttons a more upscale appearance. I'm not sure if this improvement goes hand in hand, but they rattle a lot less, too, getting rid of the last 20% of rattles from the old controllers.To be more specific, here's what I mean by this "rattling":The controller in my left hand would be silent, aside from the barely audible sounds of the face buttons shaking in place, which is completely normal and would really only be heard when shaken pretty hard, if I held my fourth (good) one in my left hand and any/both of the bad ones I still had in my right hand.In contrast, the other two would, at pretty much any volume, sound like baby rattles. I'm not joking. It appears as though the buttons were merely "tossed inside" and declared satisfactory. I'm not sure how or why there is such wide disparity across only these four controllers, but it seems to me that this points to a QC department that needs improvement. Reading other reviews has convinced me that this d-pad issue is not an isolated one, even though I may have just had a run of bad luck. Their d-pads have undoubtedly advanced from their earlier generations, but they still require some additional polish in order to address the aforementioned problems.But now that I have a working d-pad, how does it actually operate? In reality, it performs rather well. They aren't quite as mobile as the damaged ones. In my humble opinion, the controller would be ideal if they completely got rid of the rubbing. But even as it is, I believe it to be the best controller available right now. The best controller overall, the best for 2D platformers, and the best for 2D fighting games.The ergonomics of the controller feel ideal in the hands. In terms of shape, dimensions, and weight, it resembles the dualshock 4. This works with any carrying case designed for the DS4. The actual components feel high-quality. On the G-Classic Edition, I also enjoy the material used for the d-pad. Touching the smooth plastic with the grip texture strips feels so luxurious and wonderful. The four convex buttons have a wonderful, soft, cushioned, but noticeable click to them and also feel quite high quality to the touch. The triggers have a nice, constant feel over their full range, and the shoulder buttons feel just like I remember the original SNES ones to.They were easily paired with the Switch, and the Ultimate software is also rather cool. It quickly updated the firmware for me to the most recent version 3.01, and I was out the door in no time.I genuinely haven't seen my brother pull off as many damn shoryukens so effortlessly in a succession since the SNES days because of how excellent the d-pad on this device is. He might now genuinely challenge me, in my opinion.Overall, this controller is almost flawless and will take the place of the Pro controller as my everyday driver. They merely need to increase their quality control and get rid of that rubbing. They will, I'm sure, since I can feel this business' desire to lead its industry, willingness to pay attention to customer feedback, and ability to make things right with clients when problems occur with their first-rate support. Regards, 8BitDo. I'm hoping you guys can resolve these minor problems soon. We are grateful to Amazon for making everything so much easier than it needed to be. I would have awarded the SN30 Pro five stars if I had the perfect unit the first time, but I have to take one star off for my learnings and realizations.

Mobile Game Controller [Upgrade Version] Mobile Gaming Trigger for PUBG/Fortnite/Rules of Survival Gaming Grip and Gaming Joysticks for 4.5-6.5inch Android iOS Phone Review:

I received the control earlier than expected (which was awesome). I had previously used triggers that attached to the top of the phone, and while they worked fine, they were a little uncomfortable, so I made the decision to upgrade. I used to have trouble utilizing the clip-on triggers because my hands would get tired. I was pleasantly surprised by this game controller. My abilities in the game are actually increased by it, and it fits my hand comfortably. I play PubgM, thus it was crucial when the zombie event arrived. My phone and hands are kept comfortably cool by the fan.Pl The only thing that worries me is how the phone fits into the controller; it feels like the triggers are on a wearable spring. I play practically every day so far, but I haven't noticed any improvement in a month, and it still feels tight.I'll cut it short. It is worthwhile to buy.

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad (Black Edition) - Nintendo Switch Review:

Starting out with something that won't affect my score but might be interesting to anyone who are considering purchasing this controllerWhen my controller was delivered, it didn't appear to be as new as they had stated, at least not in terms of the packaging. The box had a few minor shipping dings, but there was also dust and other small pieces of debris inside from either a prior owner or a refurb facility. The controller itself seemed flawless, thus I really doubt it was refurbished. On the plastic covering, there were just strange bits and pieces of dust and debris.Now for the review that directly influences the grade:Download the most up-to-date version of the controller's software from the 8bitdos website first so that you can tweak it for usage with a PC and, conceivably, a Switch. With this plus my Switch, I haven't played as much as I have on my PC. It's crucial that you pay attention to this because one of the updates explicitly states that it will assist solve controller lag on the Switch when the Joycons are connected. If I read an update, that is a BIG one.the experience I hadWith a friend and randos, I played Monster Hunter World on PC for almost 4 hours after spending the first 10 minutes making sure everything was set up. It seems more like a genuine first-party controller than a third-party one, which is strange because I'm used to the XB1 rev. 1, PS4, and WiiU Pro controllers. It has the strangest PS4 and SNES controller hybrid feel. Not negatively, just strangely, if that makes sense.The controller can operate in a variety of modes, but for the most part, you want it set to XInput because it is the industry standard; by pressing start X, the PC will boot into that mode. Hold start Y when switching. If you switch the device you're matching it with, you simply need to do this. Simply hold start if you've already synced it. As a result, it happens quickly.My hands felt like they were holding a Nintendo controller, and Monster Hunter was mapped for an Xbox controller, but other than that, the buttons and sticks all feel robust. The sticks and each button felt responsive. There really wasn't anything I could find to complain about. Although Switch lacks analog triggers, the analog triggers will still provide you all the responsiveness you may desire for PC.I spent around ten minutes playing Freedom Planet on the Switch, which may be challenging given how frequently your attack and special inputs might vary. Nothing caught my attention; the dpad felt great, I didn't use my special attacks or attacks at random, and I didn't notice any delay. I've played this game for more than 150 hours since I like it, thus I believe I can identify anything that stands out.It's simple to charge the controller because it comes with a USB-C charging cord that has a USB3 jack on the other end. In contrast to the PS4 controller, you can snap the battery cover open, remove the battery pack, and insert your own enloops. I did this for my first test run because I didn't want to wait for my controller to charge.It performed flawlessly. I can't comment for the battery life in this review, but I would assume it would be adequate given that it functions quite similarly to an XB1 controller. This is 90% better than a PS4 controller with a PC, I can say that with confidence. I've used that controller on a PC before, and while it worked fine, most games required third-party drivers, which actively informed me that I was experiencing lag despite being only a few feet away from the adapter. Additionally, the PS4 controller's battery life was poor even when third-party apps were used to turn the brightness of the bar to dim or off. This will undoubtedly perform much better. The battery life on my MD30 seems ludicrous.The grips actually feel better than they do in the pictures; they appear to have been thrown on to appease users who had issues with the standard SN30 controller, but they actually felt quite good. They have the grips and sticks of a PS4 controller while the face of the controller is built from a SNES.Although I've noticed some complaints in the reviews, I honestly don't see those problems. I bought an inexpensive ASUS PC adapter, and even though my switch and controller are only a few feet apart and have direct line of sight, there was no lag and connecting them was easy. The switch took less than a minute to update, and it took approximately 10 minutes to get the controller operating on the PC using xinput. Switch doesn't support NFC, although I doubt that will be a problem for most people.You need a controller for your PC or Switch, but you don't want to spend a fortune on a Switch Pro controller or an XB1 controller plus wireless adapter.You can get by just fine with this. Both devices have no restrictions because they don't require an adapter (*PC WILL NEED SOME FORM OF BLUETOOTH OR JUST WIRE IT)I could not detect any lag at all, and the software and controller settings are really, extremely sturdy.This feels authentically like a first-party controller, unlike the cheap madkatz controllers you might have purchased, and it has the versatility of being compatible with any platform. With a simple button combination, you can quickly switch between using it on a PC, Switch, Android device, or an iOS device as needed. I had a terrific experience using the MD30 controller with both the PC and Switch, and this seems to replicate that.

DELAM Mobile Game Controller with L1R1 L2R2 Triggers, PUBG Mobile Controller 6 Fingers Operation, Joystick Remote Grip Shooting Aim Keys for 4.7-6.5" iPhone Android iOS Cellphone Gamepad Accessories Review:

If you're looking for chicken dinners, break out your evil laughs because you're going to get some. Although I enjoy playing PUBG Mobile, utilising a three-fingered claw on an iPhone 7 is simply not possible. Using this? Baby, all four. I'm coming for you, Headshot Central!I've attached a picture of my setup. NOTE: In PUBG, you MUST disable emotes or else the trigger on the right will not work!The main left and right triggers are a little too close to the edge, and the centre two triggers hang over the screen a little more than I would like. For these reasons, I'm deducting one star.

Mobile Controller, BEBONCOOl Mobile Game Controller for PUBG, Android Game Controller for Android/iOS/iPhone, Wireless Remote Controller Gamepad, Mobile Gaming Controller Supports Mobile Key Mapping Review:

With this product, there can be a lot of confusion. It was not intended for the western market, at least not to the extent of the east Asian markets, which are not big fans of mobile games. If you are a mobile gamer, the program is helpful, but it is very antiquated and rudimentary, and that seems to be half the offering.The good news is that you don't need the application if you play video games on a PC or a console like I do.Details for Android only are listed below.You can find a quick guide sticker on the back of the controller. If you want to play it remotely, you can use Parsec, Nvidia Shadowplay, or Steam Link. The device needs to be in HID mode. By holding "X" and "Android," you can sync with Android to accomplish this. Make sure it is turned on by checking your bluetooth settings. The majority of remote play programs will function without any specific configuration once it is in HID mode.Although the build quality is decent, Nintendo Switch owners do have an additional benefit. The internals of the device are quite identical, and you can actually tell that they are Nintendo Switch thumb sticks, so if you are a little insane and have the hardware know-how, then you have extras. Should you decide to retire the device.Overall, a slightly above average product with instructions that are overly complicated. If you want to play PC games when you're on the go, I'd recommend it.

MEO Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan [ 6 Finger ] - Mobile Game Aim and Shoot Trigger L1R1 Grip Gamepad Compatible with iPhone/Android [ Black-4000mAh Built-in Battery ] Review:

I just received the item today, and even before I open it, I can see that the controller is entirely made of cheap plastic, is not at all sturdy, and may only last for a short time. The good news is that every trigger operates flawlessly and makes complete contact with my smartphone's screen. It fits my enormous Galaxy Note 9 and feels great in the hands, which is surprising. When I play CoD Mobile or PUBG Mobile, my fingers start to cramp up and go all over the place, so I bought this to help with that. I haven't tested it yet, but I have a good feeling that it will greatly benefit my mobile gaming.

Wireless Android Game Controller, Retractable Telescopic PUBG Controller Joystick Gamepad with L3 R3 Buttons for Android Phones Review:

Summary: * Essentially a bounabay v2 * Laundry list of issues that you should scan to determine whether they'll affect you considerably. * Best in class for playing DS and vertical phone games **IF YOUR PHONE FITS VERTICALLY**ClarificationsThere are a few clones of this device floating around. * Amazon claims 8 hours of play time, but the manual claims 90 hours. * Buttons are further away. * Buttons may be a tiny bit smaller. * Sticks click and have three small divots. * Home button.ProsIt isn't particularly heavy. The primary justification for purchasing this. When you insert your phone, almost every controller is top heavy; however, this one is perfectly balanced. It SEEMS organic. It is a controller for DS emulation. Think about the buttons and how the touch screen is on the bottom of the emulators when compared to the DS. Absolute perfection. Grip the phone well, and the edges fit perfectly in the small recess. The sides of the phone are well-grippled with rubber. It's not difficult at all to insert the phone, which is a drawback of other controllers. The grip style prevents accidental activation of the power and sound buttons when held vertically or horizontally. Significant improvement over the 9025. fantastic form factor This is something I could put in my pocket.Cons* My one plus 3T won't fit in it vertically; it appears to be 2mm too large, which is why I'm returning it. The minimum phone width for this device would be roughly 77mm, and I'd push it to 80mm for a secure hold. However, it is about 2mm too large.* The edges of the plastic are slightly out of alignment. Just seems a little cheap, which annoys me. Matte is simply plastic; it's not the silky plastic that Ipega utilizes.Quirks* Extending it to fit the object Despite being quite shaky, I don't think it would break considering how it was built. It seems cheap to put the phone in, but once it's in, you don't think about it. Pictures posted online depict no lighting, simply gray-lettered buttons that are dark, however Home, A/B/X/Y are all backlit. Even though the lights are dim, you cannot turn them off. Possibly bothersome at night.* The activation of shoulder buttons requires some thought.* The stick and buttons are a little on the small side, but I could get used to it.* If your phone's power or sound buttons are on the top, bottom, or bottom half when it is in vertical mode, you should pass on this (? Do any producers even engage in this?)Being completely honest, it's virtually the ideal system for playing emulated games. For it to be perfect:* **Make it suit any vertically-oriented device*** Adjust it to fit phone casesGive lights a toggle. Use bigger sticks and buttons.* Boost construction quality. Give it some lovely, supple plastic. Correct the shaky telescoping.* Rectangular shape also enables you to shift less-important buttons to the bottom. * Rounded rectangular build for improved pocket fit (turbo, home)Overall, if my phone weren't so little, I'd definitely retain it because I could get used to the other elements. But it doesn't fit, so I keep looking.

Mobile Game Controller, STOGA Android Controller ios Controller Wireless Controller Compatible with ios and Android Review:

If you enjoy playing games on your phone or tablet and are looking for a cute little controller to improve your experience, check out this Wireless Controller. It's simple to use, works well with the majority of supported games, and has a long battery life.advantages include being surprisingly simple to use, being well-built and robust, having a sturdy phone holder, and having no lag while playing games.Cons: I haven't discovered any yet, but I'll let you know if I do.

Does Apple have a gaming controller?

There are many gaming controllers on the market, but does Apple have one? The short answer is no, Apple does not have a gaming controller. However, there are many third-party gaming controllers that are compatible with Apple products. So, if you're looking for a gaming controller for your Apple device, you'll have to look elsewhere.

How do I connect Logitech to my Mac?

To connect a Logitech webcam to a Mac, you will need to download the Logitech webcam software from the Logitech website. Once the software is installed, you will need to connect the webcam to the computer using the USB cable. Once the webcam is connected, you will be able to use the webcam with any application that supports video input.

Is buying a gamepad worth it?

A gamepad is a device used for playing video games on a console. Gamepads typically have a set of buttons and one or more control sticks. A gamepad is a worth investment for any video game player. They are typically less expensive than a console and can be used for a variety of different games. Gamepads can also be used to play certain types of mobile games.

Is it better to play wired or wireless controller?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Some people find wired controllers to be more responsive and have a lower input lag, while others prefer wireless controllers for the freedom of movement they offer. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which type of controller works best for them.

What controllers are compatible with Macos?

Apple's MacOS operating system works with a wide variety of game controllers, including those designed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. There are also a number of third-party controllers that are compatible with MacOS, giving you a wider range of options to choose from. In general, any controller that uses a USB connection should work with MacOS.

What is the most popular controller?

Video game controllers have come a long way since the early days of gaming. Today, there are a variety of different controllers available on the market, each with its own unique features and design. So, what is the most popular controller? According to a recent study, the most popular controller is the Xbox One controller. This controller was found to be the most preferred by gamers, with a whopping 41% of respondents saying it was their favorite. The PlayStation 4 controller came in second place, with 27% of gamers saying it was their preferred controller. The study also found that