Best Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Hand Grips in 2022

Last update: January 1, 2023

FYOUNG Grip for 2DS XL, Hand Grip for New Nintendo 2DS XL Review:

even if my hands are larger In most cases, I don't really have any trouble handling the 2DS XL without a grip, however prolonged gaming sessions do make my hands little crampy. Additionally, some games, like Metroid: Samus Returns, heavily utilize the shoulder buttons, which can be a hassle. These two issues are resolved by this grip. With the grip, holding the 2DS XL is noticeably more comfortable. I primarily use this grip for gaming at home, but when I'm out and about, I still prefer not to have it on because it makes the device more portable and easier to carry around.Sometimes, removal might be a chore. I have to use my fingernail to pry it open, and I constantly worry that I'll scratch my 2DS XL, but fortunately I haven't. Since I play 90% of my games digitally, this is the original version that covers the game/SD card slot. However, if your game collection is primarily comprised of cartridges, it could be inconvenient to constantly detach and reattach the grip in order to change games. There is an upgraded version of this grip that doesn't cover the game slot, but after reading some reviews, I chose to stick with the original version because it appears like a sufficient number of people are experiencing problems with the tabs that secure the grip cracking.With this grip, pressing the power button with a finger is substantially more challenging, although using a stylus is still simple enough. I was concerned that this would drastically muffle the music, but to my surprise, I hardly hear any of it. The kickstand may be handy to some, but I don't see myself ever using it.Despite a few minor flaws, I really suggest viewing this! It's an incredibly cheap method to increase the fun factor of using your 2DS XL even more!

Cyber Gadget Rubber Coating Grip 2 Black For Nintendo New 3DS LL XL (Original Version) Review:

Because I bought BOTH and will be comparing them side by side, this article is for you if you were wondering what the differences were between the old and new versions of the Cyber grip for the New 3DS XL. I'm referring to the older grip (Grip 2) as "Version 2" for the sake of this review and the original grip as "Version 1". Additionally, I conveniently color-coded them as blue (Version 1) and green in the image (Version 2). There wasn't a real winner for me, so you'll have to read the remainder of the review to find out who the winner will be for YOU.Which system do these grips work with? : These grips only work with the New 3DS XL (also known as the New 3DS LL in Japan). Therefore, if you own the older 3DS XL, this grip will not fit properly.What is the primary distinction between Versions 1 and 2?The "fake trigger" — I'm simply going to call it the fake trigger since I have no idea what else to call it — is where the biggest difference is located. You place your index or middle finger there (see pictures). The faux trigger is higher up on the grip casing in Version 1 of the grip. The fake trigger is positioned closer to the grip case's center in Version 2. Both have their advantages, and I honestly think both are very helpful for various games. I had assumed that Version 2 would be more comfortable for me because I had little hands (female hands here), but it wasn't at all comfy when I played games that used the ZL and ZR buttons (especially playing with games that are real stylus-heavy because the weight is not evenly distributed - more on that later). That's correct; the change that was made for Version 2 that was meant to address the issue of easily reaching those buttons didn't work for someone like me. That's not to argue that Version 1 made it any simpler to reach ZL and ZR, but with my small hands, I found it to be simpler because I had no choice but to overreach, which eventually made me accustomed to it to the point that I didn't even consider the minor inconvenience. Although I prefer Version 1 for these games for those buttons, it wasn't that big of a deal either. In other evaluations, the majority of users claim that Version 2 makes it more comfortable to reach ZL and ZR. When I didn't have to use ZL and ZR or a lot of the stylus, Version 2 was more comfortable when I played for longer periods of time. Additionally, I noticed that Version 1 had significantly thinner bottom grips where your palms wrap around. Even though I own both versions, I can definitely FEEL the difference, even though it is hardly visible to the unaided eye. There, it has a somewhat different shape. Version 2 was much more comfortable for me because it had a larger grip for me to wrap my hands around. This will have a huge impact on certain people.The right analog c-stick, analog stick, or analog nub is what I'm talking about. How does that feel compared to Versions 1 and 2?Version 1 is more comfortable because my thumb can more easily reach the right analog stick with the fake trigger higher up. Version 2 is equally accessible, but it doesn't feel as natural.Which grip offers more flexibility? Being versatile isn't always a good or bad thing.Version 2 offers more flexibility. I always have my index finger on the phony trigger when playing regular games. I put my middle finger on the fake trigger when playing games that use the ZL and ZR, and my index fingers go to the L, R, ZL, and ZR. I can deal with how that makes me feel even though it is uncomfortable. I never need to rest my middle finger on the phony trigger in Version 1 because my index finger is always there. I remove my index finger from the fake trigger in order to (over)reach for the buttons L, R, ZL, or ZR as needed. That also feels alright.Version 2's unsteady posture when the screen is opened is a nuisance. When the screen is open and it becomes too heavy on the top side, it topples. This issue also exists in Version 1, however it is not as serious. It's a good thing they both have flaps on the underside to support it. However, it is not adjustable, and because it feels somewhat flimsy, I would be extremely cautious not to damage the flaps. I've used the flaps for over 50 hours, and they're still working perfectly. lol. Version 1 is seen in the image sitting upright, however Version 2 shows the gadget leaning to one side.One-handed operation (i.e., with one hand on the console and one hand holding the stylus) is my major gripe.Version 2 is much more uncomfortable when you have to remove your right hand from the grip in order to use the stylus for stylus-intensive games (such as Persona Q). It makes your left hand ache. For this, I much prefer Version 1. Version 1's higher trigger position contributes to a more evenly distributed weight distribution when holding the grip in one hand. Version 2's trigger sits lower, so if you play for an extended period of time, you'll feel its weight (or literally in just 30 min...).Both textures are EXACTLY the same in terms of texture, durability, materials, and value. It is constructed of plastic that has a rubbery finish. One does not feel lighter or heavier than the other. It doesn't feel any weaker or more sturdy than the other. If you already possessed one of these Cyber grips (as I did for my old 3DS XL), the materials and construction are largely the same. After owning my previous Cyber grip for the older 3DS XL, I have to admit that they may seem quite light and flimsy to certain people who have really high standards (which is great). However, I will only use these grips since I adore them. They are simply pleasant to grasp and touch. Additionally, they retain their worth because they aren't often available in the US, so I was able to sell my old Cyber grip for almost exactly what I paid for it. If I ever get weary of these two grips, I'll probably do the same.These grips won't scratch the gadget, thankfully. Because of this, I adore the Cyber grips. Without totally obscuring the appeal of the 3DS XL, I try to keep my gadgets looking as good as the day I acquired them (for example, the Nerf cases). It won't provide your device with the same kind of protection as, say, a Nerf case. As the name implies, this type of grip case is only designed to allow you to comfortably hold your 3DS.Is it simple to install? Definitely. Simply snap it on. The device doesn't come off the grip casing, although I never treated it roughly. I don't have to worry about the 3DS dropping on my face when I'm on my back.Yes, it is simple to uninstall. Simply lift your smartphone out by giving the grip case's tab a gentle push.Do I use Version 1 more frequently in the long run than Version 2?I do use Version 2 more, if you must know. Simply put, I find it more comfortable for the games I own, the majority of which do not make use of ZL and ZR. Version 1 solves the issue for me.Putting this to the test on an unwary user:On someone else who had no idea, I tried both grips. I periodically switched out the grips, and guess what? They didn't even notice a thing.

Fintie Hand Grip for Nintendo 2DS XL, [Ergonomic Design] Comfort Anti-Slip Controller Grip with Stand for New 2DS XL/LL 2017 - Black Review:

This grip is quite cozy. Even after brief play sessions, I discovered that my hands were cramping up on my 2DS XL, but now it's lot more pleasant.I originally assumed that this grip would obstruct the 2DS XL's forward-firing speakers, but it turns out that there are tiny notches where the speaker ports are, and instead of blocking the sound, it actually reflects it back up toward you. That was fascinating to me. However, the notches are only somewhat deep.My 2DS XL speakers are really louder, clearer, and have more bass and midrange in this grip than would typically be produced from the handheld alone after I modified it little by deepening the channels with a pocketknife and rounding them off. It's pretty good and seems like the grip is acting like a megaphone or something.

TUTUO Comfort Handle Grip with Indicator Lights for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (Black) Review:

Big-handers, I apologise; this one is not for you. Small-handed people seeking a grip with a better feel than the typical grip need look no further. The only grip with "gripy" plastic is this one. It doesn't have a cheap vibe. I have little knowledge of the subject, but I played this game nonstop for four hours. No cramping, and holding it did not make my hands heated. Heaven is the wider, more slender profile. I am a small man. I'm about 5'7" with girl-sized hands. As much as I try to give professional reviews, I just can't express how much I love this grip and how relieved I am to have found what I was looking for. Will soon place an order for a backup.

Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip Review:

If it weren't for the fact that I have large hands and lengthy fingers, the 3DS's shape would make me happy. However, when I play games that call for simultaneous use of the face and shoulder buttons, I find that the 3DS slides toward my palms, necessitating a tight and painful pinch-grip. As a result, when I was looking for a device to address this issue, I decided to go with the one from CTA Digital because it does not add long, angled extensions but rather takes up the space between my hands and the 3DS. I am completely happy with how well it fits my hands; anything better would probably require customization.Four hooks are used to attach the grip to the 3DS: two fit into the rear holes for the charging dock and two fit over the side ridge at the bottom. The SD card cover has developed a small amount of scarring as a result. I believe this may be related to the way I removed the 3DS from the grip (by lifting it up from the back rather than one side), but it hasn't gotten any worse since I realized this and started pulling the left side out and down first. Although fairly sturdy, the attachment is nevertheless manageable to remove when needed.The 3DS can lay flat on a table thanks to the palm pads and the foot at the back, which is useful for watching videos or just setting it down for a while. The lower pad and home button work just fine, however this tripod stand isn't quite wide enough to let you use the Circle Pad or buttons with one hand without toppling the 3DS.The SD card storage slot is located under a swing-out panel on the underside of the grip, which also doubles as an adjustable foot for holding the 3DS at various angles, up to almost vertical. The foot adjustments are firmly locked into place, and one hand can be used to press the buttons in these slanted positions. This is a fantastic feature, but there is one drawback: I discovered that the panel was only just held in place when it was closed; if the grip was slightly twisted, the panel would pop out and hang down. I was able to fix this to my satisfaction by bending the retaining tab to grip more firmly and by inserting the corner of a small stack of credit cards into the panel's slot (which caused the plastic to bend slightly outward) and leaving them there for a few hours; however, I believe I may have received a slightly faulty sample.The one major chance that was lost is that there is plenty of empty space on the grip's side where two to four 3DS Game Card holding slots might have been added (at least, that's how it seems to me; I'm not a plastic engineer). Such will elevate this good product to superb status.

Wireless Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, Replacement Joy Con with Redesigned Ergonomic Hand Grip Comfortable Handheld Gamepad Joy-Con Remote Review:

These support both wireless and cable connections and are compatible with all Nintendo Switch systems. It may be used as a single controller or as two separate controllers, which is great for me. There's also no need to install any drivers; instead, you just need to press one key to connect to the Switch console.It has a 400mA rechargeable battery built in, which when completely charged allows for around 10 hours of continuous operation. incorporates a built-in gyro in each controller to support the motion detection capability.supports the vibrating feature using the built-in motor in each joystick. support for images and gameplay capture It boasts an ergonomic design and is lightweight, allowing for long sessions of nonstop gameplay. Multiplayer games may be played by simultaneously connecting multiple wireless controllers to a Switch console. The dimensions are 15.8 cm by 11.3 cm by 5. 8 cm. the object weighs about 254g. operating current is 40 mA and the operating voltage is DC 5V. 160 uA is the static current. The battery is a rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 5.0V/400mA, and the wireless range is around 8m. The gaming time is approximately ten hours, and the charging time is two hours. The charging connection is USB Type-C.

Joy Con Grip for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con 4-Pack/Wear-Resistant Smooth Surface Handle Kits with 6PCS Cat Paw Silicone Thumb Joystick Caps Cover Review:

I arrived there to use Mario Party on our Nintendo Switch. The mini halves must be used sideways for that game, and I always think they are too small to hold. The issue is resolved by this item. The remotes are simple to insert and take out. They don't wiggle when holding the controllers during game play, and they don't fall out when being stored. But they are also simple to get out when I'm ready to do so. They also don't press buttons that you're not hitting, which is annoying. I adore these as a basic component to carry a controller. For my needs, they are ideal. My family and friends also adore them. In fact, I ordered two more in different hues. I enjoy that my friends and I can tell which game controller belongs to us by its color. They have a texture that I enjoy. They are not made of thick rubber or light plastic. They are just what I needed, whatever it may be. After using mine, my pals ordered the same grips.

AFUNTA Hand Grips Compatible New 2DS XL with Silicone Case, Plastic Handle with Anti-Slip Protective Cover Compatible 2DS LL - Black Review:

This 2DSXL case is excellent.Perfect fit for the unit in the base (you cannot use the bottom silicon sleeve and place it into the base, but the top still fits fine).It makes it easier for people with larger hands like me to hold the device comfortably for extended periods of gaming without experiencing hand cramps.The charge port is still accessible, but you must take it out to swap out game cartridges or get to the stylus.The sleeves on top and bottom fit and feel wonderful as well.Excellent grip was attained, and they also look fantastic.The bottom sleeve is fairly narrow in two places, which is my only criticism (where you wrap it around the top of the 2DSXL - near the top triggers).A very small, thin piece of it needs to be inserted under the seam where the top and bottom screens meet.To position it over the right and left side of the device, you must gently stretch it (over the buttons and d pad).Sadly, the right side of mine tore, so it is no longer lacking the extra small piece that would hold it fast. Nevertheless, I snipped off the remaining piece, and it still holds securely - just irritating.I'd suggest this if you want a grip cover or if playing it causes your hands to cramp. Just be careful when adding the bottom cover.The top is very simple to put on and does not cause any obstructions.With the top and bottom sleeves on, as well as with just the top sleeve on, the unit closes without any problems.

eForBuddy Hand Grip Attachment with Stand Bracket Kickstand for Nintendo 3DS XL/LL, Black Review:

This has been a somewhat comfortable grip for me because of my relatively small hands (a lot more so than playing the 3DS without it). Sadly, it has a significant flaw in that the attachment itself actually covers the stylus storage hole. This is particularly frustrating because you won't want to keep taking the grip off to access the stylus because it is attached to the device very securely. Additionally, given how little they are, the odds of losing the stylus if you just leave it outside of the device are much higher. It makes using the 3DS quite difficult for lengthier games that need a lot of stylus use, like Professor Layton. The 3DS is a rather unwieldy device, but this grip makes it more than bearable to use, especially for challenging titles like Mario Kart that truly need a decent grasp to be able to play without having hand cramps. For that reason alone, I believe it raises the bar. Good grip, just a bothersome flaw.