Best Nintendo DS Accessory Kits in 2022

Last update: January 6, 2023

Game Card Storage Holder Hard Case for New Nintendo 3DS, 2DS XL, DS and Nintendo Switch or PS Vita - Black/Blue Review:

Since I've been using the same bulky plastic case for my 3DS games for so long, I decided it was time for an improvement. I chose this one in the end because:– It came in the same colors as my 3DS and its accessories, which are black and blue.- The mesh on the game holders! (Your game titles are shown!)- It shares the same size as my 3DS carrying case (7.75" L x 5" W)extremely skinny (under 2" thick)Great build quality; my cartridges slide out easily when I want to play them even though they fit tightly in the compartments. When I travel, I can now bring my entire collection of games instead of just a few!

momen Switch Game Card Case, 72 Game Cartridge Holders Storage Case for 32 Nintendo 3DS DS Games and 40 Nintendo Switch Sony Ps Vita Games SD Memory Cards Review:

The best game case I've ever purchased. Game cartridges can be held securely with the elastic without risk of damage to the game. feels and appears to be a high-quality casing.

HORI Elite Pack Protective Starter Kit for PlayStation Vita 2000 Review:

This bundle is great, especially considering the cost.The PS Vita Cover: I'll admit that when I initially opened it and touched it, I was dubious because of how light and fragile it felt. When I placed it on the Vita (gingerly), though, it fits PERFECTLY and has absolutely no slack. The button cutouts are precisely where they should be and are only slightly larger than the buttons. It is unquestionably designed for the PS Vita Slim model. It gives the Vita a little bit more thickness, which is advantageous in my perspective.The bottom memory card slots and power port are not shielded, nor are the top trigger buttons (cutouts). The slot where the Vita game is inserted is covered by the latch at the top of the device, which means you must unlock it to install a new one.When the case is fastened and on, it feels and functions well. It does, however, feel flimsy and as though it may shatter if you apply too much pressure, especially while removing it, and the same is true when putting it on.The screen protector is a typical screen protector that fits the screen perfectly and doesn't provide anything particularly unique. It can be applied quickly. It not at all detract from the image's quality and is barely perceptible with the cover on. The only issue I have with it is that the screen protector causes it to occasionally "drag" or stutter when moving your finger around the screen; this makes it less fluid than most I have used.The Pouch: Once more, this item is built specifically to accommodate the PS Vita Slim with the transparent case attached. It zips shut and has a semi-hard exterior.To further safeguard the screen inside the case, there is additional padding inside the lid. It offers a reasonable level of security while traveling, but if it was being jostled a much, I would like something more akin to a Vault Case. It has a sophisticated appearance and adds little bulk.For the few flaws, I would deduct a star, but for this price, I can't.Watch out for imitations of this transparent plastic case. It would be preferable to use Saran Wrap, which is what I did when I saw one at GS for less than $1 and immediately put in the trash after buying it.I would unquestionably suggest this to anyone looking for a screen protector, protective cover, and travel case for their brand-new, gleaming PS Vita Slim.

New hard pouch for PlayStationVita BLACK Review:

If all you need is a straightforward protective case for your Vita, this case is fantastic. It is the ideal size for the Vita slim. It appears to be formed of a rubber that has been hardened; as a result, it is stiff with some give. Since there is enough space and a soft interior, your shoulder buttons won't be pinched while the case is closed. You don't have to worry about the analog sticks getting broken or being held in a particular position while traveling because the lid of the case contains indentations for them. Only the system fits in this scenario. This case shouldn't be purchased if you want to store games inside because there is no room for them.

Game Card Storage Holder Case for Nintendo Switch Cartridges or SD Memory Card- Holds 40 Games - Black/ Light Blue Review:

I purchased this to house my physical collection because I don't currently have enough room to keep all of my game boxes close at hand. When I have 10 carts in my primary switch case, 40 slots is more than enough for me. The mesh slots are convenient since you can see what game is in each one before pulling them all out to find the one you want to play. Although I don't frequently take the case with me when I leave the house (primarily out of concern that I'll lose my entire collection), it is absolutely tiny and robust enough to fit in a backpack for travels where you want to have a sizable portion of your collection with you. I had to push my nose up to the inside to truly smell the faint chemical odor. So it isn't really detectable and will probably air out with time to become odorless. This suited my needs well and was a great deal.

Insten Silver EVA Case Cover + White Hand Grip + Clear Screen Protector Compatible With Sony PS Vita PSV Review:

Everything is quite functional. moves easily. I can breathe well knowing that my screen is secure.

CTA Digital PS Vita 25 in 1 Luxury Kit Review:

Every new Vita user or someone who already has a Vita but hasn't purchased any accessories for it must purchase this. Both the pricing and the quality of everything are excellent. With this kit, which includes everything you could possibly need for your Vita excluding a memory card, you definitely get your money's worth. Long road journeys are ideal for the vehicle adapter because it functions so well. To prevent your Vita from being all scratched up, it is also nice to have a carrying case and screen protector. If you possess a Vita, you must absolutely purchase this. Compared to other travel kits available, this one is by far the best value and has the highest quality items.

DreamGEAR Playstation Vita 7 in 1 Starter Kit Review:

I purchased this package for $12.99 and needed some of the items. I believe it was worthwhile for the price, however there are certain pros and cons that prevent it from receiving a full five stars.I had to cut the screen protector so that it only covered the screen because it just wouldn't stick to the front's sides. I simply threw the one for the back because it was VERY tiny.The game/memory card enclosure is built in a somewhat shoddy manner. Although it "works," it is not the best.Even the standard white Apple headphones sound considerably better than the headphones, which are horrible.Wrist strap and cleaning cloth are essentially useless.You must slide the vita under these elastic straps to keep it in place. It is somewhat difficult to insert an out; frequently, I only stick it in without securing it. Although not strictly a "negative," it has bad design.At $13, the headphones, cloth, and other extras are more of a bonus than anything else. The case, however, is extremely hard-shelled and does provide excellent protection. The zipper also seems to be fairly heavy duty and I doubt it will fail anytime soon.I would say that this is a nice case for the money, while another case would be better for certain situations. At the full asking price ($25), I would decline this case.