Best PC Gaming Mice in 2020

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma Lighting - 8 Programmable Buttons - 70 Hr Battery Review:

 *Updated for Viper Ultimate (wireless)

-Great ambidextrous shape
-New lightning fast optical switches (won't develop double clicking)
-Razer 5G optical sensor (3389)
-*Razer Focus+ Optical sensor
-*Wireless with charging dock
-Flexible cable
-Grippy rubber side grips
-Driverless if you wish
-Great Software Control (LoD, surface calibration, RGB controls, macros that do just about everything, *new asymmetric cutoff distance)
-Receeded side buttons to prevent accidental clicks
-Great scroll wheel
-Satisfying buttons all around
-Light weight with no holes
-*Technically fastest (most responsive) mouse to date
-*PTFE skates
-*Very good battery life ~70 hours (with lighting off)
-*Very convenient charging dock

-Learning period for left and right buttons (they feel spongy at first)
-Some may dislike the stock feet (*not an issue with the ultimate)
-RGB limited to back logo

My thoughts:
This did end up being my main... At first, I was very skeptical, especially when I felt the buttons. They felt kind of spongy and I thought they were going to be annoying in game, but they're not bad at all. If you've ever used a Razer mouse, you know the sensor is really good (3389 [or 3390] as it turns out), the same is true here. While the cord isn't as flexible as a paracord, I still don't feel it while gaming or browsing. All of the buttons feel good, and you will NEVER accidently click the side buttons, they all kind of receed into the mouse. The scroll wheel feels great with well defined steps and a light button. I saw some people complain about the stock feet, but mine are gliding great on my glide 38. This could vary on different surfaces of course. Software is really good, you can do whatever you want with it, just know that macros require synapse to be running (this prevents illegal macros from being used in competition). I greatly appreciate that the mouse is as light as it is without holes, and an RGB logo. About that logo, if you turn off the lighting, it does absolutely disappear, no cutouts or anything, it just becomes a black surface. The rubber side grips are very nice too, I like the large surface area they cover. Just a note, the left and right click both wobble slightly when you shake the mouse, but they don't seem to move or be a problem in game.

This is a really nice mouse, I was very surprised. I absolutely did not expect it to be as good as it is, and it just feels great in my hand. I use a claw grip with 19.5 cm and it fits nicely. Usually, there's something about a mouse that bugs me while I'm playing like the air 58 flexes ever so slightly on the side and it affects my aim (probably a mental thing), my model O's right click squeeks when pressed in a certain area (which is a spot I click on alot), the g pro wireless's feet seem to drag inconsistently regardless of the mousepad, and so on. I also think that this will become popular enough to get aftermarket feet produced, maybe even hyperglides. I haven't found anything yet that bothers me in game with this mouse. Since nothing bugs me about it while gaming, it feels like an extension and I can focus on tracing and flicking without interruption. If you haven't bought a razer mouse in a long time during the rise of esports mice, this is a really solid place to start. Once you get over the feeling of the new clicks, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

*So the ultimate is just PHENOMINAL! It's an upgrade all around from the wired viper. The wireless Hyperspeed technology is somehow faster than Logitech's Lightspeed technology, which is faster than wired connections. How that's possible is beyond me, but trust me, this thing's faster than you. They somehow also kept the weight down at only 74 grams! Only 5 more to the wired version, and is absolutely negligible especially since cable drag is eliminated. This is also the most convenient wireless mouse to date because it comes with a very small charging dock. I've used other mice with docks in the past, but this one's very small in comparison, and has a sticky base to stay firmly in place on your desk. Something I GREATLY appreciate is that you can change the RGB on the dock to change its lighting based on the mouse's remaining battery life. The new asymmetric cutoff option is like the opposite of liftoff distance where it adjusts the distance of when the mouse starts tracking again after being lifted. I absolutely recommend the Ultimate if you're looking for the best wireless mouse on the market. The only way this leaves my desk is if a better wireless mouse comes out, I can't go back to wired mice. No matter how floppy the cable is, I always feel some degree of cable drag or slapping around. Keep in mind that appearantly there are 2 options for the Ultimate. One with the dock and one without. I would recommend the dock because of how convenient it is. It's so worth it to not have to always unplug and plug a charging cable. 10/10 from me, Razer knocked it outta the park with this mouse. I can't wait to see how this pushes future mice.

*Note* If you get the Ultimate and notice tracking issues (ie. it stops tracking for like 2/10 of a second), contact Razer customer support, tell them about the issue, and they'll link you to a firmware update. Clears the issue right up. It's likely that this issue will be resolved by the time you get yours, but just in case.

Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse – Black Review:

July 2019 Edit: Mouse still going strong, no issues yet!

If you’re in the market for an entry-level gaming mouse, look no further, this is the mouse for you. Trust me. Whether for you or someone else you can’t go wrong with this mouse. I decided to create a huge review guide for people like me who just absolutely need to see detailed reviews before they pull the trigger on the product. Below is a pros and cons list and below that is a detailed paragraph about this mouse if you’re a reader :-)


- RGB Lighting (And not some solid color BS, like 12.8 million colors breathing effects type of stuff)
- Depressed Area Left and Right click, helps keep your grip on the mouse (picture for example)
- Smooth design and texture great for claw holders
- 8000 dpi sensor with ability to change in increments of 50 (7950, etc.)
- DPI Button with up to 4 on-the-fly dpi changes (also can be programmed to a key)
- 2 custom buttons both on the inside of the mouse (more on that below)

Meh (Opinion)

- No Braided Cable (they fray)


- Worst scroll wheel I have ever seen in my life* (UPDATE: Scroll wheel is actually VERY good for games if you use it to switch weapons/items if because the notches are there to stop you from saying, switching 1 too much, otherwise, the scroll wheel is pretty meh because it just FEELS clunky)
- Cable is a tad bit short

The G203 Prodigy is hands down the best gaming mouse at this price point. The RGB lighting alone makes this mouse worth it considering the price point because a lot of good quality mice out there comprise the RGB lighting for functionality. Logitech did not compromise on this AT ALL boasting a full 16.8 million colors with color effects such as breathing and fading into other colors, much more than the old bs “RGB mice” that just have 1 solid color with an on and off switch (*cough Steelseries cough*). All you have to do is download the software from the website by searching “G203 Prodigy Software” and you’re good. Moving on, the dips in the mouse on the left and right clicks are amazing. It helps you keep your fingers gripped on the mouse when you click and move it around. After I used this mouse because my old gaming mouse without that feature shorted out, I just couldn’t go back. Must have on any gaming mice IMO, even if you don’t get this one. Additionally this mouse has a pretty smooth design and decent texture for your hands, I’ve had some that have felt better but not bad. The 8000 DPI sensor is also extremely good at this price point, it’s very accurate, and can be adjusted in increments of 50 (I know this sounds stupid but some mice don’t even have this precision, the Steelseries Kana v2 I had before only adjusted in increments of 400 which is absolutely terrible btw, don’t buy that mouse) which is huge. There’s also a DPI button and 2 custom mappable buttons which is pretty standard. This mouse has a rubber cable which I like but some people like braided ones (they look nice but are meh).

Every mouse isn’t perfect though but this one comes pretty close. The only big problem with this mouse is the GOD AWFUL scroll wheel* (Update on this above, this depends on the genre of games you are playing) If you use the scroll wheel regularly, this is a HUGE drawback. Scrolling is somewhat clunky and the texture feels very uncomfortable so if you are a person using their scroll wheel every 5 minutes, I would have to tell you this may not be the mouse for you. Luckily I don’t use the scroll wheel that much. Lastly is the cable is a tad short but will be fine for 99% of you as long as you’re by your computer at a reasonable distance.

I hope this helps you guys make a great choice on the mouse to get, I would highly recommend you to grab this mouse if you haven’t already. See you on the battlefield!

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired, 8 Programmable Buttons, Chroma RGB Backlit, 7200 DPI Adjustable, Comfortable Grip Ergonomic Optical PC Computer Gaming Mice with Fire Button, Black (Upgraded Version) Review:

My Logitech G602 crapped out on me after 2 years of service. I was really disappointed because I had several customized macros for various games I play. I've been really busy with work/career/life in general to where buying a replacement or better high-end customizable gaming mouse wasn't really that necessary. The PIKTEK Gaming Mouse looks like it would fit as a temporary replacement.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I was disappointed with some of the customization options for a gaming mouse. Compared to Logitech 602, they are not as extensible or powerful. For some of the idle clicking games, it would have been nice to have a toggle on/off option for macros with repetitive cycles. I was able to to setup "repeat macro until button released" but for some reason it does not 1) repeat until released but a lot longer if I were just to press the button requiring multiple presses and 2) sometimes the macro does not work.

I really like the customizable color option for the mouse, and it does look cool in the dark. This mouse is capable, but just not as much as I'd like it to be. However, this mouse is way affordable and can be a backup when I eventually get a new gaming mouse. If PICTEK has a more powerful gaming mouse with better customizable options in their software package, then I'd consider buying it over Logitech or RAZR.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports grade performance Review:

G Pro Wireless
This is a long review, not just because I have a lot of notes, but because the review detail should be directly proportional to the price tag.

The Basics:

The Logitech G Pro Wireless (GPW) is an 80 gram, RGB, ambi, wireless mouse with removable side buttons for both sides and inserts which allow a smooth surface in lieu of a button if desired. There are 7 buttons total plus a DPI button on the bottom which doesn’t really enter into any of my math. Its HERO 3 sensor goes from 100 to 16000 DPI in steps of 50. There is zero accel or smoothing with this sensor and it is supposed to be the most advanced optical on the market. Expectations were very high with this mouse and after a sense of initial disappointment (likely caused by really high expectations) it took a little while to grow on me, but it did indeed.

The Good:

- No squeeks, creaks or rattles. The fact the production quality is high is a welcome relief given the price point.
- The shape is nice and safe for what should be the majority of users. I was initially put off by the length of the mouse a little, since the butt end initially interfered with my fingertip grip. I was able to adjust after removing the pinky side buttons, and now the mouse is a good fit for my 17.5cm hands in fingertip and an excellent fit in palm. Claw grippers below 19 cm will probably have a tough time here. I think large fingertip, medium palm and really large claw grip users will be most happy with the GPW.
- The clicks are light and responsive, feeling closer to the G303 than the G403, just a tough heavier. To me it feels like breaking a very very very thin film of glass with each click. Satisfying and tactile. There is no pre/post travel. I did not initially like them as much as the G403, but now I could go either way.
- The wireless has no perceptible input delay. Winning.
- The mouse feels super agile, even with the cord. The TT Ventus R was the last mouse to significantly impress me with weight and pointability. The GPW beats the Ventus R though with a better shape...and everything else. The 80 gram weight, slick mousefeet, good sensor and decently forward sensor placement combine for a highly “pointable” experience.
- Battery life out of the box was 28 hours with full lighting, 1000hz polling and 48% charge. Outstanding.
- A mouse does not make you a better player, but a good mouse can at least not get in the way of winning. One of Logitech’s advertisements alluded to this when it shows the mouse disappearing from under a player’s hand. I now have to agree that the mouse doesn’t feel “amazing” so much as it feels “absent” in-game due to the combination of wireless, lightness and neutral shape. I prefer the feel of the G403, but the in-game performance with the GPW was truly excellent, zero issues. I initially played with the mouse wired and then played in wireless mode to see if I could tell a difference. The difference was noticeable, and the user experience between wired and wireless went from very good to great.
- The new HERO sensor is fantastic. This is the first mouse with a HERO sensor that I’ve tried and I am finally a believer that the 3366 can be improved upon. Knowing that I am human, I rationally don’t think there is any way I should actually be able to perceive an improvement from the 3366 that I’m used to. That said, I am sure as heck enjoying a strong and sustained sense of placebo in favor of the new HERO sensor. The sensor feels incredibly snappy and accurate at the same time. When I first set up the mouse, DPI was set to 1100 and felt even higher than the 1300 used on my G403. When I realized this, I bumped DPI up to 1300 to get a comparative feel. At 1300 DPI it the combo of wireless and snappy sensor felt equivalent to 1600 DPI on the G403, but without any decrease in accuracy, in fact accuracy improved, probably because the 1300 DPI was actually close on both mice and I had the muscle memory without the cable. Even with the cable attached to the GPW, the feel of snappy accuracy does not go away. Thus, I attribute this to the HERO sensor (possibly the slick mouse feet) and not the wireless capability or weight. In accuracy testing, results averaged just over 93%, on par with my previous aiming champ, the G303.
- Middle click is moderate resistance with a muted feedback and there is nice rubber coating on the scroll providing good grip.
- Scroll wheel has fairly light resistance with good bumpy scroll steps, good for FPS. The scroll wheel is quiet without any rattling when shaken or when scrolling quickly, so not bad for browsing either. If it had been me, I’d have lowered the scroll wheel a couple mm lower into the mouse – feels good but slightly high for my taste, much like the MM520.
- Thumb buttons are well placed and easily accessible with very light actuation compared to my G203 with snappy feedback. There is barely perceptible pretravel on all of them, not noticeable in game and well worth the cost of the modularity involved. My user experience went from an 8 to a 9.5 after I’d put in the flat inserts on the pinky side of the mouse and subsequently changed my grip to something more comfy.
- There is a slot for the wireless USB receiver in the bottom rear of the mouse to help you keep it safe – nice touch.
- The surface texture is good and helps keep the mouse controllable. It is not as rough as the G203 but it still provides good grip despite basically feeling smooth.
- Last and perhaps least, this mouse can go to the office! The look is professional, understated and maybe even downright pedestrian, which I love. It’s like looking at a Toyota Corrolla and knowing it has the internals of a Porsche.

The Middling:

- Liftoff distance seems higher than the 3366, but still seems to be under 1.5 DVDs. Coming from my G403 with a (maybe not even) 1 DVD LOD, the difference was noticeable – not bad, but not great.
- While I don’t need DPI button on the mouse, I find the option is nice to have. In CS:GO I’ll usually map the DPI button to flash nades instead of a keyboard key. On the flipside, you get a gram, maybe two of weight savings and that adds up. I’d have preferred a DPI button on top of the mouse instead of on the bottom, but on the bottom there’s also no chance that it will annoy anyone.
- Compared to the G403, the shape feels blasé’ and uninspired without the premium feel of that mouse. Even though a lot of people compare it to the Zowie FK2, I think its shape and size feels closest to the Nixeus Revel, but without the soft touch finish and the excessively rounded M1/M2. There is still a little rounding here, but it’s pretty good overall. The shape is not bad by any stretch, far from it, just don’t expect some kind of ergo heaven.
- The way I hold the mouse, the buttons opposite the thumb do contact one or both mouse buttons, but those buttons don’t stick out enough to actually be useful and actuate. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re after. For me, I had a better experience resigning myself to a 5 button mouse and putting the non-buttons in on the pinky side of the mouse.
- The mousefeet are super fast which I love, but as other reviewers have pointed out, they are definitely on the loud side, not scratchy, but definitely rough. Since I play with headphones the majority of the time, the tradeoff is worth it for me, but will annoy some.
- My hand seemed to sweat a little more when in wireless mode. It is possible the transmitter in the mouse puts off some heat, but that’s hard to imagine given that heat is wasted energy, and this mouse is very power efficient. I’ll need to continue checking back and forth to determine how strong the correlation is.
- The Logitech software needed an update in order to detect the mouse. The Logitech software is still good as ever, but this was a little bit of a hassle and after the software update, the Logitech Gaming Software does not open on the first try on occasion. Even though the Logitech software provides a key press “heat map” that shows how many times you’ve pressed a keyboard or mouse key, it only provides data for a select session that you start and stop yourself. I’d like to see the option for automatic logging of all key/button presses to track total usage of the mouse, maybe even include tracking of how far the mouse has traveled on its mouse feet so you can gauge how close you are to hitting the 250 km lifespan of its feet.

The Bad:

- The GPW is a bit tail heavy with the PowerPlay module inserted. I recommend not having it in unless you are using a PowerPlay mat and save 3 grams in the process.
- The cost. There is just no way around the sticker shock.
- This mouse can’t be worth anywhere near its selling price without all its features working. And that means there is a little bit more to worry about when it comes to durability. Yes, there is a 2 year warranty, but that doesn’t mean a break isn’t worth the hassle and it doesn’t mean you don’t want the mouse to last for 5-10 years instead of 2.1. With this mouse you got to worry about the internal transmitter, you’ll have to worry about the number of charging cycles the internal battery can take before it starts to die, you gotta worry about not losing the USB receiver, the button attachments, the USB dongle and the cable itself. None of these things are worries on a wired G403, or any other wired mouse for that matter.
- The fact Logitech was able to make a wireless mouse at this weight is a brilliant and calculated move. As sweet as this mouse is, it will be obsolete tech if it isn’t already. Would the GPW release have been half the achievement if they had recently released a 70-gram wired version of the same thing for $50? No. And you can bet that is coming at some point because there is already demand for this mouse, wired, at a $50 price point. The bottom line here is that good things come to those who wait, and a good thing comes to those who don’t. You might save $100 by waiting 10 months, but then you’ll ask yourself, “would the enjoyment of the wireless version have been worth it for $10 a month over the last 10 months?” That’s a tough question indeed for the r/mousereview crowd. (Goodbye NETFLIX!) Gotta love these first world problems.
- The Nixeus Revel has a very similar shape and feel to the GPW in the grand scheme of things, weighs only 4 grams more and is wired but currently sells for $35 USD on Amazon. It is unlikely that the difference between the HERO3 and the 3360 could be noticed. If you are looking to not break the bank for a light, ambi mouse with a good shape, the Revel is a much better bang for the buck without hurting your game.

The Conclusion:

Assuming it holds up, this is an endgame mouse, no question. But people should realize that whether they know it or not, they can always move their goalposts of "mouse perfection" according to their desires and what comes out on the market. As Apple’s empire can attest, it’s the things you didn’t know you needed that get you. This is the kind of mouse that makes you think really hard about what you want in a mouse and want from it. Well, the latest HERO sensor is a win. The lag-free wireless is a win. The 80 gram weight is a win. Putting all these things together is a big win and comes with a big price tag. The GPW is a pricey glimpse into the normative future, and the future looks like a nice place to live if we can avoid asteroids, plagues and nuking ourselves into oblivion (etc. etc. etc…). If you are a seriously competitive FPS player, you get what you pay for. That technically goes for anyone who buys the mouse, but some will get more out of it than others. A non-mouse enthusiast/hardcore gamer will get 99% of the satisfaction out of the G403. Heck, some people might get 99% of the user satisfaction out of a generic $5 office mouse. Fact is, if you are the type of person who can tell a 3050 from a 3360, or a person who can’t forgive the "diversity" of a 100 gram mouse vs. an 80 gram mouse…well, this is a technical work of art to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Nit-Noid Rating: 9.4

Bang For Buck (@150 USD): C

Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse RGB Spectrum Backlit Ergonomic Mouse Griffin Programmable with 7 backlight modes up to 7200 DPI for Windows PC Gamers (Black) Review:

 I would like to introduce myself as someone that enjoys working first and gaming second, and reviewing, third. Sometimes all of these can go hand and hand when you work from home or just spend days on the personal computer.

For Gaming:

Material Quality: Sturdy for gaming, but if you have an anger issue with your work, and throw the product against a wall --- its not going to survive.

Button Functionality:
This works with right handed people.
2 Left side buttons:
Middle mouse button: Create new tabs on software, or use it as a weapon in your gaming.
Middle Mouse button slide left: Press the wheel to the left using index finger, and you have another macro/micro mechanism for your gaming.
The two buttons on top of the mouse and what they do:
First button: DPI gage ranging in various colors to notify you which setting you are on.
This color means DPI setting
Purple: Medium-Fast
I use purple. :)

2nd Top button Gives you an array of mouse A E S T H E T I C S.
1st display:Red
2nd display: Flow of RGB from back to front
3rd display: Quick dot from back to front with RGB colors
4th display: Changes color for every individual movement/click. Mouse is colorless when not being used.
5th display: Blinking Red
6th display: Colorless when not being moved, gives movement color mechanism of glowing red. (spooky!!!!)
7th display: Slow Pulsating red effect
My favorite is 3rd display function.

Hands: I have small hands. I know that sounds weird, but I'm not a large handed person. The mouse is sturdy, durable, bright white with an easy grip ergonomics ---- if it fits your hands. This is important for gaming mice, because you want that tactical advantage. This is also built for right handed people. The side of the mouse allows for a good rest for the thumb.

Colors: RGB means every color avaliable. No software needed; built in mechanism to select color(s).

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired [7200 DPI] [Programmable] [Breathing Light] Ergonomic Game USB Computer Mice RGB Gamer Desktop Laptop PC Gaming Mouse, 7 Buttons for Windows 7/8/10/XP Vista Linux, Black Review:

 I am only a few days in with this purchase so keep that in mind. So far just from build and ease of use, I do really like it. The biggest set back I had first encountered when setting the mouse up was downloading the software used primarily for the lighting. The mouse itself was plug & play, I had no issue at all there. The mouse came in a bland little brown box, with instructions to a (Korean?) website to download the previously mentioned software. All of which I am perfectly fine with. Using Google translate built into my browser made it simple enough. To my surprise though, the day after I received email from the seller with a direct link to the correct software for the mouse. That was unexpected yet appreciated. It would have been nicer a day earlier, but to be fair the mouse came extremely quick. Quicker than I expected. The lighting on the mouse is pretty good. The software to customize is fairly simple and limited, but on a budget gives you quite a bit. All the colors are vibrant, and the transitions are nice as well. The mouse also has a good weight to it. Neither to heavy or light so not to feel cheap or give you wrist strain from movement. All button functions work perfectly for me. With layout customization as well. Which I honestly use very little. I am mostly fine with the default configuration.
I leave 4-stars for now cause it is the "I Like" option. That's where I sit as of now. I will see how the mouse holds up over some time. If all is good I will update my star rating good or bad. Being new and a product I am unfamiliar with I think this is the fairest review I can give. Till later then,,,,,,

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma RGB Lighting - 7 Programmable Buttons - Mechanical Switches - Rubber Side Grips - Matte Black Review:

-Super comfortable
-The buttons fit my fingers well and allow my fingers to rest in the grooves
-Two buttons near my thumbs
-Grips on the scroll make it easier to use
-Up and down buttons on the mouse so I don't have to go into the program to use it
-Plugging in brings up the program to install it, rather than having to find the install on the website
-Chord is braided rather than rubber/plastic
-Nice matte finish, doesn't get slippery, fairly nice texture

-Thumb button placement makes it hard to reach the first button because of the size of my hand; seems clearly made for larger hands/men
-DPI buttons seem to be in an inconvenient spot; have accidentally bumped during gaming

Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Gaming Mouse Review:

Let me start by saying that I've used a lot of gaming mice, like, over 50 of them. The Logitech g502 was always a quality mouse and tons of people love the thing just based on the design and overall quality of the mouse; That being said, there are a few things to consider if you're thinking about getting this one in particular.

The Pros of this mouse are fairly straightforward, and are as follows:
- Comfortable shape for most right handed people, but should be more comfortable for people with medium to large size hands.
- Good build quality which easily places it in the same category as other 'premium' around this price point or even a bit higher.
- Scroll wheel: this is one of my personal favorite features of the mouse. Allows infinite scroll to get through annoying EULA pages quicker and also quickly raise or lower volume on YouTube or other video streaming sites, but without sacrificing the much needed precision of the standard mouse wheel steps. Feels satisfying to use, but it is made of metal, which leads to a negative I'll be mentioning later on.
- Sensor: The Logitech Hero sensor has been tested numerous times and found to be roughly on par with the PMW3360 series sensors (including the 3366 on the original g502) while being advantageous for usage in wireless mice due to the lessened draw of power which allows for a longer battery life.

The Cons of this mouse make it hard to recommend to everyone, and are why I don't usually recommend it as a first choice.

-Weight: My god. This thing is one of the heaviest mice I've used for an extended period of time. I don't know exactly how much this weighs, but it feels pretty similar to the original, which I believe weighed in a little over 130 grams. Most gaming mice target a weight of 100g or LIGHTER, since lowering the weight of the mouse will make extended use easier and will allow for a greater degree of control.
- Not a truly "safe" shape, this may or may not matter to you, but I felt that it's worth mentioning. Obviously this is a mouse for right handed people, and it may not necessarily be a great fit for you if your hands are very small (I have very small hands and cannot reach the sniper button at all, but the mouse is still comfortable).

I would say it's a top tier mouse, but only if you can look past the weight. I would recommend that, as always, if you have the ability to do so, you should go to a local store and try some of the mice out to see which feels best to you, and make your decision after you have an idea what type of mouse shape you want.

I won't recommend that you do or don't buy a product, so I'll leave it at that.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Up to 2500 DPI Review:

I've owned this mouse for over three years and have never been gentle with it. It's gone overseas stuffed in a backpack, been used as a makeshift pillow (on those late night gaming sessions where the body quits before the will...), been stepped on, dropped, left in the sun, left in the cold, and has even had an accidental steam spa session in a hotel bathroom. Now it spends its days shoved in a backpack to and from my university.

Like I said, it's never been treated gently. And yet, it's going strong. It's as responsive as the day I got it (there is zero input lag and anybody who tells you differently needs to review the he response rate of the human nervous system, which is slower than this mouse), the lettering hasn't worn off at all, and everything is in perfect working order. This mouse was a good purchase.

Ergonomics: This mouse is comfortable and really holds your hand well. My girlfriend often attempts to The side buttons are easily distinguished from one another and are comfortable to use.

Adjustable DPI: The adjustable DPI buttons are often useful for gaming. As an example, when playing Overwatch I'll set my DPI rather high when using Junkrat but drop it nice and low for Widowmaker. Or, while playing the Witcher 3, I'll adjust my DPI on the fly if I'm fighting, going through conversation options, or navigating my inventory.

Battery Life: I change the batteries on this little guy a few times a year. I can't even tell you how long they last because it's too long to track; it's just not something I ever think about. Logitech bundles the mouse with optional software that will tell you when your battery life is low, as well. It's worth noting here that I [mostly] turn the mouse off when not in use. The mouse is equipped with an energy saving mode that I never use unless my battery begins to die.

Sensor: This mouse can be used on MOST surfaces, with very few exceptions. First, the surface must be flat. Dips or bumps will affect tracking. Second, it can't be wet. Moisture can affect the senor. Besides that, I've yet to find a surface the mouse struggles with. I've even used it on fabric furniture arms for gaming, which wasn't ideal due to drag... but the mouse tracked perfectly nonetheless. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has--if you've had issues, leave me a comment. I'm curious.

Performance: The mouse has a listed response rate of 2ms. Despite the assertions of many hardcore gamers, they cannot detect lag from a device like this; a wireless mouse is absolutely adequate for gaming. The average human brain has a response ceiling at around 12ms, so claiming one can detect input lag on a 2ms mouse is ludicrous.

CONCLUSION: If you want a SOLID gaming mouse that is comfortable, durable, and versatile, that combines outstanding battery life and game-ready performance, I recommend you consider this device. It has never let me down despite the abuse I've leveled against it and I continue to use it to this day. I've had several friends buy them after playing a bit on mine, even when the price ranged between $50-$70. Now at only $40 it's a no-brainer.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons Review:

Flash forward: it’s 2019. No longer do I play World of Warcraft like a job, raiding hardcore for 40+ hours a week and selling Challenge Mode carries on the side. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, let me explain.

I have used this mouse for FIVE. YEARS. DAILY. I have spilled coffee on this mouse, Monster energy drinks on this mouse, water on this mouse; this mouse swam every day as if it lived in a luxury hot tub but it was really just my desk.

This is a gaming mouse, yes, but as a gamer let me just tell you that there’s a difference between “gaming” hardware and then gaming hardware that actually delivers and is built to last for what you’re doing.

I’m not talking about logging in on League of Legends or Overwatch once or twice a week. I’m not talking about Call of Duty, Fortnite, or whatever everyone’s into these days. I’m talking about using this mouse constantly for a minimum of 8 hours per day, every day, 5-7 days a week. For years. This mouse was built to LAST.

I’ve had about 3 of these mice in this timespan. Not because they broke; they NEVER did. It’s just that after you own anything for more than a few years, especially after spilling various drinks on it, it just gets junky after a while. (You know...finger grease, bent cords, etc). I replaced this mouse on my own accord when I felt like treating myself - NEVER because I “had to”. Because I didn’t.

I don’t endorse many things in my life, but so help me, if you need a dependable mouse that you can rely on for years, THIS. IS. IT. 👏🏻.

I now live in my house with my boyfriend (whom I met off WoW... I know, yikes) and though we no longer competitively play games anymore, we still use this mouse for our computers. My entire life has gone into its next chapter and one of the only consistent factors in it has been this mouse. That’s wild.

My friends (guildies) have all gotten married and had kids, I’m still flying out to another one’s wedding later this year, so much of our lives have changed in incomprehensible ways. But Logitech never changed what they did, and I guess I’m not only reviewing this product but also thanking them for creating such a simple item that gives me so many fantastic memories. Again, it’s a mouse. That’s wild.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I gotta represent the brands I trust, you know? I hope you enjoy this product as much as I did, and continue to. Cheers.