Best Nintendo Switch Repair Tools & Replacement Parts in 2020

oGoDeal HAC-003 Battery Replacement Compatible for Nintendo Switch 2017 Game Console HAC-001 Internal Upgrade 4310mAh Battery with DIY Repair Tool Kit Review:

Fast shipping .Easy to follow directions.Works as it should.saved better than 250 dollars by simply replacing the battery with this one,as opposed to buying a new Nintendo switch.

Pegly 3D Left/Right Analog Joystick Thumb Sticks Sensor Flex Cable Replacement For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller (pack of Two) Review:

Swapped these out tonight after they were delivered. No issues with the two I got. The first one needed calibration (super simple to do in the settings menu) and the second one was perfect upon installation. Good on Nintendo for making these Joycons so modular and easy to work on.

I bought a set of sticks from a seller on ebay and neither worked. They were identical to the ones from this seller. My guess is that quality control isn't "Nintendo Standard" but for 10 bucks, I'm willing to take a few days dealing with new sticks or replacements if they don't work.

I was replacing the sticks because one of my young boys ripped the thumb caps off my originals and they're impossible to put back on properly for any length of time. I'll keep them as back up.

Great product, recommended!

UOWGA 2 Pack Joy Con Analog Joystick, Thumb Stick, Rocker 3D for Joy-con Replacement with Repair Tool + 2 Metal Lock Buckles for Nintendo Switch Review:

One of my joycon is slipping in and out of the Switch. It won't stay firmly locked in. I got this to fix that issue. It was moderately easy to install and swap out the lock mechanism so the joycons doesn't slip in and out. Took me about an hour to do it for both sides after watching some YouTube tutorials. Price isn't bad either for the package.

Keten Triwing Screwdriver for Nintendo, 17in1 Professional Full Security Screwdriver Game Bit Repair Tool Kit for Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite/JoyCon, NES/SNES/GBA Review:

The good.
-Cheap, seriously very cheap.
-Screwdriver bits seem to be cut/shaped very accurately. No stripping issues, just make sure to use adequate pressure.
-Magnetic effect to help prevent loss of screws.
-Included pry tools as well as microfiber. Just a nice little extra if working on handhelds.

The bad.
-The drivers vary in how straight they are. One of mine has a noticeable wobble(specifically the Y00) but with care it doesn't effect use much.
-Gamebit screwdrivers handles aren't -as- nice as the Y or phillips drivers. A minor gripe

The Ugly
-Nintendo screws are notoriously fragile. Be patient(make sure to select the right driver) and use ample pressure to avoid stripping.

Overall I think it's a great set of tools for the price. Yes it's no made in Germany, but it also costs what it does. For a hobbyist it's great. If you're a pro doing this sort of stuff maybe look into something higher quality.

OLCLSS 3D Replacement Analog Joystick Thumb Sticks for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller with 4 Thumb Stick Caps Joy-Con Metal Lock Buckles with Latches Replacement Repair Tool Kit(20 in 1) Review:

These Joysticks were a perfect fix for the constant drift issue I had with the original sticks.

The metal alloy clips that came with were an added bonus and they work great.

After months of use, the JoyCons were constantly sliding off the system.

Now they're better than new.

I can't wait to order another set to replace the JoyCons on player 3 and 4 when i can get the extra pocket change and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to fix their own Joy-Cons.

A+ Product...

Full disclosure though... when I first received them, I had an issue with one of the Joysticks not registering with the JoyCon.

I contacted Customer Support and they sent me a complete replacement set free of charge.

While I give the Product 5/5 Stars, I'm also going to give their Customer Service 5/5 Stars as well.

I'm ecstatic!!!

FYOUNG [New Version] Replacement Latches for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con,Lock Buckles Repair Tool Kit for Switch Joy-Cons with Screwdrivers and Tweezer Review:

Contains parts and tools to fix two sets of joycons (two left, two right), so I've performed this operation four times, and here are my thoughts:

Installed properly, these do exactly what they're supposed to and work great. They make a really solid connection and fixed the problem I had with the stock plastic ones. 3 out of 4 of my joycons were loose, two just from normal wear and one from a drop. From what I've heard, these may still chip from a drop, but they're not going to wear out from normal use. It doesn't seem like they'll pose a serious risk of damaging the system, from what I've seen, but of course mod at your own risk.

The operation itself is pretty easy, but of course you can mess up if you're not careful. I would say this a beginner to intermediate mod, but here's what to look out for:

First, there are no instructions included. It is not difficult or complicated, but I definitely recommend watching someone do it on youtube first.

This involves removing six screws per Joycon, and they're very tiny and can be lost. Losing one screw is probably not going to mess you up that bad, and you can buy replacements for the main ones, but be careful.

The latch itself is spring-loaded, so you need to be very careful removing it or you could see a tiny spring go flying and get lost forever. This is easily avoided if you know about it, but don't wing it and lose that spring.

Another easy thing to mess up is detaching the ribbon cables that connect the front and back of the joycons. These can be carefully re-inserted (the included tweezers help), so it's fixable, but it's a little tricky. This happened on two of the four I did the operation on, but both worked fine once I reconnected them. But it was a little bit of a pain in the ass.

On one joycon I tightened the screw for the plate that holds the latch in place too tight, which made it stick a bit. Once I loosened it, it behaved normally. So don't feel like you have to drive these screws in super tight.

That's it, really. If you're comfortable taking things apart, these latches work perfectly, and include everything you need except instructions. I'm very happy with the end result, they feel great. This fixes a super common problem with Switch joycons very nicely, and if I get more in the future I will definitely do this again.

A few reviews hear mention needing to modify or file things down; This was not my experience at all, but it's possible the seller may be using multiple suppliers with slight differences. If it doesn't fit, ask for a replacement, as my set fit and worked perfectly.

TECKMAN Nintendo Switch Triwing Screwdriver, 1.5mm Y00 Tripoint Screwdriver for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Repair Review:

Not sure what that other reviewer has, but this worked just fine to open my PS4. I have the original PS4. I'm not sure if this works for a PS4 Slim or a PS4 pro. Absolutely no problem, just what I needed. And yes, it has that little tiny hole in the middle. PERFECT FIT!!!

Ponkor Nintendo Switch Dock, Mini Portable Switch Docking Station HDMI 4K TV Adapter Switch Charger Dock Set Ideal Replacement for Official Nintendo Switch Charging Dock Review:

It's Nice and Portable and Works Great! I gave this 4 Stars, because , when it's on TV. You actually can't tell if Nintendo Switch is on or off. Plus it doesn't work with Nintendo Switch HDMI TV Link. That allows Nintendo Switch to turn TV on when it's on and TV to turn Nintendo Switch off When TV is off.
The Switch in back to change it from TV to Dock works great and it was charging in both modes, plus Wired internet works with it. Now I can use that in Dock mode.
It doesn't come with an adapter. So I'm using Original one. If you don't have Original one. I recommend Amazon Basics one that Says TV connection Setup.
Update: Changed my rating to 5 Stars. Cause it been doing what I got it for. Keeping my Nintendo Switch Cool. Picture comes in Clear on TV. Added picture of TV Screen.

RCM Joy-Con Jig, Cochanvie RCM (Recovery Mode) Clip NS SX PRO OS RCM Clip Tool Short Connector for Nintendo Switch Archive Modification (ABS Material, Not 3D-Printed Version) Review:

In all honesty, it should be cheaper and have different colors, but this looks good if you have the original Switch console (red & blue joycons). It fits and slides in perfectly, accommodates the overall design of the Switch, and always holds down the correct pins to activate recovery mode every time when used.

The only big concern I see is losing this tiny component, but I just keep it locked in the joycon rail and slide the joycon right on top of it to secure it. It doesn't fit all the way, and it can look a bit weird, but that's just a temporary solution.