Best Laser Printer Drums & Toner in 2020

LINKYO Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement for Brother TN760 TN-760 TN730 (Black, High Yield, 2-Pack) Review:

Of all the generic brands, I like LINKYO the most. They seem concerned about the quality of their product and check to make sure you are satisfied with the order. Although i have not had to contacct customer service, by them contacting me after I receive my toner to make sure i am satisfied, tells me that their customer service is good. I dont know how many pages we actually print(i know it is a lot!) the toner lasts about 3 months. And i think that is great because like i said, we do print ALOT!). The price is great too! Helps us out because we are a smaller business and toner can be a big expense for us .

Brother Genuine Standard Yield Toner Cartridge, TN221BK, Replacement Black Toner, Page Yield Up To 2,500 Pages, Amazon Dash Replenishment Cartridge, TN221 Review:

I've messed around with 3rd party re-filled toner and ink cartridges in the past. Ultimately, it's not worth the perceived savings. Either the refilled cartridge didn't work nearly as long as the OEM or sometimes not at all. I installed the new cartridge and everything is working perfectly once again.

My only criticism would be that Brother includes pre-paid shipping labels to return the old cartridge back to them. They claim it's to keep them out of the landfills. I suspect they refill and re-sell these same cartridges to others. I'd be more willing do do this if they gave me some sort of discount on future cartridges - especially since they will in turn be benefiting financially from my efforts in returning their cartridge.

Brother Genuine TN660 High Yield Black Toner Cartridge Review:

As a student I bought a brother printer and one of these cartridges to go with it. You cannot go wrong with laser printers. 99% of my printing needs are satisfied in black and white. The starter cartridge lasted me 700 prints, and my current high capacity one has lasted almost 1200 with no signs of slowing down. I haven't bought toner or ink in more than a year. Definitely worth the money.

TIP: Go into your brother printer settings and be sure to enable "Toner Saving Mode","Print Text Mode", "Reduce Paper Curl", set the DPI to 300. These will lower your toner usage while maintaining the same quality.

Brother Genuine High Yield Toner Cartridge, TN450, Replacement Black Toner, Page Yield Up To 2,600 Pages Review:

Final update: April 23rd. Starter cartridge finally says it's run completely out (though it still seems to print). That's a total of about 200 pages since I first got a message. The 3-times-Go printout shows a total of 730 pages - roughly what the starter cartridge is supposed to have, and I've now installed the hi-capacity cartridge

----- first update
Update. It's now April 11th. I've printed at least another 100 pages and things are still going well. But I've discovered another feature. In addition to the 7-times-Go (described below), there's a 3-times-Go that will print a three page report showing everything you ever wanted to know about your printer, including the amount of toner actually left. (Note that I have a Brother HL-2270DW. The cartridge also fits other machines that may have a different way of getting the same info.)

----- original post
Like others I started getting a 'toner-low' message after maybe 450 or so pages. In looking for a way to trick the printer, I read the manual(!). It said to press the Go button seven times in a row to clear the toner-low lockout, and that once that was cleared the cartridge would continue to print until the toner was actually gone.

Worked like a charm. I'll update this when the thing actually runs completely out.

Understanding this, the way they do it makes sense: really early warning that you should order another cartridge - and a lockout that you can't ignore, keeping you from having a really bad day in the future.

LINKYO Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement for Brother TN660 TN-660 TN630 (Black, High Yield, 2-Pack) Review:

update: I was going to return. Could not use Linkyo's Printed output for work. Bought genuine Brother toner at more than 4x the price. On its packaging it said you have to clean Corona wires between every toner change. What? Never knew that was even a thing. Looked on youtube. Super easy. its on the drum, not the toner cart. doing this made the linkyo ink look pretty good. Good enough but not as good as genuine Brother when seen side by side. So, although the build quality is noticeably cheaper, the proof is in the output. For $20 I'm keeping mine and I added a star to be fair because most of the cruddy print quality was my prob not theirs. tip: Keep your corona wires clean.

Printed same file (small graphic, mostly 11-point text) with the last of my genuine Brother cartridge and the new Linkyo cartridge. I could post a picture, but side by side you can definitely tell a difference. The output from the Linkyo looks like a photocopier was used instead of laser printer. There are areas where the text fades in and out and these problem areas are uniform on multiple printed pages. The Brother ink (even at the end of its life) looks dark, uniform, etc. just like it should from a laser printer. You do get what you pay for. If it's just everyday stuff you're printing then Linkyo would be fine. I'm printing stuff for work and it needs to look more than just adequate; thus the 3 stars.

HP 26A | CF226A | Toner Cartridge | Black Review:

This item, while relatively straight forward, is superior to many of the toners being offered for sale here on Amazon as well as other places. Why? Because it’s original and isn’t remanufactured.

I’m all for recycling, protecting the environment, etc., but when you buy this OEM product you’re (a) getting a FULL cartridge of toner, and (b) the toner color acts like it is supposed to and doesn’t bleed or smear all over your printed pages. If you’re looking to save a buck, avoid this one and buy a remanufactured toner cartridge. If you’re looking for crisp and dark print on the page that doesn’t smear, and lasts more than a couple of reams of paper, choose this one at the higher price. You’ll be money ahead in the long run.

E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement for Brother TN630 TN660 High Yield to use with HL-L2300D HL-L2320D HL-L2380DW HL-L2340DW MFC-L2700DW MFC-L2720DW MFC-L2740DW Printer (Black, 2 Pack) Review:

Great quality Toner. I have a Brother DL2300D I got 3796 pages out of the starter cartridge. I refilled it once with "" toner. The cartridge ran out the first time at 735 pages. I refilled it and got to 2945 pages and ran out of toner. I refilled it again and slowly the brother cartridge started to go bad. At 3796 the cartridge roller was so worn I was getting shreds of it melted to my paper. So I ordered a two pack of EZ ink TN660 toner. The whole toner and ink market is quite sketchy. There are so many fake reviews out there, you dont know who to trust. Well this cartridge looked more like my brother one so I went with it. Well it came and it is worth your money. The prints are very clean, and the toner is high quality. One more pro, there is a plug on the cartridge so it is easier to refill. My old one had the plug hidden. You had to disassemble the gears to get to it and the fly gear was on the plug. But anyway I plan to refill the first one until it stops working, and when I put in the second one Ill order two more. But overall I do recommend this product.

-UPDATE- 1/25/2015

So my first TN660 cartridge is now starting to go bad. I just rolled over 10940 pages. I have refilled it 4 times and I am now getting my first line on the paper. Again this toner is worth your money. My brother cartridge I got just under 4k out of it. This one I have gotten 7135 pages out of it. It still works but its showing wear now. I have 10% of my drum left, so I plan to order the dr630 drum & tn660 2pk next. Ill let you guys know my outcome later on.

Brother Genuine Standard Yield Toner Cartridge, TN630, Replacement Black Toner, Page Yield Up To 1,200 Pages, Amazon Dash Replenishment Cartridge Review:

My printer just ran out of toner for the second time. I thought I'd post an update of how many pages I actually got out of the cartridge.

My first factory toner that came with the printer was replaced after 855 pages.

This "standard yield" toner needed replacing after 971 pages. The product page states that you should get approximately 1200 pages out of the standard cartridge. You can check your print count history under the printer settings on your computer.

Brother TN-850 DCP-L5500 L5600 L5650 HL-L5000D L5100 L5200 L5200 Toner Cartridge (Black) in Retail Packaging Review:

Not really sure what to say about a toner...other than it works great in our Brother laser printer...and I prefer to purchase the brand rather than a substitute, even though the substitute might be cheaper. I've had too many experiences with "cheaper" inks and toner...and don't want to go through those times again. Since this is the first refill we've had with our new Brother printer, I'm not sure about how long the toner lasts, but am confident it will do well in our small office from our prior experiences with Brother products.

Brother Genuine Cartridge TN760 High Yield Black Toner Review:

Good quality toner that works reliably. It's more expensive than the generic toner cartridges, but it's worth it since these don't leak, streak, or otherwise fail in use.

Keep in mind that the claimed 3,000 page life is based on a 5% print density per page. That's not a lot of print on the page, so it's not uncommon to get less than 3,000 pages before this runs out. But the 5% standard is what most toner manufacturers use to come up with a page count, so Brother is not unique in claiming a higher page count than you would get in normal use (I imagine not many people only cover 5% of the page with print).

To help extend the life of the toner, use the toner save mode on the printer. Plus, change the setting so that the printer does NOT stop working when the toner is low. You can often get quite a few usable pages out of the printer with a low toner level. Instructions on how to change those settings vary based on the printer model, so check the manual online at the Brother site if you're not sure how to do it.

Easy to install, and has a long shelf life (provided you keep it at room temp and sealed in a box) so you can keep one on hand for when it's needed.