Best Numeric Keypads in 2022

Last update: January 4, 2023

Do I need a numeric keyboard?

If you regularly use numbers in your work, then a numeric keyboard can be a valuable asset. It can help you input data faster and with greater accuracy. Numeric keyboards can also be handy for quickly entering PIN codes or other numerical passwords.

How do I use numpad on my laptop?

To use the numpad on your laptop, you will need to enable it in the settings. To do this, go to the Control Panel and click on the Keyboard icon. In the Keyboard Properties window, click on the Enable Numeric Keypad checkbox and click OK.

How many numbers are on the numeric keypad?

There are 10 numbers on the numeric keypad: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Should you get a keyboard with number pad?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to get a keyboard with number pad. One is whether you type numbers often enough to justify the extra space. Another is whether you want the extra keys for navigation or other shortcuts. If you don't do a lot of data entry, you may not need the number pad. But if you find yourself frequently typing numbers or using keyboard shortcuts, it could be worth the investment.

Wireless Number Pads, Numeric Keypad 22 Keys Portable 2.4 GHz Financial Accounting Number Keyboard Extensions for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Surface Pro, Notebook Review:

The keyboard is very comfortable to use, typing is challenging, the buttons are simple to press, the card doesn't get stuck, the reaction is responsive, and the compact is extremely practical to carry. When I was working, everything went extremely easily and smoothly, and the caliber of my work really improved. I doubt there will be any issues with it for some time. Beautiful and lovely, excellent, I particularly like it.

Bluetooth Number Pad, Lekvey Aluminum Rechargeable Wireless Numeric Keypad Slim 34-Keys External Numpad Keyboard Data Entry Compatible for Macbook, MacBook Air/Pro, iMac Windows Laptop Surface Pro etc Review:

Both the Lekvey Bluetooth Number Pad, Portable Wireless Bluetooth 28-Key Numeric Keypad Keyboard and the Bluetooth Number Pad, Lekvey Aluminum Rechargeable Wireless Numeric Keypad Slim 34-Keys are items I own. On my MacBook Pro, both work well for entering data into Excel files. These two are huge time savers when entering data because my computer keyboard doesn't have a number pad. I also appreciate that they are bluetooth and go good with the MacBook style. In addition, Lucky7 offers exceptional customer service in addition to their fantastic Lekvey items!

Bluetooth Number Pad, Lekvey Portable Wireless Bluetooth 28-Key Numeric Keypad Keyboard Extensions for Financial Accounting Data Entry for Smartphones, Tablets, Surface Pro, Windows, Laptop and More Review:

The BT302 model of the 7 Lucky Numeric Keypad is a Bluetooth 3.0 gadget. Put in two AAA 1.5 volt batteries to power the gadget for the first time, then turn it on with the on/off switch on the rear. After pressing and holding the Calculator-Bluetooth key for three seconds, waiting for the blue light to blink (making the device discoverable), and then going through the "Add Bluetooth or other device" process on Microsoft Windows 10, this device gets associated in the usual way. The device will be paired after you click on the "Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard" device name. When the device is turned on, the computer will instantly connect to it thanks to pairing. The gadget is in active number entry mode when the blue light is on. The blue light will go out and the gadget will enter battery-saving mode after 20 minutes of inactivity. To return to active mode, press and hold any key. When not in use, the gadget can be turned off via the on-off switch. This keyboard device is simple to use. All of the huge 28 flat keys (22 character keys [Tab], 00$()=/*- 7894561230.] plus 6 action keys [Calculator-Bluetooth>, NUM>, ESC>, DEL>, BS>, Enter>]) deliver the characters or commands that are labeled on the keys. It is unknown if the key labeling will remain in place. The "NUM lock" feature of Windows is available using the "NUM" key. The blue light will turn on when the number entry mode is selected. The blue light will not be on while the alternate keyboard mode is in use, but the functions Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, and 4 cursor move actions are still available. The Windows Calculator software is launched by pressing the "Calculator-Bluetooth" key, which is located in the top left corner. There is a small bump for finger placement on the middle "5" key. The keys are all silent and operate without any hiccups. The owners of this keyboard should consider themselves fortunate to possess such a well-made item.

Wireless Number Pad, Acedada Portable Slim Mini USB 2.4GHz 22-Key Financial Accounting Numeric Keypad for Data Entry in Excel Advanced 10 Key for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Surface, Notebook, etc - Black Review:

I had my workstation subjected to an ergonomic study, and one of their recommendations was for me to switch to utilising a left-handed mouse or a wireless numberpad that I could move wherever I wanted (within reach of my left hand). The mouse was the first I tried, and it was SO HARD to get used to. I haven't found any suggested keyboards whose setup I liked, so I'm using this wireless numberpad in its place. With the USB receiver, it was quite simple to "install," and as soon as the USB was plugged in, it began to function. Utilizing it seems really natural and pleasant. I'm ecstatic with my updated ergonomic setup!

Number Pad, ROTTAY Mechanical USB Wired Numeric Keypad with Blue LED Backlit 22-Key Numpad for Laptop Desktop Computer PC - Black (Blue switches) Review:

Although some people say that the outemu blues on my number pad are loud, that is to be expected with a clicky "blue" switch. My numberpad's brightness is also somewhat lower than that of a typical gaming keyboard, but it is not a problem for me because I don't really need much more brightness. This will serve as a left-handed navigation cluster and a left-handed data entry keyboard for me (this way I can keep my right hand on my mouse).The breathing mode for the LEDs is a good feature, but I believe there would have been more value and utility if the LEDs had been brighter and the brightness level could have been changed.The layout differs slightly from the number pad on a full-size keyboard due to the additional top row, the backspace key in place of the "-" key, and the division of the " " key into the "-" and " " keys. That initially confused me, but I quickly got used to it.The rubber pads on the bottom of the keyboard are not particularly heavy, but I don't have to worry about it slipping because they adhere to my desk pretty well. I'm not sure if it will slide when the rubber wears out or becomes dusty, but by then I will have undoubtedly gotten enough use out of it, and such problems can be readily addressed.Although the numberpad's tilt cannot be changed, the existing angle is generally good.The keycaps' smoothness varies. There is some texture, but it's not unpleasant. Since these switches are cherry mX style, the keys can also be changed. There are some light-bleeding scratches on my "4" keycap, but not enough for them to be distracting.The numlock LED on my fullsize keyboard lights with each keypress when I am using the number pad for navigation (arrows, pg up, etc.). I've identified the keypress as coming from the numpad, but I'm not sure if the design or my particular numpad is the problem. However, I won't be utilizing this numberpad with an 87-key (TKL) that has a number lock led, so it won't be a big deal for me.So, while this device is wonderful value, it is not without its flaws (at least mine).

Rechargeable Wireless Number Pad and Mouse Combo, Jelly Comb N026C 2.4GHz Portable Ultra Slim USB Numeric Keypad and Mouse for Laptop, PC Review:

I don't always want to be cooped up in my office since I require a 10-Key for quick numeric input when I have a lot of accounting work to perform. I can work anywhere with my mobile laptop desk (see link below). The keypad and mouse both fit comfortably. The qualities I value most are as follows:** Low Profile: when stacked, they are under 1.25 inches tall ". I keep it in a 4x5.5" box while not in use "candy container * Charges to USB-2 port without batteries (i.e PC if needed). I used for several days and hours without needing to recharge. Full Size: The mouse and keypad have the same width and length as standard mice and keypads. The tactile feedback is quite good, despite the keys not being as high as a full external keyboard. Non-Slip Keypad: The keypad is kept in place and prevents slippage thanks to four rubber circles on the bottom. * Easy USB Receiver Storage - When not in use, the receiver is kept in a slot under the mouse.It's perfect for me, and I wholeheartedly suggest it!The link to the lap desk I use is right here. yo dt b asin title o02 s00?ie=UTF8

USB Numeric Keypad, Jelly Comb N001 Portable Slim Mini Number Pad for Laptop Desktop Computer PC, Full Size 19 Key, Big Print Letters - Black Review:

Not just another keypad, but you need more keys.You can alter these keys for flight simulators, any game, or anything in general with a few adjustments, a few obscure but free apps, and a little perseverance and self-education. I use many configurations for various applications, and once you get the hang of it, running multiple configurations is simple.Please be patient; things become difficult.First,the actual thing. It works. Because you get something that works for $10, I gave it five stars. That's about it; it's not particularly fancy. With the exception of a double 00, the keys are in a conventional configuration and are not mechanical.I bought this with the intention of converting it into a really affordable HOTKEY pad for use with online gaming and other programs where hotkeys make things much quicker and easier.There is no method to do this right out of the box. It will appear in device management as your keyboard and has been registered by Microsoft as a normal keyboard.The HardwareID in device management must be used to identify which keyboard is which; for this model, it was the one with "0280

Numeric Keypad, TedGem 2.4GHz Portable Number Pad Wireless Number Pad with USB Receiver, 22-Key Number Pad for Laptop Shortcut Keypad Data Entry for Laptop Desktop Computer PC Review:

decent product Apply this at work. ESC, Tab, Delete, and NumLock are supported via the numeric keypad. With a shortcut key, the computer calculator can be opened instantly. can supplement your current keyboard by helping with accountancy activities, Excel spreadsheets, and other things. By mistake, I purchased a key board without a keypad, but I later added one by purchasing this keypad. simple to use Simply insert the USB, and it connects. Great work so far. ABS Substance, with a key life of more than 5,000,000 clicks. Slim design number pad is portable and allows you to work quickly and confidently whenever and wherever. You need not worry about it getting lost because the USB number pad has built-in USB receiver storage. Additionally, it includes an auto-sleep feature, lower power usage, represent energy conservation, and humanizes the product. The keypad can be awakened by pressing any key. Yes, it uses two triple-A batteries. Thought it would be rechargeable, but it works fine. Suitable for me. A good product all around. Would purchase again if necessary.

Wireless Number Pad, Jelly Comb N030 Portable Mini USB 2.4GHz 22-Key Financial Accounting Numeric Keypad Keyboard Extensions for Data Entry for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Surface pro, Notebook-Black Review:

Excellent craftsmanship and styling. It's wireless, and the scissor hinge switches are incredibly smooth and pleasant to use. I'm using it with my mechanical keyboard with blue switches, which doesn't have a separate numeric pad for a Mac. If you use this on a computer running OS X, you must activate Num Lock; otherwise, only the cursor keys will function. The Num Lock LED remains on when in that mode, thus you'll need to toggle it off if not using it for a long or it will fast deplete that tiny AAA cell.

Wireless Numeric Keypad, TRELC Mini 2.4G 18 Keys Number Pad, Portable Silent Financial Accounting Numeric Keypad Keyboard Extensions with Wireless Mouse for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Notebook(Black) Review:

I absolutely enjoy using the mouse and 10-key together. Since they are both compact, they don't protrude above your laptop keyboard like many other types do. The absence of an off/on switch for the mouse and keyboard is the only drawback. Therefore, I always remove the batteries before flying to prevent the buttons from being repeatedly pressed inside your bag. I just packed everything inside the box and took the batteries in and out whenever I traveled.

What are the 3 types of keyboard layout?

There are three types of keyboard layout: QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ. QWERTY is the most common type of keyboard layout, and is used in English. AZERTY is used in French, and QWERTZ is used in German.

What are the 6 types of keys in keyboard?

There are six types of keys on a keyboard: alphanumeric, punctuation, modifier, navigation, function, and command keys. Alphanumeric keys are the regular letters and numbers on a keyboard. Punctuation keys include the comma, period, and other symbols used to end sentences or separate items in a list. Modifier keys include the shift, control, and alt keys. Navigation keys include the arrow keys, page up and down keys, and home and end keys. Function keys include the F1-F12 keys. Command keys include the Windows key, the Mac key

What are the 7 special keys in keyboard?

There are seven special keys in keyboard, which are known as modifier keys. They are used to modify the behavior of other keys on the keyboard. The most common modifier keys are Shift, Ctrl, and Alt.

What are the examples of numeric keypad?

A numeric keypad is a keypad with numbers instead of letters. They are found on calculators, phones, and computers.

What are the two functions of the numeric keypad?

The numeric keypad is used to input numbers into a computer or calculator. The keypad can also be used to move the cursor around the screen.

What does a keypad look like?

A keypad is a small, flat, often rectangular device with buttons, or keys, that is used to input data into a computer or other electronic device. The keys on a keypad are usually arranged in a grid, and each key has a specific function.