Best Laptop Computer Replacement Parts in 2020

MMOBIEL HDD Hard Drive Ir Sensor Sleep Detector Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro A1278 13” Mid 2012 821-2049-A Review:

In case you didn’t know...and a lot of us didn’t, there seems to be a problem with older MacBook Pro models. This seems especially true for the mid-2012 machines. The cable leading from the drive to the mainboard is thin and fragile. If the cable fails or becomes damaged, it leads to mind-numbing problems that can be very hard to track down. In my case, the machine worked but now and then, I’d get the NoOS warning. When it did run, the HD was agonizingly slow. I tried maxing out the memory and changed the HD for a SSD but it didn’t help. In fact, the machine completely failed to recognize any SSD...and I tried three of them.
Doing online research I found that the cable problem is well known and was likely the issue with my 2012 MBP. With nothing to lose, I ordered this replacement cable from Amazon. It’s cheap but it seems to work and it certainly cleared up the problems with my MBP.
If you’re a DIY person, replacing the cable is fairly easy. This particular kit comes with the two screwdrivers needed. I would recommend getting an extra set of screws for your machine at the same time because they are tiny and the heads are easy to strip. I also recommend using electrical tape to cover the surfaces the cable comes in contact with inside the computer to provide an extra layer of insulation. There are videos online that go over the steps in detail.

WESAPPINC Replacement US Plug Extension Cable for Apple iMac G5 20" 21.5' 24" 27" Power Supply Cord Review:

Saved my life! I lost my Apple power cord during a move. When i went to the Apple store at Grand Central in NYC to buy a replacement, to my surprise, they stated they do not sell the power cords separately!!! Can you believe that?!!! I know i am not the first person in the history of Apple computers to need to replace my power cord. It was an Apple employee that suggested Amazon and even helped me find the WESSAPPINC replacement cord! It fit perfectly and it is white just like my old Apple power cord! Thank you!!!!

GinTai DC Jack Replacement for Dell Inspiron 15-5000 5551 5552 5555 5557 5558 5559 14-5458 5459 5455 5452 P51F P64G DC30100UD00 Vostro 3458 3558 3559 P65G 3559 17-5000 5755 Cable KD4T9 Review:

Bestbuy wanted over $300 to replace this port thinking it needed a new motherboard. Here I was able to replace it for only $7. NOTE: Search for a good video on replacing it (like the Parts-People who make excellent repair videos) so you can see anything you need to be careful about when replacing it.
So this port was smashed by the user when they jammed a headset jack into the power port hard enough to destroy the inside of the power port. Replacing it was quite a few screws and not for the faint of heart. You have to be careful with the plastic connectors and cable connectors to be sure you don't damage them or you could damage the laptop worse than it already is. If you are not comfortable with this have a professional replace it for you. Since it isn't the motherboard, and the part is only $7, it shouldn't be a very expensive replacement maybe $100-$125 for labor depending on who you hire.

New LCD Display Adhesive Strips Tape Opening Wheel Handle Tools Kit for iMac A1418 21.5" 076-1437 076-1416, 076-1422 2012 2013 2014 2015 Series Review:

These worked great! I was a bit hesitant at first to undertake a hard-drive replacement on my "late 2015" 21.5 inch iMac, but it couldn't have been any easier. The "pizza cutter" tool that is included with this adhesive kit was incredibly convenient and effective. The most time-consuming part was scraping away the old adhesive. I also bought two suction cups to affix to the glass for lifting the screen off after cutting away the old adhesive which may or may not have been necessary. In any case, this adhesive kit fit perfectly and so far, the screen has stayed on so it must have worked. Would definitely re-order if I ever have to work on this machine again. (It's pretty silly that this is how the machine was engineered but I don't think Apple wants you working on your own hardware, so most people won't be bothered by it.)

SUNMALL Mate Laptop Keyboard for HP Pavilion 250 G3,255 G3,250 G2,255 G2 15-D 15-E 15-G 15-R 15-N 15-S 15-F 15-H 15-A Series US Black keypad with Frame Review:

Something happened I never thought would happen . After 20 + years of using laptops , I spilled almost an entire cup of coffee on my keyboard . I did everything one is supposed to do if such a thing happens . I disconnected power immediately ,turned it upside down and let it drain and dried it out thoroughly .But when I turned it on ,it booted up just fine ,except when I went to enter my password ,many of the keys didn't work and I could not get in. So I called around to various computer repair places and described what had happened in detail. The estimates I received ranged from $169 to about $200 .So I went to YouTube ,watched DIY video . To make a long story short -I unsnapped the old keyboard out with a thin piece of metal in less than a minute and disconnected the terminal . Put the new one in ,which also took less than a minute . It was an exact fit and works great . The best part is it cost less than $15 . I now rank computer repair people right up there with used car salesmen and auto mechanics .

Eathtek Replacement Bottom Case Rubber Feet Foot for Macbook Pro Retina A1398 A1425 A1502 4pcs/set Review:

These arrived very quickly. They are just four rubber (any plastic with a glass transition less than room temperature can be described as a rubber) circular pieces with a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive. The site for these rubber feet is indeed slightly domed (another poster shared photos) and these feet are mostly flat on the bottom. So you have to apply in a manner where you press down on the perimeter to be sure you get good contact out there (I cleaned the site with IPA before applying). The central area of the foot has no adhesive and this should help with the domed metal. The rubber feet have a slightly raised center which has no adhesive and has to be pressed into the central screw hole (which itself has a small rubber cover). The rubber feet also have a small arm (also without any adhesive) coming from the center ring that is meant to cover the other small rubber cover that is contained in the foot bonding area. It is important to align this arm with this smaller hole cover, so I marked the position of this arm on the side of the foot you can see. This way you can get the alignment correct when you press the rubber foot in place. So far they have stayed in place, I can't speak to the longevity. Others have used a super glue and removed the pressure sensitive adhesive. I don't like this idea as sometime you might need to get at these screws hidden under the rubber feet. You would have to scrape your way down.

New Lot 100 pcs Replacement HDD SATA SDD Hard Disk Drive 2.5'' Caddy Screw Screws for Lenovo IBM ASUS DELL HP Sony Toshiba ACER Laptop Review:

These are standard m3 ssd screws. They’ll mount your ssd to whatever enclosure you have. That being said, they’re short. I had some trouble getting them to grab when passed through a plastic enclosure because the enclosure was a little too thick. They worked fine on my thinner metal enclosures.

New 923-0741 Hard Drvie Cable 821-1480-A MacBook Pro Unibody 13 A1278 2012 MD101 Review:

One night I packed up my MacBook Pro - a Mid-2012 13-inch A1278 model - and came home from work. I took it out of my backpack and intended to burn a CD from iTunes when I found my computer stuck at a complete stop, hampered by the cursed spinning beach ball of death. I did a hard shut down and reboot to try to rectify the situation and I came upon something I'd never seen before - a folder blinking with a question mark instead of the usual startup tone and Apple symbol. Suddenly, my Mac no longer saw there was a hard drive in my computer.

Fearing the worst had happened and my hard drive crashed, I took it out and put it into a USB SATA enclosure and not only could I see it on another computer, but I could boot to the drive from USB on the very Mac that could just not see this drive existed. When I perused the web for solutions, I came upon the fact that many of this era's MacBook Pros (and maybe other models) had experienced failing SATA cables, and replacing it would bring my Mac back to life. So I researched which one I needed and read up on the reviews and I arrived at this model. I ordered it on a Friday and it arrived on Sunday - for which I say "God bless Amazon and the beleaguered United States Postal Service" for not making me suffer through an entire Mac-less weekend.

This part is likely not Apple OEM, but it's damn near perfectly identical. When you take the old cable out - which takes some doing because of how many twists and turns it take inside the guts of the MacBook - you realize why these cables probably fail so often. They bend at 90 degree angles and route themselves over a vibrating optical drive and under a hot and vibrating hard drive. That said, this cable arrives totally flat, leaving you to do some of the folding upon install. The cable is, like I said, pretty much identical. It features a SATA logic board connection on one end and a SATA data/power connection for the drive on the other end. It also features a little off-shoot cable for the IR blaster that adheres (with a provided sticky pad) to the front of the Mac next to the status light). I didn't shoot a video of the install process, but there are plenty of them online that walk you through the process - which is a lot easier than you think it may be. In fact, the only snag I ran into with this install is partially stripping one of the tiny screws that held the old cable in place on removal of the old cable. I managed to wrestle the old cable out and get the stripped screw out with a needle nose pliers but it didn't survive. Installing the new cable was a breeze.

Once the new cable was in, my trusty MacBook Pro sprang back to life like nothing ever happened. I don't have an IR remote to test out the IR blaster on this cable to make sure that functionality works, but I assume it does.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with this purpose. I can pretty much guarantee this cable will save you tons of money versus taking it to Apple or a repair shop to fix, and if you can man a tiny screwdriver, you can replace this cable.

4pcs for Apple MacBook Pro Replacement Feet Foot Kit 13"/15"/17" A1278 A1286 A1297 Review:

Not the original feet, but honestly I think they work far better than the ones that come on the MacBook Pros. They seem tougher than the originals, since my original feet broke through the centers and finally fell off because they were so flimsy!

Update: I've had them a few years now. I ended up having to replace one because it didn't stick very well. Honestly, that was probably my fault. I should have cleaned the area better before sticking it on.

When I had my computer at the shop, even the tech guy commented on how they were nicer than the standard replacement feet and was surprised that I didn't have to open my computer to replace them.