Best Laptop Computer Replacement Parts in 2022

Last update: January 12, 2023

Can laptop body be repaired?

Laptop bodies can be repaired, but it is often more expensive to do so than to simply replace the laptop. Many people choose to replace their laptop when the body becomes damaged because it is more cost effective.

Can laptop motherboard be repaired?

Laptop motherboards can be repaired, but it can be a difficult and expensive process. If the damage is minor, such as a blown fuse or a faulty component, it may be possible to repair the motherboard without replacing it. However, if the damage is severe, such as a cracked circuit board, it is likely that the motherboard will need to be replaced.

Can you just replace PC parts?

No, you can't just replace PC parts. You need to know what you're doing, or you could end up damaging your computer. Replacing a hard drive is one thing, but if you don't know what you're doing, you could end up replacing the wrong part.

Can you replace the shell of your laptop?

Most laptops have a removable battery, meaning that you can replace the battery if it dies. You can also replace the RAM and hard drive, but the screen and keyboard are typically not replaceable. The shell, or casing, of the laptop is also not replaceable.

MMOBIEL HDD Hard Drive Ir Sensor Sleep Detector Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro A1278 13” Mid 2012 821-2049-A Review:

For the mid-2012 computers, this seems to be particularly true. The thin, fragile cable connecting the drive to the mainboard. Insane issues that are challenging to locate can result from a cable failure or other damage. In my instance, the device operated, but occasionally I would see the NoOS warning. The HD ran agonizingly slowly when it did. It didn't help when I tried running the memory to the maximum and switching from an HD to an SSD. In actuality, I tried three different SSDs, and the system absolutely failed to identify any of them.When I looked up the cable issue online, I discovered that it is a well-known problem and that my 2012 MBP most likely had this problem. I got this replacement cable from Amazon because I had nothing to lose. It's inexpensive, but it appears to work, and it undoubtedly fixed my MBP's issues.The cable can be easily replaced if you enjoy doing things yourself. Two screwdrivers are included with this particular set. Since they are little and the heads are simple to strip, I would advise purchasing an extra set of screws for your machine at the same time. In order to add an additional layer of insulation, I also advise covering the surfaces the wire comes in contact with within the computer with electrical tape. Online videos explain the steps in great detail.

WESAPPINC Replacement US Plug Extension Cable for Apple iMac G5 20" 21.5' 24" 27" Power Supply Cord Review:

averted my death! I moved and left my Apple power cord behind. To my astonishment, they informed me that they do not sell the power cords separately when I visited the Apple shop at Grand Central in NYC to purchase a replacement. Do you really believe that? I am aware that I am not the first individual to ever need a new power cord for an Apple computer. An Apple staffer even assisted me in finding the WESSAPPINC new cord by recommending Amazon. It was the exact same white color as my old Apple power cord and it fit perfectly! Many thanks!

GinTai DC Jack Replacement for Dell Inspiron 15-5000 5551 5552 5555 5557 5558 5559 14-5458 5459 5455 5452 P51F P64G DC30100UD00 Vostro 3458 3558 3559 P65G 3559 17-5000 5755 Cable KD4T9 Review:

Bestbuy claimed that replacing this connector would cost over $300 because the motherboard was outdated. I simply had to spend $7 to replace it here. NOTE: Look for a decent video on changing it so you can see anything you need to be cautious about while replacing it (like the Parts-People who provide amazing repair videos).Therefore, this port was damaged when the user forcefully shoved a headset jack into the power port, damaging the power port's interior. It took a lot of screws to replace, so it wasn't for the weak of heart. In order to avoid further damaging the laptop, you must use extra care when handling the plastic connections and cable connectors. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, have a specialist do it instead. It shouldn't be a very expensive replacement because it isn't the motherboard and the part is about $7, depending on who you employ. Labor costs could be between $100 to 125.

New LCD Display Adhesive Strips Tape Opening Wheel Handle Tools Kit for iMac A1418 21.5" 076-1437 076-1416, 076-1422 2012 2013 2014 2015 Series Review:

These were excellent! I was a little afraid to replace the hard drive in my "late 2015" 21.5-inch iMac at first, but it couldn't have been simpler. This glue package comes with a "pizza cutter" tool that is both practical and efficient. Scraping off the previous adhesive took the most time. Additionally, I purchased two suction cups to attach to the glass so that I could lift the screen off after removing the previous glue, which may or may not have been required. In any case, this adhesive kit was a great fit, and the screen has remained in place thus far, indicating that it was successful. If I ever have to work on this computer again, I'd defiantly order again. (It's kind of ridiculous that this is the way the computer was built, but I don't think Apple wants you tinkering with its hardware, so most users won't care.)

SUNMALL Mate Laptop Keyboard for HP Pavilion 250 G3,255 G3,250 G2,255 G2 15-D 15-E 15-G 15-R 15-N 15-S 15-F 15-H 15-A Series US Black keypad with Frame Review:

Something occurred that I never anticipated. I spilt nearly a whole cup of coffee on my keyboard after using laptops for more than 20 years. I followed all the proper procedures in the event that such a thing occurs. I cut the power right away, flipped it upside down, let the water drain, and properly dried it. However, it started up completely fine when I turned it on, except that many of the keys didn't work when I tried to input my password, making it impossible for me to log in. So I made many phone calls to different computer repair shops and thoroughly explained what had occurred. The quotes I got were between $169 and roughly $200. I then viewed a DIY tutorial on YouTube. To cut a long tale short, I disconnected the terminal and quickly unsnapped the old keyboard using a small piece of metal. Installed the new one, which again took under a minute. It fits perfectly and performs admirably. The best aspect is that the price was around $15. I now place computer technicians on par with used car salespeople and auto mechanics.

Eathtek Replacement Bottom Case Rubber Feet Foot for Macbook Pro Retina A1398 A1425 A1502 4pcs/set Review:

These arrived in a flash. They consist of merely four round rubber bits covered in pressure-sensitive adhesive (a rubber is any material with a glass transition below room temperature). Although these rubber feet are basically level on the bottom, the location for them is actually slightly dommed (another user contributed photographs). In order to ensure that you obtain good contact there, you must apply in such a way that you press down on the periphery (I cleaned the site with IPA before applying). The lack of adhesive in the foot's center should make it easier to work with the domed metal. The rubber feet have a slightly elevated core that must be forced into the main screw hole because it lacks adhesion (which itself has a small rubber cover). The small arm that extends from the center ring of the rubber feet, which is likewise free of adhesive, is intended to cover the other small rubber cover that is located in the foot bonding area. Since it's crucial to line up this arm with the smaller hole cover, I highlighted its location on the visible foot side. By doing this, you can ensure that the rubber foot is properly aligned when you press it into position. I can't comment on how long they will stay in place, but so far they have. Others have removed the pressure-sensitive adhesive by using super glue. This idea bothers me since there may be a moment when you need to access the screws tucked behind the rubber feet. To get down, you would have to scrape.

New Lot 100 pcs Replacement HDD SATA SDD Hard Disk Drive 2.5'' Caddy Screw Screws for Lenovo IBM ASUS DELL HP Sony Toshiba ACER Laptop Review:

These m3 ssd screws are typical. Your SSD will be mounted to whichever enclosure you have. They are, however, brief. The plastic enclosure I used to feed them through was a little bit too thick, so I had some trouble getting them to grasp. On my thinner metal enclosures, they performed flawlessly.

New 923-0741 Hard Drvie Cable 821-1480-A MacBook Pro Unibody 13 A1278 2012 MD101 Review:

One evening after work, I loaded up my MacBook Pro, a Mid-2012 13-inch A1278 model, and headed home. When I got it out of my bag with the intention of burning a CD using iTunes, I discovered that my computer had become completely unresponsive due to the dreaded spinning beach ball of death. I restarted my computer after doing a hard shutdown in an effort to fix the problem, and I noticed something I had never seen before: a blinking folder with a question mark in place of the normal starting tone and Apple symbol. My Mac suddenly stopped detecting the hard drive in my computer.I removed my hard drive and placed it in a USB SATA enclosure because I thought the worst had happened and it had failed. Not only could I see the drive on another computer, but I could also boot to it from USB on the Mac that had previously been unable to recognize it. When I searched the internet for remedies, I learned that many MacBook Pros from this generation (and perhaps other models as well) had faulty SATA cables, and that changing them might revive my Mac. So I did some research on the one I required and read several reviews before choosing this model. God thank Amazon and the troubled US Postal Service for saving me from having to go an entire Mac-less weekend. I ordered it on a Friday, and it arrived on a Sunday.Although it is probably not an Apple OEM part, this component is incredibly similar. You realize why these cables undoubtedly break so frequently when you take the old cable out, which requires some effort due to how many twists and turns it requires inside the MacBook's interior. They bend at 90-degree angles and pass underneath a hot, vibrating hard drive and over a vibrating optical drive. However, because this cable is sent completely flat, you will need to fold some of it before installing it. Like I indicated, the cable is essentially same. On one end, it has a SATA logic board connector, and on the other, a SATA data/power connection for the drive. Additionally, it has a little extension wire for the IR blaster that attaches to the front of the Mac next to the status light (using a sticky pad that is included). Although I didn't record a video of the installation procedure, there are plenty online that will guide you through it. It's much simpler than you may imagine. The only issue I had with this installation was that when I removed the previous cable, one of the little screws holding it in place was partially stripped. Although I was able to wrestle the old cable out and remove the stripped screw with a pair of needle tip pliers, the screw was lost. The replacement cable was easily installed.My dependable MacBook Pro came back to life as soon as the new cable was installed. I can't test the IR blaster on this wire with an IR remote to make sure it functions, but I'm assuming it does.Overall, I'm very happy with this goal. If you can handle a little screwdriver, you can replace this cable, which will save you a ton of money compared to having it fixed by Apple or a repair service.

4pcs for Apple MacBook Pro Replacement Feet Foot Kit 13"/15"/17" A1278 A1286 A1297 Review:

Although they are not the original feet, in my opinion they perform far better than the ones that come with MacBook Pros. My previous feet eventually fell off due to how flimsy they were, however these look to be more durable than the originals!They have been with me for a while now. One didn't stick well, so I ultimately had to replace it. In all honesty, I think I contributed to that. Before sticking it on, I should have cleansed the area more thoroughly.Even the tech guy who worked on my computer when it was in the shop remarked on how finer they were than the typical replacement feet and expressed amazement that I didn't have to open my machine to replace them.

How do I know if my computer parts are compatible?

If you're unsure about whether or not your computer parts are compatible, the best thing to do is consult your computer's manual or the manufacturer's website. You can also ask a professional at a computer store. Generally speaking, as long as you're using parts from the same manufacturer, they should be compatible with each other.

How do I know the model of my laptop?

There are a few ways to determine the model of your laptop. One way is to look at the sticker on the bottom of your laptop. This sticker will usually have the model number printed on it. Another way is to look in the control panel under the system settings. The model number should be listed there.

How do I know what parts are in my laptop?

If you're not sure what parts are in your laptop, you can check the manufacturer's website or look up your laptop's model number. Once you know what parts are in your laptop, you can research how to upgrade or replace them.

How long do laptops last?

Laptops are built to last, with many models easily reaching the five-year mark. However, as technology changes and improves, newer models are released that offer better performance and features. So, while a laptop may last five years, it may not be the best option after two or three years.

How much does it cost to replace laptop body?

Assuming you are referring to just the body and not the internals, it depends on the make and model of the laptop. A quick Google search shows that replacement bodies can cost anywhere from $60 to $200.

Is it worth repairing a 5 year old laptop?

If your laptop is five years old, it might be time for an upgrade. The average lifespan of a laptop is four to five years, so your device may be reaching the end of its usefulness. When deciding whether to repair or replace your laptop, consider the cost of the repair, the age of the device and its overall condition. If your laptop is experiencing major problems, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new one rather than pay for repairs. However, if your laptop is still in good condition and only needs a few minor repairs, it may be worth it to keep