Best Tower Computers in 2020

HP Elite 7900 Desktop PC Package, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, DVD-RW, Wi-Fi, Windows 10, 19in LCD Monitor (Renewed) Review:

Got mine from Blair Technology. 8gb and 1TB. I was advised by a computer technician to spend a little more and get Windows 10 Professional instead of Windows 10 home; so that's something you should consider. I like very much that I could get a 4:3 type of monitor instead of the crappy widescreen type. I was also able to set the monitor on top of the pc and save space. My package was about $235. That's an incredible deal.

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA91 Desktop, 9th Gen Intel Core i3-9100, 8GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, 8X DVD, 802.11AC Wifi, USB 3.1 Type C, Windows 10 Home Review:

For the price this is more than enough to use as a casual desktop. It's a small desktop that packs a punch. There is plenty of ports, there are more USB ports than you could ever need, 2 hdmi ports and VGA, Type-C, Ethernet and honestly at this price you can’t really ask for more. It looks really sleek and is light and I just have it on my desk and it doesn't take up that much space. I have been using it a bit for casual use for a bit like watching movies, browsing the web and sending emails. It holds up great for all of those tasks. There is no lagging or stuttering, it can handle 4k video well, it boots up in seconds and the internet connection is great and doesn't drop randomly. It came with an extra connector for a hard drive which is nice. Now as a gaming machine this can handle simple stuff like portal and sonic mania and get 60fps on medium or high quality, but some harder games like overwatch, tomb raider, resident evil it had trouble with and could barely get 10fps. Now if you want to game on this its not too hard to pick up a $100 graphics card and install it because all the other parts should be able to handle harder games perfectly well it’s just that the internal graphics card that holds it back. I also ran a benchmark on Userbenchmark and got great results. It tests out your processor, graphics, hard drive and RAM. On everything except the graphics it got great results. Overall the PC ranked in the 64th percentile meaning out of 100 computers its in the top 36 which is good considering the price and some of the insane gaming rigs out there. As a desktop it got a 99% which is for basic web surfing, email and things like that, as a workstation it got 49% which is for stuff like editing, virtual machine use and number crunching and finally it got only 18% on gaming. The strongest points were the processor and hard drive while the weakest points were the graphics card and RAM. Here is a link to the benchmark if you want to see more. Overall if you just need a simple desktop to use for basic internet use and light gaming or number crunching this is a great pick up that I would definitely recommend as it holds up and I expect it to hold up for a long time.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel Core i5-9400F 2.9GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (GXiVR8060A8, Black) Review:

I was a little skeptical about buying pre-built but I did months of research and I can safely say this computer is incredible for the price.

The GTX 1660ti alone brings this computer up a huge notch seeing as it is the latest in Nvidia's quiet and powerful mid-high end Gpu's. Then if you take into account the intel i5 9400f being the newest in top performing CPU's and for gaming at ultra settings and getting at least 60fps for even games like Overwatch and Sekiro it is an incredible deal. Both of these components would be a great deal but to also get the RGB fans with a color change remote (very cool),a 120g SSD as well as a 1TB hard drive, a 500 watt PSU inside of a beautiful case,and the cable management is some of the best I have ever seen. I can't find anything pre-built for this price that offers more.

The only downsides are that the PSU is locked into a cage at the bottom which if you wish to replace it takes a few extra steps to get into. Also having 8g of RAM is ok, but if you plan on recording games which this PC does an incredible job at you will need to get that extra 8g RAM stick just to help with extra processes and video editing. The only other downside is the wifi adapters are a little loose and could have been installed better but they still work perfectly just a little annoying.

That's about it for 850$ I honestly couldn't find a better deal if you just want to have a great gaming PC you can open up, download some drivers, and start playing the latest games within minutes. The SSD drive is super fast and as long as you don't fill it up with nonsense (use the TB hard drive for that) you will have a very fast PC for the next 5 years minimum.

Highly recommend to anyone who just wants to game now and now get into the nitty-gritty of computer building. I would recommend you take this as a chance to learn as much about hardware and software with your new PC as it's a great hobby and potential career choice. Not to mention it's fun and you'll feel like a car man with a standard that you know how to use and manipualter to your will. Have Fun!

2018 HP Flagship Pro Desktop Computer Core I5 Upto 3.6GHz,8GB,512GB SSD,WiFi,DVD,DP,VGA,USB 3.0,Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit-Multi Language-English/Spanish/French(CI5)(Renewed) Review:

This small form factor (SFF) fits my home office desk perfectly and looks great! It's a 2018 model HP Compaq Business Pro and has every feature I needed in a fully business capable device. An intel i5, 500 GB SSD, pre installed Windows 10 Professional OS, DVD, Wi Fi , Bluetooth and importantly, 4 -2.0 USB and 4- 3.0 USB. It came with a USB 600 Mbps Wi Fi adapter and good quality wired keyboard and wired mouse but I bought a Combo Logitech wireless set for convenience and a 1200 Mbps Duel band adapter. Also purchased and downloaded with no issue whatsoever, 2019 MS Office Business Professional Suite. All this for under $400!! And both the sellers and Amazon's guarantee should they ever be needed (don't think so!). I am really pleased and will replace my 2011 HP laptop with a recent Certified refurbished one next month. I no longer have any apprehension about Certified refurbished machines. Bob F.

HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF Slim Business Desktop Computer, Intel i5-4570 up to 3.60 GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD, USB 3.0, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (Renewed) (8GB RAM | 500GB HDD) Review:

Like one of the other reviewers I've been in the PC retail and service/software business for over 20 years and I have never come across a better value. Since I'm used to buying at wholesale prices I of course looked for a new PC for myself from one of my suppliers, but decided to try this one because of the price, figuring if there was anything wrong with it I can fix it. Was I surprised when I opened the box - actually thought it must be brand new that just had never been sold after the following year's model came out, and had sat in a warehouse all this time. Apparently it is actually a spotlessly refurbished unit. Fats enough for office work and surfing, but if you add a $35.00 Kingston 240GB SSD plus a SATA cable as the boot drive it turns into an even much speedier machine. After the initial boot and checkout I used AOMEI Partition Assistant FREE version to clone the hard disk to the SSD and then reassigned the boot drive in the computer's setup (press ESC, then F10 when booting, go to storage, boot order, and reverse the positions of hard disks to put disk1, the SSD, above disk0; Save and Exit ). I will use the hard drive either for bulk storage or backups or as a full clone of the SSD. The SSD can be mounted in the spare bay with 2-sided sticky tape if you don't want to buy an adapter box; just be careful when plugging in the cables because the plastic is fragile.

Just the Windows 10 64-bit OS is by itself almost worth the price of the whole thing. Be sure to download the latest update. I always also add a FREE version of a good anti-virus like AVAST for extra protection (it provides continuous background scanning. However they bug you to death with their upgrade ads unless you pay). Open Office is also a great free substitute for MS Office. Be sure to thoroughly check out all the new Windows 10 features - they have packed it with many new apps that you formerly would have bought from third parties. Do this by opening "settings" and thoroughly checking out each setting, and checking out all the programs on the start menu. For free software checkout Major Geeks.

A display port-to-HDMI adapter (about $15) can turn your late-model TV into a monitor, and a $15 wifi dongle (USB-3 compatible preferred) will give you internet if you don't use LAN cable.

Dell Optiplex 7010 Business Desktop Computer (Intel Quad Core i5-3470 3.2GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, USB 3.0, DVDRW, Windows 10 Professional) (Renewed) Review:

First, I suspect, since there are a number of 'Certified Refurbished' brokers offering these machines, that the add for these machines is rather generic and somewhat fluid. It may be worth taking the time before ordering to check with the specific vendor to verify system specs.

The item I ordered was from Blair Technology Group. It is a Dell Optiplex 7010 in a desktop enclosure, not a small form factor machine - but that's OK for my purposes. It came with 16 GB of RAM, a 2 TB hard drive, and an Intel i5 - 3470 quad core CPU. Windows 10 was pre-installed on the hard drive. A USB connected keyboard and mouse were included in the shipment, they will gather dust in the closet.

After opening the box I opened the unit to verify components, then zipped everything back up and plugged in an old 1280 x 1024 HP monitor via the VGA port. The machine came up on Win 10 quickly without any issues at all. After completing the personalization steps I checked various hardware components, in particular audio I/O. Everything worked. I shutdown the machine and then turned it back on, hit F12 to enter UEFI/BIOS mode and found the machine was set to 'Legacy' (BIOS mode) and non-secure boot. This configuration will work for most users - especially those that will bring up Win 10 for personal use and have no intention of doing any other major customization.

I installed a GeForce GTX 710 card in the half height card slots (there are four in the desktop unlike the two in the SFF 7010). Connected both monitors, set the system to use UEFI and configured the boot devices to see an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS iso image on a USB drive. Installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a spare 300 GB drive I had (pulling the 2 TB drive out of the machine - since it uses an MBR to boot it is kinda lost in the UEFI environment, it will be reused eventually).

This thing runs cleanly on Ubuntu 16.04 with a handful of USB hard drives connected and the video card installed. The memory is the biggest bonus since I run a photo editing tool written in Javascript (big memory hog). All in all I'm pleased. Easy to use right out of the box - easy to customize.

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop, 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9400, 12GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, 8X DVD, 802.11AC Wifi, USB 3.1 Type C, Windows 10 Home Review:

In the last 20 years, I've used, built, cursed and drooled over many a PC. Currently, I alternate between using both Mac and PC systems (both laptops and desktops), but this is the first PC I've ever had with Optane Memory.

Optane Memory essentially is cache (short term) memory that assists system memory in processing tasks.

Ideally, Intel Optane Memory makes a traditional hard drive (like the 2TB 7500 rpm one in this PC) perform like an SSD drive. It works to quickly access metadata, that resides between system memory (RAM) and the main storage (hard drive).

The PC configuration that I have has 16GB of Optane Memory and 8 GB of traditional RAM. It's quicker in terms of read, but write speeds for the hard drive are minimally impacted by this configuration.

To truly maximize this system's speed, I'm hoping to boost the system by adding an SSD using a PCIe expansion port that supports M.2 for SSDs. I will then clone the Windows 10 Home operating system to the new drive and make it the boot drive, using the 2TB drive as storage. (NOTE: I will be getting that drive in the next week and will update this review after making that update.)

When I review a PC I think about who might like using it. I think this PC is a good fit for a user who does basic tasks: email, web browsing, minor photo editing, listening to music and watching movies.

It's a budget-priced desktop with great storage and room to grow. It has ample ports and can connect via HDMI to any size monitor or HDTV, making it a decent choice for a home media PC with apps for Netflix, Hulu, and Xbox.

But it's not for a user who wants separate audio and graphics cards, although you could add your own via an expansion card.

It's also not (as other reviewers have said) a gaming computer. If you consider the installed apps of Solitaire and Candy Crush "gaming" then I'm wrong. But if you're looking for a computer that can handle high frame rate games this is not for you. (NOTE: The refresh rates are 59fps and 60fps for this PC's video.)

Audio is average with onboard integrated audio but can be improved if you use a Bluetooth speaker and stream music from a device like a smartphone.

What I liked about this PC:

1. There is room to upgrade it just a bit.

2. Intel Coffee Lake Processor seems capable and zippy.

3. Entry level online gaming is OK with this PC.

4. Easy access to the interior of the case for upgrades - two screws and you slide off the side panel to get to work.

5. A good number of ports both front and back, with SD card reader, (2) USB 3.1, (4) USB 2.0, (2) HDMI, (1) VGA, USB- Type C, and microphone and headphone jacks.

6. DVD-RW drive is easily accessible at the front of the PC.

7. Small footprint makes it easy to stash this PC on a shelf or under the desk. 15" H x 7" W x 14" D

8. Runs so quietly you forget it's on.

9. The latest in Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity are on this PC.

10. This PC has both wireless and wired internet connectivity options.

11. Maximum RAM (Random Access Memory) can be upgraded to 32GB via (2) DIMM slots. **This is in addition to the existing Optane Memory of 16GB on the system I received.

12. It is a zippy computer when you're multitasking. I can watch a YouTube video, draw using 3D Paint and have several tabs open in a browser and all of it moves quickly without bogging down.


What I wish was better about this PC:

1. Very average looking case.

2. UHD Graphics 630 has a very low frame rate and I found it was glitchy - making YouTube videos freeze and the monitor go black. Happened twice during my 4 hours initial testing of the PC. **I suggest considering adding a video card to this PC.

3. Integrated sound and graphics are a cheap way to go, and while functional they offer no great sound or visuals - just average performance at best.

4. Norton Antivirus software installed, but only good for 30 days. C'mon... 1 year should be standard! But you can use Microsoft's Windows Defender suite which is part of Windows 10 and FREE. Just uninstall Norton when your trial is up and switch to Defender in Settings.

5. Some bloatware apps installed. You can uninstall them though.

6. Super cheap feel to the wired keyboard and mouse. Loud, clunky and not well made, mine is destined to be in the Goodwill bin very soon. Thankfully wireless keyboard and mouse combos of better quality are inexpensive upgrades.


Upon unboxing you should sign in with your Microsoft account if you have one. Your browser bookmarks and some other things will be updated on your new PC if you do so.

You should also do a search for Updates and then let the system do a Windows 10 update.

The updates will take some time and require a couple of restarts to get the job done. I have a 100 Gbps internet connection via Wifi and it took about 1 hour to complete all the updates and restarts to my system.


This PC is not bad, nor is it slow as some have claimed, but it is not going to blow your doors off via its speed with the 7200rpm HDD even with Optane Memory.

It's probably best suited for those who don't ask too much from their PC experience, but want a daily driver for general tasks.

My expectations were that this PC would be a good basic, budget PC and for the most part, those expectations were met.

My greatest concern about the overall mechanical integrity of this PC is how the integrated graphics were glitchy out of the box. I wonder if that will continue? Perhaps adding a video card would clear it up?

Time will tell.


NOTE: 3/22/19 - Regarding the NVMe M.2 slot available to an SSD.

I tried to install a Samsung 970 EVO SSD NVMe into the M.2 slot on the motherboard of this PC. It was a royal pain to get to the port as it's located under the cage that holds the hard drive and DVD drive. A lot of tearing apart the case had to happen just to access the connection.

Since there's only one NVMe M.2 slot on the board for SSDs, I had to remove the Optane Memory module to swap it with the Samsung SSD.

The Samsung was recognized by the BIOS, but never initialized correctly. Windows 10 refused to boot as before despite making the changes that should have had it going.

When I swapped out the Samsung SSD and replaced the Optane memory back into its place, all was back to as out of the box working order.

I did change the Advanced - Onboard SATA Mode from RST with Optane (disabling it) when I put the Samsung SSD in. I reversed that process when I replaced the Optane memory.

So with regards to this PC having a M.2 slot that can accept a NVMe M.2 I'd say ... not really.

You do have (2) DIMMs for RAM with a capacity for up to 32GB though, so if you can get the BIOS configuration and SSD drive that plays nice with this system, you could theoretically remove the Optane Memory and add an NVMe SSD to the M.2 slot currently occupied by Optane Memory.

The bottom line: It's a trade-off even if you get a drive that is initialized and one I'm not sure you should make.

I have ordered an enclosure for the Samsung EVO 970 NVMe SSD and will be using it via a USB 3.1 port on the front of the case. I plan on cloning the hard drive to make it the boot drive, which may increase system speed that much more and would allow it to work with the Optane memory.

I'll keep you posted!


4/23/19: Never did get the Samsung EVO NVMe SSD to get recognized by the system. Maybe it's the drive.

I did add a 2GB MSI graphics card to this system and it made an appreciable difference. It was cheap at about fifty bucks and easy to put into the case in about 5 minutes. A simple upgrade that anyone can do.

Overall, a good basic system that is nicely boosted by Optane memory. TPM security (for encryption) also makes this system a good choice for business.


Dell Inspiron Gaming PC Desktop AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor, 16GB DRAM, 1TB HDD, AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card, Windows 10 64-bit, Blue LED, Model Number: i5676-A696Blu Review:

There is so much to say about this computer... I'd like to start by pointing out that many people complaining we're giving bad reviews are doing so for a separate model utilizing the Nvidia card model and this review is explicitly for the Radeon 580 one. This is absolutely worth the price and you would only save 20 bucks building this yourself and you have to put in all those rebates and deal with individual part warranties as opposed to the extremely great deal of a 3-year warranty offered for this model. It is upgradable and is VR ready. To clarify this is definitely a budget gaming PC and you're going to mostly be running everything on ultra settings at 1080p.

The only downside to this is you're probably going to want to get some extra fans down the line and eventually going to want to swap out the 460w power supply as well as eventually changing out the Radeon 580 that has 4GB of vram for either the 8GB vram model. You can also buy an SSD for real cheap as there's plenty of room for it so not only does this computer perform incredibly well right out of the box it also has the capacity or some great upgrades down the line. Parents you definitely want to get this model for your kids if this is the budget you're shopping in because there is nothing else prebuilt for under $900 that's going to be worth it like this is.


HP Elite Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB SATA HDD, Keyboard & Mouse, Wi-Fi, Dual 19in LCD Monitors (Brands Vary), DVD-ROM, Windows 10, (Renewed) Review:

I'm gonna give this 5 stars! I did ALOT of shopping around and definitely did some research before purchasing this item. I'm very pleased! I was nervous buying a refurb but couldn't beat the price! It's well worth it. The ONLY thing I seem to have any issue with, which is just my preference really, would be the mouse and keyboard that came with it. But almost not worth mentioning because I can always upgrade! For the price, this is a STEAL! I HAD no issues setting it up. Everything was packaged neatly and even the chords to the monitors were packaged with the monitors etc. You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work!

Dell Optiplex 990 SFF Flagship Premium Business Desktop Computer (Intel Quad-Core i5-2400 up to 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, DVD, WiFi, VGA, DisplayPort, Windows 10 Professional) (Renewed) Review:

I had looked at some of the bad reviews and weighed in the gamble I was taking with a refurbished unit. setup was lightning fast, took maybe ten minutes. boot up takes about twenty seconds. hard drive and fans aren't loud, and I decided to "drop test" by playing about three hours of final fantasy through steam, CPU runs about 30%ish with no dives or climbs, no heat issues and frame rate was decent, 50ish FPS.
Initially bought this PC for podcasting with Mixcraft. it drove the program well while using midi, however when I tried to use some of the programed pads, the system usage bar hit the top for whatever reason.
the advertised memory and speed is what I got. I am tempted to buy another one just for personal use. my only gripe is the RGB connection in the rear is picky, looks like someone was naughty and pulled or yanked on it, but Its usable. also, if you wanted to install anything aftermarket as far as GC or SC, you're going to void the warranty. there is a yellow tag on the service door- no big deal, but I would have liked to check the inside of the unit for dust.
UPDATE 7/20/19
Still works as well as the day I got it.