Best Thunderbolt Cables in 2020

USB C to HDMI Cable Adapter, QGeeM 6ft Braided 4K@60Hz Cable Adapter(Thunderbolt 3 Compatible) for iPad Pro,MacBook Pro 2018 iMac, ChromeBook Pixel, Galaxy S9 Note9 S8 Surface Book hdmi USB-c Review:

I'm slowly replacing old USB-A cables for USB-C cables to work with my 2018 MacBook Pro. I only saw one USB-C to HDMI cable on Amazon, so I thought I would give it a shot.

- Good Price (about $18, but there was a $2 coupon when I purchased)
- Impressive quality. Braided cable, heavy plug ends, snug fit (not loose).
- Nice length. 6' will be nice when I travel to connect my MacBook to a hotel TV.

Plugged it into the MacBook (nice snug fit) and then into the HDMI port on my external monitor, and it worked great. Video quality seems very good - I'm using it for work right now, not videos or gaming. All in all, very happy with my purchase.

USB C to Displayport Cable, QGeeM 6ft 4K@60HZ Thunderbolt 3 to Displayport Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro 2018/2017, ipad pro 2018, Surface Book 2, Dell XPS Sumsang Galaxy S9 S10 Note 9 dex etc Review:

Works great. Uses the monitors full 1080p resolution and have no doubt it would go to 4k. Cord feels very durable. Not much else to it. Nothing lacking.

When i first plugged it into my laptop my laptop screen would flicker as of it was trying to connect but could not. My PC must have figured out what to do with the huge monitor that was being connected so this stopped after about 1 min. I hit windows button + P and changed ot to extend the display and this might have helped. The images on the screen were too big so I changed the recommended resizing of text and apps from 300% to 100%.

QGeeM USB C to HDMI Adapter 4K Cable, USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] MacBook Pro 2018/2017, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8, Surface Book 2, Dell XPS 13/15, Pixelbook More Review:

Here are three reasons to buy this adapter vs. the many other similar adapters listed on Amazon:
1. It works! The risk with doodads like this is that they won't be reliable, won't work with your device, will have some things they do well and some they don't, and so on. I've not found any such problems with this adapter so far. I've used it for several hours with my iPad Pro and a TV and there have been no dropouts, sync issues, artifacts, or other problems. HDCP-protected content has played over this adapter to the TV without a problem. I don't need it to do anything other than just work, and it does.
2. It seems well-built. Only time will tell how it holds up, but the materials feel premium, the cable is sheathed in a nice woven nylon-like material, strain relief seems good, etc. I can see some minor asymmetry in the HDMI barrel connector when I look at it head on, but that's only because I was looking for it and this does not seem like an issue. Overall, this little thing looks like it costs more than it does.
3. It doesn't cost much! Simple gadget, simple price. Less even than Amazon's own house brand, and I daresay it feels more expensive than Amazon's.

Here's a bonus reason:
4. It's no bigger than it needs to be, and will fit easily in your cord and cable bag. Some of these adapters are like taking an entire TV with you. You won't notice having to add this to your collection and tote it with you.

Does the job, doesn't feel cheap, doesn't cost much. Great combination.

iVanky Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter [Super Slim, Nylon Braided, Aluminum Shell] - Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter for MacBook Air/Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro/Dock, Monitor, Projector and More - Grey Review:

Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter (0.65ft, Super Slim, Heavy Duty) iVanky Nylon Braided Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter for MacBook Air/Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, Projector, Monitor and More - Grey

While it's only been a few days since I received this adapter, I've been extremely impressed with it so far. I've owned / used one other Ivanky product before - their braided 3.5mm audio cord - and the quality on this adapter has really lived up to expectations. The weave on the cord is very attractive and seems to be durable, and I don't really have to worry about overly stressing the cord when I move it. The matte metal casing on both ports is very attractive and feels very sturdy, and the plastic sleeve / shield that protects the cord where it interfaces with the ports also looks like it would hold up to a lot of abuse and protect the wires at their contact points.

As for function, I happen to have both a Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt port and an HDMI port on one of my computers, so I was able to test the adapter side-by-side with a direct HDMI connection. I personally wasn't able to discern any difference between the two, whether it be a loss of quality in picture or sound, or a delay between the source and the TV output. Playing videos both looked and sounded great through the adapter. If anything changes throughout the course of my use of the adapter, I'll be sure to update my review here, but so far, so good!

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable, Benfei Mini DP to HDMI 6 Feet Cable (Thunderbolt Compatible) with MacBook Air/Pro, Surface Pro/Dock, Monitor, Projector Review:

I bought this cable about 2 months ago and didn't need to use it until recently so I suppose it's my fault for not testing it immediately. As the title says I plugged it in and got a greenish picture for about 2 seconds then nothing. I tried a different hmdi cable to make sure it wasn't the TV's fault. not a huge loss I suppose but I was expecting better from amazon's own brand, their brand is usually solid but I suppose the low price comes with a increased risk. If you use your surface regularly for presentations and such then I would recommend investing a better quality brand, if you're like me and are only going to use it to put on a movie for family/friends every once in a while, buy with caution and test it as soon as you get it because I can't return mine anymore. good luck

Edit: turns out it was my TV! Silly me, great cable

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 4K@60Hz 6 Feet Cable, Benfei Mini DP(Thunderbolt Compatible) to Display Port Adapter Male to Male Gold-Plated Cord Compatible for MacBook, Lenovo, Dell and Other Brand Review:

Works as advertised. Full resolution can be achieved in various configurations of monitors, and tested with various machines (MacBooks, Asus ROG Laptops with mini DP out.)
4K @ 60Hz works. (Tested on 4K Samsung TV)
1440p Ultrawide (3440x1440) @ 60hz works. (LG Ultrawide monitor)
1080p @ 144hz works. (Samsung 144hz Monitor)

Note that all of these are in 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. There is no type of image corruption or degradation whatsover. Recommended if you're looking for a DP to Mini DP cable, although if you can find one with similar features at a lower price, go with it.

USB C to Displayport Cable,QGeeM 4ft 4K@60HZ Thunderbolt 3 to Displayport Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro 2018/2017, ipad pro 2018,Surface Book 2,Dell XPS Sumsang Galaxy S9 S10 Note 9 dex etc(1.2M) Review:

Recently bought a new 4K monitor, and when I hooked up my MacBook Pro work an HDMI cable, everything ended up looking big and I wasn't able to scale anything down. Read that using a displyport cable would allow me to do so. Liked that this cable came in a shorter length but wasn't sure how good the quality would be. Received it today and I was pleasantly surprised. Very sharp looking and seems like it's built to last. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or purchase their other products.

BENFEI 4K Mini Displayport(Thunderbolt) to HDMI 6 Feet Cable with Audio, Mini DP Display Port to HDMI Converter(Adapter) Gold-Plated Cord for MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4, etc Review:

I went to a box store before I ordered this. There's was $30 more and it didn't appear to be for my system. Even though those in the blue shirts assured me it was. I went home and ordered this again because I knew I had ordered it once before for my other monitor. I only went to box store for convenience however when I odered I had it the next day by the afternoon...and on Sunday.

Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Cable 40Gbps Supports 100W Charging, 2.6 feet (0.8 Meters), 5A, USB C Compatible (Thunderbolt 3 Certified) Review:

This is Nathan K, a Google Top Contributor program volunteer (Nexus/Pixel Support Forums), and follower of Benson Leung doing independent USB-C verification and testing. I analyzed Plugable's "Thunderbolt 3 20Gbps USB-C Cable (6.6'/2m, 3A/60W)" [Model TBT3-20G2M].

This PASSIVE eMarked cable appears to comply with the USB Type-C specification version 1.2. It also has rather favorable performance characteristics, given constraints of the 2m length. Active cable designs are currently highly flawed in my opinion at this time (Dec 2016), so this is a good "long distance" USB3.1Gen1 (5gbps) data + Thunderbolt 3-20gbps data + charge (3A/60W) cable in the meanwhile.

THE GOOD: The cable is properly advertised as having USB3.1Gen1 support. It is built out of Lintes ODM cable stock with good performance characteristics. It meets all SI, DCR, Continuity, and eMarker tests on a TotalPhase Advanced Cable Tester Level 2. It can be operated at 120% capacity (6Ghz) and still pass SI thresholds. The DC resistance is technically low enough to be considered a 5A/100W cable, barely. (It is eMarked as 3A for safety, correctly.) It even omits pin B6/B7 in the plug as suggested in the spec. (Bottom two front "teeth".)

THE MEDIOCRE: Certain pins on the connectors have per-pin resistance that are on the high side (~12-15mOhm). This is a problem shared with other Lintes ODM cables from Belkin, so I presume it is "normal". In comparison, the j5Create JUCX01 and Anker A8181011 have negligible per-pin resistance (<5mOhm). This is well within spec (40mOhm), but indicates the paddlecards could be optimized.

THE IFFY: The data rate differences between the Plugable 1m (USB3.1Gen2 10gbps) and 2m (USB3.1Gen1 5gbps) cable version is displayed in the tech specs, but could be clarified in the bullet points. The term "Certified" is used in the product title, without stating BY WHOM. In this case, I know it is "Intel Thunderbolt Certified" from background knowledge, but it is still a bit misleading. Especially when some other manufacturers are both USB-IF *and* Intel Certified. Also it is a bit expensive compared to competitors. (However as I have disclaimed in the past, I have done in-depth troubleshooting with Plugable's engineers, so at least I know where the money goes.... hopefully.)

These however are MINOR gripes. I am just glad this product is "exactly as described on the tin", and of good quality to boot. So it gets an excellent rating.

IN CONCLUSION: This is a very well built cable doing exactly what it claims to, with very respectable Safety Factor margins. Therefore I highly recommend it for any uses that require a 2m Thunderbolt 3-20gbps cable, USB3.1Gen1 5gbps cable, or a 60W charging cable.

Data was sampled with a TotalPhase Advanced Cable Tester Level 2 and Plugable/Google Twinkie in combination with my own custom-made microcontrollers and equipment. Additional data may be verified by using Plus.
Plugable USB 3.1 Type-C (USB-C) Power Delivery Sniffer

Apple Thunderbolt cable (0.5 m) Review:

These are far too expensive. But it is the price you pay for using the latest technology for high-speed transfer. You can use these to connect two Apple computers together, or for connecting your Apple computer to a Thunderbolt-enabled external drive (which is my primary use for them). They are very high quality like most Apple items are, but they come at an eye-watering price. You can attempt to console yourself with the understanding that these cables are not "just" cables: if you were to physically destroy the end caps and look inside, you would find the electronic controller components that facilitate the technology. So, you are not just paying for a cable, but also for the controller that is hidden inside the cable's end caps. The cable quality, too, is exceptionally high, and they should last a very, very long time if they are not abused. It's hard to give them a five-star rating because of their cost, but in actuality, they are indeed a five-star product, and if you are using Thunderbolt, I would recommend them over non-Apple brands.

"Thunderbolt" is a subject that carries much confusion. These are *NOT* the same as Mini Display Port cables, which are used to connect high-resolution monitors to computers. If you are unsure of the difference, do some research on "Thunderbolt and Mini Display Port" to understand the difference. It's confusing because the physical connectors of "Thunderbolt" and "Mini Display Port" cables are exactly the same, and have the same physical (i.e., size) specifications. But these two technologies perform different tasks and are NOT universally interchangeable. Research before you purchase so that you purchase only what you actually need.