Best Indoor Fountain Stones & Sea Glass in 2022

Last update: January 9, 2023

1/2 lb Rough Black Tourmaline Crystals - Raw Natural Black Tourmaline Stones Bulk - Crystal Healing - Cabbing Cutting Lapidary Tumbling and Polishing Review:

I adore this group! Currently cleansing and charging I don't mind if the parts are all different sizes because I will utilize them all. Some are used for wrapping, while others serve merely as a grounding and protective mechanism))) The stones were fragile and unavoidably there were some crumbs and dust (unless you bubble wrap each one individually, which you can't anticipate at this price range, without a doubt; I know some people are sensitive about it). In contrast to my usual practice, I simply put the dust into a plant pot in this instance.Anyway, considering placing another purchase))P.S. Their "certificate of authenticity" is laughable; it's just a printout that I can make in three minutes. However, I don't take those certificates seriously because none of them are original and all of them have been duplicated (unless you buy one large piece and there is a picture of that piece on the certificate along with its weight, shape, and color). As a result, there is no way to say that this certificate is part of this batch. Having said that, rest assured that it is real tourmaline.

Crocon Amethyst Tree Feng Shui Bonsai for Fortune Money Good Luck Reiki Healing Balancing Home Office Decor Gift Size 10-12 Inch Review:

I ordered this item in February, and I saw that I should receive it in March, but now it says April 1. I contacted the vendor and enquired as to why it was taking so long. It has to be a machine-generated response. I will receive it in 15-20 days, was the reply. I'm not sure if I'll place another order. I could understand if this had been designed from the ground up. ***update My product review was modified. It was made from scratch, it looks beautiful, and I appreciate the attention to detail. I just got it today. I am overjoyed to have received my goods, and I can't wait for it to begin operating. I will say that the wait was worthwhile. Again, many thanks.

Chakra Therapy Collection(Small) 17 pcs healing crystal kit, 7 Raw Chakra stones,7 Colorful Gemstones,Amethyst,Rose quartz Pendulum, Chakra lava bracelet, Dry Roses, Guide, COA, Best value, Gift ready Review:

UPDATE:As I mentioned in my original review, my immediate reaction was not so positive when my item arrived. I never give a product comment that isn't based entirely on my feelings and ideas. Because I personally believe that the goods and condition are deserving of honest feedback in any circumstance (apart from the occasional shipping nightmare), I made no attempt to contact the vendor. My heart is blown away by Tesh's email, which arrived shortly after I left feedback. Wow... what love and sincerity this company has for not only their product but also for the experiences we, the customers, have with it. They sent me a brand-new order and refunded the previous issues without my asking (it's not about the money for), and when my new order arrived, I actually cried because it's so gorgeous and lovely and fully intact. I adore this company and I am looking forward to doing more business with them as the love that I felt from them. Sometimes negative things just slide through the cracks, and I feel like that's exactly what happened for my initial order. I simply left my initial review in order to maintain the integrity of the feedback and to urge you to give this company an opportunity to set things right if you receive any unfavorable orders from them. I assure you that this business is supported by love; once again, thank you.Unhappy, I'm going to be returning and won't be recommending this one. My package, which I paid just like all others, had no documents, no certificate of authentication, no guide, and no piece of paper whatsoever. It also lacked the rues that were advertised (the only reason I bought it). The piece of amethyst and the citrine were both broken and not in a pretty oh well way. I had to guess and figure out which broken piece went to which stone. I made my purchase based on reviews, and what I got was somewhat heartbreaking.

Premium Abundance and Prosperity Crystal Gift in Wooden Box - Black Tourmaline, Palo Santo, Citrine Crystal, Selenite Stick, Pyrite, Raw Quartz Crystal, Desert Rose, Tiger Eye, Moss Agate, Nephrite Review:

It arrives in a lovely packaging that has clearly been handled with care. I adore the insert that comes with it, and the stones are excellent. The chakra pendant was extremely stunning; the only thing I didn't like about it was that the tip was damaged. Even with all the love and care used to box and protect each stone, I'm sure there was still some room for movement, which is how it was chipped. I won't worry about it too much because the bottom stone is still mostly intact, albeit slightly jagged, so I may try to file it down a little bit without shattering it. I can't see how to get another one separately, so I guess I'll just have to put up with it. Other than that minor flaw, everything about it is wonderful and flawless. I'll most certainly place further orders from this business. I already have a second set in my basket and am getting ready to get it shortly, hehe.**Update** Today Out of Nowhere received a lovely chakra pendant to replace the broken one, along with a thoughtful message. ❤️ I thought the business was really kind to do that. It merely serves to highlight how much above and beyond they go for their clients. This lovely present has moved me deeply. I greatly appreciate it. I'm definitely going to keep using this product, and I'll also tell my clients about it. My clients adore the stones I already use during massage. I would be extremely grateful if you could send me some business cards or some other type of product publicity so I may display it for my clients at my spa.Once more, many thanks for everything.

Bingcute Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Amethyst Stones 1/2 Ib for Wicca, Reiki, and Energy Crystal Healing (Amethyst) Review:

I got six stones of better grade. Other than extremely minor cosmetic flaws, these had nothing. Most of them were fluid.I got six medium-quality stones, most of which had some color fading and a few more symptoms of cosmetic wear. They still feel well and have a beautiful appearance, though.I received 8 stones with more pronounced cosmetic damage, more pronounced discoloration, more fading, or visible indicators of damage like chips.I ended up with a total of 20 stones. I'm not sure if you would describe this as a success because I don't frequently buy stones. The ones with decent and average quality are my favorites. I believe it was worthwhile for the $10 price tag, but it would be wonderful if the others were of somewhat better quality.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Orgone Pyramid Kit / Includes 4 Crystal Quartz Energy Points / EMF Protection Meditation Yoga Energy Generator Review:

Since none of the reviews were sufficiently instructive for someone with my temperament, I decided to create one.Like many others, I discovered Wilhelm Reich around eight years ago through William S. Burroughs. But it wasn't Burroughs who inspired me to explore his writing. That I would attribute to coincidence, as I seemed to have discovered it at the very moment that I was most sensitive to what he had to say.I was a pretty self-destructive heroin user at the time, and I frequently considered suicide. I looked for ways to get out of what had turned into for me a maze of psychological bewilderment and agony that I considered impossible to escape, knowing that I could never kill myself because of my mother and daughter and that I could not continue to live the life I was. I initially believed that I would need to be a genius of the Nth degree because all exits seemed to be blocked. Solutions were easily converted into conflicts, and happiness was swiftly replaced by a devouring sense of self-loathing.My life was revolutionized by reading "The Murder of Christ" by Wilhelm Reich. I can't guarantee that anyone else would have learned the same things I did from it because I often read between the lines and have my own off-topic epiphanies about things, but I did learn how to face my self-destructive tendencies and eventually destroy them.All of that was only to demonstrate how strongly I believed in Wilhelm Reich's ideas, efforts, and discoveries. Although I don't necessarily agree with him or his conclusions, I have the utmost respect for both his brilliance and his "scientific ethics".Nevertheless, I believe that much of the "research" conducted following Reich was quackery, erroneous, or simply an attempt to link his ideas to New Thought ideals, among other things. According to what little I had read about orgonite, it seemed to fall within this heading.Nevertheless, I purchased this item. The moment I held it for the first time, I "felt something," despite having zero "confidence" in its potential.Around this time, my apartment started to feel heavy and oppressive, making me want to run out the moment I walk in. Weeks had passed as this continued. The moment this tiny pyramid entered my house, it stopped.I often have VERY strong emotions. It's not that I act out; rather, it's as though my emotions physically radiate. As a result, if I am really depressed, all of my houseplants will perish in a single day. Don't know the relationship, and trust me, it never occurred to me that I was some sort of "powerful emotional entity" with the ability to significantly change biological life.Although the orgonite didn't stop me from experiencing negative emotions when it entered my home, I believe it reduced their psychological pressure such that I could investigate and genuinely FEEL them rather than being oppressed by them. My outlook and focus both significantly improved.I must leave now.

rockcloud Oval Worry Stones,Palm Pocket Energy Stone,Healing Crystal with Velvet Bag,Opalite Review:

When the Unakite stone I ordered arrived, it was primarily green (still amazingly beautiful, but mostly green). In order to aid in healing, I worked with it (held it and applied it to my body), and after a few days, the way it appears has completely altered. It now has numerous lovely pink and peach spots. I've heard that crystals and stones may change colour in response to our energy, but this is the first time I've personally noticed it. I'm looking forward to watching it change even more as I evolve and grow thanks to the lovely energy the stone gives out.

SUNYIK Fluorite Tumbled Chips Stone Crushed Crystal Quartz Pieces Irregular Shaped Stones 1pound(About 460 Gram) Review:

adore them More than enough fluorite stones were in the two bags I received to fill a 16 oz container. I mixed the leftover stones with some other stones I had after I had filled the bottle to the desired level. Since they are a little soiled when they arrive, I advise washing them in water and letting them air dry before using them. I'm not an expert, but they appear to be authentic. Some of them have a good color balance between being very light and being very dark. These are a nice find if you're hunting for any lost chip stones. However, bear in mind that these aren't good grade stones for the price, so keep your expectations reasonable. Later on, I'll return to collect more of the various stones.

Selenite Sticks 6 to 8.5 Inches long, 1 to 2 inches wide, white healing stone, strong protection powers Review:

The selenite sticks I bought are fantastic. They cost me two of them. I wish they were bigger and closer together. One is longer and the other is two inches shorter. And when I tried to buy them, the price had significantly increased. I intend to buy more of these. I watched them carefully, and when the price dropped to a dollar higher than what I had originally paid, I decided to purchase more. I didn't give these 5 stars because of that. The picture does not match what I purchased, and I'm not sure "why" that is. You must look at the images below to see what that "object" looks like because I have no idea what it is. Of course, they always depict a person carrying the longest and most attractive stick! I simply hope they would pick better ones the next time around when I buy more.